Easy and Simple
February 27, 2015

Easy and Simple

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Overall Satisfaction with Cyber Recruiter

We have been using Cyber Recruiter in our Human Resources department throughout our organization. Our business has four sectors, and each sector has their own recruiting team. Each team uses Cyber Recruiter to track our candidates that we are having go through the interview/hiring/onboarding process. Using this database has been helping us to keep everything on track; keep everything going smooth; making sure no candidate gets stuck in some part of the process, rather than doing everything by paper which can be a complete mess.
  • It is real easy to add candidates to the system and it is really easy to find candidates who are already in the system. Everyday I have to look up a candidate to send them an email confirming their interview is happening, or update their status to show they are moving forward or not moving forward.
  • It is also very easy to route resumes to either the recruiters or the hiring managers. All the hiring managers have to do once they get the email is look at the resume and then choose a status whether or not to bring them in for an interview, with maybe some feedback as to why they chose what they chose. It makes it very simple!
  • I really love the email templates that you can create in Cyber. It makes it much more simple rather than typing the same email that you have to send to candidates all the time. There are many emails that are the same format that I send out everyday, and Cyber really helps me not to make a small mistake by having those templates that you can create.
  • One thing that would be really helpful is for Cyber to accept .pdf formats of resumes. Many candidates now have their resume as a pdf, not word, and it is a shame that I have to copy and paste their resume into their system, which ruins the candidates' formatted resume. If anything that is the big thing that could use a change: Cyber should accept both word docs and .pdfs
  • Sometimes Cyber gets a bit slow when I try saving a note, or send an email through Cyber. It is not often, and it does eventually go through in the end. I did check to see if it was the internet but everything else was running just fine, so I know it is Cyber when it happens. It gets stressful at times when you have a bunch of things to do in the day through Cyber, and it is acting very slow.
  • It has helped us have better customer service. We have been able to keep in touch with the candidates a lot easier especially using our email templates (we use that an awful lot). There are no "black holes" so to speak leaving our candidates in the dark wondering what is going on. That doesn't happen, which is great.
  • Everyone (recruiters) is on the same page. Since we can use notes when changing the status of the candidate in the system, everyone can see why that status was changed, or why we are not moving forward with a candidate. The notes are incredibly helpful for that reason.
For awhile we were thinking of using iCIMS, but in the end we continued using Cyber Recruiter (we had already been using it for a time). Yet in the end we chose Cyber because of it is very simple and easy to use. While it may not look very pretty or exciting, it gets the job done, makes the hiring process flow easily, and that is what we really care about.
Even though there are some times where it gets really slow, or it doesn't accept certain formats of resumes, it has been working to get things done the whole entire time. It has helped us get each candidate from the pre-screening process all the way through the on-boarding/hiring process - and even to the day of orientation/first day on the job. Cyber Recruiter works well for the hiring process and all four of our sectors use it.

Cyber Recruiter Feature Ratings

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Using Cyber Recruiter

All the people who use Cyber here are either a recruiter, recruiting coordinator, project manager (depends on situations), recruiting coordinator associate, director, or operations director. Only people who are allowed to see bill rates, speak with candidates or agencies directly really use Cyber. Very few can use it to its full extent.
5 - People who support Cyber and keep it running smoothly have great organization skills, personable, and able to keep at things, not give up. If a problem arises they need to be fluent with Cyber well enough to know how to fix the problem, or get in contact with the people with Cyber Recruiter.
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Recruiting
  • Job Requisitions and Descriptions
  • Keeping track of prescreens and security prescreens (we put this in the notes)
  • There is a section where you can put notes in a candidate's profile in Cyber. We use that to send an email to our security team to let them know that the candidates need to have a security prescreen.
  • There is a tab where you can enter what time and day is the interview for the candidate, and you can send an evaluation for the interviewer to send us his notes/feedback on the candidate through that.
  • We'll probably always keep our uses for Cyber the same, for Applicant Tracking and Recruiting

Using Cyber Recruiter

I only give it a 6 because there are small things that could use fixing. While it does get what we want done, there are things such as not letting us upload the pdf format... or getting really slow at times when it is trying to save. It's little things like that could be fixed, but overall the experience is pretty positive and it helps us get what we want done and efficiently.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
  • Updating statuses are easy and nice to use. It's simple and you can write notes when you change it explaining why in fact you are changing it.
  • Sending emails through Cyber is very easy as well since you create multiple templates for particular situations, like email confirmations to candidates telling them what day their interview is for example.
  • It is pretty easy to open requisitions for a new position that is open. Within 15-20 minutes the new position is posted on our website, which isn't too bad.
  • We are unable to upload pdfs into the system, which makes things difficult since most of our candidates have that kind of format instead of using word documents.
  • When we post job descriptions we have to make sure we look in the HTML format before posting it because strange symbols appear in our job descriptions on our website, making it look unprofessional, if we don't check. The strange symbols or letters usually look like this: nbsp;