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Michelle Sexton | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 26, 2020

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite - Not the best experience

Score 3 out of 10
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We're primarily using iCIMS within our Recruiting department and then our HR team uses it as well. We are using it for sourcing candidates, moving candidates through the application process, scheduling interviews, and then notifying all those candidates that have been hired. Our HR team uses it to initiate the onboarding process as well.
  • Keeps you organized with your candidates.
  • Helps you store all communication with candidates.
  • It takes a lot of clicks to get to a candidate's application.
  • The offer letter section is very out-dated.
iCIMS is well suited for reporting features since it is a very robust system, but it is sometimes overly complex and difficult to navigate throughout the system. It's difficult to see where your candidates are in the application process at first glance. It's also very complicated to add a candidate to the software if they did not apply directly. You have to attach each candidate to a specific "workflow" and it's overly complicated to get to the candidate's actual application.
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Risa Dubow | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 06, 2020

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite Streamlines Hiring Process.

Score 8 out of 10
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We use iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite to manage our entire hiring flow across the organization. Each hiring manager has access to iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite to post the job, review candidates, and schedule interviews. We also use it to track where candidates are in the hiring process (from submitted, to phone screened, to interview, to offered). It addresses the challenge of managing multiple open positions with several different groups of interviewers.
  • Schedule multiple candidates across multiple interview times.
  • Interviewers can put in their notes on candidates in an easy and transparent way.
  • Adding new candidates to existing interview slots to choose from can get clunky.
  • Time zones are often off between users.
Well Suited
- Organizations or teams with multiple open positions
- Organizations without a dedicated talent acquisition staff member
- Hiring workflows that require lots of scheduling of candidates
- Organizations or teams that want to send emails as a form of communicating with candidates

Less Appropriate
- For hiring where most scheduling and followup happens via phone instead of email
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Shreshthi Mehta, PMP®, PHR® | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 20, 2019

Talent management using iCIMS

Score 7 out of 10
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iCIMS is being used by the Recruitment team only for talent management. It is being used to advertise new positions on the company website. The team maintains a log of existing positions in iCIMS. New candidates and existing employees can view the jobs and apply to the positions. The profiles and resumes are then directed to HR for screening.
  • It is easy to add new orgs in iCIMS.
  • It is easy to set up feeds with other HR systems.
  • As a standalone talent management system, iCIMS works great. But, many companies are moving towards an approach where one HR system encompasses all functions.
  • It is easy to interface with other systems but there is a lag of a day for data to get updated.
We use different software for recruitment, performance management, benefits management, training, and other operations. Though data flows to and from each system there is a lag in accessing it. ICIMS is a great tool and serves our recruiting needs perfectly. But, I would lean towards one system that manages all HR operations. It is easier to train employees with that approach. Employees also have to maintain lesser system accounts and remember fewer passwords.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2019

Unless you a large, enterprise client, iCIMS isn't for you

Score 3 out of 10
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We currently use iCIMS as our CRM and Talent Acquisition suite within North America. The whole organization has access to the system. We use the system for all non-exempt and exempt hiring, across the U.S. and Canada. The business problems this suite addresses are largely tied to hiring and adding candidates to our talent community.
  • This suite is very scalable and can take on thousands of employees and candidates.
  • The talent community is fairly robust.
  • Reporting is very clunky and is difficult to pre-program.
  • Customer service is difficult to work with, especially if you aren't an enterprise-level organization.
If you were a very large (10,000+ employees) and have to scale, both globally and financially, iCIMS will make time for you. If you are also looking for a technology where it works right out of the box and needs a little customization, iCIMS is a great resource.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 10, 2020

The best for recruitment

Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used across the whole organization, we are using it for onboarding and recruiting. From there we are able to post ads to multiple job sites and get the candidates in one place. It keeps recruiting and onboarding organized and within one place instead of looking at multiple job sites to collect information.
  • Works well with other on-boarding systems, like Utilipro.
  • Lets candidates electronically sign.
  • Allows for all information needed to be collected before an interview.
  • Job descriptions are unable to be edited by users, only admin users can do so.
iCIMS is well suited for an organization that has multiple locations, as it easily allows each location to find their needs but also allows other locations to look into what other locations are doing and help transfer candidates if they no longer need them. A small company would probably not benefit from iCIMS.
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Richard Crane | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 05, 2019

