Great way to align sales and marketing on key accounts
August 24, 2019

Great way to align sales and marketing on key accounts

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Overall Satisfaction with EverString

We use Everstring to build targeted outreach lists for our sales and marketing efforts. Previously, if we needed to build account lists, we would have to use a random assortment of lists and databases to cobble together imprecise lists of accounts; Everstring makes it much easier for us to target accounts that meet very specific firmographic and technographic parameters we set.
  • EverString allows us to build account lists based off in-depth firmographic or technographic data. It's far more accurate than trying to build these lists any other way.
  • EverString is fast. Where it might've previously taken us weeks to build lists of this quality, we now can build them in a matter of minutes (and have them ready to be published in a couple of hours).
  • EverString's "advanced insights" filters are cool in theory—being able to target by sophistication or B2B vs. B2C is really useful—but the lists don't change much with those filters. They don't seem to be quite useful yet.
  • I've found that the EverString lists built off of our seed lists are often filled with accounts that don't fit our target profile. For the time being, we're finding it more effective to manually set criteria rather than use the list EverString builds.
We currently have several members of our marketing team accessing EverString. Sales currently works the lists that Marketing generates, but they themselves are not EverString users. Our marketing team enjoys the flexibility of creating new accounts lists on the fly, as well as the ability EverString gives us to mix and match criteria for building new lists. I've found EverString's documentation is somewhat sparse, so it's good to have a team member that's deeply familiar with EverString's offering. After spending about 15 minutes in the app, it's pretty easy to know how to navigate.
We've found that EverString is more effective when we select the account criteria ourselves (rather than use a seed list that ES builds off of). We recognize that it's still probably better than most other options available to build account lists, but we like to maintain control.
We've found that both Clearbit and EverString provide useful enrichment data that helps us better identify target accounts. At this point, our organization primarily uses Clearbit's enrichment data, but we know that we can get, in many cases, equally useful data from EverString's enrichment. It's just a matter of habit at this point.
We've not yet done much in the way of outreach to specific contacts through our EverString efforts—mostly just accounts that we should target. Consequently, I can't speak much to the quality of EverString's contact information.
We've been able to run several sales velocity campaigns specifically because of the Bombora intent data that EverString has brought in to their platform. It's helpful for us to know when certain key accounts have actively started searching for keywords related to our company and/or industry. We've had success getting engaged with those accounts by providing timely delivery of the right kind of content.
We've been able to create a large amount of pipeline simply from running campaigns to the target accounts we've generated in EverString. More importantly, it's brought Sales and Marketing together to begin speaking a common language about a common set of accounts; gone are the days where Marketing targets one subset of accounts while Sales goes after another subset. EverString allows us all to be on the same page about who we're targeting.
From an enrichment standpoint, we've found Clearbit to be a very strong technology partner. Consequently, we use both Clearbit and EverString (though Clearbit is primarily used for Enrichment at this point).
I've recommended EverString to many folks I know that are trying to build good target lists for their sales and marketing efforts. If your company has allocated a significant budget to do targeted marketing, EverString is extremely useful. If you're not committed to spending money to reach the accounts you've built in EverString, it's decidedly less effective.