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December 18, 2020
Maxwell Colburn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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At Hussian College - LA we use Conversica in our Admissions department to better assist potential students as they seek information on applying and attending our campus. As we're a unique college with a small imprint, and the there are many PVA colleges and events demanding the attention of young performers, Conversica helps us start and maintain conversations that our small department would be unable to otherwise handle.
  • Answers Direct Questions
  • Supplies information and links to students requesting them
  • Reengages potential students that requested information early in their high school education
  • Frees our admissions team to only reach out to potential students with a sincere interest
  • Adjusting message timing, both on a macro and micro level
  • Lead uploading - make it easier for all users to access the uploader and execute said uploads
Conversica is an excellent tool if you have a large database of potential students, sales leads, or other forms of potential customers/users. It does not replace human interaction, but instead supplements it - allowing your admissions/sales/retention team to spend their time with those individuals that are in most need of assistance - whether that be because they are "hot leads" for a sale, students with a sincere interest, or customers needing assistance beyond the capabilities of an automatic system.
We have seen a marked increase in return on rep activity as reps are able to narrow down their lead lists to those that are both likely to answer the phone and move forward with enrolling (as opposed to one or the other). We have also been better able to eliminate those older leads that have since developed new collegiate aspirations outside of the performing arts.
The support team at Conversica is fantastic. They are very quick to answer questions, and knowledgeable without any hint of pretention. I work with a large number of systems and it has been refreshing to have a team that I can rely on for support, where many other systems' support teams have even less knowledge of the system than I do.
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January 06, 2021
Tyler Fields | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Conversica is a key technology in our marketing stack and go-to-market activities. Our assistant helps to ensure all digital, webinar, and event leads are followed up on thoroughly and nurtured and old leads don't get cold.
  • Conversica helps to significantly reduce the effort around emailing prospects and solve the issue around a fast growing database and "to many leads."
  • From implementation to day-to-day usage, our success manager is very supportive and works closely alongside the team to ensure we're getting the most out of the tool, answers any questions, and quickly resolves minor issues.
  • Email isn't dead. Conversica does a good job of keeping the emails positive, helpful, non-obtrusive, and professional.
  • It takes considerable effort to create the conversations and associate leads/contacts to SFDC campaign on an ongoing basis.
I would highly recommend Conversica to any Marketing team looking to improve response times, warm cold leads, automate nurture activities, and getting the most out of their leads and database.
Conversica is a key technology in our marketing stack and go-to-market activities.
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December 17, 2020
Nick Ciambrello | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
Both sales and Customer Success use [Conversica] at SEMrush. I can only speak to the CS side, we use it in order to get users to book an onboarding demo with us are brand new to the product. We wanted to use it as a way to replace the manual outreach of our OBS team.
  • Easy to implement because it is a SF cnnection you just upload those users
  • Pretty reliable results knew we would get 15% hot rate every time no more no less
  • Tough to work around the static talk boxes we had
  • Static boxes for talk tracks made it tough to have natural language sometimes
  • Easier to include calendar links
  • More useful strategy meetings
I think [Conversica is] good if you're ok with 15% response rate, it will be useful if you would rather take time away from your reps for outreach and have them focus more on the quality of the work being done. However if you need more than 15% than manual outreach is way to go
Like I said before the benefits are more on the sales side then the CS side of things as we did not have the same affect. We used it for outreach to already paying users for onboarding. The impact was 15% demo rate which is ok but we needed something higher which we got with humans instead.
I think its a good software I just did not find the need to contact support at all so no experience with their support team
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January 19, 2021
shaylah manning | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
It is being used across the organization and it addresses members who recently quit their membership.
  • Response rates are high
  • Set conversations, not much room to create own emails.
It is suited for starting initial conversations.
We have benefited when the tool is used throughout the AO. It does require a lot of manual labor that our staff just simply don't have the time for, so it gets pushed to the back for a lot of employees.
Our rep is constantly reaching out to us and working with us.
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August 11, 2020
Elaina Mango | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We utilize Conversica for both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to both our current and prospective guests (at our center we call our patients guests). Our marketing department is the primary user and we support three businesses.
  • AI Assistant Management of responses. We have large lists that we are in constant communication with. The AI Assistant's ability to respond, very professionally, to every comment creates a tremendous customer experience.
  • Organization of Leads: The "intelligence" to understand the responses and prioritize them is a tremendous time management benefit. The platform organizes your leads into "hot leads," "further action needed," "stopped leads," and more based on the response. It is extremely accurate.
  • Reporting: The ability to pull reports by campaign and export them into PowerPoint presentations is very helpful and impressive.
  • Most of the campaigns have 7 attempts in their path. If a lead does not respond the AI agent will make 7 attempts until it stops messaging the lead. In most cases, this is wonderful. In some cases, the outreach is too much. The ability for the "user" to be able to decrease the # of attempts would be a good feature.
  • The time frame between "attempts" from the AI Agent. This is actually possible, however, the user must set this up with the Conversica Technical Team. Now, while I am putting this down as an opportunity, I must note that the staff and team at Conversica are some of the most professional and welcoming I have dealt with in my career. They are always eager to help.
For outgoing campaigns where you are dropping high numbers of leads, Conversica is a lifesaver. Also, if you are using for inbound comments (for example general comments and questions coming into your website) and if you do not have the ability to answer the volume--Conversica is the perfect platform.
Yes--quite certainly in the area of customer experience.
The team at Conversica are some of the most professional I have worked with in my career. Eager to help and welcome assistance needed with open arms. They are quick to set up video calls, share screens and their schedulers (to make appointments with your personal representative) always ask if you want training, a meeting on your account, technical services, and more. They are are "learning" company and their staff is "A" Talent!
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December 16, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Conversica is currently being used by our Marketing department to help qualify and warm leads before being passed to sales. Our main goal is to use the system to enable leads to become conversation ready once after they've been generated or interacted with marketing. The system helps address our lack of an inside sales team and provides a good primary screening before entering leads into our lead process.
  • The timing of AI interpretation to messaging is a quick turnaround
  • Leads have several stages they can enter based on responses and are properly bucketed
  • Conversation flows are fairly comprehensive and have a wide range of use cases.
  • AI interpretation is not always correct.
  • Conversation flows cannot be easily manually altered
  • Only a small amount of messaging text can be altered and customized
  • Some of the messaging can appear as if it's robotic
Conversica is a good platform for us when used post event. It takes the Inside sales work out of following up on cold or potentially non-responsive leads and still allows us to create touchpoints with the leads. It has also worked fairly well as a follow up for media downloads on our site to gain additional interest or segmentation variables.