iCIMS saves a ton of time and helps me get the right candidates for the job

Score 10 out of 10
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We use iCIMS to manage our job openings and applications. Candidates are able to apply online and managers are able to filter and sort through applicants before scheduling interviews. iCIMS is a big help in automating workflows. I know when candidates apply, who gets filtered and why (which I can control), and candidates also receive notification on each step of the hiring process. It takes a lot of the manual work away from my job.
  • Allows me to post my openings, track applicants, and manage the hiring process. I love how I can view each applicant on an even playing field, and then select the best candidates for interviews. This gives my team and my HR department complete visibility on my hiring process, which is great for everyone.
  • It is super easy to use and very intuitive. Moving candidates from one stage to the next is very easy.
  • I love that the whole process is paperless. I can go though the whole hiring process without having to print anything.
  • Reporting was a little difficult to learn. It didn't come easy to me on how to build my own reports. However, it gets easier once you start playing with it. Just requires some dedication.
  • I've had candidates contact me about our hiring decisions long after we've closed the position, believing it was still open. I found that some of the emails are hitting spam filters, which has been a minor problem.
I've had job openings where I received 10 candidates, and some where I've received over 250. My opinion is that iCIMS is very helpful if you have candidate pools over 25, and especially if your company is under scrutiny with audits or outside governing bodies. iCIMS helps especially with transparency. If you're a small to medium sized company with an informal hiring process, iCIMS might be too much.
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Angie Pearson | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2019

iCIMS - cutting edge system for your recruitment needs

Score 8 out of 10
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We use iCIMS across our whole organization. This includes 3 states and more than 40 locations. Initially iCIMS helped us to go electronic with our application process and really streamline how the overall candidate is reviewed. Today, iCIMS continues to help us to manage our candidate flow as well as manage job openings.
  • iCIMS allows multiple managers at multiple locations (within a region) to review and share a pool of candidates with a central place for communicating where the candidate is at in the application (review, screen, interview or hire) process.
  • Likewise the candidate does not have to need to complete several different applications for multiple locations. They build a profile once and then apply to only the jobs they are interested in with a few clicks.
  • Admin Users are allowed freedom to manage several pieces within the platform and their own career portals. For example, they are able to create new company locations, update verbiage on career portals and workflow bins and statuses within the platform.
  • Applicants are counted everytime they are in the Identified Bin. So that if they have applied to more than 1 job, they are not 1 applicant but rather counted several times over. Within reporting, we wish there was a way to identify these individuals on certain reports or to not have them count multiple times on certain reports.
  • Wish there was a way to report on how many applicants were not selected based on a reason type and for what job or by what manager. This would allow us to do further trending as to why we are not selecting or hiring candidates.
  • When building a new Job Template, that it would not be assigned a job id like all other active job openings are. That when selecting the status of template, it would not automatically assign an ID.
iCIMS is a great platform for organizations of all sizes. Each organization may choose to utilize it simply or extensively - it has that flexibility. iCIMS is great about listening to their customers and incorporating feedback into upcoming releases. Many of our questions have turned into a new feature/enhancement within a release that year. Releases are completed typically twice per year. The education and resources available prior to the release and overall support after the release are great too.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 09, 2019

Great solution for organizations hiring at scale!

Score 7 out of 10
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Galileo Learning is a multi-site summer camp that operates at scale serving dozens of locations in multiple states. Because the camp operates only during the summer, there is a high-volume recruitment and selection process that is in high gear from December through late May every year. During these months, a team of <10 collaborates to source, screen, hire, and onboard over 2000+ staff. There is simply no way to manage an operation at this scale without a well designed applicant tracking system that can support a complex, multi-stage process.
  • Easy to use pipeline interfaces that allowed me as a senior team member to allocate applicants to our team of screeners in a sleek, intuitive fashion.
  • Good support for email templates, our communications looked and felt like they came from our organization rather than clunky automated forms with iCIMS branding plastered over it instead of our own.
  • Lots of features used by our onboarding team to manage documentation process for more candidates than any human would be able to keep track of using memory alone.
  • Occasional technical bugs and outages, without a strong customer service presence. It'd be nice to see the company invest more in taking care of their enterprise clients.
  • We had to use a 3rd party scheduling software to manage our interview calendars, due to some limitations in functionality on the iCIMS platform having to do with managing interviewer availability.
I would absolutely recommend the software to anyone hiring at scale. If the volume of your hiring is beyond the power of the human brain to manage, this is essential software. For organizations only hiring a handful of roles at a given time, there may be more affordable/straightforward software that would do the job just as well.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 18, 2019

iCIMS - Good for Candidate Triage, Bad for Notifications, Email, and Mobile Access.

