Sage Intacct is a cloud ERP system targeted at high-growth small and medium-sized businesses. Intacct includes applications for core financials and accounting, purchasing, order management, and financial reporting and business intelligence. It also integrates with 3rd party software like Salesforce. able to decrease ME close from 15 to 4 daysIntacct is currently being used by our Accounting dept. only. We switched from Quickbooks so the functionality and reporting has been leaps and bounds above what we able to do previously. We utilize Intacct to track expenses by project, department, billable, etc.,Reporting - We are able to build custom reports that drive decisions from above. Project driven expenses - We are able to see the spend on a project basis and break it down by department to further determine the extent of each department's impact on each project. Separation of entities - We have three entities that roll up into one for reporting. We are able to review expenses for each specific entity and track them separately.,Search function - It is incredibly difficult to use the search function within Intacct. It very rarely works and nothing like the search functionality we had within QB. Help Desk - It is incredibly difficult to get issues addressed in a timely manner. Submitting a case, waiting for it to be assigned before we are able to follow up on it. It would be incredibly helpful if Support was easier to get a hold of (over the phone or through a chat function within Intacct would be amazing).,10,We were able to decrease our monthly close from more than 15 days down to 4. We have been able to provide more detailed reports to our board.,As noted before, due to the amount of automation we have been able to decrease our tedious, manual month end process from 15 plus days down to 4. This has allowed the Accounting team to better support the overall business and provide real time data when requested by other departments.,Being able to track expenses by project has led to fewer overages, which in turn means happy customers. We are able to provide project managers with real time reports showing where the project is at from an expense perspective. Additionally, we have been able to track the project expenses within each separate entity (we have 3) and additionally break the expenses down by department.,4,Lawson (Intentia) and QuickBooks Pro,6,6,AP AR reporting,Statistical accounts - track visits and enrollment counts Customized reporting - built our own reports Dashboards - track important features right away when I log in,Connect to Tableau Connect to Salesforce Connect to ADP,9,Adaptive Insights, a Workday company, ADP Workforce Now, Smartsheet,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,Wouldn't change the process.,Third-party professional services,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,department structure projects accounts receivable module,5,Online training Self-taught,7,I would not recommend learning the system solely on your own. Utilize training's and speak to your customer rep regularly.,10,Take your time and test, test, and test some more. Try to break the system before you go life, the more testing you do before go-live the better.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,Use Sage to implment your system. Thrid party administrators for this only support for a short amount of time unless you pay the TPA annual fees to support. Otherwise, you are left with Sage to troubleshoot any issues and there have been issues with support able to troubleshoot changes that have been done by a TPA.,No,2,Yes,So far, we have not had a good experience with support. When I have spoken with Engineers or developers that I have met at conferences, I tend to get a much better result in fixing an issue than going through support.,8,8,Unsure, done before I started with the company.,Utilize your direct customer support rep as they can usually find the answer for you a lot timelier than other avenues.,No,Payment approval Journal entry review reports,Correcting an over-payment on an invoice Ensuring that items that are billable are properly coded as such,7,9,9,10,Salesforce Tableau,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST),Utilize the Sage integration team to integrate any additional systems.,Yes,Marking journal entries as billable,Better report writing functionality without having to pay additional fees,NoThe insightful and thoughtful ERP.We use Sage Intacct company wide. Before Sage Intacct we used Sage Mass 200. The software was not user friendly, had limited modules, and no internal reporting functionality. We chose Sage Intacct for their vast array of financial modules including an extensive reporting package as well as their fantastic customer service. We currently use the A/P, Cash Management, Bank Reconciliation, Reporting, and Fixed Assets modules. We do small amounts of A/R within Sage Intacct, but much of it is taken care of in a separate A/R/ system designed specifically for gyms. The most enjoyable part of Sage Intacct for us is the reporting functionality. The flexibility to see the data in various ways and drill down into it. Additionally, the fixed assets module in Sage Intacct has saved us thousands of dollars because we no longer depend on a CPA for those calculations. Lastly, our account managers have been excellent at answering our questions and concern. Their response time is amazing!,Reporting is by far their strongest module. Between the prebuilt reporting module and custom report writer there are few limits on what you can create. We frequently need to have granular information. Community. I currently lead the Portland User Group which meets once a quarter to collaborate about Sage Intacct and we each use it to benefit our business. Between user groups and the online community forum there's a multitude of resources to bring users together to help make Sage Intacct an even better financial ERP. Accounts payable is our most frequently used module. The bill payment screen and registers make paying our bills a piece of cake!,Their fixed assets module needs some updating. We appreciate being able to add assets as we pay the bills but that same functionality should exist in the general ledger as well. The nagivation between the various parts of the module is clunky and difficult. The user interface is still in beta, but it stills needs some updating. The menus are a pain to navigate. They need to allow each user or even each company to create a custom "board" with a workflow that allows users to place their most frequently accessed areas on one screen. I don't like that the performance cards on the dashboard are only available on the entity level. They should be available at the top level.,9,In the area of fixed assets we've saved thousand by not outsourcing those functions to our CPA. Tracking them in house has been relatively simple. Sage Intacct has saved us a tremendous number of hours a week creating and sending out reports. Having reports automatically sent to our executives and managers every month has helped us tackle expense overspending and provided them the information they need to make decisions without waiting on the accounting department. All of the time savings from automated processes and more in depth fiancial information has freed our business to focus on our fitness training programs and sales. This is producing better training for our clients which is leading to better and longer customer retention.,We use automation in the general ledger and accounts payable modules. Automating GL entries and AP bills has helped us make a better prediction of our net income at the end of each month. This prediction has helped us discover when and where our sales are struggling and caused us to completely redo how we incentivize our sales staff. The top down automation and the time it frees up are translating into real business changes.,We do not utilize these modules at this time.,7,NetSuite,11,1,Sage Intacct is moainly used in our organization for its core accounting functions. We've been highly impressed with bringing our fixed assets into Sage Intacct. It's saved us thousand of dollars in CPA costs and it runs quite smoothly.,We're exploring the idea of moving our accounts receivable/CRM into Sage Intacct from a seperate system. This would be a massive movement of information but greatly streamline all operations.,We're definitely interested in the Budgeting and Planning and Custome Report Writer recently released. Both would provide insight we desperately need.,10,ExpensePathAccounting software that works well for grant tracking and nonprofitsIntacct is being used as the accounting software for a "primary care association". Having multiple dimensions for departments, programs, and funding sources is vital for reporting and satisfying federal grant requirements. It has given us much more visibility and insight into what's going on financially with our organization and programs. Dashboards and custom reports are the easiest to configure out of the many other accounting systems I've used. Intacct features also allow our small office to maintain internal controls, which get tricky with a one-person accounting department. Compared with other accounting systems, user friendly interface and brilliantly developed features save time and make many tasks easier to complete.,Custom reporting. Most accounting systems I have used require a programmer or an external software like Crystal Reports to create neatly formatted and usable custom reports. Intacct's report writer is intuitive and easy to use. All employees have limited access logins and complete expense reports and time sheets right in Intacct. We used to pass printed Excel sheets around the office for signatures/authorization for these processes. When researching accounting software, I wanted to avoid the cost of buying time keeping and expense reimbursement software separately and the hassle to make them work with an accounting system. Dashboards for specific programs let managers see in real time how their program is doing. They can see the moment invoices are charged to their program, and see income statement type reports when a month is closed. One of our training program dashboards has a custom report that shows when participants have paid tuition fees. This means lower demands on accounting staff for information. Transaction "list screens" are easy to customize with multiple views. These views can show different data elements in different column orders, and sort transactions on different fields. This makes finding transactions easier to view at a glance and easier to find. User preferences can be customized. People prefer to work and see things in different ways, and this is very easy to set up in