Jama - Communication and Data Views Positive Review
Updated March 04, 2024

Jama - Communication and Data Views Positive Review

Stephen Czerniej P.Eng, PMP® | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Jama Connect

Jama connect is being used for new projects in our organization and in particular, larger more complicated projects. Business issues to resolve: - requirement traceability - cross timezone communication - stakeholder input and acknowledgement - process improvement and requirement ownership
  • Requirement traceability and relationship flow. There are many different ways to show your coverage, flow of requirements, and where they are in a larger perspective of the project.
  • Review communication through the review engine is particularly well done.
  • Ease of using the system - the ergonomics is excellent. My users have an easy time getting used to working with otherwise complicated structures and organization.
  • The ability to pull information from different angles is excellent. The filters are very useful and other products don't compete here like Visure, Doors, etc...
  • The initial dashboard is very limited in functionality and views. The bar charts and pie charts are useful but quite cumbersome given you have to specify your filters beforehand. This is very important in my opinion as this is the top level summary that 90% of your management will only look at.
  • Coverage explorer - only 150 items at one time. This should be expand to all...
  • Verification and Validation need improvement on being able to package and coordinate test runs, cycles, and platform variations of these items. This is a bit cumbersome and difficult for beginner users to get used to.
  • It is very annoying and counterproductive that the users have to directly click "logout" to open up licenses. Admins can't boot people out of the system actively to fix if someone has to go home. You have to wait for 2hrs + for their license to expire.
  • Create/Edit licenses not defaulting to collaborator licenses is also very annoying for admins especially during very large concept stage input/reading efforts into Jama.
  • Positive - ROI - This is a hard estimate, but let's say we save at least 70% of email back and forth over 3 timezones using Jama in a project.
  • Negative Impact on ROI - too early to tell really since we are running Jama for a year only.
We expected to achieve and I believe have achieved: - Improved organization and content quality of requirements - Better requirement communication across organizations/departments that have difficult times to communicate. - Connect customer requirements/use cases to the technical derivation or decomposition - Provide a better home for verification and validation test cases with traceability to the sources - In general, a large improvement of a visual and detailed overview of traceability of requirements from regulatory requirements all the way down to risk items.
I have been an admin with Top Team Analyst as well as have played/practiced a bit with Visure and Doors. Jama is considerably better than Visure and Doors on the collaboration, reviews and traceability than Visure and Doors. Top Team analyst is a closer competitor that has better strengths in layout and form than Jama when writing detailed solutions and work packages, but Jama is better in collaboration and reviews for sure.
Jama suited our need for collaboration and communication plus a difficult stakeholder's approval roadblock. Jama provides a very easy to use interface and communication system that brought in the buy-in from all stakeholders based on the communication problems we needed to solve. Visure, Doors, TTA didn't quite perform as well in the communication/collaboration department where we really needed a boost.

One considerable difference I find is the review engine that Jama has. It truly is one of the most important things to be able to bring in many different parties from many different organizations into a review process and combine those reviews in an easy to read and manageable process. I think Jama really prioritizes and excels with his feature.

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Yes - Excel, JIRA, ad hoc attempts of requirement organization, and other simple tools.
Well suited - requirement writing, decomposition, verification, and validation connection Not well suited - using Jama for project management and creating work packages

Using Jama Connect

Program and systems engineering development.
Systems engineering and requirements management background. Design experience, architectural systems engineering experience, general computer (university) skills, networking and IT admin experience.
  • External and internal party reviews.
  • Requirement to test case traceability.
  • Requirement baselines and decision making history for complex projects.
  • Create project specific review boards.
  • Create test case specific artifacts that tie directly into internal test systems.
  • Develop program level requirements that can be distributed to many lower level projects in one process.
  • Connect to MBSE tools.
  • Connect to other enterprise tools.
  • Deeper automated testing integration with internal scripts/testing equipment.
Jama is really easy to use and operate compared to other tools. This allows a process owner to get easier buy-in from the organization to see value early. My experience with this tool was very positive and we were able to see value early in its introduction.