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Video Interview Software

Video Interview Overview

What is Video Interview Software?

Video interview software, or video recruiting tools, allow recruiting managers to interview job candidates remotely without immediately attending. They supply Q&A format, record answers, and allow flexible candidate review to take place.

Also, many job seekers report they feel video interviews are more informative than simply sharing a resume. Thus video interviewing software can also increase job applicant satisfaction over a phone screening or sending a resume. Video interviewing drastically reduces recruitment cost by eliminating the need for travel. Many feel this is at no cost to accuracy in assessing candidate fitness.

Video Interview Software Features & Capabilities

Beyond just providing video conferencing, video interview software includes other packaged features to facilitate the recruitment process. These are:

  • Support for live, on-demand, or one-way interviews

  • Automated or AI-driven interview

  • Skills assessment and scoring

  • Interview practice session, redo

  • Configurable response prep duration, record attempts, etc.

  • Library of questions & assessments

  • Record video response to a pre-planned question

  • Asynchronous collaboration for candidate review

  • Recruiter & hiring manager instant feedback

  • Compliant & transparent reproducible interview workflow

  • Support for dynamic, situational interview questions

  • Allows remote employees unable to attend an interview to review the candidate.

  • Live panel interview

  • Candidate comparison tools

  • Social profile inclusion

  • Mobile app

Pricing Information

Pricing is variably dependent on the volume of job positions to be filled, or the number of interviews conducted. Pricing may also scale with the number of collaborators (e.g. hiring panel), or (more rarely) number of interviews per job. Many vendors publish subscription pricing and bill annually or monthly. Published prices range from $100 to $500 monthly depending on features desired. Advanced plans may provide dedicated account support. Video Interviewing plans may include a simple applicant tracking system or integrate with popular ATS, or core HR.

Video Interview Products

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Video interviews at $1 an interview.Jobma offers video interviewing software and assessments to help companies gain an advantage by hiring the right talent. By using video interviews, Jobma promises to augment human decision-making in the hiring process and deliver higher quality talent, faster.

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Montage is an interviewing technology platform that offers live and on-demand functionality for video, voice, text and in-person interviewing. For use from sourcing through onboarding, the platform can support all types of interviews for all job types. It is mobile-friendly and includes self-sche...

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RecRight is a video interviewing tool. The solution includes features for both interviewers and candidates. The tool is both web and cloud based. Several languages are supported and on-line help is available to customers.

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InterviewIQ is a recruiting software solution offered by HireIQ Solutions, Inc.

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Paññã from mroads, is a hiring platform that leverages artificial intelligence to effectively measure the skill sets of candidates. The vendor’s mission is to help organizations make data-driven hiring decisions so they can identify and employ the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. A...

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Peoplise's cloud HR services provides an integrated and video-enabled digital platform for all recruitment needs. The vendor says their platform is designed to help HR practitioners to utilize digital and analytical technologies in all steps of the talent acquisition process including:Socialize: ...

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CodeSignal is an assessment platform for technical hiring. According to the vendor, companies of all sizes already use CodeSignal’s Certify, Test, and Interview products to grow engineering teams rapidly, while saving engineering interview time, reducing turnover costs, removing hiring biases, an...