Google, Wish you were smarter!
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April 21, 2017

Google, Wish you were smarter!

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Overall Satisfaction with Google Hangouts

We use google hangouts throughout the day for the below purposes:

1- communication with our offshore team
2- internal meetings with our colleagues when someone's not physically in the office
3- communicate with our clients (online meetings, screen sharing etc)

Our daily scrums are also held on Hangouts since we have teams working abroad.
  • Super easy to set up. Any calendar event automatically becomes a Hangouts meeting.
  • Doesn't need any further steps, you just click on the event on the calendar, and voila, you're in the meeting.
  • So well known and widely used that you don't need to explain how the meeting will take place except saying "let's do it on google hangouts."
  • If I send out an invite to a client who isn't a Google user (they use Outlook and what have you internally for the email), googl hangouts isn't useful. Of course, it's a Google product, but I'd love to see it being available to outside domain names so our clients who don't use Google for their organization can attend these meetings.
  • We can share screen but not "make someone a host" as in, I need to describe how they can share their screen instead of giving them the right to share screen.
  • I am super disappointed with having to use google hangouts in a separate window that won't support multiple accounts. I usually have 3 different Gmail accounts open at the same time and have different people and different chats going on at the same time. google hangouts automatically decides which account is the primary one and therefore which hangouts will be the main one. For instance, at work, I log in to my company Gmail and the associated hangouts becomes the work one as its default. so if I get a message on another account I have currently logged into, I can't switch accounts on the hangouts window, I have to go into that Gmail account and respond from within that window. This doesn't allow me to multitask. Having two screens allows me to do something somewhere else and read incoming chat on the other screen. this isn't possible when Hangouts forces me to use the Hangouts screen that's dedicated to the default account.
  • Incoming calls aren't visible enough. If google hangouts is open and I have someone calling, I expect to see a big notification on my screen. Well, it only says incoming call on the Hangouts, which means if the Hangouts window is not where I am looking at right that moment, I miss it. I also never heard an actual ring for an incoming call.
  • When joining a call, you can adjust which speakers you want to use from the drop-down menu under settings on the hangouts screen. I don't understand how hangouts isn't "smart enough" to see which default speaker I've chosen on the volume mixer and make that the default one on that particular Hangouts call. For example, let's say I actively choose my Bluetooth headset on my computer and all computer sounds (including notifications, music etc.) is heard through the headsets. Well, I have to re-select that when I join the call, because Hangouts won't communicate with the selected playback device (as stated on volume mixer).
  • I can test the sound before joining a call, but can't test my microphone. It makes so much sense to have the 'play test sound' option to make sure I am on the right headsets/speakers, but I don't understand why I can't test the microphone to make sure i'm on the right microphone and that sound isn't being transmitted through the built in mic of the laptop.
  • Working with multiple offshore teams, it takes related phone bills to zero as we all use google hangouts for communication.
  • Allows people to work from home since they know they can attend any meeting through their laptops via google hangouts.
The closest alternative to Hangouts is Skype. Hangouts is a lot more practical since it allows easier teleconference setup, and is so much easier to use since it's web based and needs no installation. At work, we use HipChat as well since it's well integrated with Jira, but I prefer Hangouts so I can search for any conversation through the email rather than hoping to find history logs somewhere on my computer.
It's great for internal communication/meetings for companies that use Google products. It becomes a problem when you need to have an online meeting with people from outside organizations who don't use Google as a business product.

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