Evernote Boosts Professional and Personal Productivity For Your Success
Updated December 02, 2014

Evernote Boosts Professional and Personal Productivity For Your Success

Emily Parks | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Evernote

Organize for Success, LLC and many of its clients use Evernote as the ubiquitous catchall and filing cabinet to cull information needed for later reference and for sharing with others, keeping that information accessible from anywhere and easy to search.
  • Since the same Evernote account syncs real-time between my various devices, I have whatever content I need easily accessible from anywhere I'm living, working and playing.
  • Evernote's superior search capabilities make it seamless for me to quickly and easily locate whatever information I need from my Evernote database.
  • I can more easily get more done in less time by using Evernote, including adding content and sharing content with others. Particularly helpful in this enhancement to my productivity would be how any specific note can include all different mediums of content, like web clippings, typing, checklists, an audio note and an annotated photo together.
  • While being able to email new content into my Evernote account is extremely helpful, the email functionality can sometimes be temperamental, viewing different content as spam than what I would classify as such.
  • The biggest struggle with Evernote is that the various functionality is a little different (and has different imagery associated with accessing) on each different device, meaning Mac versus iOS versus PC versus Android, etc. If you know what you want to do, you can figure out how to do it on a different platform, but there can be a learning curve.
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Quicker responses to clients', vendors' and partners' needs
  • Less time wasted looking for or recreating something
  • More streamlined approach to handling incoming and outgoing information as well as sharing information with others
While OneNote offers a good digital notebook, it's more like a 3-subject, spiral notebook with enhancements for fancier formatting, ability to see revision authors, tag parts of any page and embed documents, rather than just attaching them, Evernote really is the Swiss Army Knife of note-taking with a database to collect information and quickly retrieve what you need later, like a ubiquitous, digital file cabinet that has excellent search, web-clipping, email-to-note services and sharing abilities. It provides more of what professionals need.
I will certainly renew my Premium subscription to Evernote because it makes it easier to run my business as well as provide the current level of service to my clients. I have not found any alternative that comes close to what I'm able to achieve via my Evernote database and the tools it provides.
Evernote is an excellent tool for helping people cull information in both personal and professional scenarios, boosting productivity by helping individuals get more done in less time while quickly finding what they need. Business owners can share content with employees, team members can share content with each other or clients / vendors, sales professionals can make presentations, homeowners can keep decorating and maintenance information and those service professionals that work with multiple clients can easily record related notes. Then, all the information culled into your database is easily accessible from anywhere across all your tech tools. It's a tool that helps anyone and everyone.

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