A Consultant's review of HireVue
July 31, 2014

A Consultant's review of HireVue

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Overall Satisfaction with HireVue

I consult with clients who are considering digital interviewing solutions. HireVue is high on the list of vendors in the marketplace today that meet most of my global, complex organizations' requirements. HireVue helps these clients on many levels. HireVue helps with the candidate experience. Candidates value their ability to sell themselves beyond just a paper resume. They are impressed with the technology and it positively positions HireVue customers as a cutting edge company that seeks technology advancements to better meet the needs of their candidates. From the company's perspective, it helps address many business problems. First, it allows Recruiters to better assess candidates. Second, it allows Recruiters and Hiring Managers to share candidate's digital interviews across departments which saves time, money and duplication of efforts for Recruiters, HIring Managers and Candidates. Third, HireVue has a robust branding functionality throughout the digital interviewing experience which highlights the company brand to candidates. Companies can also leverage HireVue for other non-interview purposes like vendor interviews, etc.
  • Ease of navigation - HIreVue has an easy to use interface that makes it easy to jump into the tool and begin using it right away.
  • Multi-use - Recruiters can leverage HireVue for an impromptu and immediate face to face digital interview. Recruiters can utilize it for a panel interview. Recruiters can post their jobs with a link for potential applicants to click on which allows them respond to a few questions at a time that's convenient for them vs. having to manage all the logistics of an in-person interview. Saves valuable time and money and allows Recruiters & Hiring Managers to be more efficient with their time.
  • Branding - Employers can add their branding videos as well as look and feel/logos , etc to make it feel like it's the company's product vs. a 3rd party product. The branding capabilities are really impressive and can only help boost the employer's branding in a very competitive marketplace.
  • The branding could be even better to rival Montage, but it's still very competitive.
  • HireVue needs to focus more on what their current customers need vs. always chasing the next bell or whistle. This will help with customer engagement, adoption and year over year keep coming back.
  • Employers are in desperate need of interview scheduling technology that is easy and integrated with Outlook and other email systems so it's an all-in-one interviewing system. HireVue is making strides in this area, but more work is needed here to share what the recent releases offer and future development opportunities
  • Increased Net Promoter Scores
  • Increased Candidate Experience Scores
  • Increased Recruiter efficiencies
I've evaluated 10 of the most known digital interviewing vendors in the marketplace today and HireVue remains in the top two vendors for all around great product offerings, configurability and support.
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1. How do you plan on utilizing a tool like HireVue? Scheduled and unscheduled events? Panel? On Demand? Do you need to do just phone interviews or digital?
2. Are you planning on a global implementation or just for a small group/department? What is the long range goal?
3. How important is configurability of your chosen system? Specific jobs = specific questions
4. Do you plan on integrating a digital interviewing solution with your ATS, CRM, Talent Network or other technology(ies)?
5. How important is branding within the tool on your decision?
6. How quickly do you need a solution up and running?
7. Do you need a library of interview questions already provided by the vendor or do you have your own that you'd like the vendor to build into the system?
8. What kinds of questions do you expect to utilize? multiple choice? Video questions by Recruiter? Scenario based?
9. Is OFCCP/508/Safe Harbar compliance important to you?
10. Cloud based delivery model?
11. Hosting locations - what do you need?
12. 24 x 7 LIVE interviewer AND candidate support?