EVERNOTE is for EVERYBODY. LOVE IT and never leave it.
July 22, 2014

EVERNOTE is for EVERYBODY. LOVE IT and never leave it.

Dan Huse | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Evernote is a supported application by 3M, which means that individuals can either use it or not use it. There are a number of us who use it because we like it, but I would guess that definitely less than 10% of the organization is using it. Evernote is being used by each of us, first and foremost, as a personal productivity and organization app. Some of us use the more advanced functions, such as sharing content with others in the organization and utilizing Shared Notebooks, but the beauty of Evernote is that you can do a little or a lot with it. It's really up to the user to determine how far to go with it.
  • AUTOMATIC & SYSTEMATIC EMAIL ORGANIZATION: Any email can be sent to one's Evernote account via a unique Evernote email address assigned when you set up your account. By blind copying your Evernote email address when you send important emails, you can keep all your important emails in one place, where they can be accessed by any of your web-connected devices. Having instant access in the cloud is outstanding. Further, you can assign specific Notebooks, Tags, and even Reminders to emails that you send to your Evernote email address with a simple system set up by Evernote that utilizes the "@, #, and !" symbols in the subject line. I LOVE IT! For emails that I receive that are important, I siply hit "Forward" and then send them to my Evernote account with the proper coding for Notebook, Tags, and Reminders.
  • MULTI-PLATFORM INSTANT SYNCHRONIZATION: I work on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop intermittently throughout the day. I have Evernote loaded on all of them. Whenever I enter something on any of those platforms, it is instantly synchonized with the other platforms. I don't have to worry about which device I have. My notes are with me.
  • POST-IT(R) NOTE CAMERA: OK, I am biased here, as I work on the solution that Post-it(r) has with Evernote, but this is a really useful tool that I love, really. I take meeting notes all day long on Post-it(r) Big Pads that measure 11" x 11". They are Limeade colored, which is one of the 4 colors of Post-it(r) Notes recognized by the built-in Post-it(r) Note Camera that is included with the free version of Evernote. When I get back to my desk, I simply open the Post-it(r) Note Camera and instantly capture my meeting notes in Evernote. They are automatically filed in my "Meeting Notes" Notebook in Evernote, as I told Evernote to put Limeade Post-it(r) Notes there. Further, my handwritten notes become searchable by the character recognition built into Evernote. Then, I can access my notes anywhere or share them with others in a flash. It's awesome.
  • BUSINESS CARD CAMERA: Evernote has a new and improved feature that allows you to instantly capture business cards, upload contact details from the person's LinkedIn profile, and even send an invitation to connect with a person directly from Evernote. It is a seamless and impressive integration.
  • DIFFERENT LOOK & FUNCTIONALITY ON DIFFERENT PLATFORMS: I use Evernote on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and the Web. The user interface across these 5 platforms varies. Even the basic functionality varies from one platform to another. I have been frustrated by this at times, but I have always been able to figure thing out in the past.
  • EMAIL SIZE LIMITATION: I am an Evernote Premium Subscriber ($45 annually, 1GB monthly data synchronization). Still, I can only email files that are 5MB or less to my Evernote account. This seems very old fashioned and behind the times.
  • IMPROVED CHARACTER RECOGNITION: My handwriting is not great. Hence, Evernote does not read my handwriting very precisely when I am searching for a note. I wish that I could "teach" Evernote how I write certain words. This would allow it to find my notes better.
  • Better Personal Organization
  • More Efficient Project Management
  • Easier Sharing of Notes and Files
  • Increased Personal Productivity
  • None
Microsoft OneNote is probably the closest competitor in terms of functionality. However, I so much detest Microsoft products that I would have zero interest in even trying OneNote. I have no reason to try them. If my employer forced me to use OneNote, I wouldn't do it. I would run Evernote on my own device happily.
I pay $45 annually for my Evernote Premium subscription. This is a $15 discount to the $5 monthly Evernote Premium subscription. Frankly, I get far too much value from Evernote to ever consider leaving it. Even better, Evernote is committed to making their product even more feature rich and exceptional in the future.
If you are a photo or video buff or somebody who is going to create lots of notes with lots of large attachments and/or try to email them into your Evernote account, you are probably going to find it challenging, given the email size limitation (5MB), the Note size limitation (100MB), and the monthly data synchronization limitation (1GB). Other than that, which does not apply to most people, I cannot see how this app would not benefit virtually anybody.