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Jennifer Yugo, PhD, SPHR | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

New partnership: optimistic they will be a significant partner that supports our success.

Score 1 out of 10
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We are using EverString to build our sales pipeline and brand awareness. It is being used across the company. It helps us 1) build visibility by reaching out to relevant stakeholders 2) increase engagement on our website, and 3) reach our sales goal and further the stable growth of our company.
  • Client support: Andreas, our account lead, is always available, positive, eager to help and engaged around our business, and moves action areas to others on his team.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Intuitive User Interface.
  • Speed-to-Implementation: we were up and running within a week of executing the agreement.
  • Time-to-maximizing the system to results.
  • Understanding how EverString's contribution integrates with the processes and plans that make sales happen: we use their data to take action and the two are interlinked.
  • Ease and swiftness of identifying top contacts who are most likely to become engaged leads.
We don't have ROI yet - so I would hesitate to refer.

Well suited: eagerness to grow sales through marketing and sales campaigns

Poorly suited: not a direct list provider (although those are rarely a good idea), if you're looking for a super-fast solution to building sales, don't have some time to invest in integrating your process with EverString to make something work.
Yes - not much training to get up and running - but we've been using it for 3 months and we're still finding new ways to optimize the system.
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Fraser Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 11, 2019

How EverString has enriched our sales pipeline and filled in the gaps that others couldn't!

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
We are currently using EverString to enrich accounts with our Salesforce integration. Our researchers use it to get segment, company, social media, contact, and industry information. It addresses our need to be able to determine whether or not a company would benefit from our software or not, as we look to help particular company segments. Additionally, our sales reps use it to be relevant and up-to-date when speaking with prospects.
  • It finds company and segment information well. This is a strength of EverString that is more consistent and up to date than the Clearbit extension we also use.
  • It finds extra contact information, such as phone numbers, that other extensions sometimes miss.
  • It saves us time when it comes to gathering "extra information," e.g. pulls a summary of what the company does, as well as its LinkedIn profile for a quick reference.
  • It sometimes pulls out of date information for the company -- possibly more due to the company itself not updating its information.
  • Phone numbers are sometimes inaccurate.
  • The extension sometimes crashes inside Salesforce.
Well suited:
  • It's really good for our researchers when it comes to identifying companies that would possibly be a good fit for Workable.
  • It gives accurate information about the company for them to write mini reports for the SDRs to use.
  • SDRs prospecting time is massively reduced by having easily accessible information and social profile links.
Not so well suited:
  • More of a feeling -- if a company is new (less than 1-2 years) the information may not be up to date, especially if the company is growing quickly.
Yes-- the research team is not only able to find companies that are a fit for us, but they can also enrich accounts that we had previously identified. I was not directly involved in the training of the researchers, who use it the most, but for the SDRs, it is very simple to get them up to speed and make the most of it. Any time we had a problem it was easily fixed by searching online.
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Robert Beach | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 24, 2019

New sales development rep: a helpful tool!

Score 6 out of 10
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Helps to get accurate reporting on company demographics, description, and phone number. It's being used by the sales team and is built into Salesforce. I recently started working in the role at this company and didn't realize the importance of the tool until recently. I get phone numbers to call leads and can be more informed in selling by finding content I can then come at from a relatable place.
  • Links to relevant social media portals
  • Similar leads list
  • Salesforce integrated
  • Incomplete company profiles
  • Many "keywords" which I don't use. The list is long and unhelpful for my role.
  • Lack of customization. I would like to be able to remove, add, and re-order info.
Great for getting some info to help prepare for first and second cadences. Less advanced info for really getting into the company's mission. It would be helpful to have more on recent news stories, decisions the company has made, and what the culture is like. Having to go to other places to get a robust look/company profile.
Honestly, we didn't have any training around using the tool. Yes, it's easy to find the info that it provides but would be great if there was another view or easier way to see the information rather than scrolling down in our CRM and going to the little box with tabs.
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Ashley Kipershtein | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 23, 2019

