I love Evernote like Zombies love brains.
December 18, 2014

I love Evernote like Zombies love brains.

Anna Hazel Crotty | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Evernote

I adore Evernote. It has changed my life, both personally and professionally.
I keep everything in Evernote.
  1. The search features make it really easy for me to find what I'm looking for.
  2. The ability to keep files in a note (and collapse or expand it) allows me to keep track of complex projects in a single note. I never have to go searching for files anymore, I just pull up the note in Evernote.
  3. The ability to easily add pictures to a file means I can skip scanning and just snap pictures of paper documents. I have almost no paper in my life now.
  4. The Salesforce connector is a thing of beauty.
It is tough to talk about how life-changing Evernote is, because it isn't just one thing. I actually used it for years before really using it for everything. The big feature that changed that for me was the reminders. To-do lists failed me because they didn't have context, so now my to-do list is just a set of reminders on different notes.

In an organization, it can be really powerful, but only if a critical mass of people use it. If that's true, it really makes information about anything more easily accessible.
  • To do lists, both at a micro and macro level. Any note can have a to do list in it, and you can have a list of time-sorted reminders, each one of which points to a specific note. Hard to talk about but very easy to do.
  • Keeping files in context with other information. For example, we're working on a project with a client and we've got an RFP from the client, a proposal from us, and a power point that the client saw. I've got all those in a file along with my list of things to do. Whenever we talk about this project, I pull up the note and have everything I need. In theory I can do all this in Salesforce, but Evernote is so much faster. And with the SF connector, it is both fast like Evernote and part of SF.
  • Snapping photos of paper to add to notes. I have almost no paper in my life because of this. Clients hand me printouts of things, I snap a photo and add to the Evernote, and hand the paper back to the client. I go to get my oil changed, I snap a picture of the paperwork and put it in an Evernote. Can't remember last time I got my Sienna's oil changed? Just search Evernote for Sienna. I've also been known to snap photos of presentations people are giving, add them to an Evernote and then I can see the slide anytime.
  • Fast, easy search. Evernote search works really well, and even manages to search images if they're full of text. (That part isn't perfect, but come on.) Compared to any CRM with rather rigid search requirements, evernote feels flexible and almost mind-reading in comparison.
  • Available on any device.
  • The presentation mode is new, and has lots of potential. I'd like to see the ability to modify notes while in presentation mode. I think when that is available, I'll give up power point entirely. I admit this isn't a sacrifice on my part, since I've never been much of a ppt user.
  • I honestly can't think of anything else.
  • For the company, it is just increased efficiency.
  • For me, I honestly think it is the reason I manage to pull of as much as I do in a part time job. I think it saves me personally many hours every week. It also reduces the number of things I have to apologize for, because I screw up less.
I haven't used anything similar to Evernote.
I can't really imagine how much they'd have to charge me to make me quit Evernote. I can't really think of any technology that has changed my life as much without going back to email in the 90s, or the introduction of the iPhone. I know I sound ridiculous, but it would be really tough for me to live without it. If I were forced to choose between my smart phone (and keep in mind that I get lost in my driveway) and my Evernote, I'd probably choose my Evernote.
I can't compare it to other products, because I haven't used anything else like it. I think Evernote is a no-brainer (particularly the free personal version) if you'll use it. For a business, you'll do better if you have some group of people who already use Evernote in their personal lives. They can drag everyone else along.