We haven't been able to use Conversica to its full capacity, however, in the use cases we have activated it has shown great potential. Our primary use case was as a qualification assistant for our lack of inside sales, however, that was not entirely possible with provided conversations. In the post-action follow ups, it has shown to be a useful tool for gauging further interest and weeding out any leads that are too little of scale.
Our account manager and support rep have been extremely helpful in helping us get the system where we wanted it. Given our original use case as a lead qualifier, a lot of the conversations needed to be altered or exceptions created in order to provide the customization we needed. Our AM and support rep were able to accommodate most of our requests and were extremely helpful in working with us on a solution.
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December 16, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Conversica is used within our business to ensure that no inbound leads fall through the cracks and that we can respond to any inquiries within our 7 minute SLA ensuring that we contact leads at a time when they're taking an active interest in our company and most likely to convert.
  • Allowed us to expand into other regions with their Spanish conversation which opened up new revenue opportunities
  • Ensures that leads never slip through the cracks, the AI assistant never forgets to send an email or follow up
  • Ensures that we can strike whilst the iron is hot. Within minutes any inbound leads are contacted by an AI assistant helping to increase conversion rates.
  • A little bit more flexibility with the conversations. Sometimes the assistant struggles if anything out of the ordinary is mentioned in the conversation.
  • Although persistency is a good thing, sometimes the assistant can be that little bit too persistent
  • Sometimes that assistant can jump the gun. The customer might just be asking for more information and she'll jump straight in to try and arrange a call.
Conversica is well suited if your MQL to SQL conversion is low because you're not following up on leads quickly enough or missing them entirely. The assistant automatically sends an email to any inbound inquiry within a defined time limit and they'll always chase the prospect until they get a response. Very suited to a SDR/BDR in it's infancy or organizations with no SDR/BDR team and only Account Execs who may miss leads.
Conversica has ensured that we contact every inbound lead through automating our initial outreach and then having the persistency to keep chasing the lead until we can either book a demo or qualify the lead out. It's also ensured that we contact leads in a timely manner allowing us to convert more of inbound web leads.
Our CSM is great and always willing to help us try new ideas. She's always aware of what's happening on our account and will point out anything abnormal. She's also constantly looking at ensuring that we're making the most of everything that Conversica has to offer. Even though they're out of my time zone, they accommodate it meaning that I don't have to work out of hours to get support.
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December 09, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The AI is being used to contact cold leads and bring the viable clients to the surface. We are a small company and it save a lot of time and manpower to have an AI reach out. Currently the sales and marketing teams are the only departments to use Conversica, however there is a possibility it may branch to another department.
  • Saves time.
  • Engages at scale.
  • Connects us with some viable leads.
  • Misdiagnosing of lead responses.
  • Limited text to insert into a conversation.
  • Inability to uniquely brand to raise brand awareness.
Our School Communications department has to reach out to many education contacts to schedule people to attend our client sponsored events. If Conversica was a bit more flexible with messaging, the automation could potentially save many hours of work. As we stand, that lack of flexibility bubbles up reservations about effectiveness and thus not currently used in the School Communications department.
The time is the biggest factor. A small team exponentially grows with one effective AI assistant.
There are few technical problems we've encountered in my time with Conversica. The Conversica team is willing to weigh in if we have a question about functionality, but the platform limitations ultimately guide what we can and cannot do.
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December 03, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We're using Conversica as a compliment to our already large sales team. Conversica is being used to run campaigns across thousands of old and inactive leads to generate opportunities. Conversica is perfect for doing the heavy lifting, something that a human just doesn't have the capacity to do. We will also be using it as part of our general campaign set up. If we're doing ads, social etc. then Conversica will also become a part of that setup. It's a great link between marketing and sales teams. We're using Conversica in the lead generation team across marketing and sales.
  • AI automation.
  • Thousands of conversations at once.
  • Personalisation.
  • Conversational marketing/sales.
  • User interface.
  • Conversation editor flexibility.
  • Reporting capabilities.
Conversica is perfect to reach out to huge batches of leads, something that any normal sales teams just do not have the capacity to do. If you get thousands of leads from multiple different channels then Conversica would be a great accompaniment to your general marketing and sales tech stack.
Yes we have benefited from Conversica. We can now engage customers at scale. Even if you have a large sales team it is probably the case that they can not reach out to every single lead that comes in - that's where Conversica steps in. Conversica can engage all of your leads effortlessly.
The support, account management and customer success teams have been awesome at Conversica. This is what I've been impressed with most. They are with the whole way from start to finish of setup to make sure your account is setup correctly and working as it should. It is so important to have a CS/AM team that will work closely with you and Conversica does that at a gold standard.
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January 19, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We use it for lead generation and to help get messaging out to more locations and line of business titles.
  • Persistence of communication.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Immediate notifications of leads
  • would like additional customization for templates
  • dashboard can sometimes be confusing to navigate
The tool is effective. Staff is really helpful and quick to take action.
Helps to get messaging out to large, dispersed customer locations. Works well as an extension to our account team activities.
Always friendly and quick to respond.
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December 03, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use Converscia to scale our marketing inbound qualification efforts.
  • Handling volume.
  • UI with tool.
  • Service support.
  • Understanding the conversations.
  • Adapting different skills to different languages.
When you don't have enough capacity to qualify all interest or want to nurture interest before handing it over to a Sales/inside Sales team.
Conversica has established itself as a pillar within our Inbound leads handling team. Lower quality (less likely to convert) and big volume is ideal to start the follow up with Conversica.
Responsive, listening and willing to adapt to our (customer) needs.
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November 12, 2019
John Mitzel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is currently used by our sales and marketing department to help qualify low valued leads. We also use it to engage old leads that are not being touched by sales. Occasionally we use it to engage with lost leads and opportunities. We have also used it to engage with leads to warm them up before sending them to sales.
  • Conversica is great at working low level leads and surfacing those that are in fact interested in your product or service.
  • Conversica is also useful in weeding out leads that are not strong.
  • Since Conversica is sending emails to various prospects, customers and opportunities, it allows sales, account managers, service etc, to focus on other activities, thereby saving time and freeing up resources.
  • The conversation framework is great, but since you have to restrict your text/script to the fields, so there are some limitations with the flexiblity/customization of the conversations.
  • While you can set up rules within SFDC to automate some functions such as to disqualify a lead etc, it would be great if you could set up these in Conversica instead of having to rely on an SFDC admin.
  • Great at helping marketing and sales surface leads that might be interested in your product.
  • Great at working low level leads and see if there are opportunities within a large number of leads
  • Great at providing a more personal touch, ie it looks like it is coming from an actual person vs. a marketing-driven, standardized email.
  • Since you are allowing Conversica to do a lot of the manual work of emailing and working low level leads, it really helps free up work of your sales team which would otherwise cost more.
In the long run, it helps our sales and marketing team save money, but doing some of the menial work that would normally have to be done by various team members.

