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January 31, 2020
Andreane Gagne | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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Before considering ConnectWise, make sure you read the recent reviews and have a look at the Bureau of Better Business Practice where you will see a lot of unanswered complaints from clients who cannot close their accounts. ConnectWise used to be a good product but it is no longer the case. The product is not updated and very bogus, same for documentation. Support is basically non-existent. We had support request elevated and unanswered for over a month. As with many other customers, they told us we would have a free 3 months trial period (even thought there are still considerable costs for implementation and the ridiculous ConnectWise University) they now refuse to close our account. Setting up an account was supposed to take under 48 hours and instead it took 10 days! We have now moved to a competitor and are so happy about it even though it will probably take us a lawyer to be able to close our account with ConnectWise after months of painful and costly implementation.
  • Pre-sales.
  • Screen connection.
  • The product as a whole.
  • The support.
Please have a look at the complaints and the most recent and likely reviews. Note that you cannot buy a license for yourself, you have to call them and buy in bundles of 25. In our case, it took over a week for them to give us extra licenses. Deployment is painful and there is no support.
The support is very bad. They do not know the product and the documentation is outdated. A ticket can take over a month being escalated and still remain unanswered.
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January 19, 2020
Nicolas Poague | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use ConnectWise across the whole organization. Our business relies on it, as it is how we centrally manage our customers, their assets, sales leads, service tickets, and projects. Everything must go in ConnectWise! Our schedules are managed through the application, so it is the main way employees can track what everyone is working on. All client communication happens through ConnectWise, whether in relation to a service ticket or sales proposal. It's integrated with our quoting system as well as our network monitoring system, so everything ultimately ends up in ConnectWise.
  • Service tracking: whether for help desk, sales, or network alerting, everything gets tracked as a "ticket." in the system. Whether automated through the multiple integrations available, or performed manually, the service tickets are easy to manage. Our system heavily relies on ticketing, so having multiple ways to create and manage tickets is a must.
  • Customization: it's built so that businesses can customize the features to meet their needs. Being in IT, we can create multiple "boards" where we can lock down permissions only to certain departments. Those boards then can track specific kinds of tickets. The customization can go beyond that as well, from workflow to asset management, so needless to say it is very flexible.
  • Reporting: since everything is in a database, the latest reporting features with ConnectWise (such as Report Writer), make it easier to pull the data you need. So for example, we pull reports on sales leads monthly to track how many quotes were referred by technicians, and then use that to reward the technicians. This can also assist tremendously when meeting with clients to present data on the work we've done, as well as internally to identify any trends.
  • Performance: we use an on-premise instance of ConnectWise, but our system meets or exceeds the required specs. However at times the system can be a bit clunky. When our business relies on using the system, we can't afford to wait even more than a few seconds for a screen to load.
  • Interface: while the application is extremely versatile, the interface seems a little dated and some of the menu items can be confusing. This has improved slightly since the previous version, but I'd like to see a more modern look and feel with a design that is a little more intuitive.
  • Project module: the relatively new project module was a feature we were hoping to use heavily for our larger scale projects, however it ended up not being able to fit our needs. Specifically I know the projects module didn't integrate will with workflows in ConnectWise, which we use heavily, but I know our project team found other areas where it didn't meet their needs. We've provided this feedback to ConnectWise in hopes to have future enhancements, but in the meantime we continue to use regular service tickets for our projects.
ConnectWise is most suited for a business that can really take advantage of all its features. The company needs to evaluate how many of the features they can really use in order for it to be cost effective. So if one was just looking for a help desk solution, using ConnectWise is probably not the best solution as it would provide much more functionality than is needed. On the other hand, if a company has multiple large customers, departments, and needs a way to track issues and scheduling along with the reporting, asset management, sales, and workflow capabilities, ConnectWise is a good pick. Lastly the prospective ConnectWise user would want to evaluate what kind of integrations they may require, or could benefit from, and make sure that ConnectWise has a relationship with their third party vendors. For example, our network monitoring system integrates well with ConnectWise to create and track alerts. Now that we heavily use ConnectWise we always make sure any new products we look at can integrate with ConnectWise.
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December 11, 2019
Angela Heid | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Connectwise manage is used across the whole organization. We use it for our CRM system as well as tracking sales opportunities, projects, and time. Before Connectwise we had to use several different programs to accomplish the same thing, so this makes things easier by pulling it all together.
  • Dashboards to provide an overview