Intacct. Most of the menus and options are intuitive and easy to figure out. I had to gain a good understanding of the relationship between building blocks of the reporting structure (GL accounts are grouped by category, categories are grouped into account groups, account groups can be grouped into other parent account groups, etc.) but just navigating the software is easier than any other software I've used in 25 years as an accountant. Budgets and journal entries are easy to export/import from a CSV file. This helps with longer transactions which have many lines.,If you're considering purchasing, make sure you're fully aware of the pricing structure and business model. Extra modules and external software that works with Intacct can add functionality to the core module, but they drive up the cost dramatically. Intacct has a solid core module of basic GL, AP, AR, and reporting, but it is missing a couple key features I needed for federal grants compliance. Intacct has a solid core module of basic GL, AP, AR, and reporting, but it is missing a couple key features I needed for federal grants compliance. I was told by a salesperson that Intacct offers timesheet approval, which the core module does not. For that feature, you need to pay an additional $9,000 per year for the Project Accounting module. My small non-profit can't afford that extra cost for a single feature we needed, so I was forced to find a solution outside Intacct. Also, I was told that "employee users" could approve invoices, which they can't, and additional "business user" licenses are pricey and quickly drive up the cost of your subscription. Because I called them on this, they worked out a customization in Purchasing, where unapproved invoices could be created, approved by our CEO with an "employee user" license, and converted to AP invoices for payment. (An accountant cant approve his own work.) Importing budgets and long journal entries can get frustrating with the cryptic error messages. "Why didn't that work? What does this code mean?" With practice comes understanding, but it's a much steeper learning curve in an otherwise user friendly system.,10,Visibility is probably the biggest improvement. As the accountant, I was the only one with access to the old system, and all financial info to the organization flowed through me. Dashboards has greatly reduced the requests for information from staff. They all have logins and can see how their programs are doing on dashboards. My CEO has his own customized dashboard, and when he has questions I can answer them while he stands by my desk instead of saying "Give me a few minutes to track down the answer and I'll get back to you". Creating different budgets and reports for the needs of different programs and grants has been a huge liberation from my old software, Sage 50. (So please don't ruin Intacct, Sage! Let them continue to work their magic!),I like being able to duplicate and update previous journal entries and invoices with lots of lines. Rolling financial periods on financial statements are great! Filtering a report by program (project), or department is very useful and means you don't have to build the same report for each program. All of this saves time and standardizes these processes.,Our organization is a small nonprofit, and those extra modules are expensive and out of our reach.,,QuickBooks Online, Blackbaud Online Express, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SAP CRM,1. The biggest benefit was visibility. We had one user license for our old accounting system, and when program managers needed financial info about their programs, they came to me. Now they all have dashboards in Intacct, which update in real time, and they access them using "employee" type Intacct licenses. 2. Custom reporting - I don't need to learn Crystal Reports or similar, because Intacct has the best custom reporting setup of any accounting system I've seen. This creates a lot of efficiencies when getting answers, and pulling information for grant billing or budget to actual reports. 3. Intacct's multiple dimensions - This is really important for us, because our departments and funding sources don't have 1-to-1 relationships. Some funding sources support multiple programs, and we do have departments funded by multiple funding sources. So being able to run reports and filter on these dimensions in different ways is not just a "nice to have".,Excel - Importing payroll journal entry as a CSV file.,I have set up separate dashboards for each major program we have. Managers can log into Intacct and see expenses showing up the instant they're entered into the system. Access can be granted in several ways (departments assigned to user ID, grant access directly to user ID, etc.). They have a chance to alert accounting of coding mistakes (this isn't my expense) or control spending (we're spending too much on travel relative to our contract budget) when needed. The only thing to be aware of with real-time updating dashboards is that certain times of the month expenses are shown but revenue (grant invoice) is not calculated and entered yet, so financial performance looks horrible. Communicating to staff WHEN the reports are complete for the prior month is important.,My organization only has one entity currently, but implementation specialists helped me set up Inacct to be able to add additional locations or subsidiaries in the future.,Intacct helps us anticipate future funding needs more accurately when applying for grants. Spending up funding early impacts how you can help your customers during the current project period, and having too much left over may reduce future funding and limit what you can do going forward. Also, a mixture of good reporting tools and wise strategy can help make the most impact with limited resources. This is how I see Intacct helping our mission.,15,1,Program managers need timely visibility into the finances of their programs. The Finance Director needs to be able to provide quick answers to financial questions from the staff and the CEO. The Finance Director and CEO need to be able to budget and respond to changes in funding, relying on easy to use financial reporting tools. Because the Finance Director is the only accounting staff in a small group, efficiency in recording transactions is important.,I was able to create two custom reports from scratch based on timesheet data. One tells me how many hours each staff member worked during the pay period, and types of hours (vacation, sick, regular, holiday) which we use for payroll processing. The other splits each employee's time into funding source percentages, which helps allocate personnel costs accurately. I'm an accountant, not a computer expert. No support was needed to do this. I was able to create financial report which lists funding sources down the side, departments across the top, and showing salaries at each cross section. This report is used in allocating shared costs (indirect expenses) because we use salaries as a basis. I've never used an accounting system that would allow me to create a report like this without the help of a programmer, or database reporting expert.,Intacct has something called "statistical accounts" which can log non-financial data. I'd like to look into how this could be used - what the possibilities are. Tracking event attendance, occurrences of something particular, efficiency measures, are just a few guesses. My organization currently only has one entity, but in the future, it's nice to know that a subsidiary could be added and allow finances to roll up together.,10Think, plan, do automation.We use Sage Intacct as our ERP system. The system is a financial hub that has integrations with multiple other Saas software.,Extremely easy to navigate around the system. Excellently configured to create custom processes and workflows with their Custom Application module. Consistent never-ending enhancements. Absolutely fantastic. Intergrate with most other Saas applications.,Attaching supportive documentation is too cumbersome.,10,The time saved through automation paid for the system within 6 months. Access to the system at any time from anywhere in the world. Real-time data are more visible to all staff.,Integrated supplemental software such as,,, and SAP Concur with Sage Intacct resulted in our payables process to be 100% automated and reduced the workload of our AP Department with 70%.,The revenue recognition module has been a superstar for us. A simple click once a month replaced a complex time-consuming spreadsheet.,10,NetSuite,Integration with other cloud solutions. Improve automation. Custom applications. Creating custom processes. Easy process or workflow setup. Ease of use.,Adaptive Insights SAP Concur,Dashboards have created real-time visibility of processes and transactions to our whole organization. Non-accounting staff love that they can drill down to the source documents via the dashboards. Staff obtains transaction information immediately as supposed to waiting for a response from the finance department.,The multi-entity works fantastic. The functionality is swift and quick.,Sage Intacct has given, not just me, but all staff at ACVB the ease and ability to collaborate across departments and stakeholders. Since implementation, the lines of communication regarding real-time and future finances and processes have truly opened up and broken up the silos among us all, thus allowing for more effective, efficient, and accessible collaboration. This collaboration ensured that decisions are taken informatively and quickly enabling efficient managing 150 programs that support our mission.,Our membership grew with 10%.,Revenue recognition used to be very time consuming, the finance team used to spend 4-5 hours every month on spreadsheet-based revenue recognition, but now the entire workflow is completed in seconds through Intacct’s sophisticated capabilities.,The multi-dimensional ledger is considered to be a standard feature that an organization should expect. I forget that this is a special feature that many organizations do not have or use separate software. I cannot imagine a solution not having this feature. Zero time is spent except for running a report to get consolidated results. Absolutely fantastic.,No.,30,4,Running financial reports. Dashboards that track specific transactions for other departments. Custom applications.,We streamlined most of our financial processes for dramatic time savings and improved value-added services to customers, our staff, and any other stakeholders. We created dynamic workflows for most of our core business processes. An example of an extensive value-added efficient process involves a workflow we created for our most valued business process, which is recording and tracking