GoTo Resolve: Your "One Stop Shop" for all your IT needs!!
Updated May 02, 2023

GoTo Resolve: Your "One Stop Shop" for all your IT needs!!

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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Resolve

We use GoTo Resolve as part of our "Helpdesk Support Kit". We find the platform very user friendly and definitely an upgrade from the former GoTo Assist platform. If you are on the fence, I would highly recommend it. Supporting customers is a breeze now with GoTo Resolve. I was able to train our agents and team in a few sessions because of the amount of support and materials available from GoTo Resolves team. From the beginning, they were supportive and reached out to answer all my questions and doubts. One thing that I enjoy the most, is being able to have an agent installed on remote machines, that allow me to manage them and support them as needed. We currently are redeploying a new image on our hardware, so for us its convenient. I currently do not have the license to view a customers camera but I am strongly considering it because its useful in certain situations. We have customers with varying degrees of computer competencies, and having a software that gives us that leverage is very handy.
  • Remote Assistance is a breeze
  • Managing Endpoints is fast and safe
  • Staying connected to customers while providing tech support through their chat feature is key.
  • Its user friendly, so customers are able to connect fast with our tech support team.
  • The ticketing aspect could improve.
  • The admin Center seems a bit boring to me, when compared to other platforms I've used.
  • It would be great if they had a feature where our customers can enter a portal and speak to someone "live" or "on the spot.
  • Its helping us save money because our team has more leverage to resolve issues faster
  • we have been seeing a decrease in the amount of time it takes for customers to have their issues resolved.
  • GoTo Resolve has been beneficial for our team because we have a small team of technicians.
Its pretty straight forward and easy to utilize. We have been using the GoTo Assist platform for two years, so we are familiar with the core engine of GoTo Resolve. I find the button layouts and graphics easy on the eye and explaining things to our customers has been really easy. They agree and have given us positive feedback about the software's we use to support them.
I have used other ticketing platforms in the past, and the one from GoTo Resolve seems a bit early in its stage. Its lacking a customer form or portal, so for that reason I cannot give it a full review. I am hoping they keep adding features to it, and make it a fully robust ticket system because I would love to migrate away from our current provider who just keeps raising the cost of its license per user.
GoTo Resolve does great when stacked up against similar software. One of the key aspects its how user friendly it is. I also like the fact that the agent has a small digital footprint and doesnt hogg up customer resources. One other thing that is important, is how transparent the software if for the customer. Being able to step through with them, has helped us out very much. The pop ups and alerts are easy to understand and follow through on.

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Our company has about 200 employees, and our student body has about 1200 members. The GoTo Resolve platform, allows our team of techs to be able to respond and resolve all user problems in a much faster and efficient way. The GoTo Resolve software, is very easy to adjust to and learn. This makes it out go to software for providing remote assistance. We initially got GoTo Assist during the pandemic, to be quite honest I am not sure how we would have managed without its resilience and platform. Our customers have given us positive feedback and have mentioned that the software makes things easy on them, and that is another reason why I choose to continue to use this software.

GoTo Resolve Feature Ratings

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Using GoTo Resolve

We utilize GoToResolve to provide tech support for our College Community. We are a small independent College, and the product allows our small team of IT personnel the ability to provide support for them all. There are other products we tried in the past, but GoToResolve continued to stay at the top of our list, because of its security, its fluidity and its ease of use. Customers are always giving us positive feedback about the product.
8 - Our IT team, consists of 8 helpdesk technicians and several administrators. We all use each one of our licenses in order to get work done or provide tech support. We have used the product to monitor devices, to patch and upgrade software, as well as to provide desktop support. This product is very easy to use and install, and we will continue to use it.
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Software Upgrades and Patch Management
  • Monitoring
  • We have used it to support users with Audio/Video problems in Zoom
  • We have used the product to patch/update endpoints across the country
  • we have used the product to conduct trainings
  • We plan to use this to deploy software
  • We plan on getting additional licenses for our student in Computer Science
  • we plan on using it more across our fleet of servers
I am happy with the product and me team values it. I rely on them for feedback, so when there is a product or software they need, I will evaluate and use it myself. We are always looking to save and budget our resources accordingly. If they expand and make the ticketing more robust, I plan on discontinuing my current agreement with our other provider because I am seeking an "All in One" solution for my team.

Evaluating GoTo Resolve and Competitors

Yes - It replaced our Micorsoft Team. As well as our UltraVNC support channel. We needed something more user friendly and secure. We are always trying to find the next best thing for our team, and Its been great to have this product serve us. Its empowered my team and has made things easier on their workload.
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Ease of Use
The deciding factor for me was ultimately budget restrictions, we lost a grant that use to help us provide tools for our team. But fortunately we were able to strike a deal at a friendly price. One of the most important factors on why I decided to go for this product was its security. We have a campus wide commitment to secure our procedures and protect our customers.
I would certainly try one of the newer products out there to see if GoToResolve continues to be resourceful. Often times, other products claim certain features and then dont deliver. This has not been the case with GoToResolve. We have been using it for about 2 years now and will only evaluate other solutions when we near the end of our commitment.

GoTo Resolve Support

Ive used their tech support a handful of times, and each time they have been able to help me sort out any hiccups or kinks that arise. They have a resourceful knowledge base, and have experts available for training and troubleshooting. I often recommend them to my other coworkers and colleagues because of the ease of use and security.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We have not purchased premium support, because we have not had a case requiring it. In fact, I didn't even know that was an option.
When we first implemented the product, during the initial install, some of our techs got locked out because of the key signature feature. I called their tech support, and they quickly helped me roll out the fix and gave us some additional training on demand. This was not something they had to do, but I thought it was awesome of them for doing so.