Score 4 out of 10
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iCIMS is being used within my organization to help organize and manage job applicants across multiple roles. It provides an interface that helps hiring managers review candidates and decide whether or not to pursue a further interview. It also provides opportunity to send follow up and/or rejection communications from within the web app.
  • Organize candidates - iCIMS makes it easy for me to see who has applied for which roles, and to view resumes, cover letters etc.
  • Screen candidates- iCIMS offers the hiring manager the opportunity to pose screening questions to candidates. While these don't automatically weed out any candidates, their responses are easily viewed, and helps hiring managers get a better overall picture of the applicant.
  • Triage candidates - iCIMS makes it easy for a hiring manager to quickly triage candidates into "buckets" based on whether there is further interest in a candidate, or whether to reject a candidate.
  • Notifications - I can't believe in this day and age that I cannot configure iCIMS to automatically email me when I have a new applicant for a role. Instead, I have to go there every day and look to see if I have any new applicants.
  • Email - While iCIMS offers the opportunity to send follow up and/or rejection emails to candidates, the interface is clunky and sometimes does not work, especially if a candidate has provided an invalid email address - this brings down the whole email response feature.
  • Sharing Candidates - Despite using it for 2 years, I've yet to find a way to share a candidate to one of my peers for one of their open roles from within iCIMS.
iCIMS excels when triaging numerous applicants for a single job. It is very easy to quickly scan through multiple applicants and flag them for further follow up or reject them based on your personal criteria. Unfortunately, iCIMS is mediocre, at best, when it comes to the actual follow-up process with these candidates as the built-in email functionality is clunky and error prone.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 05, 2019

Medium-sized company review of iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

Score 8 out of 10
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Our company uses iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite for onboarding and for job requisitions and postings. We also manage all of our candidates in iCIMS. We use it across the whole organization to recruit new hires. It gives us easy access to the candidates who apply to each position, and we can manage our job listings on iCIMS. ICIMS has a lot of capabilities, it's just taking the time to learn what it can do for your company.
  • It is easy to house all candidates in one system. It has all the features you would need as a company to move the candidate through the recruiting process and create your own workflow within the system. You can easily move candidates to different job postings and you can add notes to candidates' profiles.
  • You can customize your onboarding and recruiting documents to your company. It's easy to assign documents to employees or candidates, and you can have them easily electronically view and acknowledge documents.
  • Reports are easy to run and pull on iCIMS. You don't need the system to sync overnight like other systems, everything is done in real time.
  • Our recruiting department relies heavily on iCIMS, and there have been times where iCIMS has been completely down for hours. It's hard for them to do their job when the system they use does not work at times.
  • There are a lot of capabilities in iCIMS, but it's hard to learn all of it without the proper training.
  • It's hard to customize the reports to how you want it. They have default reports, but if you want it more customized to your company, it's not as user-friendly as the standard reports.
ICIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite is well suited for a small to medium sized company. It was easy for our managers to learn the basics of the software. They could easily navigate through candidates who applied to our job positions. I would not recommend it for larger companies who rely heavily on reporting. If you run into issues, it's also hard to reach a representative immediately.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 07, 2019

iCIMS is a solid ATS but, make sure you are thorough and ask a lot of questions.

Score 7 out of 10
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iCIMS is currently being used by our Talent Acquisition team to manage our job postings on our career page and those applicants that apply to our jobs. We share candidates with our management team, we schedule interviews and process background checks through iCIMS.

iCIMS helps us stay organized as a team when it comes to the management of requisitions and candidates across the organization.
  • iCIMS makes it easy to manage our job postings on our website. We have multiple brands and we have separate web portals for each brand all housed in the same account.
  • iCIMS is easy to use whether it is on desktop, mobile or tablet. It's the ATS on the go that allows us to stay connected.
  • The ability for us to integrate our ATS with various vendors makes the process move fasted by not having to navigate between multiple systems.
  • The Account Management team at iCIMS is very responsive to our needs and want to make sure we are having a positive experience.
  • iCIMS could benefit from working with a few more vendors in allowing for integrations. We use a few resources that are not currently integrated and we have asked if they plan on working with these vendors in the future. Make sure you go though all your vendors when assessing iCIMS.
  • Reporting on iCIMS can be intense. There are so many variable that it can become overwhelming for someone the first few times. Training is available and I would recommend that to all new users.
iCIMS is a solid choice for lager enterprise-level organizations that want a very comprehensive ATS and it is priced accordingly. There is a discount for a multi-year deal. If you are a smaller organization that won't use the full functionality of a system like iCIMS there are other options to explore.
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Bruce Wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 18, 2018

Best fit for a growing company

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our company does complete staffing and recruiting, for both commercial hires and government contracting ... everything from temps to executive direct hire placements. We use iCIMS to track all our job orders, job posts, candidates, applicants. We also use the Onboarding suite to onboard employees across the country, in many states.

