Definition of Social Media Management: Hootsuite Enterprise
January 11, 2014

Definition of Social Media Management: Hootsuite Enterprise

Ryan Brouk | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I used Hootsuite Enterprise at my previous job . At the time when I first started, we did not have many social media accounts so my first role was to talk with the academic advisors of the major programs our school offered and see what they would like to be shared within the social media accounts. I had to do research on different social media management platforms and Hootsuite Enterprise was the one that I recommended to our directors which they should use. We presented to the board the positives of using Hootsuite and they ended up approving the use of this tool. It was my job then to learn how to use this on my own and help input around 10-15 new social media accounts within Hootsuite. Hootsuite is being used by the academic advisors for the school to help post useful information to studends, alumni, and perspective students as well the general public.It helped address the problem of reaching out to a larger body of potential students, current students, and alumni. It allowed us to communicate quicker and more proficiently to everyone that reached out to us.
  • Organizes all your social media accounts very well (majority of people who use Hootsuite manage multiple platforms so this tool is great to use because it allows an easy flow between accounts).
  • The interface is very user friendly, but you have to be willing to take risks and see what works for you and what doesn't (it looks a bit frightening at first with all the different options to choose but Hootsuite provides great videos and tutorials to help you discover great ways of helping those using your social media accounts).
  • It saves time ( instead of having multiple tabs open, Hootsuite lets you see more than one account open at the same time).
  • Because we are in an age where digital media is taking the world by storm, it would be even more helpful to create tutorials that are easier to understand for those not used to dealing with social media. Training those who have not really used social media to learn hootsuite can be hard at points.
  • The main desktop of Hootsuite has so many great options and tabs, but it sometimes feels a little daunting with so many buttons to choose from.
  • Many business would benefit from Hootsuite, but in order to get the maximum benefit out of it, it will cost you a pretty penny so it can hurt small business who would like to use Hootsuite. Possibly adding more features in the free version would help.
  • Make the analytics portion cheaper to buy reports. It can get very expensive for those wanting weekly reports of their data. Maybe include more offers in the free hootsuite version.
  • Increased employee efficiency/ better customer service (We have been able to respond quicker to questions that are asked of us by those reaching out).
  • The RSS Feed app that is out allowed us to look for better content to provide to our fans and followers. It was a great tool to use when searching for articles we wanted to post and share.
  • It has allowed us to look at what posts and shares have worked for us in the past as well as what we should be posting in the future. The reports are a great way to see what is working for your company.
I gave it a 9 because I saw how fast it benefited the company I worked for. It increased our work efficiency in a matter of weeks and helped reach out to our fans and followers a lot quicker and easier. I was very excited when we got this approved to use for our company. Because we had over 10 social media accounts active, it was a great tool to use.
Well suited for businesses that need to mange more than 4 or 5 social media accounts. Hootsuite does a great job of organizing the accounts. It would be less appropriate for small business that only use 2 or 3 social media accounts. It can get very expensive for those wanting to generate analytic reports weekly and even monthly so small businesses may have a harder time with getting those produced.