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LogMeIn Pro by GoTo


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LogMeIn Pro has proven to be a versatile and reliable tool for remote access and management, according to user experiences. Users have …
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LogMeIn Pro- Review

8 out of 10
January 12, 2023
LogMeIn Pro is used by my IT Team to provide remote support to users. From a security stand-point, all users in my organsation do not have …
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  • Over-the-Internet remote session (15)
  • Screen sharing (14)
  • File transfer (14)
  • Access to sleeping/powered-off computers (14)

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Remote Administration

Remote administration software is used to control a computer from a remote location.

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What is LogMeIn Pro by GoTo?

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Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

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LogMeIn Pro has proven to be a versatile and reliable tool for remote access and management, according to user experiences. Users have benefited from the ability to log into their work computers remotely, enabling them to access servers, print documents, and retrieve files and programs without the need for a VPN setup or physical presence in the office. The software has also been utilized by technicians and IT teams to connect to client computers, install software/hardware, resolve issues, and troubleshoot software services on clients' servers.

Furthermore, LogMeIn Pro has been a valuable resource for individuals who frequently travel or work from different locations, providing them with secure access to their files from any device. It has also been used as a backup solution for the primary Remote Monitoring and Management system. The software's ease of use and secure connection have made it an ideal choice for various scenarios, such as supporting and training users in specific software applications, performing administrative tasks via remote screen sharing, and conducting remote troubleshooting and product demonstrations for clients. Additionally, LogMeIn Pro has addressed vulnerabilities and security issues associated with other remote tools, making it a trusted option for those concerned about data protection.

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As for Live bot production support, it is necessary to take remote sessions of the production machines. LogMeIn Pro's GotoResolve is used to control multiple production endpoint machines at the same time. Before LogMeIn Pro, the issues we faced were vulnerabilities and security issues with other remote tools, LogMeIn Pro's GotoResolve feature is much more secure and safe.
  • No change in screen resolution
  • Clipboard synchronization
  • Secure access
  • Multiple device access at a single time
  • Number of updates have been increased lately
  • Minor bugs are present (connecting issues)
  • With the new update the last accessed time is inaccurate
This tool is best suited to handle live production monitors, we generally use it in RPA automation where the bot performs the tasks. A single cursor movement could interrupt the process and could lead to exceptions. LogMeIn Pro's GotoResolve feature allows to activation screen with a single click after taking remote access which is a positive point.
March 30, 2023

LogMeIn Support tool

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use LogMeIn Pro to connect to our internal users as well as our customers.
  • one website to use to allow us to connect to our customers
  • easy to manage users
  • the ability to use it cross platform
  • cross version support is not very good
  • the unattended install does not always work
- very easy to use
- easy to setup an manage users
- integrates will with most operating systems
January 12, 2023

