Hunter - Quickly and easily hunt down contact email addresses.
Updated October 02, 2019

Hunter - Quickly and easily hunt down contact email addresses.

Fraser Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Hunter

We use Hunter at Workable in order to capture contact email and phone information. It is primarily used by the sales team, and associated researchers, to great effect. With Hunter, we are quickly and easily able to find contact information that other tools might have missed. It is great for getting the email domain correct and helping to determine the structure of the first half of the email e.g. first name + last name@...
  • Provides email domains very well. While some companies have a different domain for their "", Hunter is able to find the domain that is being used by individuals at the company.
  • For American contacts in particular it is very good at finding personal phone numbers.
  • Helps to enrich the contacts that might be in a company by providing a confirmed list of employees.
  • As an extra - I really like how easy it is to use. You can input the contacts name and copy-paste from the chrome extension quickly and easily. This saves a load of time when you are trying to find the right address.
  • Recently I have found the Hunter chrome extension to be a little "buggy". For example I sometimes have to open Hunter in a new tab in order to input a contacts name. This is a recent bug though and something I have never had trouble with in the past.
  • While it is great for finding contacts when all the email formats are the same, it doesn't give options to try additional email formats in their search bar. This is a little frustrating as the tool itself shows the different formats listed in the drop down of suggested contacts.
  • Information isn't always up to date. I'm not sure how they pull their contact information so I don't have a suggestion on how to improve this currently.
  • (Difficult to quantify precisely so this is more of a feeling). Considerably reduces the time taken to find email information for contacts, saving SDRs time and allowing them to be more active with their outreach.
  • Provides extra contacts for SDRs to reach out too, helping to quickly enrich accounts.
  • US phone information is often correct too, providing an additional avenue of outreach for the team.
Hunter is a much more user-friendly version of Clearbit. I personally also find it to be more accurate than Clearbit. With Clearbit it felt like too many clicks to get to the information that you wanted. With Hunter, it is a simple copy - paste - click, to get the information you need. The additional list of contacts it provides and the verification source is also more readable.
The scenario we most commonly use Hunter for is to quickly find and retrieve contact email information. Phone numbers are an added bonus, but they tend to only be available for contacts in the US. SDRs have the extension in order to confirm or to help them "guess" as to what a contact's email address might be. This speeds up our prospecting time considerably. Where Hunter falls short is not being flexible where companies have more than one email format.