We are able to customize onboarding our employees for any special State requirements. We are able to customize the recruiting process for any special needs of our commercial clients and allow external hiring managers to interface at various levels. We are able to customize the internal reporting/tracking that our Program Managers need for federal contracts ... not simple or easy!
  • Highly customization of reports/searches, able to export to Excel. Allows all levels of management to make use of on-demand, real-time data.
  • Professional layout and ease of use - great interface with most all user devices. Gives our company instant credibility and quality for our brand.
  • Can't outgrow it. iCIMS has many very large customers, and excellent interface with other services and new technologies. They even acquired a texting manager platform we were hoping to start using.
  • The platform is not well oriented for the fast paced staffing agency, as it requires going in/out of various levels to manage accounts, hiring managers, etc. While it could be argued that that is a CRM function (not ATS), we feel it is a area that iCIMS should look at next.
  • More ready-to-use templates, dashboards, etc. that can allow new users to dive in and use it quickly. If someone has a DBA background, they'll love getting started and learning all the tools/tricks, but if they are the typical manager ... not so much. Have had problems with buy-in for some managers, as it can seem too complicated.
  • Some of the recruiting and hiring processes could be assisted by some ready-to-use features (like the Offer creation/approve/acceptance feature they are starting to work on). New clients have to create a lot of workflow processes on their own.
  • Gives you great reports, charts for real-time status of your recruiting processes.
  • Highly customize-able structure to allow for unlimited variety of application, screening, and onboarding processes.
  • Not user-friendly to non-database oriented people ... not always obvious where to navigate, how to use features.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 19, 2018

iCIMS - Recommended for Your Applicant Tracking Needs

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
iCIMS is used primarily as our applicant tracking system and takes the applicant through the complete new hire process. We are able to prescreen all applicants and determine if we are going to move forward with them. We are able to move applicants to other job requisitions that we feel they may be better suited for. We are able to reject and offer candidates. When we offer, we are able to track their status all the way through the completed background and additional onboarding paperwork. Everything is automated and electronic, so we are no longer swimming in paperwork for every applicant. iCIMS is used across our entire company and allows us to network our applicants with other accounts if we feel they are not a good fit for us.
  • Applicant tracking - it allows us to keep up with their status in the entire new hire process
  • Ease of use - iCIMS is very user-friendly
  • Organization - iCIMS is very clearly labeled and organized, so you never have to search too far for someone or something
  • Lagging - sometimes iCIMS lags out, although that could be our server and not the system itself.
  • Making offers - it requires multiple steps to make an offer. You have to hit "extend offer" and then close out and reopen the offer before you can send it. Again, that could just be our setup.
  • Color scheme - okay, it's rather boring. Just black and white. I'd love to see it more customizable to where we can use our personality while using the system.
iCIMS is worth the investment for a large corporation. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for smaller companies. It does well if you expect a high applicant flow for every role. It may not be worth the money if you only hire one or two people per year. Definitely consider the ROI when you consider this product.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 07, 2018

Would NOT recommend.

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
The product is great. Mainly utilize the system for sourcing.
  • Sourcing
  • Process Flow
  • Too many bells and whistles.
  • Training is very poor for a robust system such as iCIMS.
  • Customer Service is very, very, very poor. Particularly the Account Managers. Will tell you anything to purchase/jupgrade the service.
  • Not a user friendly system.
The company representatives have proven to be deceptive as it relates to the contract. Told one thing when I signed the contract and another when I attempted to end it. Unbelievable. The account managers change every 3 months. No continuity in staffing. Not a good experience. Would not recommend to an enemy.
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Carey Wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 22, 2017

