Time Series Databases

Time Series Databases Overview

What are Time Series Databases?

Time Series Databases (TSDB) are designed to store and analyze event data, time series, or time-stamped data, often streamed from IoT devices, and enables graphing, monitoring and analyzing changes over time.

Time Series Databases Products

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Riak is a NoSQL database from Basho Technologies in Bellevue, Washington.


kdb+ is a time series database from kx headquartered in Palo Alto, California, a division of First Derivatives.


The InfluxDB is a time series database from InfluxData headquartered in San Francisco. As an observability solution, it is designed to provide real-time visibility into stacks, sensors and systems. It is available open source, via the Cloud as a DBaaS option, or through an Enterprise…

IBM Informix

Informix is an embedded relational database offering from IBM.

AVEVA Historian, formerly Wonderware

AVEVA Historian, formerly from Wonderware, is a time-series optimized data store, allowing the user to capture and store high-fidelity industrial big data, to unlock trapped potential for operational improvements.

Raima Database Manager (RDM)

The Raima Database Manager (RDM) from Raima Inc in Seattle, Washington is a relational database management system.


Prometheus is a service monitoring and time series database, which is open source.


QuestDB is an open source time series database. It implements SQL and exposes a Postgres wire protocol, a REST API, and supports ingestion with InfluxDB line protocol.

Amazon Timestream

Amazon AWS offers the Timestream managed time-series database service.


McObject in Federal Way, Washington offers eXtremeDB, an in-memory embedded relational database for IoT connected devices and time series analyses.

IBM Informix on Cloud

IMB Informix on Cloud is a DBaaS deployment of IBM's Informix database, available from IBM Cloud.

Azure Time Series Insights

Microsoft's Azure Time Series Insights is a managed time series data analysis service for IoT.


Timescale headquartered in New York provides their eponymous time series database TimescaleDB in community and enterprise editions.

Apache Druid

Apache Druid is an open source time series database.


IRONdb is a time series database developed by Circonus headquartered in Fulton.

Axibase TIme Series Database

Axibase headquartered in Cupertino offers a time series database.


Graphite (formerly Whisper) stores and graphs time series data.


QuasarDB is a time series database from the company of the same name in Paris.


KairosDB is an open source time series database.



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CrateDB is an open-source, distributed SQL database for relational and time-series data, from Crate.io headquartered in San Francisco. A solution for machine data, the vendor states CrateDB is purpose-built for the need to scale volume, variety and velocity of data while running…


OpenTSDB is an open source time series database.