Conversica has given us another tool that we can use, if marketing emails have not worked, or if sales have tried and failed. We can use Conversica to work old leads and opportunities.

Conversica can also help warm up cold leads, and since it sounds like a person, it gives the email a more personal touch.

Since you are allowing Conversica to do a lot of the manual work of emailing and working low-level leads, it really helps free up work of your sales team which would otherwise cost more.
Our customer success manager/rep has been very good at responding and providing potential solutions to our problems. They have also invited us to participate in beta program. When there is not an immediate solution to our problem, they have helped us come up with alternative solutions.
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September 20, 2019
Kathy Cannon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it across our organization to prospect for programs or membership. We upload our own leads which may be active or previous members to try to prospect for programs we are offering, and we also use past members to prospect to find out who is interested in finding out what is new at our organization. It helps us tremendously by only having to call people that show interest, verses calling thousands of people to try to find out who is interested. Therefore it saves us a lot of time and allows us to really engage with those that are most interested.
  • Conversica does a good job of prospecting.
  • We love that they have a follow up feature that allows us to hold our staff accountable for reaching out to those who are interested in timely manner.
  • The dashboard in Conversica helps us to both navigate current conversations and leads easily, as well as view the progress of current and past conversations.
  • We would love more options for conversation types. Our organization has so many different things that we offer, we sometimes don't find how what we are trying to offer would fit into a current conversation.
  • We would like to be able to customize the text on the templates a bit more so it was more relevant to our readers.
  • We would love for Conversica to remember conversations from each individual so that if they are engaged again in a future conversation it will already have a profile for that individual which will help to create a more personal touch and could assist with replying to certain requests themselves verse assigning a sales person to reply.
If you are interested in trying to better connect your clients with other services that you offer, then Conversica does a great job of prospecting so that you can save time in finding leads that are most likely to be interested. We have also found a lot of success on getting prospects for past clients or members who are may be interested in your services again. We have a much better success rate for these emails then us doing email blasts because it is personal verse being an "ad" that is sent out where it is apparent that it is a mass email.
We use one assistant for our organization. This has helped us to ensure that the message is clear and consistent for the entire organization (over 15 locations). Our success is dependent on the retention of our members, and by using the assistant it has helped us better engage and connect our members to programs and services, which should have positive impacts on retention down the line.
When we launched we had regularly scheduled calls with support. They are also good at reaching out now after new releases to review what it includes and how it could benefit it. Our experience with them has been overall positive since we launched about a year ago.
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August 09, 2019
Adriana Zupan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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We are using Conversica to follow up with a portion of our incoming, marketing sourced leads. Generally, these leads are what we consider "lower value" compared to what SDRs follow up with directly. The Conversica AI Sales Assistant reaches out to these leads that have shown some interest by completing activities on our website and continues to engage them until they are ready for a sales conversation with a human. This helps us with follow up on a high volume of leads where we don't have human resources.
  • The team at Conversica is top-notch. From the beginning of our purchasing journey to the support that we have received over the last year, the Conversica team is very committed to our success, implements our feedback and requests quickly, and is generally great to work with.
  • Being able to customize the Conversica Sales Assistant in terms of the messaging and even language is a must for us. We sell into many countries and markets globally and like to customize our reach outs based on the content that leads consume so this is very important to us.
  • The Conversica Sales Assistant has done a great job of learning over the year that we have used her. It has been a breeze to customize outreach and responses and tailor what we are looking for when it comes to "hot leads"
  • There are some parts of email templates that are not customizable. This makes it difficult to change sentence structure.
  • There are times when the AI assistant is reaching out to leads at the same time as one of our sales reps. Often this is because the salesperson didn't follow the proper process in turning the assistant off but it happens often enough that I wish the process was simplified.
Conversica has been extremely useful in following up with a large volume of leads for initial reach out and the Sales Assistant is great at the beginning of the sales cycle. The assistant is persistent and will continue to engage leads until they are ready for a human conversation. We are forthcoming about the fact that the Sales Assistant is a bot so if there is a scenario where she doesn't understand a question or is confused by a response, it is easy to explain to leads why. I would be hesitant to use Conversica later in the sales cycle where conversations become more complicated.
Prior to using Conversica, we tried to have all of our leads followed up with by SDRs and AEs. We weren't able to keep up! More than that, there were some leads that were much earlier in their buying cycle that our reps felt were not ready to be reached out to. With Conversica, we are able to tackle both of these challenges. Leads are delivered to salespeople only when they are ready and our salespeople have more time to be working on revenue-generating activities.
The Conversica team is AMAZING! They meet with us regularly and provide us with useful business reviews on how we are using the product. They take feedback extremely well and do their absolute best to implement any functionality that we request. They are extremely knowledgable about their product and are available to help at any time that we need them. We truly consider them a partner in our business.
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October 09, 2019
Corey Navis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Conversica is used to follow up on all leads that request a trial. It will be rolled out to our resellers in time and will be used in other campaigns soon.
  • Our AI assistant, Kelsey, follows up far more diligently than the reps.
  • Consistent, accurate followup.
  • Often leads towards a call meeting with the reps.
  • The ability for reps to request that Kelsey stop contacting. I have to do that.
  • The feedback has been very positive from the team.
Conversica has done excellently in consistent follow ups. Also, reading when a customer does not want follow up. Great there as well. It may be more on the management side of things, but the reps are uncertain at times who and when she is following up.
We are a "lean" team and this has provided additional sales along with a reliable assistant for each team member.
The account manager has set up bi-weekly calls with my marketing manager.
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September 20, 2019
Parker O'Very | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Conversica on our Demand Gen and Sales teams. We use it primarily for outreach with prospects that we haven't been able to get in contact with. Its outreach streams allow us to reach those accounts in ways that no human could. The AI is very convincing, and effective at getting a response.
  • Artificial intelligence. The conversation streams are properly set up to respond to just about every prospect reply.
  • Demand generation. Within the first 2 weeks after going live, we received roughly 15 demo requests in responses to the messaging.
  • Email alerts. It is easily able to alert the lead/contact owner when a response is received.
  • Lightweight on API cals.
  • Note true SaaS. Everything requires their team to set up and make changes.
  • Visibility. They keep a lot under wraps. Email subject lines, for example.
