Jitterbit Great Middleware
Updated July 08, 2015

Jitterbit Great Middleware

Travis Terry | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Jitterbit

We are using JitterBit on a number of projects. We use it to load data from a FTP directly into Sales Force these daily file loads give people access to the front end we developed on force.com. We also use JitterBit as a middleware for a different SalesForce projects where we load order data from an Oracle DB back up to Salesforce with all the item and tracking information. And lastly we use JitterBit as a Web Service Endpoint that we call from NetSuite do a transformation and load the data back into Salesforce. Jitterbit has taken out a large layer of development in either Java or .Net and just about anyone can move the data with out writing a line of code. Ok so there is still some basic javascript to write to do more custom things with the data but it is very basic stuff.
  • Loading data
  • The ability to easily change, map or upsert to and from SalesForce and NetSuite.
  • Creating an Endpoint Web Service without writing any code.
  • I only see a few drawbacks with Jitterbit but every time I see one they are already in the process of fixing this.
  • We ran into an issue where were were doing and If Else loop query in salesforce that was using thousands of API request during the operation and they were already working on a Map Cache for this problem.
  • Back when we first started working with JitterBit we had an issue of connecting to NetSuite but since then they have built connectors for NetSuite using their built in WSDLs
  • Faster time to market for apps
  • Easy to schedule jobs to run automatically
  • Has made it easier to support and diagnose issues.
Honestly we didn't evaluate too many other middle ware products, at least that i am aware of its possible our system architect did without my input. But we were given a trial of JitterBit a very good training session and decided it was a perfect fit for us and it has been a great product purcahse for us.
We have had great luck integrating our databases here which are Oracle and SQL server with Salesforce. Anyone that is looking for a middleware with Salesforce should check this product out! We have also found that we can easily load giant million-record files into database from flat files that couldn't be done nearly as fast as we could through our developers.

Using Jitterbit

One reason we will definitely be renewing is because we already have quite a few integrations with it and it would costs thousands of development hours to write the Java or .Net code that we would need for what Jitterbit is doing for us. But really we will be keeping it because we love it here. It has taking development time from months to weeks through using Jitterbit.

Jitterbit Support

They have some of the best support of any software vendor that we use. They always get our issues resolved quickly.