Freshdesk added value to our company
Updated August 05, 2022

Freshdesk added value to our company

Karan Thakur | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Freshdesk

We use Freshdesk as a ticketing system to reply to the emails that we receive from the guests. We use Freshdesk to answer guest queries from all over the globe. It helped us to know the volume and type of queries we receive from different geographies. We have created different country-wise dashboards which help us to monitor them closely and separately.
  • Creating automation rules according to emails received
  • Analytics according to tickets created
  • Automating ticket reply according to emails
  • Canned responses, child tickets creation
  • Escalating the ticket according to SLAs defined
  • If you need any development, they send it to third-party vendors
  • They charge a lot for any small development
  • Should have a feature to extract the data from the mail description
  • It helped us to manage tickets from different platforms at a single place
  • Faster resolution to the guests; reduced the first response time from 24 hrs to less than 4 hrs
  • Per ticket cost has been reduced to 60%
Earlier we were using Zendesk for resolving the tickets; however, after we had integrated our platforms to Freshdesk, it helped us to increase the productivity of the associates, decreased first response time, and decreased the average resolution time of the tickets. It also helped us get the data analytics of the tickets received.
Yes, it has helped us a lot to receive the tickets from different platforms. Automation has also helped us to reply to guest requests more efficiently and swiftly. Customer satisfaction doesn't have much relevance in our case because the third-party booking websites don't allow us to send the rating. We get to know this by the property's overall review rating.
The user interface is more friendly. It can integrate with more different types of platforms and we can create a dashboard according to different regions. We can automate the tickets and create the rules accordingly. We can set an automated reply on the email basis of region language & descriptions. This help for quick first response to the guests.

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The Freshdesk is well suited where we need a ticketing platform whether it is on the basis of email, calls or on the basis of chat. It can be used to do the analytics of the volume received from different platforms' geographies. It can also help you with detailed analytics to know the type of tickets you are receiving. It is less appropriate where we need more dynamic & automation rules for the ticket flow.

Freshdesk Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
Ticket creation and submission
Ticket response
External knowledge base
Internal knowledge base
Customer portal
Social integration
Not Rated
Email support
Help Desk CRM integration

Using Freshdesk

120 - They represent the guest experience team & customer support team. They basically work on the requests we receive from different Online travel agencies like, Agoda, Expedia, Traveloka & OYO. The tickets are formed via email integration & chat integration to the website. They are using Freshdesk to reply to the guest queries resolving internal issues via creating child tickets. Tagging tickets to the internal team for the RCA.
24 - It is very easy to use the Freshdesk and it doesn't require any specialized skills. The people who are eager to learn and have basic skills of computer can use it to solve the tickets. The team who will be managing the Freshdesk need to have a logical understanding to create rules in the tool.
  • Emails from guests
  • Solving internal escalation tickets
  • Chat Integrated with OYO App
  • Creating automated rules to automatically reply to guest queries
  • Merging tickets with respect to Booking IDs
  • Closing the unwanted tickets via creating rules
  • Extracting the hotel details (Like hotel name, Booking ID, check-in date etc.) from email description
  • Finance team can create ticket for internal use
  • We are planning integrate the chat system with
  • Country escalation team might be using it for solving property level issues
I am going to renew the subscription to the Freshdesk because this is the most cost-effective tool available in the market. I have checked other tools as well which are cheaper but do not provide the features it provides at this cost. I am also happy with the customer service they provide in terms of solving partner issues.

Evaluating Freshdesk and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product features were the main factor in our decision, however, it is the mix of product features at the price point they were giving. We had tested with One direct & Zendesk but they do not provide the features Freshdesk provides. Also, the tool usability is far better than the other tools we have tested for our use.
If I had to do it again then I can try for a much better price with the same features. Also, I can try with the sales team to provide some of the additional features which require some product development with the same subscription price. I can also try to look for tools which provide automated different language translations for mail replies as well.

Freshdesk Implementation

Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled - It was done in a very seamless way and well handled. We have to make some changes to the email ids and created some new emails according to the requirement. We have to make some plans according to the previous tool we were using and need to plan before implementing the new tool. We must write down everything before making the final steps toward the changes.
  • Rules creation is very slow & not very responsive
  • Ticket filter, disposition & sub-dispositions user interface can be improved
  • Bulk can be applied on 30 tickets only at maximum
  • Service task is not very useful

Freshdesk Training

  • Online Training
  • In-Person Training
  • No Training
In-person training is provided to all the agents and it is very easy to learn the basics of the Freshdesk interface. Solving tickets via dashboards, replying to the guest queries in bulk via Freshdesk. The training which is a bit hard is creating the logic according to the ticket flow and intergeration.
This tool is no doubt easy to learn but in-person training is a lot better than online training. It takes time to grasp things in the online training, however, in pandemic we have done all the training online. Apart from a bit more time we haven't faced any issues with online training.
Yes, it can be learned without the training as well but the person should have some technical knowledge with him. Also, for configuring the Freshdesk it can not be done without training. You will be needing the help of the technical team of the Freshdesk. I would recommend it to others.