It's really great for scenarios where a sales rep has tried for a long time to get a response from a prospect, but hasn't received a response. The rep can have Conversica take over and see if it is more effective. It helps our reps spend time on the prospects that are more worth their time, and while it does the grunt work. The truth is, however, it is NOT a real person and cannot fully replace an actual sales rep. It cannot answer complex questions about your product.
Other than using the recipient's name, Conversica really doesn't do much for personalization. But it does help us reach thousands of of prospects that we just wouldn't have the bandwidth to do otherwise.
Their staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable, and has always responded right away when we have problems and questions. They have offered to have weekly calls with us to plan our campaigns. They are dedicated to making sure we are successful. They give time and effort to to ensure it too.
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September 07, 2019
Erin Stevenson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our recruitment department is using it as part of the top of the funnel recruitment process, assisting marketing and our other teams handling the huge amount of hot leads we receive through our traditional marketing email automation. Conversica is used as another staff person helping guide our prospective learners thorough the beginning enrollment stages.
  • Language is so real that people have no idea they’re speaking with a bot.
  • Intuitive learning so it asks the appropriate questions for follow up.
  • The support teams to ensure the email conversations are going well is exceptional.
  • It would be great if it could do more learning based on the questions. Some of it is limiting and we find our emails have to be written a particular way. Can be restricting.
  • Multiple personas would be good. Right now we have just one. A couple of AI personas would be lovely.
  • The training can be daunting, especially for those that are doing it off the sides of their desk. There is still human intervention needed and it should be explained better that this product can actually increase the need for humans at the company, especially if implemented properly. The hot leads increase.
It is ideal when you get a lot of emails from prospective leads and they have very similar questions. You spend a lot of time answering the same thing over and over and it can eat up your time. But it’s necessary to get them down the funnel. Conversica assists with that. They handle the initial emails and help self serve those prospects so staff is then able to deal with hot leads only.
The engagement with prospective students has gone way up. When we have hundreds and thousands of inquiries per month, we can’t keep up. We had to knowingly ignore some inquiries and tackle a few we thought were the hottest leads. Now, we can engage with all of them and move student s through the enrollments funnel that much faster. It’s been great.
The support team is awesome. And friendly. And there is no such thing as a dumb answer with them. They’ve been a wonderful resource and Conversica would be impossible to use without the amazing support staff. They’re also very open to new ideas and suggestions as we work with their product.
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August 27, 2019
Tim Mize | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Conversica as a pre-sales tool. We send new leads through Conversica prior to sending them to our salespeople. Conversica is mainly used by our sales department, but is also being used by our accounting and onboarding department. Our salespeople also use it for bringing back to life a stale opportunity or quote. The accounting department will use it in the same fashion for support quotes. Conversica really helps us to save our salespeople time in seeking out a lead and making sure it is "qualified" before talking with them.
  • The seven email touch really works well since most salespeople will not really have the time to send that many emails to every lead they receive.
  • The alerts that the owner of the lead receives really has helped a lot with keeping salespeople in touch when they are needed. The HOT lead notice really gets them to notice in an inbox full of other emails.
  • We use Conversica inside of Salesforce. The reporting that is built-in is really on point and very well done. It is really easy to see any information you may need on the current real-time reports.
  • By using Salesforce with Conversica, anyone can add a lead or contact to a Conversica conversation through campaigns in Salesforce. This is great, but also getting to be a problem in how to organize the many conversations we now have and to have them searchable.
  • The conversations are able to be customized. It would be nice to possibly change some of the wording that is standard and cannot be changed.
  • The emails that Conversica sends out through the AI are great, but it would be great to be able to see the subject of the email as well.
We have loved having the AI be the "go-between" on a new lead coming into a salesperson. This scenario is not just used for our inbound leads, but we also use it for our outbound leads as well. We have even used it to test the sources, we get outbound leads from quickly and easily with no work from our salespeople required.
We have really benefited from having Conversica in place on our companies' behalf. Our customers have also really appreciated the follow-ups that Conversica sends. We have had customers reply back to our AI stating that they had seen her prior emails and had kept forgetting to reply back, and now they have sent in payments we would never have seen. It is the same with leads that are put into Conversica, stating that they are sorry that they had not replied sooner. It really is a great tool for a business with leads and contacts needing that extra touch.
Like anything new, there can be problems or hiccups. We had our share that was very quickly addressed, ironed out, and/or reconfigured to fit our business model. The responsiveness of the team is incredible, and our representatibe that we were assigned really made the whole process of onboarding and ongoing support painless.
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August 20, 2019
Jonathan Gallagher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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We use Conversica to follow up with many of our marketing leads to ensure those leads have the resources they need to effectively evaluate our software solutions, and to see if they want to meet with us to learn more about how our solutions can help them achieve their goals. When someone expresses interest in meeting with us we pass that person over to our sales team for further follow up and qualification.
  • Conversica is polite but persistent. While a human might only email a lead 2-3 times before moving on, Conversica will send up to 7 emails. This increases the likelihood that we will get in touch with the prospect and helps us book more meetings.
  • Conversica is able to accurately interpret responses that it receives from prospects and then take automated action based on those responses. For example, if the prospect says they want to meet with us they will be marked as a hot lead which we can then MQL and pass to a human for follow up. If they say they are not interested Conversica will stop emailing them. If Conversica receives an OOO email it can see when the person is expected to return to the office and then schedule the next email to be sent after they return.
  • Conversica Is Able To Confirm A Prospect's Contact Information If We Have It, Or Collect Contact Information If We Don't.
  • Conversica doesn't always interpret responses correctly so it's important to provide AI feedback when this happens.
  • The ability to customize the email templates is limited.
  • The out-of-the-box embedded reporting is not easy to use. i tend to just use my own salesforce reports.
  • There are a lot of email templates to choose from but it isn't always obvious which one to use and there isn't a way to test them out to see which would be best for your use case.
  • You can't clone campaigns which would be helpful when you have lots of campaigns that are very similar.
Conversica is a good solution when you have a lot of leads that you want to follow up with but you don't have enough humans to follow up with them, or you want to supplement your human follow up with AI-powered email follow up. Conversica is also a great supplement to your existing marketing automation drip/nurture campaigns.
  • Conversica ensures every lead is followed up with via email at least 7 times, increasing the likelihood of finding someone interested in meeting
  • Conversica frees up our sales team to focus on qualifying leads rather than just trying to make contact
  • Conversica helps increase conversion rates by passing more qualified leads to our sales team

