Conversica Sales AI Assistant
August 09, 2019

Conversica Sales AI Assistant

Adriana Zupan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Conversica

We are using Conversica to follow up with a portion of our incoming, marketing sourced leads. Generally, these leads are what we consider "lower value" compared to what SDRs follow up with directly. The Conversica AI Sales Assistant reaches out to these leads that have shown some interest by completing activities on our website and continues to engage them until they are ready for a sales conversation with a human. This helps us with follow up on a high volume of leads where we don't have human resources.
  • The team at Conversica is top-notch. From the beginning of our purchasing journey to the support that we have received over the last year, the Conversica team is very committed to our success, implements our feedback and requests quickly, and is generally great to work with.
  • Being able to customize the Conversica Sales Assistant in terms of the messaging and even language is a must for us. We sell into many countries and markets globally and like to customize our reach outs based on the content that leads consume so this is very important to us.
  • The Conversica Sales Assistant has done a great job of learning over the year that we have used her. It has been a breeze to customize outreach and responses and tailor what we are looking for when it comes to "hot leads"
  • There are some parts of email templates that are not customizable. This makes it difficult to change sentence structure.
  • There are times when the AI assistant is reaching out to leads at the same time as one of our sales reps. Often this is because the salesperson didn't follow the proper process in turning the assistant off but it happens often enough that I wish the process was simplified.
  • Conversica has increased our MQL:SAL conversion
  • Conversica has helped us build pipeline with leads that would have otherwise gone untouched.
Prior to using Conversica, we tried to have all of our leads followed up with by SDRs and AEs. We weren't able to keep up! More than that, there were some leads that were much earlier in their buying cycle that our reps felt were not ready to be reached out to. With Conversica, we are able to tackle both of these challenges. Leads are delivered to salespeople only when they are ready and our salespeople have more time to be working on revenue-generating activities.
The Conversica team is AMAZING! They meet with us regularly and provide us with useful business reviews on how we are using the product. They take feedback extremely well and do their absolute best to implement any functionality that we request. They are extremely knowledgable about their product and are available to help at any time that we need them. We truly consider them a partner in our business.
Very easy to implement and the team was very helpful. All we really needed to do was create the reach outs and responses that we thought were relevant to our business. We have one point person here that is responsible for training all of our users and adding new users to the process is always a breeze.
Conversica has been extremely useful in following up with a large volume of leads for initial reach out and the Sales Assistant is great at the beginning of the sales cycle. The assistant is persistent and will continue to engage leads until they are ready for a human conversation. We are forthcoming about the fact that the Sales Assistant is a bot so if there is a scenario where she doesn't understand a question or is confused by a response, it is easy to explain to leads why. I would be hesitant to use Conversica later in the sales cycle where conversations become more complicated.