future concessions payable to customers. We have a unique situation where our customers become vendors sometime in the future. An agreement is reached with a customer for a deliverable within one to 15 years from today. At the end of an event that was agreed upon 15 years prior, for example, payment must be made to the customer. These concessions used to be recorded into a spreadsheet once a quarter resulting in long overdue concession payments. These delays would cause customer complaints and in certain cases prevent recurring business that could amount to millions of dollars’ worth of financial impact to our community. Future concession commitments are now recorded and tracked as the transaction occurs. We have had not one delayed concession payment since the process has been created. We also took advance of Sage Intacct’s Platform Services which allows for customizing your company to meet your unique business processes through completely custom platform applications. A Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) custom application was built to store and track all our vendor correspondence. Agreements, leases, insurance policies, and general correspondence are linked to bills for easy reference. By drilling in on the VRM object links below the electronic bill, any related documents for example, an insurance policy can be found. In addition, smart events are send to contract owners when agreements are about to expire resulting in proactive decisions. Sage Intacct’s Collaboration feature is part of many activities in the VRM. Questions, clarifications, and instructions between the finance team and other departments and among finance staff have tremendously improved communication.,Budgeting. A new comprehensive budget module was released that seems very promising. Create a vendor portal.,10,Adaptive Insights, Concur Expense,,Yes,Price Product Usability,I would not change anything.,Third-party professional services,No,Change management was minimal,No issues.,10,Online training Self-taught,10,Yes.,10,Do not be afraid. Explore and play with the software.,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,A subscription process has been created in Sage Intacct. We are a membership organization and receive dues. Dues have been billed out of legacy software and we wanted to maintain control within our ERP software, however, the legacy system had many shortcomings about handling best practices. For example, pricing of dues was calculated in a spreadsheet and quoted verbally. Prices were often discounted by account executives and were easily explained away by referring to a very complicated price list. Dues were calculated based on categories that have separate base prices and multiple variables. Prior to Sage Intacct, the dues were obtained from paper membership applications that had uncontested dues pricing. Now, dues follow a properly constructed best practices process provided by Sage Intacct. Quotes are created by the account executive based on a pricelist that calculates the complex calculation very easily. Discounts are properly recorded in a separate line item. Quotes are reviewed by a manager and convert them to an order. The finance team convert the orders to invoices. As a result, a proper review process is now in action, dues are now calculated correctly and there are fewer discounts. This has led to a 10% increase in dues revenue.,No,10,Yes,We implemented Sage Intacct’s Prepaid Expense Amortization application. The implementation manager was exceptionally well organized and ensured the project was successful. A few months after the project was completed I needed help on the module. I submitted a case to support and unexpectedly the implementation manager reached out to me to help. I thought this was great as I was expecting a regular support person. The implementation manager was notified by the support that one of her "customers" needed help. I thought it was great that the person who received the case automatically referred the case to the implementation manager. She knew my setup and resolved my problem very quickly.,10,10,We received a large discount since we are a non-profit organization and continue to receive on our business user licenses.,Be honest, upfront, and polite.,No,Report setup. Creating custom applications. All transaction processing.,Adding attachments of supportive documentation.,Yes,10,10,10,10,Simpleview,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST),If there is a will there is a way.,Yes,Enhanced tools that are easier to use.,Ease of use.,NoAccounting is Easier with Sage IntacctSage Intacct is a great accounting product. It is used to do our daily accounting for our Non-profit; inclusive of financial statements. I had previously used other Accounting Software. However, what I love about Sage Intacct is the ease in which corrections can be made as well as the Automation that is allowed with the Accounts Payable function. Since using Sage Intacct we have been able to outsource a portion of our Accounts Payable process.In terms of being used across the organization, we have been able to use the Purchasing feature tied to Accounts Payable. We have rolled it out on a limited basis. I do find that the process in splitting an invoice is a little confusing. I do find the date conversion feature limiting when converting a bill for approval to an invoice; I would hope it could keep the original date. I also appreciate that the bank reconciliation is housed inside Intacct and we have been able to utilize this feature as well.,Corrections are easy to perform in Intacct. Also, credits can be placed on the same screen in Accounts Payable. Integration with other programs such as Expensify. Financials are easy to understand.,Purchasing feature needs more clarity and more expanded features; including maintaining original date. Accounts Payable doesn't have the ability to look at a vendor at a glance, other than running a report. Previous product let you pull a vendor under vendor screen and see all transactions. Bank Reconciliation feature is great, but should allow for more complexity in terms of clearing items.,9,Productivity has increased particularly with Accounts Payable. Error corrections have made work less cumbersome. With information being housed inside Intacct, it allowed for a shorter yearly audit. Auditors were able to pull information directly from Sage Intacct. In fact, one auditor said "Everything was in Intacct.",The automation has been a great time saver and has allowed greater efficiency, particularly in daily processes as well as allowing for a shorter audit period. I appreciated the fact that there was less information to pull for auditors when they were able to view invoices and bank reconciliations/statements inside Sage Intacct.,Multi-entity has allowed for less complication in booking our European subsidiary financials. The fact that the financials can get reported in Euros, and then converted in Consolidation, has allowed for less complications in recording. Also, the fact that outside vendors, such as Expensify, can be linked to Intacct has allowed for more efficiency. This linking feature allows other departments to code and record their own expenses, and once approved they are fed to Intacct.,9,Microsoft Dynamics AX,Ease of Closing-Intacct has made the close process more streamlined.Ease of Corrections-Made it easier to correct information.Reconciliations are Contained within the system,Expensify,Dashboards have not been used completely in Intacct.,Due to the multi-entity functionality; Intacct has made the global consolidation clearer. The fact that entities can be entered in the functional currency has made entry recording simpler. The complexity of making entries has diminished with the use of Intacct.,The broader mission of providing clearer and quicker information has been met with the use of Intacct. It is easier to provide needed information in response to questions in a more concise way. Intacct has literally put information at my fingertips, and as a result internal and external customers inquiries can be addressed in a timely fashion.,6,Reporting Accounts Payable Purchasing,Paperless Accounts Payable Utilizing Purchasing for Invoice Approval Global Consolidations,Payroll Integration,10,Paylocity Web Pay, Microsoft 365 Business, timeOutIntacct is Intuitive and EasyIt is used for all our accounting needs. I am the Controller and my manager is the VP of Finance. We are the only ones using Intacct.,Very easy to use. Very easy to learn. It is very intuitive. Can easily modify prior months or year data. Interacts easily with other products. You can get any report in Excel or PDF. You can view a report and then drill down. You can get all the way to the transaction is you want.,Once you post a cash receipt, you can't get back in to change any problems.,10,With Intacct, month end accounting is so easy, I can be closed very quickly and have management reports in the hands of the Exec's in a very timely manner.,We use the automated Expense report and credit card entry processes. They have saved a lot of time and tedious labor.,We have the expense management modules and it is very easy to use. It has been automated with another process that further save time and energy.,10,NetSuite, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Deltek Costpoint,2,,General Ledger recording and maintenance Accounts receivable billing, tracking and payments Accounts payable and expense report recording and payments. Credit card recording and payments,Interface with Credit cards for recording and payments Interface with an outside expense reporting software Abacus,Outside billing interface,10,Abacus,General Ledger has a great drill down capability Accounts Payable is very easy and self explanatory. No learning curve needed Extremely easy to enter accounts receivable and payments Reports have a great drill down capablility,Have found any with difficulties,Yes, but I don't use it,10Best Package I have ever used.We use Sage Intacct across our entire organization. Six entities and 100+ departments. Sage gives us outstanding management reporting capabilities.,Document attachment User Help Intuitive User Interface Flexible Reporting Options,We'd like to be able to design finacial reports using ANY dimension. Currently, only department and location dimensions allow for stacked reporting. Printing from an HTML report is terrible. In order to print a report, we need to download to Excel and use the Excel formatting tools. Cumbersome.,10,Very positive,Absolutely benefitted. Payments are processed correctly the first time.,We use several dimensions. Entity, location, dept, class, customer, vendor, employee and a few customizations. Allowing each GL to be specifically configured