  • Our Customer Success Manager and our Technical Account Manager always make themselves available and are super response when I have a question or support issue. If they can't answer my question or resolve my technical issue themselves they will find the right person that can, and they do it in a timely manner.
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    July 27, 2019
    Emily Salamone | TrustRadius Reviewer
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    Conversica is being used at a few dealerships throughout our organization in both sales and service. Conversica has helped in re-engaging older sales opportunities that just were not ready at the initial inquiry. In the daily whirlwind of automotive sales, Conversica has helped to ensure clients weren't slipping through the cracks and promoting a friendly customer service experience.
    • Customer support is top-notch! I have never had a bad experience with their customer support. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. From discussing reporting to helping set up users, quick to respond to your needs.
    • Conversica has a way of engaging with clients and getting a response. Often you find clients won't respond to the "sales person" but will reply to Conversica.
    • Their AI got even smarter recently with smarter responses and timing of their messaging
    • COnversica has the ability to be personalized with some lead sources, would be nice to integrate even more.
    Conversica is well suited for a wide range of business needs or models. Conversica works well in a BDC model as well as in-store use for the sales staff.
    Tremendous benefits. As I mentioned in my previous response, Conversica has done very well in getting a response from clients when we were not able to do so. I think clients feel less pressured and less defensive when working with Conversica, "She" is a friendly customer service agent trying to help.
    Quick to respond to support needed. Offered suggestions if we had concerns and very friendly.
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    October 31, 2019
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
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    We use Conversica within our Marketing and Sales departments as part of our Marketing Technology Stack. We lean on the tool to help us increase lead scores and to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads to our sales reps. To do this, we primarily use Conversica to nurture cold leads, wake-up very old leads or re-engage with recent Sales Qualified Leads under various circumstances. We also use it to try and find the correct prospect lead at an organization if the lead we *do* have does not fit our buyer persona (interns, junior titles, etc).
    • Conversation paths are realistic and drive action from the recipient despite being AI-driven.
    • Easy interface for sales reps to find, engage and convert leads who respond to the AI.
    • Granular and customizable reporting tools built-in help us identify ROI and areas for improvement, and are easy to speak up to Executive level reporting.
    • The method of standing up campaigns can be a little tedious for administrators because it uses copy/paste of Salesforce Campaign ID instead of just searching for active Salesforce campaigns.
    • Understanding the conversation path options that the AI could take is improving greatly, but can still use some improvements for admin awareness when standing up a new conversation.
    • Understanding what conversation types exist and how they differ from one another is sometimes difficult to self-serv, but the Conversica team is always very good about helping out explaining these.
    Well suited for teams who have a lot of leads but not a lot of salespeople, or for teams with salespeople who need to be highly focused on quality leads. The tool is great at nurturing leads and pushing them toward a call-to-action. Best for small- to mid-sized businesses.
    We primarily use Conversica with pre-sales conversations, not existing customers.
    We have bi-weekly meetings with our CSM who ensures we are always up to date on new features, are using our existing features correctly, and he often Identifies problems with our system we otherwise may not find. The support tickets are opened and closed quickly. If I ever need a walkthrough on a new feature they are quick to connect me with a Solutions Architect to show me how or help get me set up.
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    September 20, 2019
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
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    Conversica is being used by our marketing department to re-engage with leads that requested a demo but never scheduled a time. Conversica allows us to better communicate in mass with people who have an interest but just may have been hard to get a hold of the first time around. This allows our reps to only spend time with people who re-engage with us.
    • Simple way to interact via email and get reps involved when the right moment arrives.
    • Conversational AI is pretty good - Conversica actually understands most conversations.
    • It doesn't take a ton of time to figure out how it works - it's pretty straightforward.
    • They sell texting capabilities, but the offering feels pretty limited there.
    • Alerts could be better integrated.
    • Does require quite a bit of up front effort before you can start getting value
    • Require a year contract.
    It's great if your primary method of communication with prospects is via email. Their success team is amazing and works really close with you the whole time to make sure you see success - I've never seen anything like it. If you'd like to avoid hiring more SDRs then this is a good way to help out and flag your internal team when they need to jump in.