A great tool to support sales outbounding

Score 6 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We are using EverString to tap into accounts with intent. The teams that are using this tool are marketing, sales operations, and sales leaders. We recently connected EverString to our salesforce, but I was not part of that project. I believe intent data populates on accounts, as it is made in EverString.
  • Surfaces intent for accounts that are searching for our tool.
  • When data lives on the actual account in Salesforce it becomes x10 more useful.
  • It's easy to pull/create a report in the actual tool online.
  • Requires training and a lot of customization when it comes to pulling reports.
  • It's difficult to understand how to best distribute the data and alert reps of intent on their target accounts.
  • There is limited training and use cases for this tool across our organization.
EverString's main purpose is to surface intent. I wish the intent data was more descriptive and had more details of the type of searches/information the accounts are looking for. Something my organization needs help with is understanding how to surface this data to our sales reps, rather than having it passively live on the accounts.
We currently have a very small team (maybe 3 people) using the tool. We did not have much training across the board; it was more like reteaching what the owner of the tool had learned and how they use it. I do not believe we are using the tool to its fullest potential.
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Andri Halouska | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 20, 2019

EverString Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EverString has helped with efforts in finding net-new leads, similar to our top partners. EverString has helped find additional company contacts through the enrichment feature.
  • We've seen the most success with the "Finding Similar Companies" feature.
  • Reps at EverString are very responsive and helpful. Great support.
  • EverString has helped find new company contacts to add to our CRM.
  • It would be nice if the enrichment feature could be used as a contact level.
  • I think the user interface could be simplified, as there is more than one way to perform an action/build a list.
I think EverString's best, most useful feature is finding similar companies. The enrichment feature has helped us find new contacts from existing companies, but does provide missing data at a contact level, which would be nice to be able to do. The area in which we've seen the least success is the intent feature, being that the audiences have been too small for us to really utilize.
Being a user, I would say the platform is very accessible in finding account intelligence. I would say that working in the platform, I've had to utilize the support in many instances to be clear on the functionality of each feature. I've also had many questions around the filters and settings, as those can be slightly confusing to navigate.
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Tyler Brandt | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2019

EverString Review

Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
We use it primarily for sales intelligence, primarily to confirm company size in regard to revenue & location.
  • Support. The customer success manager is great. He regularly reaches out to let us know about upcoming product updates or other events that may have an impact on the way we use the solution. He is also good at addressing questions on a one-off basis, which is much appreciated.
  • Identifying revenue. I've worked with Hoovers, OneSource, and InsideView in the past. All tools just pull data from D&B for revenue. Everstring does seem to take that a step further by analyzing a variety of sources. There will always be issues with the data, especially in regards to private companies, but Everstring does do a better job than other SI tools I have experience using
  • Salesforce Integration. It's good for identifying prospect accounts and contacts because all the fields that Everstring populates are immediately available when I create a report with Salesforce.
  • Updating Account Info with Feedback. Sales reps are constantly looking at other sources to determine whether or not an account assignment is valid. Everstring would benefit from that information as well. There would need to be a way to easily submit that information to Everstring for review.
  • LinkedIn integration. When you are creating territories or resolving a dispute regarding account assignment based upon public information, there are so many resources that an individual can look at. I've worked at companies in the past that base territory assignments on employee count. To this day, I have not seen a more reliable source than LinkedIn for identifying that information.
  • Explaining Intent scores. I think the Intent scores are great, but I don't necessarily understand how they are identified. If I did, I could likely use the information in a more effective manner.
Well suited- Identifying revenue. Prioritizing sales strategy based on public information. Less appropriate- identifying employee count, showing current events related to the company. The interface is kind of busy and requires a lot of clicks to get the information I often need.
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Hanna Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2019

testing EverString out

Score 5 out of 10
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Review Source
EverString is currently only used by Marketing to enrich leads and take advantage of the intent marketing. We get a lot of new contacts from EverString, but have issues appending data to existing contacts. As for the intent, we use this to further target our CRM list marketing, but have noticed that in order to find companies surging on our chosen topics, the list size must be quite large.
  • Finding new contacts for our companies.
  • Finding new companies.
  • Being able to "enrich" data -- meaning finding data for contacts that we upload into the system.
  • We have more options for intent topics.
  • The platform was really hard to understand in the beginning. More training would be helpful.
  • UI could be improved. For example -- because I was not an admin, I was unable to complete the in-platform training.
If you want to find new leads, this platform is good. If you are trying to enrich existing leads, this platform doesn't work very well, and all it does is pull in new leads.
Our sales team does not use EverString right now. Only Marketing does, and it took weeks to get comfortable with the platform.
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ves kovacevich | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2019


Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used to help in the search process of finding new prospects. It is being used by the sales department, typically by the business development team, but also by the Account Executives. It helps us find better contacts in our database. With hundreds of thousands of contacts, we needed EverString to find the needle in the haystack.
  • Finds the revenue of the company.
  • Finds the address of headquarters.
  • Gives us an estimate on how likely it is that the company would need a financial software.
  • Sometimes the revenue doesn't match up properly.
  • There could be differences in the mailing and billing addresses.
  • ESrevenue is very general (ex. 500M-1B).
EverString is great for filtering through a huge database of prospects. The ES intent helps the best when you put it in a vertical of a report, and filter the report to the top-down ES intent. Scenarios where it doesn't work are when you don't have it aligned with other software. For example, if you have the intent, but there are no contacts in the account, EverString tells you about the company, but not who is in the company.
Yes, we are able to find account intelligence on EverString. There isn't much training needed to use the software due to it being automatic and not interactive. We did not do training on the software at all. It is a part of our salesforce, so we train people on how to read the data and how it can help.
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Kadin Stephens | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 15, 2019

EverString has potential to change the game

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EverString is being used by our organization in a couple of different ways. One use is the gathering of company, and like-company, data to "fill in the gaps" of targeted markets. The other is to gather contact information for different individuals at our company to reach out and get answers.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it really easy to get the hang of looking up various things and getting the information you need.
  • Appealing website design. Saved lists are easy to navigate and modify.
  • Building a list of companies and/or contacts is seamless.
  • Known tech-savvy regions should be added to the search function. i.e. Silicon Valley.
  • When finding contacts, you cannot distinguish what person is at what location.
  • Whittling down a list by NAICS codes is not always helpful. When selecting strictly manufacturing codes, companies that provide only software still slip in.
EverString is best suited when trying to find like-companies, it does a great job at that. Finding companies that are similar to/ do similar things with companies you already do business with can be powerful.
I didn't receive any training. It took me around 4 hours to feel confident using the platform though.
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Marco Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

Using Intelligence to save time in your prospecting

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Everstring is being used by our Marketing team and our Sales teams. It helps us identify prospects with intent, who are a possible fit or to help us find other similar prospects.
  • Shows intent.
  • Great company info.
  • Shows Like customers with a similar profile.
  • Keep Expanding company lists.
  • Not much to say on improving, great product.
  • Sometimes accounts in Salesforce don't pull up in Everstring Salesforce plugin.
When I am determining what accounts to go after, I leverage Everstring to see if they are a good fit or have any active intent.
We had very little training but the system is very user-friendly and straight forward. Without training, I am able to leverage the system- curious if a little more training would help me uncover additional features I am not using.
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Meredith Chandler | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

EverString Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently, our Sales department uses it to prioritize accounts and leads we should outreach.
  • Relevant news articles.
  • Provide Intent data.
  • This might be an SFDC integration thing, but providing more detailed time stamps for the specific search would be helpful.
  • Provides who in the organization did the intent search so I am not targeting the incorrect lead.
Good for intent data.
Yes- the product is self-explanatory, we did not require much training luckily, though we could also benefit from continued 'tips and tricks' or an account manager.
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Timothy Harris | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

EverString has helped light a FIRE within our marketing organization.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Everstring has supported our ABM strategy by providing deeper insights into our ideal customer personas. It supports our targeting and research process by providing demographic, firmographic and technographic information that we can rely on when developing new audiences. Additionally, the intent score capabilities of Everstring have been a welcome addition, supporting both sales and marketing, by providing actionable data to help identify where organizations might be along their buying journey.

Additional information regarding our use case can be found here: https://www.slideshare.net/TimothyHarris16/everstring-dialsource-smart-selling-tools-webinar
  • ABM Targeting and Ideal Customer Persona development.
  • Identifying buyer intent.
  • Qualifying companies through the combination of demographic, firmographic and technographic data.
  • Expanding their database of business contacts.
  • Data accuracy in smaller companies and expanded data across enterprise organizations.
If you are working to develop your targeting and ABM strategy this is a great tool to help better understand your target markets and ICP.
This platform is simple to use and easy to onboard reps. I love the integration with Salesforce.
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William Houck | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 13, 2019

EverString for SDR's

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our SDR team uses EverString to find target accounts that are surging for terms that we believe to mean they are actively looking for analytics software. They also use the platform to gather contact information on potential prospects.
  • Identify surging topics at relevant companies. This is this whole reason we purchased EverString.
  • Admin functions are very easy to navigate and set up.
  • The implementation process was very easy and the people we worked with along the way were helpful and easy to get along with.
  • Need a more robust contact list. We find our accounts in EverString but mostly use SFDC and LinkedIn to find prospects to reach out to.
  • As an admin, since you see everyone's lists they build, you should be able to clean that up and organize into folders or something.
EverString is well-suited from a sales perspective to gather a list of target accounts to reach out too. However, it is not well suited to gather all of the contacts to reach out to.
Very easy-to-use. Everyone went through a single thirty-minute training session and there have been no issues since.
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Armando Falotico | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2019