and controlled with smart roles and relationships keeps our books clean and limits user errors.,7,Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, NetSuite and Financial Edge,Digital Documentation Reporting ability User Interface,Working on Payroll May try to integrate Exp Reporting Will likely integrate with a donor database product. Probably Salesforce,To some extent. Unless the underlying data is current and up to date, you may get inaccurate answers.,we do not consolidate at this point,Has GREATLY reduced the complexity of our financial reporting while GREATLY expanding our capabilities. We get info quickly and accurately.,100,3,Real TIme Reporting Automation of Manual Tasks Improved Financial Reporting Capability,We use the purchasing module to allow users to request checks. We like the approval process it allows. Using Intacct in conjunction with Close Management software allows us to stay on task, reducing the closing / reportingg process Users can get info quickly and easily. This has removed a strain on teh Accounting staff,We may be able to further automate repetitive tasks We may be able to use AI to do financial analysis for us.,10,QuickBooks ProHappy with IntacctIntacct is used mostly in the accounting department,Easy bank reconciliations. Ease of attachments to anything. Users permissions. Approval process.,Building reports. Credit card reconciliation. Dividing approvals for a journal between two or more people.,9,Various locations under dimensions. Approvals for less mistakes. Better customer service.,We have benefited from accounts payable automation from Nexonia to Intacct,N/a,8,QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Dynamics GP,8,3,Purchase requests Deposits Bills,Dashboards to locations. Financial reports by location or by the whole organization. Customization on dimensions.,Dashboards within locations.,9,8,No,When wanting to create special identifiers for our already complex dimensions.,Bills. Bank reconciliations. Purchase requests.,Customizing reports. Reconciling credit cards. Fixed assets.,No,9Great All-in-One SystemWe use Intacct as our core accounting system. With all of the different partnerships they offer, we are able to automate most of our manual, tedious business processes and get everything all in one system.,Flexibility to implement in a way that fits your organization. They understand that all companies are different and do not expect us to fit in their box. Many partners to choose from for more specific business processes. Great customer support team.,Inventory management is an issue with our organization. While it has gotten better over the past year with their new releases, it still has it's quirks.,10,We have automated a lot of our manual processes.,Our organization has benefited from automating processes with Sage Intacct. We have turned our AP approval process from a paper process to a complete online process. Since all the pieces of the system tie together seamlessly, our close-out process has been shortened and is much easier.,We use time & expense to process employee's credit card charges as well as their reimbursements. This module allowed us to set up approval processes in the system, whereas prior to Sage Intacct, it was a complete paper process.,10,NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics NAV,Sage Intacct has helped us automate processes and move towards a paperless office environment.,UltiPro,We have not used dashboards yet.,we do not have multi-entities,It has given more people access to financial information on a more real-time basis. There is no longer staff coming to the accounting department to ask for reports on a continuous basis, not they run the reports themselves when ever they need them.,60,,AP automation inventory mangement AR invoicing,reduce the paper pushing speed up the process of getting documents for AP,contract management budgeting,10,UltiPro, eFileCabinetSage HappySage Intacct replaced our company's old accounting software Great Plains. Sage Intacct is used by the accounting department to handle all the accounting functions in the company. A percentage of our revenues are from cost reimbursement contracts which can require extensive documentation depending on the funder - we are pleased with the ability to not only upload all backup documentation but to provide viewing access to program managers so they can monitor spending. There is key personnel who also have viewing rights so in that sense it is used by the entire organization. I enjoy the flexibility of running reports across fiscal years and very happy with the intercompany functions.,Ability to create the journal entries behind intercompany transactions - these can be cumbersome and be error prone. Project Managers and auditor to have access to the general ledger when needed. This takes the burden off the accounting staff to provide those reports or analysis of projects. I like the architecture of the chart of accounts - having multiple general ledgers with similar accounts but only "tweaking" those accounts to differentiate between the companies is great versus setting up entire strings of accounts.,How about error warnings when doing intercompany transactions - some times a user will choose the right company with the wrong account. Can it be set up so a user "must" enter a description when generating IEAR & IEAP transactions - sometimes users don't fill in all the fields and it makes reconciling cumbersome. Can check numbers be included in the general ledger for expenses - we have cost reimbursement grants that want to see check numbers. Currently we run a separate report out of cash management & update a excel/word documents provided by funder. A ledger with that information would eliminate a huge step.,9,I think the investment into the software over rides the consulting expenses we paid on our previous software.,It's key to have those areas automated or why have a computerized accounting system. I like that it is could based and can be accessed from anywhere.,na,,,8,,Entering and Paying Bills Entering Cash Receipts and Recording Receivables Monthly Close and adjustments Financial reports for management,Software will create intercompany transactions behind the scenes To provide access to program directors versus paper financials for monitoring Auditor's can have a specific user access,I would like to see Sage Intacct be part of the organizations ERP systems It would be great if there was a line to payroll for allocation purposes I would like to use the budget module,9Review of IntacctIntacct is our system of record for the financial reporting of the company. Intacct is being used for the order to cash process, bill to payment process, and for the revenue recognition process. It is being used by 3 - 4 different departments. Intacct allows for less reliance on spreadsheets. It has automated the revenue recognition process and segregated the timing of billing and timing of when to recognize revenue.,Intacct is easy to use and learn. With a little time and understanding, the IT department does not need to be involved with troubleshooting the system. Being in the cloud and having access anywhere, allows for real time decisions to be made. Intaccts' reporting and ability to analyze various types of multiple budgets at one time. Being able to link Salesforce, Avatax and Intacct together allows for the ability to keep information up to date and visible to others that may not have or need access to the program. Intacct's customer service staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the product and wanting to resolve the issues. The ability to update and change revenue schedules to match the new accounting rules and automate the timing of the revenue makes customer growth manageable.,The reconciling of the sub-ledger to the general ledger is difficult. The sub-ledger reports are not a point in time, the balances can change depending on the timing of processes being updated and the reports being run. I would like to see the ability to change a non-financial impacting field in the invoice (change address) after a period is closed. It is hard and time consuming to fix mistakes in the system. There are a lot of hoops to jump through. And don't make a mistake on the error correction. Especially in the beginning implementation, make sure that you have completely laid out how Intacct needs to work. You need to map out and understand how the system handles transactions.,9,Intacct allows for only entering data once if synced with the sales booking system. Intacct also allows for quicker turn around time for processing invoices. We have been able to reduce the time it takes to close by four days Less manual journal entries are needed because the system will post joural entries automatically. Intacct's ability to review and forecast revenue gives greater visibility in company performance.,We have benefitted from the Intacct Automation from a standpoint that we do not need to keep manual spreadsheets from deferred revenue. Also we do not need to do double entry of order into Intacct. Once the order is entered in SalesForce, a click of a button will allow for all of the information to be transferred to without manually entering a second time,The revenue management has allowed for less use of spreadsheets and being able to better manage and forecast revenue. It has also allowed for re-allocation of various revenue items based upon the new revenue accounting rules. This also allows for better reporting and more accurate reporting of ST and LT deferred revenue.,8,QuickBooks Pro, PeopleSoft Financials, Great Plains and softrax,6,1,Financial Reporting Revenue Recognition Customer Invoicing Cash Application Renewal Quoting,Streamline purchse requisition processing Streamline Renewal Order quoting Provide Department level expenses that can be automatically sent to the business unit owers automatically,New allocation for revenue recognition rule according to 606,9,Yes,Price Product Features Third-party Reviews,Nothing would change - we looked at three systems, talked with other companies using those systems, and decided that Intacct best suited our needs for a similar price.,Third-party professional services,No,Timing of the cut-over versus the time to close the prior year The attention that we received from the project manager Communication between the project manager and us,5,Online training,7,No - I would suggest taking the training - it makes the ramp up time less.,9,If you have never upgraded to Intacct before, hire an outside consulting firm to help with the configuration,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,Nothing that I can think of,No,9,Yes,Every time I reach out the customer support team, they are very professional and understanding of