iCIMS Platform Review from an Enterprise-Client Perspective

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization is complex with multiple legal entities and thousands of locations which include unionized facilities. We utilize iCIMS to post and manage the hiring process for all US-based external and internal competitive jobs across our organization. The Recruit module is also utilized (to a lesser extent) in 6 other countries and 3 languages.
  • Configurability; they give a great deal of control to the company. Having this flexibility means you can be more agile in your approach and don't have to pay a fee every time you want to make a small update.
  • Training Resources; iCIMS has a robust knowledge base on their help site and I rarely find an article or video that's out of date (how they manage to create new content and keep all the existing content up to date is beyond me!). Their training team is fantastic and they regularly host pieces of training for both Recruiter Users and User Admins at their offices which are free of charge to their clients - if you can secure a spot, that is- they tend to fill up quickly!
  • Searching/Reporting; I provide this 'pro' of the iCIMS platform somewhat cautiously for two reasons. First, I don't have much experience in this area outside of iCIMS. And secondly, I've gotten feedback from end users that it's confusing. But, I'm still listing this as a 'pro' because as I've become adept at building queries, I can see a ton of capability. A User Admin or Super User who is comfortable navigating the system and with a good awareness of their platform can build quite detailed and sophisticated searches that provide hugely valuable information. Recruiting Users, who have a more narrow scope in the system may need some training to get what they need. I do know that iCIMS is working on the interface to make searching more intuitive for recruiters - similar to other search forms they may use to look for passive candidates online.
  • Conditional Logic; This is the biggest opportunity for improvement for iCIMS. Not having this functionality becomes an issue when we want to prevent users from doing something based on a set of other - sometimes unrelated - conditions. Conditional logic would allow us to set up a more prescriptive process which would reduce user error and help maintain compliance. They have JUST released some promising new functionality in this area and I hope to see similar types of improvements around conditional logic elsewhere in the platform soon.
  • Onboarding; Okay, we all know the purpose of an Applicant Tracking Systems is (at least historically) to track APPLICANTS. But if you've been involved in attempting to design a streamlined onboarding process, you know it's a beast all it's own. The capabilities of the Onboard module in iCIMS are . . . acceptable. It's functional, but it's not great. For the company with less complexity, I think the Onboard module would be a wholly sufficient. However, for more complex organizations, what's lacking becomes a bit more obvious (conditional logic would also be a huge win if applied to the onboarding module!)
  • As with almost everything in iCIMS, you do have the ability to configure the content of the onboarding portal(s) to your liking. However, the user-interface itself leaves a lot to be desired and isn't nearly as sleek as the rest of the platform. They've recently released an update with some improved functionality and it seems like they are beginning to dedicate more resources to this area, so that's exciting. We've had over 15k new hires funnel through our onboarding process in iCIMS this year so by no means is this a deal breaker but I do hope for some functional and aesthetic improvements in the coming year.
iCIMS is a powerful ATS which I think would work well for organizations of any size without multiple business verticals. Having multiple entities under one umbrella (or multiple umbrellas!) creates complexity in processes and requirements which can be difficult to reconcile in any system, particularly one without robust conditional logic. I wouldn't recommend iCIMS for a complex organization but I would advise that they make the initial discovery and design of their platform a high priority and take the opportunity to align processes as much as possible ahead of implementation. For a relatively straight-forward organization, it's a no-brainer - iCIMS all the way.
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Emily Tennant | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 15, 2018

Worth it to learn it...it can do anything

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I consulted for a trucking company that did not have an ATS in place. NOTHING. They were big enough that we decided to implement a solution that would allow them to continue to grow. Their processes were clunky when they existed at all. This streamlined everything! We wanted something that was mobile friendly, friendly for the "non-recruiters" in the organization, with common sense searchability from both ends.
  • Integrates well with TONS of job boards
  • Amazing reports that are VERY user-friendly. You can track ANYTHING!
  • Great passive talent management
  • It's a "big" system. It takes some training.
  • Slow to load occasionally
  • It took us a while to be able to sort candidates effectively
  • Many processes are able to be utilized but difficult to do the first time
Great when you can train from the ground up. It's a beast. It takes some time to learn. If you have the resources to really have your team utilize all of the things it can do, you'll love it. If you're hoping for an overnight solution, this isn't the one for you.
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Tosh Giles | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 21, 2017

