Novice User - Still a lot to Learn!
August 12, 2014

Novice User - Still a lot to Learn!

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Overall Satisfaction with Intacct

We have just recently purchased this software and it will be used across the board within our 3 different companies we operate.
  • I am not yet fully familiar with all areas however thus far this has streamlined our processes significantly.
  • None that I have been unhappy with at this point. Once I do see an area for improvement I don't mind making a new update to my review.
  • Again helped streamline processes that were being done more manually. Therefore time efficiency has had a huge impact and allowed for other productive processes to occur.
This was not my final decision the owner choose this after having done a lot of research and how this works in conjunction with other software pieces that we utilize in our everyday business.
We are vested in using Intact and are happy with our results thus far; we have no thought to change at this time.
Again I am not a well versed user at this point but once I have used this product long enough I am sure I will have areas that I can specifically point to that could maybe use addressing. However at this point I am happy with the results that I am getting by using this product.

Using Intacct

4 - Shipping, Accounting, Business Owner (All aspects), and Administrative support I am sure that there are many other areas we could be using to help with our efficiency however at this point we are happy with the current applications we are using Intacct for. Once our business grows more we are set up and ready to go forward.
We utilize the phone support if necessary however even at that we at this current time have no need to offer dedicated support in-house for the use of Intacct software due to the size of our business. Possibly once our business grows there may be a need to have this support in-house..
  • Logistics company needed to streamline our processes
  • Works within other software that we are currently using or in process of implementing
  • User friendly from our point of view based on use for several months now
  • Again software working in conjunction with our other products we use everyday.
  • Ease of sending customer's their invoices!
  • Ease of making payments to our vendors!
  • We are always looking for improvements and efficiency in our company we have not thought of any at this point but I am sure there will be some later in our future.
  • We still have plenty of room to learn I am sure that there are going to be new and innovative things for us to being applying in the future!

Evaluating Intacct and Competitors

Yes - QuickBooks was our main choice of product we utilized. Now we have the capability to utilize so much more and keep better track of our ongoing processes and inventory in house at our different warehouse locations. Also we are more quickly able to invoice our customers. Also we have the ease of submission for payments to our vendors.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
This was not my final choice or approval in the decision of purchasing this product. I had imput on my reviews of overall applications that were offered through intacct and voiced those with our owner; however it was his final decision and review and research that determined it our choice to go with Intacct.
None at this point, I feel that the offerings and support in which are provided have a complete benefit I don't have any areas or recommendations that require any change in the way we went through our setup and initialization of switching from Quickbooks to Intacct. It was more or less pretty streamlined once we provided all the initial items to get going we would recommend others towards using this software.

Intacct Implementation

Went overall smoothly.
Yes - Broken up into 3 parts.
Change management was a major issue with the implementation
  • Properly setting up of all the information within Intacct

Intacct Training

  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
I was not available at the start of this training therefore missed out on some of the really important helpful information and notes that I had to later learn through taking training online and or self teaching how to do certain processes within the software. Overall it has been a very good experience though.
I learned much of my information through taking the online training since I missed at lot of the initial hands on training that was done in person for our business. I have found most of the online classes/training to be very helpful and I recommend others that have not used the software to utilize this.
No there is training you really should go through since this is not as much of a user friendly software that other things such as quick books is and you really can cause issues if you are not aware of what all can happen when a change is made to something how that effects other processes, etc..

Configuring Intacct

I don't think it's too limited there are many things that can be changed in order to suit your own company needs and also to help streamline your own processes I feel that this was the right software choice for our company to use. I wouldn't make any changes it worked the way we needed it to!
None I just say be very clear with what you need to get out of the software and what and how you operate your business in order to get the most use and functionality from the software and everything that it has for it's offerings and you will be happy in doing this ahead of time!
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - We went through the processes and just went back and forth for a little bit to make sure we covered everything that we needed to so that the software did what we needed it to do and customized to fit our needs as a small business. It was a very helpful step to go through!
None think I mentioned most of everything that we went through as far as customization and we received the support and changes we needed for our own business needs and would recommend others looking to make the change that they can trust that they will get out of Intacct what they need for their business needs!

Intacct Support

Have been very helpful during our setup process and supportive.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
Slow Initial Response
When setting up our chart of accounts within Intacct.

Using Intacct

Reputable company and offers good support and well though product offerings/software. With having used Intacct now for just a few months I would say that they have been there to answer and support our questions quickly and get us through whatever hurdles we had encountered or got stuck on figuring out how to get through some of the new changes/obstacles.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Processing of our invoices to our customers
  • Ease of payment to our vendors
  • Creating and viewing of reports seem very helpful and easily transferable to other software if needed.
  • Prior to using the system it took some time to learn how to use it which I found a little different and somewhat hard / cumbersome to deal with.
  • Running of reports prior to learning the system was not that easy to figure out with configuration
  • Processing of accounting aspects payables and receivables were hard to learn

Integrating Intacct

Our personal view on this was for us it went overall smoothly and we didn't have any major issues and all of our items that we needed addressed were done so in a timely fashion by Intacct and we again recommend this software due to the capabilities and offerings that it provides!
  • Iqtel
  • One Note
not difficult had to work with Intacct in order to achieve what we were needing for our company needs.
  • None at this point new
As far as I am aware there are many other there that do offer this support for integration of course for a fee.
  • File import/export
We didn't have any problems we were able to get addressed and resolving any issues we had when we did our integration. The best advise is to utilize the individuals that are helping through this process because they know a lot of information and can get you what you are need done.

Relationship with Intacct

They were helpful ready to provide support at the time you either called or sent an email they were very responsive and got back to you regarding your questions and or helped you walk to through the process of making any necessary changes that were needed or advise on a process that you were possibly unfamiliar with.
Again very professional and attentive to their customer's able to provide support after the sale and still continue offering assistance which has been helpful since we have only been using this new software for a few months and still have even more to learn and implement within our organization. There are always room for new efficiences and we feel this has been something that Intacct allowed us to head in that direction.
We were able to achieve what was required in order to make the switch of the previous software that we utilized and go into using Intacct. We asked for phone support as well and email support in order to help us ease into learning this new software for our company and learn how to utilize it to the best of our abilities for what our business needs are.
Having a good working relationship with your sales person would be the best thing and ask up front what you expect and want to gain by using their product so that they are aware of how you plan to uitlize and can possibly offer you better advise on what implementations to use within their software.