  • Workflows to manage processes and send reminders
  • Being able to tag the resources needed unique to every ticket or project
  • Have expense reports built into the same system as time entry
  • The report manager is still hard to use
  • We have the cloud version, and some days it has a lot of latency
  • You need to purchase a separate quoting program that integrates with CW for sales
This is well suited to a business that has lots of service work, whether it be an MSP or project based
Some of their support agents are really great. However, there have been several times where the support agent didn't actually answer the question I asked. On several occasions their "answer" had very little to do with the question I was asking. Also, several times the support agent didn't seem to know the system that well because they would advise me to change a setting that would impact multiple areas and they didn't warn us that would happen. Unless you ask the support agent very leading questions, they don't give warnings about those things.
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November 07, 2019
Kyle Forward | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Connectwise is the leader in the industry and is by far the BEST PSA on the market today. With over 300+ certified integrations, there is not very much you can't do with this tool! We use it manage all aspects of the business from products and inventory, Service, Time tracking, Projects, Sales, and everything else in between.
  • Time tracking.
  • Project management.
  • Resource management.
  • More certified integrations.
  • Not really much bad here honestly.
If your company manages inventory and service, this is the tool for you! Member time tracking and management is one of the best points of the tool. If you are looking for automation with your ticketing, this is it! You can build completely customized workflow rules to move tickets and re-assign as needed.
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October 22, 2019
James Buchholz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used in both of our offices by all departments. It addresses our need to track tickets, inventory, purchasing, and documentation.
  • Keeps track of tickets with all their documentation and attachments and configurations.
  • Has 2-factor authentication for increased security.
  • Very good uptime, almost never goes down.
  • When we enabled their new text formatting system for ticket notes, the whole system ground to a crawl.
  • Support could be a little faster on their response times.
  • It will randomly take a while to load tickets, purchase orders, etc. Not often, maybe once every couple of weeks.
It is great for tracking a high volume of tickets, purchase orders, and inventory. I don't like the project side of the ticketing system. There doesn't seem to be a lot of visual graphs or anything to see at a quick glance of what projects are in progress, when they are scheduled, due, etc.
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October 02, 2019
Garry Adams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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ConnectWise Manage is the core business app that runs every department of our business. The service team uses it to track issues and work tickets. The Sales team uses it to track opportunities and sales funnels. The accounting team uses it to create and process invoices. It is central to everything we do as a company.
  • Ticket workflow and automation.
  • Integrated data availability between systems (quoting, ticketing, automation, billing, etc.)
  • Information tracking and availability
  • User Interface is outdated and not very user-friendly.
  • Performance depends on your particular installation, but because updates and management is handled in-house the application stability is not as reliable as SAAS solutions.
  • Software stability is often a struggle, with bugs causing issues when logging in or accessing auxiliary systems.
ConnectWise Manage is well integrated with the rest of the ConnectWise suite. If you are looking for a "one stop shop" for quoting, system management, ticket/issue tracking, and CRM management, the integration between systems is as good as you will find anywhere. It is also a very popular platform so it is well supported in the community and many Channel focused systems are designed to integrate natively with it.
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August 29, 2019
Dale Bradford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Connectwise Manage is currently being used by the Managed Services side of our organization. We utilize the application to track customer communications, configurations that are pulled in through various integrations and customer contact lists. The primary role is ticket management. Our customers will submit tickets through a couple of different methods and Connectwise will then create a ticket, and track everything through that tickets completion.
  • Integrations are done fairly well with Connectwise.
  • Audit trails are done well.
  • Customer HTML email templates and other custom communications are great in the app.
  • Reporting: Though the software has a lot of information in it, the methods to retrieve it are cumbersome.
  • Mobile application needs some enhancements, cannot manage projects from it unless assigned a ticket on that project, and then you can only interact with that aspect of the project, nothing else
Those items listed on the improvements are minimal. This really is a great app that has allowed us to excel our MSP business to the next level. Through the management of tickets or the integrations that help us get the right information into CW, it really is a great application.
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October 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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It's used throughout our entire company to track time, manage sales opportunities, receive service tickets, send quotes and manage contacts, track expenses, and marketing campaigns. We very recently started using the ConnectWise campaigns feature that allows us to send email blasts, create forms and schedule social media posts.