LogMeIn Pro- Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogMeIn Pro is used by my IT Team to provide remote support to users. From a security stand-point, all users in my organsation do not have administrative privilege, that is where LogMeIn Pro comes in handy. LogMeIn Pro is used to have remote sessions by the administartors to perform administrative tasks via remote screen sharing.
  • Remote screen sharing
  • Access on the go
  • Ability to provide screen sharing for non-desktop related applications as well
  • The authentication via code sharing can be made more robust and fool-proof
  • The user interface can be made more intuitive
  • The pricing can be made more cheaper and easier on end users
LogMeIn Pro is very well suited for small-to-medium sized organisations. The pricing is affordable and the implementation is easier. There are some concerns related to data privacy and security, hence I would not advise this to be used when your session handles PHI and PII kind of data, just to be compliant.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogMeIn Pro is used to support remote troubleshooting for bank clients across the US. We also use it for product demonstrations to potential clients. We rarely have problems with connectivity, however, the screen refresh rate has been a problem. Typically, if the connection is not consistent then we will reset the client connection which usually clears up any issues. The flexibility of the interface has been a problem at times when going through Microsoft's RDP client. Our biggest challenge has consistently been with clients running a Microsoft RDS (aka terminal server) session and we are connecting through their session to another computer. We use 2 other remote desktop software packages if LogMeIn is not able to work. The other remote desktop software are not as good but their connectivity seems to be different enough that whenever LogMeIn is having problems their access will still work (though not always). We continue to renew our LogMeIn licenses but I can also honestly say we evaluate its value every year. It is definitely a competitive market in the remote desktop support software!
  • User screen flexibility
  • Connectivity between host and client
  • Ease of overall use
  • Slow customer service - we know more about their product than whoever we talk to whenever we call in
  • It does not always keep the settings during session unless we disconnect and reconnect with the new settings.
  • Troubleshooting using LogMeIn is minimal. It either works or doesn't, there is not a backup/alternative method for connectivity.
Best Scenario - static connections
Worst Scenario - connecting through client RDP sessions
"Meh" Scenario - presentations
Average Scenario - send a session link to a dynamic host wait for installer
Paul Charbonnet | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We support Investors FastTrack software and train users in our products. Typical calls include: Set up a new machine, unexpected results when using FastTrack, Windows Upgrades screw everything up, when all else fails reboot Windows. Users commonly install "protection" software that prevents upgrades to our products. New users are initially lost. We go over the screens they see and explain the proper use of FastTrack.
  • Help older users remember skills they seldom use
  • We assess user investment goals and calculate the effort required to achieve
  • LogMeIn Pro makes a connection if at all possible. Users often complain about our update service when the problem is their poor line quality.
  • We can view events, upgrades status, what software might be installed that is causing the problem. The users often do not read error messages and cannot describe the actual problem.
  • Make it easier for users to connect.
  • There are useful new features, but no communication to us that they exist.
If the connection can be made to the users' screen, LogMeIn Pro is ALWAYs helpful. We use it not only for support but also for sales. We can demo our product without the user needing to do anything but connect. LogMeIn Pro provides easy transfer of a call to another staff member of the department. We have Offices in NYC, North Carolina, and Louisiana. The user's connection session can be easily transferred.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use this software for unattended remote access to two iMacs at a satellite location of ours. It is a fairly inexpensive and easy to use solution for unattended remote access. Good performance, super easy to implement, auto-renewal feature.
  • Good performance - renders remote computer with very little latency
  • Was very easy to implement on both guest and host computers
  • Subscription is fairly reasonable for this type of software
  • One thing that is sometimes difficult is the setup of LogMeIn on Macs after an update - I know it is for security, but sometimes after a LogMeIn update, I will have to walk the end-user through "allowing" LogMeIn to access a few services on the Mac
  • Possibly a discounted subscription rate after certain timeframe would be cool
  • Other than these two items, not much else - LogMeIn works very well for what it's supposed to do
Definitely works well for small business, with just a handful of devices that require unattended access. Probably would not recommend for Macs, as described, sometimes after a LogMeIn update, I will have to walk an end-user through "allowing" services on the Mac before I can gain access view and control the remote computer
Marissa Novak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used this for employees that often travel so that they have access to everything at all times. Some have desktop computers and laptops that they both use; this is a great way to ensure that they always have their files readily available regardless of the location or device they are using.
  • Smooth operations.
  • Not much for implementation.
  • Saves login information.
  • I don't have any cons at this time.
This is well-suited for companies that have employees that travel, but I would recommend not using it for the entire company. It could be costly, and not everyone would need these features. But for those that do travel, it is well worth the price. Being able to access everything anywhere is such a convenience.
February 27, 2020

LogMeIn Pro - logged in!

Riva Schwartz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I sometimes work from home and this way I can log into my work computer and have access to the server and print documents for the assistant to retrieve and no one even knows I am not in the office. I have also been able to do file transferring between computers, even complete software programs.
  • Gives access to a host computer.
  • It allows document transferring, even programs.
  • The floating bar at the top sometimes covers the work in progress.
  • The resolution could be better.
Perfect for working remotely. It allows you to flip between user's computers.