the tickets that I have entered. When there is an issue the support person will record the issue so that the development team can see the issue and try to resolve.,Order Entry Cash Management Reconcilation General Ledger Reporting,Dashboards Deposit Register Credit Card processing,Yes, but I don't use it,8,10,10,10,SalesForce,No,File import/export Single Signon AppExchange or similar marketplace,The integrations work well. But you have to remember that if something needs to be updated or changed in SalesForce, you have to know that the integration between SalesForce and Intacct could break. Make sure that SalesForce experts are involved any change process.,8,9,pricing and payment,keep communication lines open,No,Not sure - the upgrade has been pretty seamless in my day to day activities.,to get the same service as before the upgrade.,No,NoSage Intacct Foreign EntityIt is used by Finance Department. Cash Management Accounts Payable Projects Account Receivable,You are able to create your own dashboards, The managment of Intacct is totally friendly Configuration is not complicated,We used it for a México Entity but it isn't totally useful. We are not able to use all modules, because it is not ready for Mexican locations.,7,Excelent !!!,unfortunately, we are not able to benefit from this automation because of being a México entity,Not used,7,Oracle API Manager and SAP Audit Management,9,,Account Payable Accouns Receivable General Legder,None ways,Non Ways,7,Oracle Access Management, NetSuite, Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud,Not Sure,Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports,I ill just check the foreign situations,Don't know,i was not part of the implementation,8,Online training In-person training Self-taught,8,9,Yes, but not really recomended,7,None,None,8,We have some problems with VAT and the explain us and provide us a guideline to usa VAT Modul,Journals Report Cash Flow,Proyects AR,9,7,10,9,Expensify Salesforce,NOne,,The integration with Mexican Systems & Laws,7,7,I was not involved on the negotiation,NONE,AP Module,Make it compatibility with foreign systemsEfficient reporting tool for a simple businessSage Intacct is our main, corporate accounts. We have two other, separate industry-specific accounts packages which consolidate into Intacct. Intacct is the main financial reporting tool. It is used primarily by the finance department, but the CEO has access to its dashboards to be able to review at a glance the company's performance,Dashboards: clear, logical, easy to use Dimensions: this enables us to cut information into different reporting slices; e.g. income by client, income by manager, travel expenses by employee.,We're quite a simple set up so it does everything we need it to. Maybe some kind of integrated tax return?,8,Sage has reduced data input time, data output time, month end close time. It is generally a much more efficient program than the previous accounts we used.,No,Potentially something in the future. Our UK HQ is on a different accounts package, but this would be a good solution if we decided to standardize everything.,7,NetSuite,5,,Data input Report generation KPIs, dashboards,Some fun graphs and charts, but that's about it,Our UK and US offices are on different accounting platforms. If we were to all use the same platform it would most likely be Intacct due to its mulit-country consolidation module,9,ADP Resource,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,We are happy with the product,Third-party professional services,No,Change management was minimal,Making sure we hit the implementation deadline (start of new financial year) Making sure the balance sheet positions were rolled forward properly Using report writer to generate all the appropriate reports Ensuring the chart of accounts was properly mapped, and the correct dimensions added,10,No,7,No,Implementation was handled very well,Data input is very easier now that we have been set up with all the correct dimensions Bank reconciliations are very straight forward,Report writing was a little difficult at first,No,8Intacct - Easy to use, customizable software that won't break the bankCurrently Sage Intacct is being used by two departments (Finance/Accounting and Purchasing). We are at the point of expanding Intacct use outside of just G/L activity and look forward to the many ways that Intacct can assist our organization. We plan to implement the contract module right away and then work with partners in A/P processing, as well as payroll implementation.,VERY, VERY easy to use. Detailed and customizable reporting Variety of modules available for utilization.,Limitation of changing location ID #'s is a big problem,8,Great return on investment Ease of financial reporting,Paylocity Web Pay, Concur Travel and Expense, Ortho2 ViewPoint,25,25,Auditable financial data VERY VERY easy to use Customizable software that won't break the bank,Automated bank reconciliations saves tons of time Automated payments,Automated A/P processing systems,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Third-party Reviews,I would have implemented it sooner,Reporting Journal entries Audit support,None,Yes,10ImagineIntacct is being used by our finance and accounting department. It addresses these business problems: consolidation and multi-currency. We still have not used it to its full potential.,Web-based, as such there is less worry about maintenance of hardware and software internally. Reporting in consolidation. Multi-dimension, as such it fulfills the need to track data in detail.,Automate translation booking on monthly processes,9,Better workflow, saving time on current process,,Concur Travel and Expense, SutiExpense,18,1,Contract Consolidation Report Multicurrency,Consolidation Prepaid,Fixed Assets Contract,9GreatIntacct is being used across the organization as an accounting system. We use it as it integrates with Salesforce and it pushes the data into Intacct and all the accounting flow happens within Intacct. We like the consolidation module and all the other ones too. We don't use inventory, because we have none, but we are very happy with it.,Consolidations A/P payments A/R collections,Paying customer refunds Better report design Easier to learn report design,10,Great We didn't have to hire more staff even with revenue increase Cloud-basedd is great,,20,2,AR AP Payroll,For consolidations,Forecasting,10Why use Intacct from the outsourced accounting point of view...Being in the outsourced Accounting world we use Intacct two different ways. First, our organization uses it for our own internal accounting software and second we recommend and use Intacct for our clients when it is the best solution for their business. For our organization, it is used by the entire company. Our accountants (employees) use it to enter their time to allow for management to keep track of hours spent on each client with a quick click of a button. Team Leaders receive emails telling us when the time is submitted and then they review and approve accordingly. The Director of Client Services and the Accounting Manager use the time to create custom reports which help us to see if we are profitable for each client and Team Leaders can view to see if all time is submitted properly and if a client's price may need to be increased. We also use the Tech Change Order feature to help us manage price increases needed as well as utilize requests for refunds, etc. This all helps cut down on internal emails and back and forth, we can put requests right into the system and the accounting manager can process with ease when its time to do the billing. For our clients we use it for their accounting. It is hard to say exactly what it is used for since we have clients in vast array of industries and all use the software differently. The best thing I can say is that the custom reporting really helps for consolidating reporting. You are able to create reports with ease and they are very functional.,Order Management ~ You are able to have multiple stages to allow for the proper flow within your organization. Time Sheet ~ employees are able to enter their own time and submit, managers approve, and then invoice and create reports accordingly with the proper flow. Custom Reporting,Intacct templates for importing data can at times be clunky and hard to use. It is a great process and the concept is awesome, however at times we find ourselves spending a lot of time hunting down why there is an error with an import.,10,Our internal use of Intacct has helped with employee efficiency. We are no longer trying to determine which clients were billed for what, what services need to be added or removed and/or how many hours were spent on a job. All this information is available in one software with a click of a button. No more need for updating of Excel spreadsheets with complicated formulas that breakdown.,QuickBooks Premier,NetSuite,10,Implemented in-house,5,6,8Lower Your Total Cost of OwnershipWe implemented Intacct because we needed a solution that would allow us to manage our financial operations across entities, lines of business and departments. Also, we needed a solution that could easily integrate with a PSA solution.,Reporting and dashboards. Ease of integration with other lines of business applications. Workflow automation. Low total cost of ownership and high return on investment.,Built in integration with our bank so that daily bank activity can be updated automatically.,10,Increased employee efficiency. Self service reporting. Ability to analyze data without the need to export to Excel.,Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL,5,1,Cloud solution (multi-tenant) Ability to easily integrate data from other line of business applications Self service reporting,Integration with our CRM and PSA solutions,10,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,No major issues encountered during the implementation,10,Ability to generate new reports Ability to easily filter data Browser accessibility,I haven't found any function particularly difficult to use.,Yes,10If you just want to be a bookkeeper... don't read this...Intacct is being used accross multiple business functions. For example, being integrated to Salesforce, we give Sales and Sales Operations a 360- view of Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices, and AR Balances on Accounts. Our Product Management Group is managing our PriceBook in Salesforce to ensure accurate syncing to our Items in Intacct. Manufacturing and Engineering use the Purchase to Pay cycles for budget management and Inventory status. We use the Shipment and Salesforce to manage Assets and Support from the Servicecloud in Salesforce. Lastly... all the approval workflows for expenses, purchase requisitions, and