Powerful but not easy to use

Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use iCIMS Talent Acquisition to move a candidate through almost all stages of the pipeline, including some sourcing.
  • Candidate tracking at scale
  • User interface
  • Candidate searches (sourcing)
  • Candidate profiles in a single tab
  • Candidate activity feed
It’s overall difficult to use with information being hidden under several clicks. Without training and lots of trial and error, the platform is fairly difficult to use.
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Bonnie Chau Recruiter at Austin Industries | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 18, 2017

iCIMS - Top Contender for an ATS!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently utilize iCIMS as our applicant tracking system withing the recruiting team.
  • Flexibility on completing configuration requests on your own (for the most part).
  • Great customer service team
  • Some reporting features are not as robust; can be a challenge to create.
iCIMS is definitely a top contender for an applicant tracking system. The reporting features are great, but can be complex as well.
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Marc LeVine | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 12, 2016

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Remains the Best Within Its Category

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Frankly, we don't use all the functions/features of the software but it helps organize our recruitment efforts all in one platform.
  • Easy to review and rate incoming applications/resumes; especially since iCims upgraded their interface to reduce the number of clicks to accomplish this.
  • Easy to get our job postings out to social media via the iCIMS "advertise" feature.
  • Fairly easy to email past candidates to keep in touch and develop a talent source from a growing pool.
  • Easy to post our jobs.
  • More work is definitely needed on the main interface to help make it even more intuitive and reduce the number of steps involved in reviewing candidates and "accepting" or "rejecting" them.
  • More integration with social media. Our package was just upgraded, so this already may have been accomplished. We'll see.
  • Emailing select groups of past candidates is still a little awkward. Would love to be able to sort the candidates and create more specialized groups and touch points to email them and create stronger ties and talent source pools. Would love to be able to tailor and send out newsletters, blog posts and specialized job announcements to them. May be create and advertise special events (job fairs & open houses).
  • Would love to see a feature where candidates and others can recommend a friend seeking employment.
  • Would love to have the ability to create email contact lists for job referral sources at colleges, labor dept offices, vocational schools, employment help organizations and others to which we could create and push out our job posts, e-newsletters and event invites to them with a click.
iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software is best suited for mid-size companies due to its many useful features and benefits, ease of use and relative affordability.
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Sarah Greenberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 16, 2016

Take back control over your hiring process

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ICIMS both on the Mosaic and Acosta Corporate recruiting side, as well as for any full time field hires. If we hire them or pay them in ADP vs. Ceridian, we are using it to hire that candidate. The rest of our recruiting team for field hires uses Taleo. ICIMs works much more quickly than Taleo in terms of big data, and the visual/buckets set up (resume review, send to EBI, send to ADP) corresponds best to our on boarding process. It also integrates a bit as a CRM as it allows us to track our communication with the client teams by sending correspondence through it (reviewing candidates, setting up drug screens etc.).
  • Integration with job distributors - scraping to outside job boards.
  • Integration with other on-boarding systems- ADP, EBI etc.
  • Resume preview - would LOVE a feature that allows me to hover over resumes and preview them more easily.
  • Workflow progression - too many click thrus with adding notes, etc., vs. going right to the next step.
It's well suited for our corporate hires - our field hires are a bit too large to incorporate into the system, as that many resumes in buckets seems to get a bit clogged up. I also think integration with "turning on" job board scraping could be easier, but I know our team has elected not to take advantage of this piece.
Read Sarah Greenberg's full review
Scott Chase, SPHR | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 07, 2015

iCIMS ATS review from a 19 year veteran

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I support iCIMS for my Current Client. It is being used as an ATS and also for some position management functions for the HR department. It is being used in the US only at this time.
  • Easy to set-up compared to other ATS systems.
  • Good workflow thru the application from first candidate submission to onboarding
  • reporting and searching are easy to do and does not take an "IT" degree to use
  • Integrations with HRIS systems work well
  • Support is very responsive and knowledgable
  • Account manager is also responsive and great to work with
  • Most functions/changes to the system can be done with in house staff
  • Frequent updates to system functionality, continuous improvement
  • Takes feedback from there clients on improvements and new functionality.
  • Great candidate experience in being able to complete the application process quickly
  • Integrations are not 100% functional with some 3rd party vendors
If you are a smail and mid market customer then the lower overall cost of iCIMS would work great with any budget. For larger customers looking for a great ATS iCIMS will work just fine and iCIMS and is moving quickly to compete with the "traditional" large enterprise ATS systems.
Read Scott Chase, SPHR's full review
Kori Clemmer, SPHR, CCP | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 23, 2015