EverString Review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used to look up prospective accounts in the system. We look up the revenue for these prospective accounts in order to see whether or not the prospect falls into the allowed category of revenue we, as sales reps, are supposed to target. The problem it does address is seeing what kind of class of company we are going to target.
  • Raw revenue
  • ES score
  • Accuracy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Could be faster
It is well suited in a hunters role but needs to be more accurate to prevent time wasted hitting on accounts that are smaller than they actually look. Sometimes the companies are actually even larger than they look, too.
Our sales team members are skilled and EverString taught us how to use it to my knowledge.
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Charlie Morrison | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

I'm A Big Fan of EverString

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use EverString as a means to score accounts, linked with our Bombora account that shows us surging accounts if they're searching for specific terms we've set. It's mainly used by the marketing and upper sales teams.
  • It allows us to visualize a numerical scoring system on accounts.
  • It's excellent for analysis further down the line.
  • It needs a wider regional split.
EverString is well suited for searching a territory for specific audiences. It is not so appropriate if you want to export a list of your said audiences.
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Eric Ayala, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

The best experience you can hope for from a partner.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Everstring is the foundation of our ABM Strategy, and with the incorporation of Bombora allows us to identify our TAM, segment that market into unique audiences and lets us market to each of these segments with a unique message. We were entering a new market and had an empty database, literally. Today we have 10's of thousands of companies, contacts and intent data on each.
  • Create audiences
  • Segment audiences
  • Aggregate intent
  • Populate other tools through integrations
  • I really dont have any areas. For our use, Everstring is more than sufficient
Entering a new market and launching a new product I believe is where Everstring really shines. The ability to find and to populate a database is impressive. We worked on finding small to medium businesses and they did amazingly well. Sorting through that data is amazingly simple with great supporting graphs/charts
Yes, it really is that easy to use and to learn to use. The customer success team has a great training process, they are willing to take their time and not rush you through the process so they can check a box and say they are done. After training, they respond in less than 24 hours with detailed answers to your questions.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 24, 2019

Great way to align sales and marketing on key accounts

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Everstring to build targeted outreach lists for our sales and marketing efforts. Previously, if we needed to build account lists, we would have to use a random assortment of lists and databases to cobble together imprecise lists of accounts; Everstring makes it much easier for us to target accounts that meet very specific firmographic and technographic parameters we set.
  • EverString allows us to build account lists based off in-depth firmographic or technographic data. It's far more accurate than trying to build these lists any other way.
  • EverString is fast. Where it might've previously taken us weeks to build lists of this quality, we now can build them in a matter of minutes (and have them ready to be published in a couple of hours).
  • EverString's "advanced insights" filters are cool in theory—being able to target by sophistication or B2B vs. B2C is really useful—but the lists don't change much with those filters. They don't seem to be quite useful yet.
  • I've found that the EverString lists built off of our seed lists are often filled with accounts that don't fit our target profile. For the time being, we're finding it more effective to manually set criteria rather than use the list EverString builds.
I've recommended EverString to many folks I know that are trying to build good target lists for their sales and marketing efforts. If your company has allocated a significant budget to do targeted marketing, EverString is extremely useful. If you're not committed to spending money to reach the accounts you've built in EverString, it's decidedly less effective.
We currently have several members of our marketing team accessing EverString. Sales currently works the lists that Marketing generates, but they themselves are not EverString users. Our marketing team enjoys the flexibility of creating new accounts lists on the fly, as well as the ability EverString gives us to mix and match criteria for building new lists. I've found EverString's documentation is somewhat sparse, so it's good to have a team member that's deeply familiar with EverString's offering. After spending about 15 minutes in the app, it's pretty easy to know how to navigate.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