    I would feel hesitant using the texting feature and trying to reach out for anything other than a simple request. Although AI is great, it can't be overly complex or else things can get tough.
    It has allowed us to focus on more immediate needs from our SDR team while allowing Conversica to work with opportunities that aren't as time-sensitive. It helps schedule conversations with reps so they jump in at the right moment. It really helps out as if you had another headcount, which is exactly how they want you to feel about it.
    Their success team has had weekly conversations with us and is ALWAYS trying to figure out how to get us even more value out of the product. I've been super impressed with how easy they are to work with, I haven't seen anything like that in tech. I'm very impressed with the program they have built.
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    August 09, 2019
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
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    Conversica is allowing us to engage with multiple business units concurrently while utilizing our live resources solely for substantive conversations rather than for prospecting. Before Conversica, we would receive a large number of "lower priority" leads that our Sales team would procrastinate on and not reach out right away or would fatigue the prospect and miss out on it entirely. With this service now, every lead is addressed, contributing to a wider net being cast for hot lead to be reviewed by a real person. The support for each client seems more personalized with timely communication, keeping the client interested as well.
    • Conversica helps with bringing and capturing a wider net of clients/leads.
    • The solution is easy to set up and get running quickly.
    • Customer service almost always is great and thoroughly helps us out with any problems we run in to.
    • The AI assistant works wonders! It's like having another employee on the floor at all times.
    • Adding a feature that allows you to customize the amount of times any grouping of data points will be contacted would be extremely useful.
    • The tool was initially too aggressive and the reporting isn't the most comprehensive, but we utilize our CRM to help with that.
    • Sometimes the AI assistant can misread a response and not answer a customer's response appropriately.
    You can use Conversica anytime you need to follow up on leads. At first, we were a bit skeptical with the service, but once it was in use we didn't look back. Additionally, you can let the product handle outreach for leads and let the Sales team focus on selling. A scenario that isn't so suitable for Conversica is if you want a marketing tool to be integrated with Salesforce.
    Yes, customer engagement is so much easier now. The Sales team always seems to be overloaded with work, so the AI assistant alleviates some of the work like sending personalized emails and continuously monitoring for responses. It also keeps in track of all the leads that are present and supports closing deals, all without making a physical one-on-one call. The ability to freely pick and choose any clients from the list that the AI assistant complies is also huge.
    Customer support is always great, and even far and above of what we've experienced. They are always patient with our questions, and genuinely seem eager to help us in any way possible with whatever problems we're having. Our customer service manager (blanking on the name, I apologize) is seemingly always available to assist and provide one-on-one time when needed.
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    October 31, 2019
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
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    We leverage Conversica for a few different reasons, but the main function has been to warm up leads for our Sales teams. We also use Conversica to help gather missing profile information on select contacts. Our Conversica rep has been a great addition to our Business Development team and has given us a scalable solution to solving a business problem.
    • Outreach at scale.
    • Persistence.
    • Personable responses from a bot.
    • Outreach conversations and customization is limited.
    • Deliverability has sometimes been an issue.
    We've found Conversica does well when you have a large number of contacts that all have similar traits (i.e. attended a Webinar, attended an event, etc). When your outreach doesn't require a lot of customization Conversica gives us a scalable outreach solution.