  • Reports, when configured correctly, provide insightful information, such as forecasts, opportunities and sales call plans.
  • Offers a link shortener for social media.
  • The user interface leaves a lot to be desired.
  • It's not very intuitive.
  • Getting help from their support team is hit or miss, but I do appreciate the chat function they offer.
  • The Outlook Calendar integration can get messy, and it's really cumbersome to change a meeting time or date with an internal team of users.
It offers a wide range of company functions (finance, marketing, sales, time tracking, and a service desk), so the whole team can utilize the same central system, which is great. While it's nice it's an all-in-one tool, I think the UI could look a lot better than it does. The reports are also not very pretty. I was not with the company when ConnectWise was implemented, and I received no training. I do not find it to be an intuitive tool that I can just use without some training or level of understanding of what everything does. If you change or fix one thing, it often negatively affects many other areas. Their knowledge base/help documents (called University) does not often provide me with the answers I'm looking for, so I have to chat with support. I love the chat feature but have found the help to be only OK. They are all friendly, but I think they could be better at helping me resolve my issues by finding alternative ways to accomplish my end goals. There is no bulk way to update or manage contacts, which is frustrating when you want to add a large number of contacts to a group since you need to individually select them and click to add them to a group.
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October 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use it exclusively for out helpdesk and to manage client information. It is an all-inclusive solution for MSPs.
  • Manage company information.
  • Employee time logging.
  • Integration with other ConnectWise solutions.
  • A little more expensive than other solutions.
  • There is a learning curve.
  • Occasional outages make working impossible until service is restored. They are very few and far between.
Medium-sized MSPs will love it, as this appears to be what most MSPs are migrating to. Smaller companies might find it cost-prohibitive.
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October 15, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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ConnectWise Manage is used almost company-wide. Our sales staff no longer uses it, as we found that we could use Zapier to manage their portion of the work. Our project managers use ConnectWise Manage in order to create tickets for resources to work on, and then the resources track their work in individual tickets. We primarily use ConnectWise for tracking the time that our resources spend working on different clients' various projects/tasks.
  • Time tracking of resources - ConnectWise Manage is very good at tracking how much time each resource spends on a ticket, down to the minute.
  • Reporting is almost impossible. The reporting tools look as though they are about two decades old, and functions like it too. The Report Writer feature is nearly useless. I have found that it's much easier to pull data from ConnectWise Manage and import it into Microsoft Power BI and I can then generate reports much easier. They're also much more visually pleasing.
  • Account Management seems to be non-existent. Whenever I need to speak to our Account Manager, I have to go through ConnectWise Manage's Support Team to find out information. I have to do this because our Account Manager will change without any notice. I have no idea what purpose Account Managers serve at ConnectWise Manage, as we only speak about 1-2 times per year. The other software programs that we have all have dedicated Account Managers, who I speak with at least once per month.
It is a good software to use if you want to track your resources' time, but there are far better options out there. Clients do not like the way the ticketing system sends emails to them. They can be very difficult to read for new clients. The entire system as a whole has a much steeper learning curve than is needed.
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August 28, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Review Source
We use ConnectWise in Sales, Professional Services, and Support. Accounting/Biz Ops is just starting to use it for invoicing. It gives us a way to track and manage opportunities, projects, service/support tickets and support agreements - including time and expenses.
  • Time and expense tracking is very good as is companies and contacts.
  • It is relatively low maintenance and we have not had any major issues.
  • The user interface is very good and has a lot of search and sort features.
  • Project management is very basic and not well suited for companies who manage large complex projects with long durations.
  • The scheduling/dispatch is probably great if you roll trucks to fix printers. Trying to schedule anything more than a 2 hour job is a nightmare which only gets worse if/when the schedule changes.
  • The customer portal is abysmal. You can't tailor it beyond putting your logo on it and it lacks basic functionality like enabling you to publish something like your support handbook to all your customers (you can do it customer by customer via custom reports). It looks old and dated - definitely not modern - and I'm honestly embarrassed by it.
  • SLAs - if you have a need to track SLAs on different priority tickets on different schedules, avoid ConnectWise. You cannot have 24 hour SLA tracking on emergencies and business hours SLAs on low priority tickets - but ConnectWise is happy to explain to you that you are not running your business according to their best practices.
ConnectWise is well suited for small companies - less than 50 people - who need a help desk or service tickets with some basic project management and CRM. For larger companies or organizations with more complex needs, look elsewhere. It is a nice all-in-one type solution for small organizations with very basic needs.