If I copy from the host computer it can be pasted to a user's computer, but not vice versa, that would be useful.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogMeIn is currently used by a small group of employees, including members from the accounting, sales and management teams. Our IT infrastructure is quite old, and didn't provide easy options for working remotely. LogMeIn offered a simple, secure and user-friendly solution that gave our workforce some additional flexibility and bandwidth as far as accessing information and completing certain tasks without having to be physically present in the office.
  • It's easy to access and manage files remotely.
  • I can use and administer multiple machines from a single account.
  • Price could be a little more competitive.
  • Screen resolution is spotty, especially on Mac.
I've used LogMeIn both for working remotely and for supporting my team members remotely (read: offering tech support when I'm not in the office). Having tried a few other remote working solutions, LogMeIn is by far the most user-friendly and stable platform for my needs. In almost 10 years of use, I've only experienced one short outage.
Hunter Bonner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Across the entire organization, we solve problems of remote access and use it as a backup resource to our primary RMM.
  • Remote access is very fast.
  • Installer is easy to implement.
  • Pricing is very high, and is one of the reasons it got demoted at our organization.
  • Not having file transfer on the main remote screen, but having to switch back is awkward.
It is well suited for ad-hoc as well as established customer support. However, this would be in organizations of at least 50 people or more. Anything less than that probably would want something else.
Hesham Gomaa Elmasry , IBDL | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used mainly in the IT and software development departments. It is used to help IT and the software development team to access their PCs remotely from home to fix client's problems or implement fixes.
  • I can register more than one PC to log in any time and at any place
  • Very good performance
  • You can secure your screen using the black screen, so when connected remotely, no one can see your screen.
  • Very expensive
  • Requires a very strong internet connection to feel stable
  • Didn't detect the CTrl+alt+del from the keyboard, as it has its own
It is very useful to connect from home to the work PC to connect to internal servers and solve client's problems; also some colleagues send me a link to connect to their PCs to support them for technical problems. Also it is useful to connect to my home PC from work to download files not published.

If your internet speed is weak, you'll face a hard times connecting to your PC.
March 07, 2018

LogMeIn Pro Review

YagneshKumar Patel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogMeIn Pro is used by the company I work for to access clients' servers. LogMeIn Pro is accessible to all areas of our department and we primarily use it for troubleshooting the software service we provide to our clients. We need to access the server using LogMeIn Pro and determine the issues that come up and resolve them so our clients can get back to their daily tasks. Moreover, LogMeIn Pro provides a secure connection to access our clients data. Most of the time we have to test updates on our software and use the confidential data to accurately determine if the issue has been resolved. We solve a lot business problems using LogMeIn Pro. In the end, our users become experts in using LogMeIn Pro which they can use in the future for their personal use, too.
  • Fast and reliable-- LogMeIn Pro you can access the remote server within a minute or so, and it is always reliable to use. There is no downtime. The initial login process is very fast and simple to use.
  • Two ways to access LogMeIn Pro-- You can access LogMeIn Pro via a web URL link, and download the LogMeIn Pro app whichever way is easier for user to access. I personally download the app on my PC.
  • LogMeIn Pro is a clear and simple UI that is easier to navigate through. The ability to capture screenshots, records sessions, file transfer and much more is very similar to other remote desktop connection softwares.
  • LastPass-- LogMeIn Pro offers a feature that no other remote desktop app out there offers which is LastPass. You get an yearly license depending on which package you choose. LastPass is pretty much all the solutions to store passwords, sync passwords to other devices, and a password generator.
  • LogMeIn Pro lacks performance when it comes to Macs. I have a personal MacBook pro and I often want to use LogMeIn Pro, but cannot due to connections issues. For example, when I log into LogMeIn Pro using my Mac, my connection is solid for only 5 mins and then it just drops. But, using a Windows PC, my connection is stable for a longer duration of my session. My clients have Windows PCs for the most part, but just a few have Macs and remote into their PC the connection. I can notice that it is not as stable as Windows PCs are. I would recommend that LogMeIn Pro engineers focus on their underlying base code to make the software stable for Macs.
  • LogMeIn Pro is expensive-- For individuals and tech savvy folks who want to have their own LogMeIn Pro for their personal use, it will put a dent in your wallets. Their base cost starts off at upwards of $800 per year. For small business such as the company I work for, we have an yearly license which costs around 2k for up to 10 PCs . I would like LogMeIn Pro to have a "free" version where users can still use LogMeIn Pro but with limited features. Even if they limit the bandwidth I think it would work.
LogMeIn Pro is well suited for users who want to access a remote desktop to transfer files, troubleshoot server issues, and much more. LogMeIn Pro is very helpful in the corporate world where data transmits though servers from one connection to another. To keep those servers running at optimal capacity, there is always a need to access remote servers using a software like LogMeIn Pro. All in all, LogMeIn Pro is useful to users who need that connection to a remote desktop/server.
Rob Battaglia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We were using LogMeIn Pro to access client systems. We used it so that our technicians could connect to a computer and install software/hardware and correct issues.
  • Ease of use on the web
  • Ease of use with the desktop app
  • Ability to reboot system remotely when needed
  • Pricing has changed dramatically
  • New plans offer things that most technicians do not want
  • Make it easier to upload and download files to controlled systems.
While LogMeIn is well suited to technicians who need to remotely access client systems. The change in the pricing has caused a lot of people in my industry to look for alternatives. Most of us want access to remote computers and don't need cloud storage, etc.
September 15, 2017