    Customization is where Conversica is lacking. Outside of creating a lot of different conversations, there is no real way we've found to create customization at scale.
    Our company has been able to expand our lead pool by tapping into a subset of our leads we typically would not have touched due to ROI we've historically seen when reaching out with a normal SDR. Conversica gives us a low-cost scalable solution to engage with these customers. My only request if that Conversica makes it easier to alter the timing and amount of emails that get sent to contacts. Our AI bot can be a bit overwhelming to some customers.
    Our customer support reps have always been very attentive to our needs. At the most, it has taken our rep 24 hours to respond to an inquiry. We have quarterly business reviews with our customer support rep, which is great as it keeps us all on the same page. My only request out of the support team is to be more forthcoming with new ideas on how to leverage the product better.
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    October 14, 2019
    Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
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    We're using Conversica in Marketing and Sales to nurture new leads, re-engage older leads and follow up on trade shows and event leads. The primary problem it is solving is consistency in follow up and helping us to identify potential opportunities that have previously been left for dead.
    • Consistent follow up and cadence of outreach
    • Surfacing potential hot leads
    • Identifying when the ball has been dropped - leads at risk
    • Translations - French, German, Spanish
    Conversica is great at helping small and/or short-staffed organizations to identify leads to follow up on. Rather than spending valuable time having SDRs follow up on lower priority leads, we put Conversica on them and let anything with good quality bubble to the surface.