ConnectWise is not good with tracking and managing SLAs based on urgency/priority.
They do respond and answer questions and occasionally actually help - that got 'em 5 points. They don't seem interested in our actual use cases and business needs - they are all about organizations adopting what they've deemed to be best practices and to hell with you if you have other ideas or needs.
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October 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Connectwise for our service company to track customer tickets and time entries. We also use it to track sales opportunities and projects. For the ticket/time entries we also use to calculate billing to customers.
  • Separation of duties.
  • Time keeps for ticket management.
  • Sales tracking.
  • Getting outdated as far as the interface goes.
Ticket management and customer tracking are made easy with easy navigation.
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April 17, 2019
David McCoy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
It is being used as a project management system and a ticketing system. This stretches across our entire company. Everyone in the office uses this for keeping up with what is currently happening with customers, projects, etc
  • Project Management. Red tape could be bad sometimes but we have setup the system to make sure that the red tape is followed so that our customers have the best experience they can have.
  • Ticketing system. We make sure that our customers have the best customer experience possible and with the ticketing system, we make sure we take care of them if they have issues.
  • The main missing functionality is a text editor that you can implement HTML or even basic WYSIWYG. Creating customer notes without pictures to show in the text spot is a downer
  • There are some times during the day where the system gets very slow. When I start having issues, other people I work with start asking if ConnectWise is down. A few minutes later it does eventually come back up, but not before having issues with the load screen spinning.
  • The ticketing system needs to have a faster refresh rate than every 5 minute, I would like to even make it every 60 seconds or so. We have so many tickets coming in, it is hard to keep up if someone replied to the ticket unless you click the Service Board tab to refresh the ticket.
This is great for a ticketing system and great project management system. We can also keep up with customer configurations and all of their IT.
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October 16, 2018
Alissa Levanway | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This is our main managing software. We utilize for tickets, project management, procurement, and finance. It is used by the entire company and integrates with several of our softwares. It's got great audit trails and the option to email out of the program. Wonderful for keeping track of vendors, customers, prospects, etc. I mainly utilize it for its sales order, receiving, configurations, and RMA purposes.
  • Tickets- Customers can email and a ticket is generated and falls under their profile for historical records. You can save documents and select if they are customer facing or only internal facing. The option as well to have communication in tickets whether its internal facing or customer facing is nice to have when you're trying to keep a record or important details for just internal means and the customer doesn't have to see all the jargon.
  • Procurement - It's great to have this integrate with Quosal Sell. Quotes being processed into opportunities and then into a sales order which connects to a ticket or project is pretty easy to use. It does have a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it's straightforward. Everything is pretty connected, whether keeping track of products customers have purchased historically through us, to knowing what ticket is associated to an RMA.
  • Procurement - Throughout the years, Connectwise has gotten better with improving their procurement side. I notice lately I can't cancel products, I have to list them as Write Off. Also if you don't clear your cache often, the system will kinda glitch. You have to know certain workarounds to make it work. For example if I am unreceiving a product, I have to unpick then open PO and unreceive. It's not productive, and you used to be able to just unreceive if you made a mistake.I often have to help other staff with this process
  • Products - Security permissions are very specific when it comes to picking products, adding products, editing products, so that makes it difficult if you are trying to set up multiple people with the same permissions. Also, there isn't a straight forward place to pull inventory counts. You have to pull a report and add specific details. I wish this was a little more user friendly.
  • Accounting Interface - It's nice it integrates with ConnectWise, but I find it's very picky when you are trying to batch invoices or procurement products.
Wouldn't be good for small businesses and unless you are providing work that needs to be generated by a ticket, this wouldn't be for you. It's great for companies that need to log specific information for customers and record time entered by employees. It's good for project management, keeping track of financials and time.
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January 14, 2019
Jon Brantner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ConnectWise Manage is used by our internal IT department in support of our users and retail operation centers. It is used to track and monitor open service requests for telecom, computer and other misc.
  • Scheduling and tracking of time and resources.
  • Modification and customization to meet the needs of the user/company.
  • Team management and organization through the scheduler and dispatch modules.
  • Knowledgebase entries, organization, and sorting.
  • While it is possible to customize and change a lot of settings, it can be very tedious to accomplish via some of the setup tables.
  • Lack of telephone customer support without specific payment for such service. Only available support is via chat.
It was originally designed to be a service software for a vendor support contract provider I believe. However, they continue to make updates to the software (monthly) and continue to significantly improve the software for in house IT solution departments.
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July 30, 2018
John Trevino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently we are using ConnectWise manage as our CRM from our IT company W3IT.

