My Honest Review on Google Tasks
November 27, 2020

My Honest Review on Google Tasks

Bigneshwar Das | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Google Tasks

I am a regular user of Google Tasks. Most of the students also use this to-do app. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with productivity. Same for me and other students. One day I stumbled across Google Tasks, and it literally changed my life.

Here are the advantages of Google Tasks compared to other to-do apps-
1. It's a no nonsense, simple app. Its best part is its simplicity itself. Anyone new to to-do list can easily start using this app to get more productive.
2. It is synced with Gmail and Google Drive.
3. I can pick up tasks directly from Gmail within emails.
4. There is almost minimal friction to enter tasks in Google Tasks. It works well with leading productivity systems like GTD and so on.
5. Tasks automatically gets placed in the Google Calendar, which is great.
6. The app can also send notification for time-sensitive tasks, which work flawlessly.
7. The tasks can be beautifully divided into sub-categories.
8. It's a part of the G-Suite, another great part.
9. The best part, it's completely free. Most of the apps in this category are either fully paid, or provide a free trial for a short period of time or are free with limited features, supported by ads. But, this is not the case with Google Tasks. It's FREE, it does not host any kind of ads, nor any hidden payment system.
10. Not so important, but still worth a point, there is support of dark mode.
  • The best part, Google Tasks is FREE. No paywall, no ads. Just pure productivity. I was looking for some task-management app which is free, since it was difficult to get a paid one. I found that this was the perfect solution for me.
  • It's deeply integrated with other Google services like Gmail and Calendar. It can pick tasks with Gmail from emails, in the form of suggestions. It's up to you, completely. The tasks will appear in your calendar automatically, if it's time or date specific.
  • It's simple and hassle free to insert tasks and complete them. The app loads fast and hardly faces any crash. I encountered no such crashes.
  • It is present in multiple platforms. I would create a task in my phone, and would check it off on my laptop.
  • It's hassle free to add and check off tasks. It was very helpful for me in college.
  • Google Tasks lack support. If you encounter any problem, you just have the option to provide feedback. Since the team may receive a lot of feedbacks, they simply don't answer.
  • Although it contains the essentials of a task-management app, there are still lots of features that can be implemented. Like, ability to specify time taken, setting priority in a more detailed way, and lots more.
  • The app is very slow to develop. The updates are pretty slow, and some even make the app unstable, rendering it useless until the next update. It happened to me but chances are very slim.
  • They don't have a dedicated app for Windows. I really missed that, and they still don't have one.
  • It has made me more productive. Now, I can complete twice the [amount of] tasks I used to do when I was not a user of this app.
  • I remember much more about smaller tasks lying around than before. Smaller tasks may have a larger impact, so they can't be neglected.
  • It has a great impact on my mood as well. Now, I feel 50% more happy and motivated at the end of the day, looking at my completed to-do list.
  • The app pays off in the long run. It's definitely has a very high ROI score, based upon my experience.
  • Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist)
Google Tasks stand a little below the Microsoft To Do app, but stands well in terms of simplicity.

Here are the strong points of Google Tasks-
1. It's simplicity.
2. It's deep integration with other Google services.
3. Ease of usability.
4. Better NLP(Natural Language Processing)
4. Small size and low impact on performance.

Here are strong points of Microsoft To-Do in comparison to the Google Tasks-
1. It's also free and provides more features.
2. It has a desktop app available in Microsoft Store.
3. It has better management of sub-tasks.
4. It is also deeply integrated with Microsoft apps like Outlook and Calendar.
1. It's very easy to use and very user friendly.
2. It has all the essentials of a task-management app.
3. It is free and there is neither any paywall, nor any kind of ads.
4. It's hassle free to add or to check off any tasks in this app.
5. There is solid integration between tasks and other Google apps like Gmail and Calendar.
6. Never crashed, very rare chances of instability.
7. Support is very poor, don't expect more from a free app.
8. Acceptable Natural Language Processing ability.
Since the app is free, we can't expect to get a great support.
1. The app does not even have a dedicated forum where other members can help each other.
2. The app only has a feedback option, which I rarely think visits the team.
3. Even after sending many feedbacks, you can't expect a reply.
4. In a nutshell, if you face any problem, you can just wait. Nothing more than that.

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This app is for you if you want-
1. An app that does its job pretty well.
2. An app that does not affect your device's performance.
3. An app that is very easy to use.
4. An app that is not behind and pay wall and not filled with nasty ads.
5. An app that makes you more productive without getting distracted with features.
6. An app that has support for dark mode, which cares for your eyes.
7. An app that has deeply integrated with other Google services like Gmail and Calendar.
8. An app that [has been on] the market for several years, and that [is] free.

This app is not for you if you want-
1. An app that has [too many] features that it would take [too] much time to learn fully and adapt to its learning curve.
2. An app that is behind a paywall.
3. An app that has some fancy features which you may not even require.
4. An app where [it is a] hassle to enter a task and mark is completed. In many apps, there is so much hassle that most people leave midway.
5. The most obvious reason, if you don't want to be more productive.