DemandTools keeps my org dupe-free
Updated February 25, 2015

DemandTools keeps my org dupe-free

Wm. Jesse Robertson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Version: 2.50.51

Modules Used

  • MassEffect
  • ReassignOwnership
  • Single Table Deduplicator

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

My organization uses DemandTools to keep our marketing and enrollment data within Salesforce merged, deduped, and accurate. Its use benefits our entire organization. I use it to make sure all our leads get merged with one another, as we receive them from multiple sources, through multiple engagements with our prospective families. This allows for advanced analysis across the leads' entire lifecycle, by allowing us to merge and keep all campaign member records from each individual lead.
  • Reduces time spent manually merging duplicate records within our database
  • Allows me to fully customize the scenarios I run to query for potential duplicates
  • Much faster and more efficient than searching for potential duplicates through the SFDC UI
  • Allows me to define the data I want to keep on the resulting record
  • I would love if DemandTools could be changed to work more like CRM Fusion's other related product, DupeBlocker. I would like if it handled duplicates within the Single Table Dedupe in the same fashion as DupeBlocker, where the older, original lead remains the "master" and the newer lead's data gets appended to it. With DemandTools, you are limited in your options for master record selection. Within DemandTools, I am forced to choose "Newer Record" as my master, because I want to retain the most recent contact details. However, this causes me to also overwrite my lead created date with the newer lead's information, thereby resulting in lead created date values which don't reflect the true creation date of the original lead.
  • I would also prefer the ability to create tasks with details of the merge.
  • When I first started in my current position, prior to running DemandTools single table dedupe, we appeared to have had 70% of our applicant bypass our marketing efforts, and apply directly. However, after an intense week of merging, I was able to reduce this number to 30%, which highlighted how our marketing efforts had helped influence 70% of our applicant class.
  • This product facilitates much better customer service, because once a new lead gets merged, it allows our outbound calling reps, email team, and analytics groups to see a full picture of a lead's past activities. We typically receive leads with varying levels of data quality, accuracy, and amount of contact information (name, address, email, phone, etc.). I can only configure our on-insert merges to work for ones I'm 100% confident should be merged. However, with DemandTools, I can query for duplicates on much looser criteria, thereby casting a wider net, to help potentially identify duplicate leads that may not have been caught otherwise.
I have previously used native batch deduplication functionality within a previous CRM system, RecruitmentPlus. While I liked how that system could run multiple queries at once, to look for duplicates under multiple scenarios, it lacked the flexibility DemandTools provides to create my own fully-customizable scenarios.
DemandTools is well suited to identify and merge duplicate records within a CRM database, especially one with multiple entry points (i.e. web forms, other systems, uploads, etc.). It doesn't provide real-time merging on insert, you'll need a product like DupeBlocker for that, but it's great for batch cleansing, updating, and merging existing records. They also have great customer support, which I always like to hear prior to selecting a product.

DemandTools Support

They've been extremely helpful with any question I've ever had. They also provide very informative training webinars on a regular basis.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
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I was able to get a recorded version of a webinar sent to me when I had to drop-off prior to completion for another meeting. It allowed me to finish the training on my own time, without having to repeat the entire thing.