It has really helped us serve our customers better and be well organized in our tasks.

It has also helped with our sales.
  • Manage's GUI is fantastic and easy to use.
  • Makes it very simple to create support tickets and organize them.
  • The different boards in Manage are what really make this product great.
  • Being able to lay everything out and easily organize to our liking is a huge plus!
  • Being customer friendly is another aspect I like.
  • The portal is easy to setup and easy for clients to use.
  • We use this feature heavily as an MSP.
  • I will say the calendar option needs a little bit of work.
  • A calendar that looks more like lets say a Google Calendar would a nice feature.
  • Better Knowledge base section.
  • We attempted to get very good use out of the Knowledge however due to not really being able to organize it and it being very hard to navigate we had to go a different route for our documentation.
  • Possibly adding a cleaner user interface and adding more customization for the organization of companies would help.
  • A better layout for reporting would also be something good to have.
  • The layouts available are so difficult to put together to get what you want out of a report. Virtually makes it impossible to get what you want out of them.
When organization to keep track of service tickets or sales, this would be the best places to use this.

I couldn't see this being very useful in the retail and education world.
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November 20, 2018
Alex Farling | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
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ConnectWise Manage is the backbone of our IT managed service provider. We use it for ticketing, invoicing, procurement, and sales. While there is no way we could run the company without it, the product is certainly the 800lb gorilla that we have to learned to live with. Once you sign up for ConnectWise, they will try to sell you their whole suite of products, and before you know it you'll be spending more with them than you're taking home...
  • Ticketing - rock solid, keeps good history, and transitions to invoicing smoothly in most cases.
  • Integrations - Integrates to more IT products than any other PSA platform on the market.
  • Expense Management - allows us to reimburse employees for expenses quickly and accurately.
  • Sales - even with plug-ins to tools like ConnectWise Sell or QuoteWerks, the product lacks any sort of prospecting integration. It's VERY hard to run a sales team in this tool.
  • Dashboards - this should be a permission to play product by now, but third party products are required for business analytics.
  • Commissions - you can't pay your people using the CW commissions functions.
  • Calendar - as a business owner, the product doesn't let you see your life in one place. It separates Sales Opportunities/Activities from Tickets and Project tickets to a point that you operate in little Silo's and can't see your life in one place.
  • Customer interaction - even though we have closed loop ticketing (tickets update clients with emails when we work on them) the client communication stinks for things like Projects. An integration with Trello or something would go a long way - but why should I need that when the product is supposed to handle customer facing projects?
  • The Client Portal is hideous... (they are working on a new one).
You have to have it (or something like it)... it keeps us from a significant amount of duplicated effort converting technician work time into billable time, and probably catches a lot of time that was lost before we had it... but you find yourself fighting with the product to make it perform a function, instead of it being straightforward and intuitive...
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July 27, 2018
Sebastian Abbinanti | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Every person within our organization uses ConnectWise Manage. We use it to manage our service boards, and for contract administration, CRM, billing and inventory and procurement. As an organization, we are fully committed to using ConnectWise Manage. The Service Boards, SLAs, and configurations help keep us on top of our customer tickets. The workflows and closed-loop communication help us automate meaningful communication to our clients. The Integration with Sell and Automate makes the choice to use Manage a no-brainer.

