Why go with HubSpot as a tech startup?
Updated June 16, 2015

Why go with HubSpot as a tech startup?

Henning Lange | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

We started using HubSpot 3 weeks after we published our launch page. We use all kind of features from HubSpot, starting with the form on our landing page, qualifying leads via a survey, add them to personas and use different workflows to provide our prospects with the right information. Our blog is setup on HubSpot and we love the HubSpot tips that gives us good signs what we can do to better rank within the search engines. We use the social media publishing tools and plugins to post on Twitter, Facebook & Co. We find it far more efficient than to login on each social media platform and it's great to see if somebody who favorites or retweets a post is already a lead or not. We started with lead scoring to better understand which customer is more relevant for us and to decide whom we love to invite first to our private beta. And of course we use the HubSpot data to understand what works and what doesn't.
  • Integration of all data around one single person
  • Consulting and Support - HubSpot really wants you to be successful
  • HubSpot App that allows you to easily stay up to date and contact new leads within a second
  • The CMS is nothing for a great UX Designer and Frontender who loves to build their own interface.
  • We struggled somehow with lead import and double-opt in but got it fixed after some days with HubSpot support.
  • Some workflows are not so intuitive and sometimes HubSpot forgets to ask you for a confirmation that you really want to e.g. delete a contact, opt-out a contact, or send an e-mail. So, click accidents can happen.
  • HubSpot is tracking nearly everything, but unfortunately HubSpot doesn't track social likes, shares and retweets. And it's not possible to build a list and rank contacts based on this criteria.
  • HubSpot saves us a lot of time
  • HubSpot helps us to improve the whole customers acquisition process
  • HubSpot helps us to personalize our customer relationships and deliver a better service
We had no great selection process as we love to do things and HubSpot seemed fine from the beginning. We read some reviews and talked to some agency people who know other marketing automation tools. Most people said HubSpot is great but pretty expensive (which is true from a startup perspective). We just had to come up with a decision between building up our own tool chain vs. HubSpot. And we decided for HubSpot as we didn't want to spend time and resources on building up and integrating several different tools.
As we just got started we had to make a decision between building up our own tool chain vs. using HubSpot. As we have great developers on board, building up our own tool chain would have not been a technical challenge, but we loved to see our developers work on our own product. So we decided to go with HubSpot knowing that HubSpot might be a good 80% solution in most areas. Of course for each single task there is a better more dedicated tool out there. But you need to learn each tool and you'll have to integrate the data if you really want to make great progress. If you can afford spending 800 dollars per month on HubSpot Professional, we highly recommend using it. If you can't, choose many free tools out there and do some workarounds. If you're a large organization and have great developers on board, build your own tool chain. After 6 weeks we still think HubSpot is the right tool for now.

Using HubSpot

For now HubSpot is the right decision for us and we are a happy HubSpotter, but of course there is always space for improvement. As our team is growing new people might bring in new tools that could be better suited for certain tasks and then of course we will review if HubSpot stays the right solution for us or if we have to add new tools or even build our own tool chain. But that is really hard to say for a company that is just getting started.

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