Datto - Puts The Mind at Ease
December 27, 2017

Datto - Puts The Mind at Ease

Derek Schroeder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Datto

I have implemented Datto appliances at numerous clients and they are one of the leading BDR appliances on the market. The killer feature of the Datto appliance is the ability to quickly spin up a downed server on the Datto hardware. This minimizes downtime while repairing the failed server.
  • All servers are backed up at the image level. This means they are capable of virtualizing or spinning up the server on the Datto appliance in times of outage.
  • Built on the reliable StorageCraft software, they are very reliable, hands-off back-ups. Once setup and configured, the jobs go off and backup the resource without much intervention.
  • Spinning up a downed server on the Datto hardware appliance means very minimal downtime for business-critical servers.
  • Datto hardware can be very pricey. The appliances have processors and memory to spin up production servers on-the-fly so it is essentially purchasing another server vs. a BDR appliance only.
  • The hardware comes with a warranty that must be manually renewed. Other competitors provide devices that do not include warranties vs. an ongoing subscription and hardware refresh.
  • The hardware runs with StorageCraft as the underlying software. Datto does not produce and maintain their own code for the backup process.
  • Positive: backups auto-verify their job to determine if the server is "bootable". This provides compliance clients with the ease-of-mind of knowing their servers are restorable.
  • Positive: hands-off, minimal time needed to manage and administer the backups and appliance.
  • Negative: appliance is very pricey as the hardware is much higher end than most BDRs.
Datto is a superior product in regards to spinning up servers on the BDR appliance hardware. That is their killer feature. Barracuda's edge is the hardware refresh after 4 years of maintaining subscriptions. Datto requires the purchase of a new appliance after a time period as the hardware becomes unsupported.
For large companies that are willing to invest the money in a Datto, they provide superior image-level backups of servers. They provide the option of minimal downtime with the ability to run servers on their own hardware as virtual machines.