Fuze, a great product with its flaws. Support definitely needs help!
September 10, 2019

Fuze, a great product with its flaws. Support definitely needs help!

Nathan Hysong | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Fuze

We have Fuze implemented throughout our environment with 300+ users on the platform. It covers all of our calling needs including day-to-day calling and conference calling.
  • Wealth of features
  • Documentation
  • User Interface
  • Their Support is VERY lacking. Almost every exchange I have with their support requires me to escalate. I have submitted cases with P1 priority (top priority with 4 hour response window) and have gone a week with no response, prompting me to email our internal contacts to make progress. With most of my contacts, I have to explain the issue multiple times as the agent does not understand what I'm asking.
  • Their helpdesk line is basically just a verbal ticket submission. When you call you're not getting connected to an agent who can help, you're connected to someone who basically creates the ticket for you and then someone else will contact you later.
  • We have run into a myriad of issues with Fuze implementation. Some of those issues were on our side, some on Fuze. But it always felt like it took far too much time to get resolved. We've been with Fuze for nearly 1.5-2 years and are still not 100% implemented properly. We have whole offices who have given up using the service.
  • Fuze Rooms does not accommodate our needs. It is a conference room software that runs using the exact same software that you use for desktop calling, but it does not include a dialer or the ability for external dialing.
I think Fuze is a good product in general, but there are a number of things that in my circumstance don't work the way I want. Their support needs some major work.
With my previous VoIP vendor, I was able to direct users to their support for phone-related issues. While it didn't happen often, it was nice being able to allow end-users to work directly with their support. Fuze does not allow this, and so there end up being those situations where you're playing man-in-the-middle trying to translate and interpret what each side is saying, with typically long delays in response.

Fuze's Softphone is a nice piece of software, but be aware if you use it as the primary means of making calls. Be sure your network and computer hardware are configured properly and is compatible.
I think that within Fuze, once you are implemented in their system, their support makes maintaining that implementation tough. There seemed to be gotchas or configurations that I feel should have been caught in pre-implementation that were not. The network readiness tests did not catch any of the problems we had and found later on after many months of issues.
Our use of ShoreTel at the time was extremely limited. We basically only used them for calling, so any VoIP system that at least did calling right worked for our needs. Fuze really looked and sounded exciting.
I think Fuze is well suited as a VoIP system for a spread out, moderately sized company. I think its Softphone really opens the possibility for people to work remotely without losing their connection to the company.
I think that companies should do their research and make sure their hardware/network is up to snuff if you intend on doing a Softphone-only deployment, or purchase physical desk phones. Their Softphone software is nice and convenient, but I wouldn't depend on it company-wide.

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