dashboards (budget vs. actual) are being used across all applicable departments for visibility to reporting.,Transaction Definitions- This is a great element to Intacct. Being able to define the accounting within the purchasing and order entry workflows so that all the accounting is done behind the scenes... allows the finance person to spend more time on value- add work vs. posting debits and credits. Integration with Third- Party Apps- Salesforce, Avatax, HostAnalytics, Expense Cloud, etc... the list goes on. There are tons of third- party applications that bolt into an Intacct environment with very little work involved. Configuring these integrations for most of these applications can be done in days... not months! Intuitive use of the Product- The way that Intacct is designed to be used by the finance professional... is much more than just bookkeeping and reporting. If used correctly, we believe it becomes the hub of business information that can be used for so much more. Perfect example... the use of Statistical Accounts and natural accounts with the GL and dimensions... something other products don't even come close to.,Inventory module- The calculator that runs valuation reporting in Intacct for perpetual inventory is somewhat clugy. Would love if I could get easy/customizable reporting out of this module. If I could relate data to Items/Inventory... might be able to do some integration with Saleforce as well... to give real- time inventory status information to sales users during quoting. Partial Shipments- The limitations to fix mistakes after a transaction has been posting in a partial shipment/backorder scenario... is something that can be difficult to manage. The inability to edit a transaction when it is part of a back- order scenario... can be tough to manage in the "real world." Revenue Recognition- Intacct does this very well... better than the competition... but again... real world scenarios of changes "after the fact" can make the automated calculation of RSP difficult. Would also be cool if Intacct could have a BESP calculating engine that could run analysis off of Order Entry data to support fair values for certain Items/GL Groups/Product Lines/etc...,9,Efficiency (+)- As an early- stage Co, we are only a finance dept of 2. If I didn't have the Expense feature, purchase-to-pay, and ease of reporting... I would need at least another 1 to 2 FTEs. Do the math... this thing paid for itself in less than the first year. Value- Add (+)- Being integrated with Salesforce... it makes finance a valuable asset to the business as products, accounts, sales orders, shipments, and invoices... all are vested into reporting. This has allowed me, a finance guy, to dabble in Salesforce admin functions that allow me to stear a quote-to-cash process that can be (more) healthy for rev rec purposes.,,1,10Work from home on a snow day - or anywhere you travelI work as an outsourced CFO for a client who uses Intacct for their accounting software. The finance department uses the software and sends weekly automated reports to the executive management team. This gives the executive management team an opportunity to make any corrections to their departments before the month end close.,Intacct allows me to work from various locations on my computer without having to be in the client's office. This is a tremendous plus! Intacct allows for a very detailed accounting by department and project level, down to items. The reporting capabilities are endless.,Sometimes the online help isn't detailed enough to make the solution obvious. The reporting capabilities are endless; however they can be complicated to set up properly.,10,able to attach documents to each payable/receivable making audit requests easier to prepare able to provide executive management with weekly reports to keep the budget in line able to provide quality financial statements for end users,QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions,Great Plains,All my clients,1,10Customizable for the Common ManIt is being used across the organization, but mainly by accounting. We use it company wide to handle expenses. It let us go paperless with expenses and start integrating expense reimbursement with payroll. From an accounting standpoint it has put everything in one place. We no longer need binders of journal entries or file cabinets full of AP bills. We know have everything in the system, which is accessible from any location.,I appreciate the ability to customize Intacct to fit the needs of the company as it changes. We are able to not only use it for our hospital management, but also for our real estate development and investment management. I appreciate the 360 view that it offers. You can drill down from a line on the financial statements to the actual AP invoice. I appreciate the ability to standardize accounting across multiple facilities.,The hardest part of learning Intacct is the terminology. Once that is mastered, the customization becomes much easier.,10,Overall, Intacct has helped us go paperless, which is a huge cost savings in file storage. It has increased the time to reimbursement for our employees while also cutting down on the workload of accounts payable. It has also moved us away from so many manual excel spreadsheets because the information can be extracted from Intacct in a format that can be used.,NetSuite,10,Implemented in-house,8Intacct provides a quality cloud based accounting system that saves time and money.Our entire organization uses it for all budgeting and accounting purposes. We have 30 users entering transactions, approving transactions, or managing their budgets by viewing Intacct's reports and dashboards. It has allowed us to be a paperless organization and has allowed our leadership team and budget managers to be offsite and approve transactions. Overall it has streamlined our processes and saved us money.,Cloud based software has allowed us to store our documents in the cloud saving space on our servers and saving us time and expense spent on software updates and maintenance. Data entry and approval processes are very simple and easy to use. Customer support has been great to work with and our implementation specialist was extremely helpful. He really took the time to understand our processes and then set up Intacct to match.,The reporting feature has been cumbersome to get set up properly and seems to require a lot of maintenance. I wish the reporting and check printing layouts were a little more versatile.,9,Intacct has saved us time and money by allowing many different users to enter their own transactions and take ownership of the budgets that the manage. We have been able to combine an accounting manager and a facilities manager into one position because of the time Intacct has saved us. This allowed for a quick payback on our initial investment.,,30,1,9Review of Intacct SoftwareIt is being used by the accounting department only. It has solved the issue of managing our deferred revenue and has allowed multiple users to access it more easily. In addition, once you get used to it, some of the reporting has been very informative to other managers within the organization.,The "rev rec" schedules. These allow you to recognize revenue over a pre-defined period of time. It can be 12 months, or you can change the entry so that it recognizes revenue over a period greater than or less than 12 months. The ability to export reports, GL detail, etc. to excel has been very helpful when doing analytics. The cloud based solution is nice, especially when traveling or out of the office. It is rather user friendly. I've learned a lot of how to use it on my own and I've figured a lot out. However, I would recommend training as there are a lot of benefits that the system has that you might not just figure out.,The ability to merge accounts and departments would be very beneficial. Companies are always changing and this inability is frustrating when I need to make changes and can't do it. The inability to add departments, locations, etc. after a cash payment has been applied is almost unacceptable. I've spent lots of money trying to fix my predecessor's mistakes when I could make the fixes myself if the system would allow it. The reporting isn't too bad, I get the reports that I need based on financial information. However, when creating a column showing the variances between a current year and prior year P&L it is impossible to show the credit and debit variances differently. In addition, I haven't' figured out a why to show % in columns to distinguish between percent and dollar vairances.,7,I think we've had better customer service. All of our accounting information is easy to obtain related to invoicing, payments, etc. I think we save time related to tracking and recognizing deferred revenue.,,4,2,9Intacct is awesomeIntacct was being used for all Accounting functions: AR/AP, financial reporting. Intacct interacted with Salesforce and kept all customer info up to date.,The ease of use is probably one of my favorites. Another of my favorites is the dashboards and how easy it is to put a report on one and to make them look professional. The revenue recognition abilities is the main reason we purchased Intacct and the amount of time and the reduction of errors the system has saved us is priceless.,If I could change something it would be to make Intacct more flexible. The other item I would say needs improvement is their Budget system. If you do a filter or a view and then edit and save an item then your view reverts back to the "all" view. This makes editing say a department very time consuming as you have to redo your filter every time you save. Adding notes to budget items would be helpful. Adding attachments to budget items would be helpful. Adding the ability to calculate numbers based on another account would be great.,8,The ROI is the greatest impact, we were using Peachtree previously and had outgrown that product. Intacct gave us the ability to stop relying on spreadsheets to make our revenue recognition entries.,,4,10Intacct User Friendly and CustomizeableWe have been using Intacct for two years and are pleased with it. Coming from Quickbooks before and consider Intacct to be user friendly software. It is being used company wide, amongst three different properties. Intacct allows us to create combined financial statements as well as for each property.,Dashboards provide real time reporting Report writer is easy to use and customize User friendly,Audit Trail Uploading bills (should default to GL instead of historical) Running automated Group Reports.,8,Fast reporting,,9,Implemented in-house
Sage Intacct
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Sage Intacct
735 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101

