InfluxDB is the real deal for time series!
October 04, 2018

InfluxDB is the real deal for time series!

Jonathan Yarbor | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with InfluxDB

We use InfluxDB to provide a performant and scalable time series database for business intelligence, system statistics, and customer usage. InfluxDB allows us to effectively throw as much data as we can at the database while reducing it into usable and performant data when accessed. Our relatively small team of engineers was able to research and implement the database setup and implement a working data input model into our application in a short two weeks.
  • Scalability - InfluxDB scales so well and even lets you create a database cluster without needing a database administrator.
  • Data Reduction - InfluxDB's primary use case is to allow the data to be input at any interval or speed regardless of the volume of data. The way this is later queried is by reducing the data based on the input data.
  • Quick start - Unlike other monolithic time series database it can easiliy startup with just a few minutes of reading their documentation
  • Cloud Native - This database engine is made to operate in Docker & cloud first!
  • Small, but growing community - This database engine's community is much smaller than alternatives. This can make finding a DBA or support less easy, but not impossible.
  • Documentation could be improved - The docs for getting started don't effectively lead first-time users to understand how the underlying systems are designed.
  • Performance Analysis - There seems to be a lack of tools to give context to slow queries or other performance issues
  • Out-of-the-box security - The out of the box security is designed to operate in an internal network and is limited.
  • No financial costs for internal dev team - as we have an engineering team we do not have any financial expenses in using InfluxDB
  • Time to implement was minimal
  • InfluxDB has not required any substantial upkeep or operations time to use
InfluxDB is much easier to initially setup and scale compared to Graphite (now known as Whisper). With a smaller team we found Graphite too much overhead that would make operational support a significant blocker or generation of technical debt.
InfluxDB is a near perfect product for time series database engines. The relatively small list of cons are heavily outweighed by it's ability to just work and be a very flexible and powerful database engine. The community and support provided by the corporation are the only areas I have little experience.
InfluxDB is the perfect database for stats or other time-based data that would overwhelm SQL or NoSQL databases. This makes reporting, graphs, and other parts of your application simple to implement. The multitude of functions to allow data to be analyzed and reduced makes this a very powerful database engine.

I would NOT recommend InfluxDB for any non-time-based data.

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