  • Service Desk, Ticket Management and Closed loop communication is perhaps its best features.
  • We are also pleased with the integration between Sell and Manage. It provides a seamless way to streamline the sales process.
  • The Integration with Automate and Control, specifically the one-click launching once a configuration has been attached.
  • The inventory and procurement module could use some work. It is often difficult to navigate through. A cycle count option would be a great addition as well.
  • More customization would be great especially in the PO emails.
  • The StreamLine IT function, while great, could use some improvement. It is difficult to setup and can at times interfere with other things that we do.
  • The invoices are perhaps the ugliest. A straight forward customizable invoice template, not a report that adds 20 steps to the process, would be a huge improvement.
Every PSA, CRM, RMM, {fill in your own three-letter initialism}, is going to have something that you don't like. ConnectWise is no exception. However, having used some of the bigger names in out there, I find ConnectWise to be the most intuitive and easy to use. I feel the support is really what sets ConnectWise a part from the rest. ConnectWise just provides more to love.
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July 27, 2018
Daryn O'Shea | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are currently using ConnectWise Manage as the primary product for managing the workflow and invoicing of all service that we provide to our managed services customers. The entire organization is utilizing this product. At a cost per licensed user that is roughly equivalent to our charge for an hour of help desk service, this product provides tremendous value and functionality for our business, allowing us to more thoroughly documents tasks and track costs throughout the customer service experience. As the CFO, it gives me the fine tuned ability to apply taxes and track costs. Our ultimate goal is to utilize the reporting functionality of the software in order to better evaluate the profitability of the various elements of our business.
  • We are also a VoIP service provider. Telecommunications comes with the joy of managing communication services taxes in addition to the sales taxes we are required to collect on our managed services. Connectwise gave us the ability to set these taxes up and transfer that information to QuickBooks Pro Desktop.
  • During the past year, the folks at Connectwise have really fleshed out the online version of the software, providing nearly the same functionality of the locally installed version. With the exception of our periodic need to import and export from QuickBooks, we are able to use the software from any location.
  • Having service tickets created automatically via the receipt of a customer email has been a big help. They are even able to reopen an existing ticket by simply replying to the email thread. This makes it easier for our techs to quickly see notes and history relating to the ticket and resolve it quickly.
  • I'd like to see 2FA functionality built into the product along with a more secure tool for storing sensitive customer information. We are currently required to utilize a third party tool to help provide that data protection.
  • We are currently experiencing the occasional delays in screen refreshes and find ourselves waiting 10 to 15 seconds for our data to save or refresh. Acknowledging that this software is the primary tool we use to run our business, eliminating those pauses would be ideal.
  • Customer support is available through a variety of avenues. Having access to support via the chat method is great. However, since we often have to wait for quite some time for a support technician to get to us within the queue, having an audible notification that the tech has finally arrived would be helpful.
I was recently asked by one of my customers for a recommendation for a tool to help her manage accounting and tax preparation projects. ConnectWise immediately came to mind as a tool, even though it is designed for use in the MSP community. It is that flexible. However, the amount of setup and preparation and training that is required to utilize this software product does lend itself toward use in a large organization with many users where the investment in time will pay off quickly. The calendar function and time tracking can be a real value when utilized but we find this difficult to use when our organization has only 2 or 3 owners/technicians.
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June 29, 2018
Tanner Campbell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ConnectWise Manage to manage all client support requests as well as to track resources across our network of clients. The software enables us to easily track issues as well as document troubleshooting which, in turn, creates the opportunity to identify issue patterns so that we can make changes to how we work (or how a network is configured) to improve the experience of our end-users.
  • Provides the ability to create custom work-types, agreement types, and ticket statuses - the flexibility here is unmatched it other ticketing systems that I've used.
  • Allows for effortless creation of reports which show all ITIL standard KPIs.
  • Overall customization of work and process flow is unbelievable - it is so easy to make this platform do what you need it to do.
  • They've recently upgraded its looks, but it could be a bit more visually appealing (if you care about that sort of thing).
  • The mobile phone app leaves a lot to be desired - it's not very friendly to use.
  • Configuration with 2FA is possible but it's not an enjoyable experience.
If you're a service/help desk of more than 0 - whether your serve and support internal users or thousands of external users - ConnectWise manage is your best and most economical bet (especially when you consider the bang you're getting for your buck!).
Read Tanner Campbell's full review
January 09, 2018
Jennifer Henney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ConnectWise Manage in all aspects of our MSP business. It functions as our PSA/CRM and we also offer a co-managed service to some of our clients where their internal IT department can use it for their service ticket management. We had previously been using TigerPaw, which was lacking in many modern functions of other PSAs.
  • Automation: With a little planning and elbow grease it's possible to automate much of the day-to-day business like routing service tickets, sending SLA reminders, using tracks and templates to standardize sales and project functions, and more.
  • Integration: Manage integrates with a large number of other products ranging from HR management to RMMs. ConnectWise also has its own suite of products to handle remote support, chat, RMM, quoting, and cloud services.
  • Project Management: The Project module plus templates and workflows make project management organized and automated.
  • Support: There is no way to call and speak to a live person immediately. The quality of support completely hit-or-miss. The rule of thumb is if a support person gives you a noncommittal answer or flat out tells you no, hang up/close and call/chat again.
  • Security at a ticket level: We would love to incorporate more of our HR functions into Manage but the inability to lock things down at a ticket level (and the lack of granularity at the service board level) makes that impossible.
  • Email connector errors: These could be a lot more useful if they had a little more information in them.
We're a medium-sized MSP and it works very well for us. It is scalable to an enterprise level if it is set up with careful thought and consideration from the get-go. It would probably be too much for a 1-5 person shop.