iCIMS is the best ATS on the market

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
iCIMS was selected to help our organization better manage the requisitions and applicants in the recruitment process. It was used within HR to manage all the applicants and candidates throughout the organization. iCIMS helped us to better manage the requisition creation and approval process. It involved our managers in approving the requisitions more quickly than doing this through interoffice mail. We were better able to manage and measure our job board usage and effectiveness. Candidate management was a snap since everything was accessible from the main landing page. That page could be changed by the recruiter to help them better manage the process. The onboarding tool was pretty slick too.
  • Customer service is second to none. It is the best I have encountered.
  • Everything is configurable. It is easy to change the process to better match your process
  • Always improving. New features and functionality continue to keep you on the cutting edge
  • Social Media tool is the best tool ever
  • Nothing. They listen to their customers and quickly implement those areas to improve.
  • Nothing. They are so responsive in improving their product.
Ask about customer service, configuration, reporting, candidate management and social media. iCIMS excels in all of these areas. The system is very flexible so you will need to know your process very well to ask the questions that will best server your organization and recruitment team. So, the more you do your homework, the better selection you will make.
Read Kori Clemmer, SPHR, CCP's full review
Vladimir Rodriguez, MBA, CPM | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 11, 2015

Talent Acquisition Technology & Analytics

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using iCIMS for our overall recruiting cycle. We feed in open positions via an interface from Workday into iCIMS. This product is being used by our HR/Talent Acquisitions team. iCIMS has really made life easier for our recruiters,coordinators, hiring managers and upper management as it is a very easy to use tool and has an amazing dashboard setup that you can tailor to any audience. In the past we used another ATS system which was very clunky, but now with iCIMS we can take full control of not just our candidates, but the overall recruiting cycle.
  • iCIMS is a very customizable system. We are constantly making changes and adding new fields in iCIMS and the best thing is that the system administrator has the access to make all these changes.
  • The dashboard capabilities that iCIMS provides in its platform are amazing. You can literally tailor a specific user login to see only those dashboards that you feel they need access to see.
  • The workflow feature that iCIMS has allows for cleaner reporting, as you can't skip a step when moving a candidate thru the workflow.
  • iCIMS can improve the reporting capabilities as you can't have multiple logic setup when creating a report.
  • I think they can improve the security administration piece as the system admin can't tailor the security. You need to contact iCIMS so they can make changes.
  • iCIMS needs to do a better job when looking for partners to integrate their systems with. We currently are in the middle of integrating iCIMS with TalentWise and this integration has not gone too well.
Overall iCIMS gets the job done.
Read Vladimir Rodriguez, MBA, CPM's full review
Jennifer Millman | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 27, 2015

Why iCIMS is the best ATS on the market

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use iCIMS at Vology as an applicant tracking system. We house all of our internal and external (and confidential) recruiting activity within the tool. It is used solely within our Human Resources department. It allows us to post jobs to any job board directly from the ATS, and track the workflow of candidates through various steps of our recruiting process, it allows us to perform batch actions such as sending thank you letters and rejection letters. We also utilize iCIMS for a completely paperless onboarding process, allowing candidates to complete all of their new hire paperwork - both the standard W-4 and I-9 requirements as well as customized policies and Vology-specific forms - on their own time before their first day. This saves lots of paper and time, and houses the forms permanently in the employee record within iCIMS, eliminating the need for paper records. At Vology I am the main user of the system and we fill about 55 jobs/year. We also use it for AAP reporting at the end of the year, as well as other custom reporting of data such as source of hire, time to fill, etc.

I also used iCIMS at a prior company - Sage - where we used the system across a large enterprise of 5,000 employees, filling hundreds of jobs each year. At Sage, we also used the tool to feed directly into the HRMS system, automatically creating employee files and payroll records with simple clicks.