    The area we've had issues using Conversica is on our EMEA region. The translations were not that great. Conversica is not quite ready for prime time on the translation front.
    Consistent follow-up and tracking has been the major benefit.
    The CSM team has been extremely responsive. They come to the table with recommendations on what we can do to improve our use of Conversica.
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    What is Conversica?

    Conversica provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) to help organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale. By automating routine business conversations, and personalizing interactions at scale, Conversica is designed to augment workforces allowing business professionals and Intelligent Virtual Assistants to work together harmoniously.

    According to the vendor, Conversica Sales AI Assistant helps companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying, and following-up with leads via natural, multi-channel, two-way engagements. The Conversica Customer Success AI Assistant enables people and AI Assistants to work together for customer retention and account expansion.

    With Conversica's extensive library of purpose-built and ready-to-use conversational skills backed by a proven and patented intelligent automation platform, Conversica’s AI Assistants can be deployed quickly, are human-like and personal, and provide unmatched accuracy and autonomy.

    Reaching out to over 100 million people on behalf of thousands of companies, and with over 730 million engagements, Conversica is a portfolio company of Providence Strategic Growth, Kennet Partners and Toba Capital and is headquartered in Foster City, California. Read more at

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    Has featureRe-engages older leads to identify new prospects

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    Starter Edition$1,499per installation

    A Conversica subscription includes an unlimited number of seats for marketers, sales reps and managers. Different editions include different levels of functionality to match your needs. The service is a monthly subscription with an annual commitment.

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