The dispatching and scheduling features are great for a mobile workforce and works well for those departments who push tickets from a central dispatch person or department. For those who use a ticket pulling structure, it works equally well as long as all members have been well trained.
The front line support techs are wildly inconsistent when it comes to the level of support. Sometimes you get someone who just wants to throw links to University documentation at you, sometimes you get someone who truly tries to understand your issue and confers with peers and managers to find an answer, and sometimes you get someone who just wants to create a ticket and escalate immediately. If you ask three different techs the same question you will probably get three different answers, one of them being, "That's not possible."
Read Jennifer Henney's full review
March 20, 2018
Stana Steen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the ConnectWise rule of if it isn't in ConnectWise it didn't happen! I remember when we first started using ConnectWise and how our monthly revenue went up due to everything getting billed and not lost in a poor CRM we were using at the time. We require every event be put into ConnectWise even if it is not a billable event.
  • Managing our Agreements works very well in ConnectWise. It is very easy to update an Agreement by adding an addition.
  • I know some folks have issues using the Project Board in ConnectWise but we don't seem to have an issue. I use the Project Board for our Training schedule, my ConnectWise improvement list, Quarterly Review, etc. I also use it for Business Processes improvement.
  • We find invoicing from ConnectWise works very well and clients are using our payment portal so we are getting paid the same day in most cases.
  • Reporting. Yes, there is a report writer, but I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and create custom reports. I would like to see more standard reports available without having to spend a lot of time learning a program to create reports.
  • Support goes up and down in quality. Sometimes you will get a response with the correct answer and other times you can tell that no matter how much detail you put in the ticket they just couldn't understand the issue.
  • Online knowledge base and documentation don't seem to be keeping up with the new enhancements. I will be working to configure something and find they have changed the name of the setup table I need to be looking at. This isn't very often but the faster the enhancements are pushed out it seems the slower the time for the documentation to catch up.
When you start with ConnectWise, you need to think long and hard on some setups as they will be with you forever. Found out with configurations that [you need to] make sure the first one has everything you need and creating a new type and moving the old one to the new type is time-consuming.