Love LogMeIn.

Tresha Ivey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I personally use LogMeIn Pro to remotely access my office PC. This allows me to easily access my programs and files that are on the office internal network without having a VPN setup. It allows me to just stop whatever I am doing when it is time to leave the office and remotely connect to complete the task. I do not have to close programs and open them remotely. I like the ease of connection. You do not have to jump through hoops to connect.
  • Ease of connection. You can use their web login and connection through there. You can also install the client app and connect via it. Easy and fast.
  • Remote Control is fantastic. It scales the screens great. There is no lag in the screen refreshes.
  • Remote printing is good. You can be working on your PC at the office via LogMeIn and print to your local PC at your current location with ease.
  • Need easier and better file transfers.
It suits my users well for remote control back to office PC's. We work a lot after hours and weekends and it saves us from having to drive to the office. It is not useful for client level support. Client's do not want it installed all the time. We use other applications for remote client support that we can spawn instances on the fly and is easy for client connection.
Danielle Vink | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use LogMeIn Pro to allow remote users to log into a secure desktop where our accounting software and data files are stored (QuickBooks Desktop). This allows remote users to work with data stored on our main server, helping to prevent any discrepancies. Previously we used QuickBooks Online, which allowed users to log into the system from anywhere. As this software option was limited in functionality and available features, we moved to the Desktop application. Although more comprehensive, accessibility became a small issue. LogMeIn Pro has resolved this, to an extent.
  • Initial setup is user friendly and intuitive. Just follow the steps.
  • Setting up user accounts and applicable access restrictions is very simple. Reviewing these at a glance is just as clear.
  • Once you're in, you're in! You are able to work on the remote destination without issue, all the way up to linking to network printers and local printers.
  • You can always see who is logged into which destination, audit their activity and, if needed, end or monitor their session.
  • You can set the security features in LogMeIn Pro up to notify the Admin user of an array of events, including login attempts (both successful and unsuccessful) and login attempted using invalid credentials. Very secure.
  • LogMeIn Pro allows only one user to control the remote destination at a time. If more than one user needs to access/control the same destination, they can share the session (visibility to both parties), or will need to wait till the prior user is logged out for a more secure session. Being able to log in and use the same destination at the same time, initiating unique sessions would be ideal. (Similar to VPN.)
  • Ability to override or default session settings for security, for example blanking the remote monitor (or not), recording a session, or changing access while the user is in-session. This would allow an administrator or manager to more closely audit activity.
  • Provide a one-click logout+disconnect. Right now, users must disconnect their session before exiting LogMeIn Pro. If their session is not first disconnected and the user simply exits or logs out of LogMeIn Pro, the session may remain active, without disconnecting. This would show as an active session, even if the user is technically no longer using the remote destination.
  • More detailed audit information. What application did the user access while connected to the remote destination? Was the session shared with anyone else?
GREAT application for shared sessions, presentations and single users. Very easy to set up and use. Very clear to see what's going on at a glance. Good audit reporting and secure access restrictions. Crisp and clear connection, with rare and minimal delays. If you can get online and the remote destination is connected to the internet and online, you're good to go. A bit more of a challenge for multi-user organizations, where user activity on the same remote destination cannot be shared, needs to happen at the same time or should otherwise be more secure. This will only work when users are able to use the connection at different times.
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