A great Sales and Marketing alignment tool

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EverString has been helpful in allowing us to see buying signals from companies. It's helped us bring in more leads that transition to opportunities than the products we were using prior to our switch. It has helped us narrow down our prospect pool and focus on those who are currently and actively looking for a product like ours. Our SDRs are able to dedicate their time to call leads who are responsive and interested rather than taking a shot in the dark. It's truly helped our cold calling numbers by allowing us to focus on people who have shown to have a need.
  • Align sales and marketing strategies
  • Ability to target customers allowing for lead enrichment
  • Shows buying signs from all markets
  • Easy integration with SalesForce
  • Straight forward and easy to navigate
  • Contact information isn't always correct.
EverString is well-suited for companies who are trying to target their outbound efforts toward intent. It seamlessly integrates with SalesForce, streamlining our sales process and provides us with contact information in addition to relatable content consumed. Great to build up your contact database and have target accounts. You're provided with an overall buying score based on the prospect's searches, web visits, etc, and they provide you with the details as to why their score is what it is. Lastly, it helps you align your sales and marketing strategy. Being able to see what resonates with those searching within your market is very valuable.
Our SDR team uses Everstring on their own daily. There was little to no training required. Just a quick walkthrough of the product. The UI is very easy to understand and navigate.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

Contact lists are a huge benefit to overall ABM strategy

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Everstring as part of our new ABM/targeted demand gen strategy. Both marketing and sales departments are making use of the product. We use Everstring in two ways:
1. Create company lists around certain search topics (Ideal customers) to try and increase our sales funnel.
2. Create contact lists (us only) around companies we are currently targeting through ABM (this helps our sales team with their process).
Everstring allows us to get contact level information, our ABM tool does not provide this information.
  • Target users based on products they are currently using. This helps determine if a potential customer is a good fit for us.
  • USA Contact lists: we have clearbit reveal on our website to determine which companies are engaging on our site, but that's only at an account level. Everstring is able to provide us contact (company list upload) so we can find the right "active buyers" to reach out to via sales.
  • Being able to filter by job title and department allows us to find the decision-makers at a target company.
  • Contact lists are only available in the USA currently; adding to EMEA would be great. Might be a compliance/security thing though.
  • Sync with salesforce is buggy; we want to add in new contacts to our salesforce from EverString (minus duplicates) there is a "don't show contacts in my CRM" feature, but it does not work properly. When I applied this filter to a contact list, there were a bunch of duplicates already in our Salesforce. Added more work in having to remove them ourselves. Hopefully, they fix this issue.
If you have an ideal customer profile, Everstring can be a great tool for generating target company lists for sales/marketing. When paired with an ABM tool like Terminus or Demandbase, Everstring is an amazing companion. If you don't have a way to measure engagement by the company on your website, the tool might be less helpful.
I come from a marketing/analytics background; the platform is pretty intuitive when it comes to generating account lists. It is easy to understand the available filters. At our company, the tool is only used by individuals on the sales teams and marketing teams. After our initial onboarding session and just a bit of time exploring the tool—we were able to get a pretty good handle on how to use it.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2019

EverString, no strings attached, all the benefits you want in sales!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use EverString to find prospective companies that are currently looking up industry keywords. Although it does not give us a specific person from the company, giving us information about which company is plenty because we merely need a general direction. EverString optimizes my prospecting workflow and finds the appropriate company instead of wasting additional time searching for potential leads. My last EverString filtered search revealed over 350+ leads--which is great!
  • List companies that search for specific keywords for a specific time parameter.
  • Integrate with Salesforce.
  • Helpful for business development.
  • Tons of leads!
  • Does not tell you the specific person looking up the information.
  • Sometimes doesn't classify the company's Revenue correctly.
Business development departments for a sales manager to create a sales pipeline. Really helpful for startup tech companies. EverString is well suited for companies looking to scale that don't have the capital to pay for expensive resources. If your company uses Salesforce, I would recommend enabling EverString because the import function works very well. Great for SDRs/BDRs!
The training is easy and EverString does not require a long learning curve. The software is very user-friendly and provides quality leads. We do not have a marketing department yet, so I would suggest using EverString until your marketing department scales. It's difficult for us to find account intelligence on our own without using EverString.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 04, 2019

A good solution for growing or mature ABM processes

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use EverString in the Marketing department to develop targeted lists for the organization that are in-market for our type of solutions. We then use those lists to target marketing and SDR campaigns.
  • Targeted List Building: We've been able to build targeted lists based on intent data.
  • Finding intent data on new and existing accounts.
  • We were able to do some level of data enrichment of our current database.
  • EverString is not always the most intuitive on building new lists based on past list attributes.
  • It needs more intent data keywords.
  • Expensive.
The solution is well suited for an organization that is building a strong ABM marketing and sales culture. It's maybe not the best for organizations that don't have sales and marketing fully aligned, or are just getting started in ABM.
There was not significant training needed for the users. However, at times the main user had to ask how to do things like republishing lists or updating lists.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 26, 2019