I don't feel you need to have a dedicated admin to manage ConnectWise but having a business savvy person to setup parts is a plus.
Read Stana Steen's full review
February 27, 2018
Glen Gehrkens, PHR, SHRM-CP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ConnectWise (CW) is essentially our ERP system and every department in the company uses it in some form. Its main uses for us are tracking billable time for technicians, tracking job costs, burden rates and we have integrated with some other software like CW Sell. I personally can speak best to how CW works in a human resources capacity, which includes employee profiles, time sheets, PTO management, etc.
  • Job costing, reporting and quoting.
  • All encompassing system the entire company can use.
  • Integration with QuickBooks for invoicing.
  • PTO tracking and management is burdensome.
  • No payroll integration with QuickBooks for time sheets and PTO.
  • Reporting is quirky, difficult to learn.
CW is well suited for the core areas it was developed for and I think it would work fine in small or large organizations. Tracking job and project costs, time on jobs, billable time, etc. are the strengths. It's not in any way an HR friendly program and you will need to customize things like time sheets, payroll integration and PTO. It is definitely not a replacement for an HRIS or payroll system. Also, because it is such an all encompassing system, it takes some time to learn all of the features.
Read Glen Gehrkens, PHR, SHRM-CP's full review
October 26, 2017
Carson Hagan, ITILv3 | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ConnectWise has become the single most integral part of our business systems. It contains everything needed for our business to run effectively and efficiently. I love being able to have a single login to a very powerful system that allows me to manage employees, manage clients, interact with contacts and companies, provide accounting and record keeping. It has all the benefits we need as an MSP and more. We came from a scattered information system using multiple applications and it was challenging at times. Now that everything is working under one roof it allows us to streamline 85% of all our managed service/IT processes from beginning a service ticket all the way to billing it. I am a data-driven individual and enjoy having gobs of information and data to pour over and analyze. It really does provide a 360-degree look at your business.
  • ConnectWise serves as a GREAT Service Desk tool. Being able to aggregate multiple input sources into our ticketing system, define those issues based on an urgency and priority, assigning to the right type of resource and then billing for labor included is something CW is focused around.
  • Being able to use CW as an effective CRM database that is simple and open allows all company employees to search for Company and Contact information. Storing any type of information about a client in CW is as simple as you need it to be.
  • ConnectWise allows all of our IT operations for our Field dispatch division to be managed from a single pane interface that is very intuitive. Being able to get insight into our Field Engineers schedule's is vital for delivering what we promise to our clients.
  • Reporting in CW can be intimidating at times due to the highly detailed and customization of the reports - but provides as much or as little data as you need to generate high quality information.
  • Bulk editing Agreements would be very helpful to have. It can be meticulous and frustrating to have to go through 90+ agreements to edit one small piece of the agreement to match the others.
  • Syncing information from LabTech can be hit or miss sometimes. The issue with this is that when you speak with CW support about it, they refer you to LT Support, but when you speak to LT support, they refer back to CW support. Can be challenging at times when looking for a resolution.
  • Would love to see more ability to change the themes inside the application. In no way related to the overall functionality - would just like to see a different theme than blue/white.
ConnectWise is suited well for anybody that meets the following criteria:
  • IT Client Base (internal or external clients)
  • Needs Ticketing System for tracking time, details, and assets
  • Managed Service management
  • Billing on monthly agreements
If you need any of those things, ConnectWise is a solid product that delivers.
Read Carson Hagan, ITILv3's full review
October 06, 2017
Ian Hansen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our entire organization, a managed technology services provider, uses ConnectWise every day for all of our help desk support processes. We are required to have a highly organized system with automated workflows that helps us manage a large number of support requests from clients of a number of diverse small to medium sized businesses. ConnectWise works very well for our needs, and as the service director here, I have appreciated the ability to customize the help desk software around the needs we have to better serve our clients. Using ConnectWise, we have been able to streamline our operations and extend our support offerings.
  • I appreciate that workflow rules can be configured and customized to help keep all client support requests active and be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • ConnectWise's support has been responsive and helpful, and their training resources such as ConnectWise University have been very useful.
  • I appreciate that ConnectWise listens to its user base and releases frequent updates based on feedback.
  • I think it would be nice if ConnectWise had a feature for internal techs to send attached files when doing an internal update ticket, while updating the ticket at the same time without having to click on 'time entry'--that is a very nitpicky request.
  • ConnectWise might offer some better examples of what their workflow rules are capable of accomplishing.
  • When e-mailing, it would be nice if we did not have to remember to specify that any added information we were giving about an issue (if not on the original ticket) needed to be added to a recently-opened ticket.
If a tech support company is looking for a great tool that helps their support team get organized and stay that way, then I would recommend using ConnectWise and getting well-trained on it. If a company is not intending to grow its customer base or systems, and doesn't want to have a platform on which to expand its operations, then ConnectWise might not be a fit.
Read Ian Hansen's full review

Feature Scorecard Summary

Organize and prioritize service tickets (69)
Expert directory (38)
Subscription-based notifications (45)
ITSM collaboration and documentation (50)
Ticket creation and submission (69)
Ticket response (68)
External knowledge base (52)
Internal knowledge base (60)
Customer portal (63)
IVR (15)
Social integration (21)
Email support (63)
Help Desk CRM integration (59)

What is ConnectWise Manage?

ConnectWise Manage calls itself a business management platform for companies that sell, service, and support technology. According to the vendor, the product supports 110,000 users and helps them achieve greater accountability, operational efficiency, and profitability. The platform is cloud-based and integrates business-process automation, help desk and customer service, sales, marketing, project management, and business analytics in order to streamline a company's operations.

ConnectWise Manage is the hub of the ConnectWise suite, a set of solutions for technology solution providers that aims to give an end-to-end view and total control over their business.

ConnectWise also gives its users access to a network of ideas, experts, and solutions. ConnectWise has been in business for more than 15 years.

ConnectWise Manage Features

Incident and problem management Features

Has featureOrganize and prioritize service tickets
Has featureExpert directory
Has featureSubscription-based notifications
Has featureITSM collaboration and documentation
Has featureTicket creation and submission
Has featureTicket response
Has featureAutomated responses
Has featureAttachments/Screencasts
Has featureSLA management

Self Help Community Features

Has featureForums
Has featureExternal knowledge base
Has featureInternal knowledge base
Has featureQ and A
Has featureSurveys/polls

Multi-Channel Help Features

Has featureCustomer portal
Has featureLive help chat
Has featurePhone support
Has featureIVR
Has featureCall scripting
Has featureSocial integration
Has featureEmail support
Has featureHelp Desk CRM integration

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Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom
Supported Languages: English