Configuring Freshdesk

I think the product configurability is just right for this type of product. We can easily configure the Freshdesk without any hassle and the configurability is good. It is neither too complex nor too limited. In some cases, it is a bit complex but in most cases, the support will help you with it.
- Need to write every logic before implementing it in the Freshdesk. - Before applying any automation need to do a pilot in a few tickets. - Groups & ticketing configuration to be done at first. - Tags to be checked and configured properly as slight mistake in spelling will create a new tag
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
We have not done any additional configuration or customization with the Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Support

The support from the Freshdesk team is great. They try to resolve the issue ticket within 12 hours and help you with an accurate reply that how much time it will take to finally get it resolved. Also, the chat team helped me a lot many times with small-small doubts I have while creating rules for ticket bifurcation.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We have the normal subscription plan and we are not using the premium one. It is costly as compared to the current plan. Also, it is of no use if we compare it with the features it provides, most of the features were not of any use to our team. Our current subscription plan is the most cost-effective for us.
Yes - Yes, we had reported a bug of the replies being sent halfway sometimes. There was an issue with their tool while they face heavy traffic at their end, however, when I reported this issue to them. They checked the logs and helped us with all the data where this issue persisted. We tried to resolve those tickets meanwhile their developer's team resolved that issue.
The time when Freshdesk provided exceptional support are:
- Their technical customer support helped us at 1:00 AM midnight with the issue we were facing.
- They helped us a lot in configuring the tool when we were new to their system.
- They helped us with the Vendor for app development according to our needs.
- They also helped us with the competitive pricing from other vendors.
- If you forget the request you raise they take a follow-up from their end with you.

Using Freshdesk

I would have given a 10 rating in usability but I have encountered some small issues with the additional apps they are providing to the partners. They have developed an app for a certain task but if there is any issue or bug with that app then it will take a long time to get this resolved which is not good sometimes. In a critical situation, it might piss you off.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Automatic Data Analytics on your tickets
  • Automating ticket replies with certain rules
  • Integration with the free apps available
  • Applying filters
  • Doesn't show more than 30 tickets in a single page
  • Downloading the analytics report, it is in pdf

Freshdesk Reliability

The product they have developed is amazing. They have made different products for emails, tickets, chats & calls as well. It is flexible according to multiple departments. The finance team can use it, the Customer support team is using it, we can use it in call centres, emails etc. We can use these tickets internally as well to create child tickets and assign them to different departments for query resolution.
I have encountered a lot of errors in the Freshdesk, however, they tend to resolve it on priority or at least they will share the timeline by when this can be resolved. Most of the time the issue has been from the other partner's end. They take time to resolve their vendor issues and they don't have any timelines in case of developed app errors.
The reports take a lot of time to download if the time period is large. Also, the tickets take their sweet time to open and load. It is not fast as Zendesk. Only 30 tickets are visible in a single go and there isn't any option to select all. If we need to change the pages and dashboards it takes a lot of time to open.

Integrating Freshdesk

I have tried to integrate Freshdesk via email forwarding and it is done with ease. The FAQ and knowledge base they have made this very seamless. The integration via API is a bit tricky and you'll need the help of the technical Freshdesk team. The integration from the chat is very easy as well.
  • Unbabel, language translation
  • integration
  • API integration
It was easy in most of the cases, however, if we need to integrate the tool via API then you need to have some from the technical team of Freshdesk. It is a bit tricky. If you need to do it via mail forwarding then it is easy.
  • Merger tool
  • Unbabel tool
  • Arbaan app
Yes, the vendor is aware of Freshdesk and they have done integration with them in past. The vendor support adding their tool in Freshdesk according to our requirement.
  • File import/export
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
Email forwarding
There isn't any specific advice that I would have regarding the integration as it is very easy. It is very easy to do it via email forwarding. I want to give feedback to the Freshdesk team regarding API integration. It takes a lot of time and a bit technical if we wish to integrate this with Freshdesk.

Relationship with Freshworks Inc

It was very easy to work with the vendor during the sales process. They helped us with all the details. The configurational changes that we can do in the product. The type of integration that we can do with the Freshdesk. The type of automation that we can do, the type of app integration & development we can do also.
After-sales also it was very easy with them to work. The tool configuration was done very smoothly, we didn't have any issue with after-sales service as well. The product worked as it was described by the sales team. Also, we had amazing customer support to help us with any issues we were facing.
We hadn't done many negotiations with the vendor on the product, however, we had added some of the automation parts to our tool. Also, the major negotiations that we had done are on the costing side of it. They have helped us with the discount on our yearly subscription plans.
The pricing we had taken is on yearly basis but the subscription and billing frequency that we have is on monthly basis. I would not want to make any changes to it, it is a seamless process with all the contract terms and we both agreed on it. It should be as per the customer's need.
You should have really good bargaining power. You can bargain with them on the features they'll be providing. You can ask them to provide any additional feature with the same subscription plan you have opted for. Also, you can bargain with them on per agent price if you are using it for a good no. of members.

Upgrading Freshdesk

Yes - Yes, it was smooth. It took a bit more time for the new release as the downtime was of around 12 hours. We are working on a live process so it hampered the associate's productivity but the new release was good in terms of feature addition. The User interface was also changed.
  • The response time of the dashboards increased
  • The user interface became better
  • Service task & automation became separate entities
  • Some configurable changes in free apps
  • Feature to select more than 30 tickets at once
  • Faster response time in terms of ticket replies