EverString Is the Real Deal!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use EverString for revenue banding and industry identification for prospects. Our primary users are Sales and Marketing. It allows us to correctly assign leads and is a big help for target prioritization.
  • Providing revenue information. Data quality is great.
  • Providing industry information. Accurate information.
  • Providing company information, great help for prospecting.
  • User interface on analytics could be better.
  • Saved lists (i.e. reports) could be better organized.
  • A Salesforce connector would be welcomed.
EverString is great when you're trying to boil down the ocean of prospective customers and leads.
Yes. Both our Sales and Marketing teams are able to find account intelligence in EverString on their own. The user interface is very intuitive. It took my organization just a couple hours to get all of our team members in both Sales Operations as well as Marketing Operations proficient with EverString.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 23, 2019

Its an okay service with the wrong reasons...

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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To give context, Everstring is being used by our Marketing department who manage our BDR teams on a regular basis. Our sales and BDR team don't really use Everstring beyond the data that it provides them. However operationally speaking our marketing department uses Everstring to contribute to any contact lists we need built for the BDR team. With that in mind, we utilize the intent data that contributes our list builds as well.

With context established, I will say that Everstring is just an okay solution, Okay for me is a 5/10. We have found that when we pull a few thousand contacts for our BDRs to call and email we have found that only around 2/5 of the emails are guaranteed verified. With that said their are a large chunk of those emails, about 2/5s, being sent to servers that do not provide the necessary signals to determine if it is or isn't an active email account so those are considered unverifiable. The last chunk of emails are inactive. The quality of their data is a big con for us. However, what makes them okay is they let us quickly determine if we already have accounts within our Salesforce instance. We can also take a pre-built list from, for example, ZoomInfo and use Everstring to determine if we have accounts for those as well. Due to the data issues we primarily use other data providers to make our lists but their intent data and mass CRM account checking are very helpful.
  • Intent Data as an added service.
  • Mass CRM account checking to prevent duplicate accounts, contacts, or leads.
  • UI is a nice change of pace.
  • Data quality on emails.
  • Newsfeed tab on the account is just a glorified google search.
  • Odd taxonomy decisions in terms of account data naming conventions.
If you are a call center for B2B services, then you would be able to leverage their lack of a credits system to get yourself a lot of contacts/accounts quickly and if you purchased their intent data service you could use that to see if your product was specifically searched. In addition, you would probably need to be calling about the very specific product you were selling or target account you were focused on to use this database to any great effect.
Everstring was very simple for us to use. It is a simpler version of other databases. The UI was intuitive and the filters were pretty straight forward. It took me personally about half a data of fiddling to be very comfortable with it. Again, I was apart of our Marketing who builds lists for our sales teams.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 23, 2019

Feedback from an end user

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It is currently being used in the Sales Department to bring in company information and track the keywords being searched within employees of the company we are prospecting.
  • Recognizes finance buzz words that are being searched.
  • The scoring system for how often they have searched a term.
  • Providing company info.
  • Not accurate information, I would cross-reference the information with Hoovers or Crunchbase (Ex. Location of HQ).
  • More detail on the breakdown of the score. Why is it ranked so high? Ex. Relevant titles searching vs. Volume searches.
  • More relevant info, like who the parent company, recently funded, etc.
Everstring would be suited really well in sales if we could trust the info. Probably why the team doesn’t leverage it as much as we should.
Not really, there are always questions being asked about it. But I think that’s due to the lack of training. It was more so taught by other sales reps and they show specific features that they use for their prospecting. But it would be nice to get trained by someone from Everstring to share how other sales organizations are leveraging this software.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2019

Great tool for finding ABM accounts!

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EverString is being used across the marketing and sales team at my company. It helps us with our ABM strategy and picking the right accounts for us to advertise to. It also helps the sales team find the right companies who are showing intent for our software.
  • You're easily able to find companies that aren't in your CRM and are in your ICP.
  • It allows sales reps to find similar companies to our best customers.
  • EverString's implementation process was not well organized and was confusing for my team. My team had to do a lot of work to get this up and running, and we feel like the customer success manager could have been more attentive.
If your main issue is finding the right accounts to reach out to and you know your ICP or how you want to target these people, EverString is great. If you need help finding contacts at the companies, I found that the data is a little less accurate.
Only the managers at my company have access to EverString and pass these lists over to sales, so we did not have to train the sales team. Overall it's pretty easy to find accounts in EverString as long as you know what criteria you want to filter by.
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