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Tyler Shockley profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

This system is always improving. They're never satisfied with the current product. Their customer service is also unmatched. Our account manager is always checking in to see how we're utilizing Sage Intacct and if our business needs are being met.
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Eric Griffith profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

I have 25 years of accounting experience, I've used 10-plus different accounting programs, and implemented two. I have never used another software this user friendly and with such a flexible system for creating custom reports. My questions to Intacct have been about what's possible, not "why doesn't this work when it worked yesterday", or "how do I get this done". It's fairly intuitive and easy to figure out. There are a few features I was happy to have implementer help on, but I had almost no training before diving in.
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Braam du Plooy profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

There is no denying that there is a direct correlation
between ease, accessibility of internal processes software and generation of
revenue. Sage Intacct and its cloud solutions are sophisticated software tools
that combine the ease of process management with predictability. Sage Intacct
has allowed my team and me to convert, combine, and automate a cluster of manual
processes that were difficult to work with and interpret. Financial insight can
now be discussed with confidence by using the financial hub as a reference,
which can be quickly accessed for a snapshot of the most current data. This
allows me to advise and collaborate with other departments, including sales, on
how the finance team can help them generate revenue.
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John Edwards profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

We did our research on a new accounting platform and Intacct was picked. Right from the beginning, our choice proved to be exactly what we needed. I would recommend Intacct to anyone. However, we are not a government accounting company so we haven't tried it with burden rates or different revenue recognition. However, it works great for Software-as-a-Service company.
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Sharon A Taylor profile photo
August 31, 2018

