Demand the right tool for the job!
June 19, 2018

Demand the right tool for the job!

Beth Follenweider | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • Single Table Deduplicator

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

We have routine tasks that were built around using Data Loader. I've tried to automate data feeds as much as possible but some remain. I use DemandTools to help support finance, customer, service, marketing, and sales. DemandTools helps fill the gap between manual and automated processes. We use a website to collect data tied back to a campaign and are able to use this tool to very quickly update a set of campaigns in real time. The single table dedupe is now part of routine maintenance run by our customer service department.


  • The simplest things can mean so much. Being able to upload data from an Excel file is very helpful.
  • The ability to use transformations and constants makes uploading records so much easier. Less clean-up and manipulation of files before upload means less likelihood of user error.
  • The ability to update data based on a set of business rules is invaluable. Updating dates using a formula (date + 30 days) is so much easier than exporting data to Excel, performing a date function, saving as CSV, and then uploading. And providing the functionality to save scenarios on top of it makes a very big difference.
  • The single table de-dupe is a great feature. I can customize the logic and use fuzzy matching to find dupes and clean them up.


  • I think everyone that uses DemandTools knows the UI is dated. I have trouble seeing checkboxes and buttons sometimes - I'm assuming due to the resolution of my computer. Also the navigation is counterintuitive (though not particularly difficult).
  • While I love the single table de-dupe, it is difficult to understand the work process to follow. There is a lot going on in this screen and there is a lot of saving that happens but it isn't clear if I am saving a custom ruleset or replacing the default. This piece could just be more intuitive.
  • I would LOVE the ability to write formulas or expressions in the "transform" feature!
  • DemandTools has increased the productivity for all departments using it. It saves our stakeholders about 20 hours per month and has significantly helped improve the quality of the data.
I replaced the Salesforce Dataloader with DemandTools. DemandTools allows much more functionality and much more efficiency. I also use DBAmp which allows us to upload data via the back end database. While DBAmp is great for automation, it is not an end user product. Using these tools together has been very beneficial to our organization.
Well Suited:
  • Updating multiple records in an object
  • Inserting records
  • Finding and merging duplicate contacts
  • Finding duplicate accounts - while merging is possible, our environment makes it difficult to auto-merge accounts
  • Updating records based on data based business rules (Update xdate to ydate+30 days where xdate is less then today and account status = current) No Excel needed!!!!
  • Well trained power-users
Not Suited for:
  • Casual, untrained users
  • Usage on a slow or spotty network (DemandTools is desktop-based and therefore requires a constant connection)
  • Querying/Extracting data from the database


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