iCIMS is a tool that allows for the organization of candidates who have applied for jobs, it creates a searchable database of candidates for your organization, eases recruiting transactions, communication with candidates, reporting on talent acquisition activity and it is the first step in taking your entire HR department paperless.
  • Ability to customize. I have not come across anything within iCIMS that I cannot customize to be the way I want it to be. Such as the names of fields, order of fields, reports, communication to candidates, uploading any and every document that I share with candidates within the system. Anything I have ever wanted it to do it can do, either through my own ability to customize (they give users free reign to customize away - and it's very easy to do), or with the help of their tech support.
  • They don't nickle-and-dime. I have used other ATS's in the past such as Ultimate Software, Kenexa, Taleo, and some others, and all of them charge for the things I want to change or customize, and in most cases, they simply couldn't do it. If they could do it, it would take them months upon months and it would be expensive. With iCIMS, if I have a customization request, it is usually done within a day or two and I have never been charged for anything. This is an amazing strength of theirs that I hope they never change!
  • It's the one-and-only TRUE ATS. This is a true applicant tracking system. iCIMS is not part of a different company that is an HRMS trying to be able to round out their solution offerings by having a recruiting module. They ARE a recruiting module ONLY. The other products only frustrated me because if they were an ATS, as in the case of Taleo or Kenexa, they are owned by a larger organization (in Taleo's case it's Oracle, Kenexa is IBM), and just one tiny line of a very big business. That never works because service is slow, they nickle-and-dime for changes, and they don't know what they are doing when it comes to ATS so they can't offer good solutions. In the case of HRMS systems offering an ATS module, those modules are never good - it's something that is fairly simple so they can say they have an ATS module (as in the case of Ultimate). So if you really want a real ATS, there is no other solution than iCIMS. It integrates with ANY HRMS and it's a great solution for a great price.
  • I am not happy that iCIMS recently changed their job-posting provider. They switched from TalentBrew to JobTarget. It's not as smooth, there are more clicks and steps, and I have a feeling that I'm going to start being charged for this which will make me very unhappy. I miss the ease of TalentBrew.
  • Even though their customer service is fast and great and they still do anything that I ask them to, I have noticed that over the past several months their response time has gotten a little slower. It used to be that they'd get back to me the same day and generally have my customization or problem solved in the same day. Now, it takes a few days. I've had one as long as a week. So if you are really reading this iCIMS - please know that your customer service, ability to do whatever the customer asks and respond fast sets you WAY apart from the rest. Please don't change....tighten it back up. It's still excellent and better than anyone else in the market, but I'd hate to see that slip to average.
I have worked on a team of 30-50 people using the same iCIMS solution in an enterprise organization, and I have worked as the sole person using iCIMS in a small organization, and I loved it in both cases. iCIMS is extremely versatile and would work for any organization of any size. It can scale for a big organization, and it is super easy and simple to use with great support for a single user in a small organization. I recommend, as with any technology solution, that the users take accountability to fully learn the tool and optimize the full capabilities of the tool. Attend webinars, ask questions. Don't just complain about something you don't like about the tool - ask if it can be changed. It probably can be.
Read Jennifer Millman's full review
Ryan Winthrop, MA, PHR | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 20, 2015

Objective iCIMS Review From a Past User

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are no longer using iCIMS. We switched to a new ATS approximately 6 months ago. Before the switch, we used iCIMS for roughly over 2 years. We only used iCIMS in the recruiting department as our ATS. It solved the full cycle recruiting function at my organization.
  • iCIMS can provide extremely in-depth workflow stages to move candidates through to ensure real-time, accurate depiction of where candidates stand in the recruiting process.
  • iCIMS has the capability of providing customized, detailed reports based on client needs.
  • Communication with candidates through iCIMS is very detailed and user friendly. Building email templates and automating these functions is user friendly.
  • Visually, iCIMS is not appealing. It is overbearing at times with the dashboard. It is not the most streamlined display where the user has to go through various tabs and drop downs.
  • It functions less as a new aged, innovative ATS/CRM and more as a older system. I know their mobile capabilities are increasing but it is behind the times.
  • It is not a great function of engaging individuals once the move from candidate to employee. The more innovative ATS are now functioning as both the ATS and HRMS/HRIS, in the same platform. I think limiting these capabilities and requiring the employer to buy three different systems for Recruit, Social, and HR will deter.
How many recruiters do you have working out of the system? This would be great for more corporate, hierarchical organizations with multiple levels. It is not a good system for SMB market or startups where functionality, streamlined usability, and social recruiting/engaging employees is of high priority.
Read Ryan Winthrop, MA, PHR's full review

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iCIMS' Talent Acquisition Software Suite helps organizations to leverage mobile, social, and video technologies to manage their entire talent-acquisition lifecycle. The single web-based application helps with building talent pools, recruitment-marketing automation, applicant screening, and onboarding.

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Namely, 1. Tracker (I9-E-Verify), 2. Peoplesoft (ERP), 3. ADP-HRB (HRIS), 4. Talentwise (Background Check), 5. Job Target (Job Board Posting)

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Bullhorn ATS & CRM, CATS Applicant Tracking System, Jobvite, Oracle HCM Cloud, HiringBoss, Oracle Taleo, IBM Kenexa, SAP SuccessFactors


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