Sage Happy

Score 9 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

Because of our sources of funding include government grants we undergo a handful of audits annually. The auditors check for internal controls, documentation and if we have the ability to manipulate any functions. We have had better audits and the auditors have not identified any issues with the software. The software is flexible - we have multiple companies - we don't have to logout to switch to another company. Entering journal entries at the "top level" makes intercompany entries so much easier.
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July 13, 2018

Review of Intacct

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

There was a lot of effort to move to the Intacct platform. Being in the second year of using the platform, we are seeing instances where we can start improving how we use Intacct. In addition, we have been able to increase revenues without increasing headcount. Every day we are learning more about Intacct and how to make it work better. It is providing the right information to the decision makers and allowing for business decisions to be made on the correct information.
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Stephanie Beaulieu, EA profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

We will continue to use Intacct internally and refer it to our clients that will mesh with their industries because it is a proven solution that works. It keeps employees efficient and uses their time to construct accurate financials with the correct level of controls.
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Kenny Mitchell profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

Believe it is the best solution for us to scale and grow with over time. Looking forward to see what features come out in the next 12 to 18 months that might address the needs of finance/business users with their philosophy of intuitive use... that will help drive us to the next level.
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William Koellein profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

Unless pricing changes dramatically, we would see no reason to change accounting software and move away from Intacct. It has served us well, our employees have embraced it, and I think there is still untapped potential within the product that we can put to use in our organization. We really have very few complaints.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Pay calculation (5)
Benefit plan administration (5)
Direct deposit files (4)
Salary revision and increment management (4)
Reimbursement management (49)
API for custom integration (180)
Plug-ins (140)
Single sign-on capability (219)
Role-based user permissions (282)
Dashboards (282)
Standard reports (299)
Custom reports (302)
Accounts payable (311)
Accounts receivable (271)
Cash management (288)
Bank reconciliation (280)
Expense management (183)
Time tracking (90)
Fixed asset management (107)
Multi-currency support (100)
Multi-division support (182)
Regulations compliance (89)
Electronic tax filing (45)
Self-service portal (118)
Global Financial Support (38)
Intercompany Accounting (141)
Journals and Reconciliations (207)
Enterprise Accounting (65)
Configurable Accounting (112)
Centralized Rules Framework (74)
Standardized Processes (123)
Inventory tracking (47)
Automatic reordering (8)
Location management (62)
Manufacturing module (5)
Pricing (80)
Order entry (122)
Credit card processing (77)
Cost of goods sold (14)
End-to-end order visibility (38)

About Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud ERP system targeted at high-growth small and medium-sized businesses – from startups to public companies. According to the vendor, the Sage Intacct ERP system includes applications for core financials and accounting, purchasing, order management, and financial reporting and business intelligence. Optional applications include FAS-52 compliant multi-currency support, real-time financial consolidation and multi-entity support, sales tax management, inventory management, revenue management, project accounting and pre-packaged integration with Salesforce CRM.

Sage Intacct’s cloud delivery model allows for anytime access from a web browser. With no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, Sage Intacct eliminates many of the costs and risks associated with traditional on-premises financial software.Sage Intacct applications can also be configured without programming and are designed to work with other key business applications.

Sage Intacct Features

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting Features
Has featureAccounts payable
Has featureAccounts receivable
Has featureCash management
Has featureBank reconciliation
Has featureExpense management
Has featureTime tracking
Has featureFixed asset management
Has featureMulti-currency support
Has featureMulti-division support
Has featureRegulations compliance
Has featureElectronic tax filing
Has featureSelf-service portal
Has featureGlobal Financial Support
Does not have featurePrimary and Secondary Ledgers
Has featureIntercompany Accounting
Does not have featureLocalizations
Has featureJournals and Reconciliations
Has featureEnterprise Accounting
Has featureConfigurable Accounting
Has featureCentralized Rules Framework
Has featureStandardized Processes
Inventory Management Features
Has featureInventory tracking
Does not have featureAutomatic reordering
Has featureLocation management
Does not have featureManufacturing module
Order Management Features
Has featurePricing
Has featureOrder entry
Has featureCredit card processing
Does not have featureCost of goods sold
Does not have featureOrder Orchestration
Has featureEnd-to-end order visibility
Does not have featureOrder exception Resolution
Payroll Management Features
Does not have featurePay calculation
Does not have featureBenefit plan administration
Does not have featureDirect deposit files
Does not have featureSalary revision and increment management
Has featureReimbursement management
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Customization Features
Has featureAPI for custom integration
Has featurePlug-ins
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Has featureSingle sign-on capability
Has featureMulti-factor authentication
Has featureUser-level audit trail
Additional Features
Has featureSubscription billing
Has featureRevenue recognition
Has featureCollaboration/Social
Has featureMultiple chart of accounts
Has featureMultiple reporting books
Has featureMulti-dimensional reporting
Has featureGraphs/Charts/Performance cards
Has featureReport visualizations (conditional highlighting, color grading, trendlines, etc.)

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Sage Intacct Integrations, Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite,, Xactly Incent, KeyedIn Projects, AvidXchange, Zuora, Expensify, MineralTree, Nexonia Expenses, Quick Base, FloQast, Adaptive Insights, a Workday company, QStock Inventory, EmployeeMax, FastPath, Nexonia, PayPal, Ameriflex

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NetSuite, FinancialForce Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Acumatica, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Dynamics AX), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV), MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Abila MIP)


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

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 Free VersionPaid Version
Social Media
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Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No