Don't Wait Another Minute to Choose KnowBe4
Updated October 30, 2019

Don't Wait Another Minute to Choose KnowBe4

Jeff Nickles | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4

We have KnowBe4 tied to our instance of Active Directory so it makes user management easy and painless. We set this up when we first started using the system and had to tweak a few things, but again this was another thing that made KnowBe4 easy. It wasn't hard to initially deploy. We had our users added and were ready to roll with our baseline test in no time.
We use KnowBe4 to monthly phish test our entire organization. This even includes our executives. The idea is that we want to keep everyone vigilant and keep email risks at the top of everyone's mind. We're confident that over the last year we have lowered our overall risk and increased awareness around these threats by using the KnowBe4 platform.
  • Offers wide-range of options for easily phish testing users. The templates mimic the kind of real-world threats we are seeing which makes it effective.
  • Provides high-quality security training content that raises awareness and gives practical direction to users on how to avoid risks. This content is being continually refreshed and updated. I'm pretty picky about content and I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of what KnowBe4 provides.
  • Tracks everything! User clicks, training progress, trends over time, etc. This gives you the ability to see exactly who is doing what and whether or not the product is being effective.
  • Provides a complete interactive, online checklist for how to configure a comprehensive testing and training program on the platform. Walks you through every step of this which is very helpful. If you follow their plan, the results will come.
  • If I tried really hard, I might be able to come up with some suggestions for improvement, but it would be very nit picky stuff. KnowBe4 has built a really nice platform that honestly amazes me with its flexibility, features and value.
  • We lowered our percentage of clicks on phish test emails from over 25% when we conducted our baseline test to around 5% today. That's a significant reduction in risk! Given the potential cost of a social engineering attack, we are happy to have KnowBe4 to help us raise awareness.
KnowBe4 was the first and only phish test and security awareness training platform that I've used. Prior to being a customer, I'd heard from several people the good things about KnowBe4. Now, I understand why. It really is a great system and provides us with all the capabilities we need. I have no plans to switch because I believe we already have a great system!
The best support is when you don't need support! We had some assistance from KnowBe4 when we first began using the system, but honestly you just don't need a lot of help. They system functions as designed, the documentation provided is thorough and the system is pretty self-explanatory. I'd prefer a system just work over a company having great tech support. I'm sure KnowBe4 has great tech support folks, I just never really need them.

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The wide range of training content from KnowBe4 has made it extremely easy for us to train our employees and raise their security awareness without having to go through the expense and hassle of creating our own content. I'm pretty choosy when it comes to cyber security training for employees, but the KnowBe4 content lives up to my standards. It is professionally done and while I wouldn't call it entertaining, it is easy to watch and understand. The library is extensive covering a wide-range of topics with something for almost every aspect of security. Furthermore, there are training lessons of varying lengths so you can send out a quick 3-5 min session or do more extensive training with much longer sessions. You can also package up different pieces of content to build a series.
The reports we look at are highly intuitive and help us easily identify our greatest risks by looking at the phish prone percentage. We can quickly identify repeat clickers and see exactly what types of phishing our users are most vulnerable to interact with. We also rely heavily on the training dashboard to see what users have completed their training and which ones have not.
I can't think of an organization that could not benefit from the phish testing, training and overall security awareness that KnowBe4 provides. I was honestly skeptical before I had experience with the product, but I knew we had to do something to lower our risk. I'd heard about KnowBe4 at some events I had attended. My attitude was, "Why do I need phish testing? I know our users are going to click. I don't need someone else to tell me this." I was partially right. Our users did click in the beginning, but once you follow the steps that KnowBe4 outlines and build a true awareness and training program, it makes a difference. I'm now a believer because I've seen what it has done for our company.

Using KnowBe4

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  • Creating a phishing email campaign is very easy and powerful. There are all the right options to maximize the effectiveness of these campaigns in terms of schedule for when the emails are sent to what templates to use.
  • There is a wide variety of excellent cyber training content available on the platform and it is extremely easy to auto-enroll employees in the training once they fail a phish test. Also, the interface for browsing and reviewing training content is helpful and easy to navigate.
  • The reports you get out of the system are easy to read and informative. At the end of every phish test campaign the system emails you a thorough and intuitive report so you can see the exact metrics you need to understand your risk.
  • Honestly, I've always been very impressed with how easy and effective the platform is to use. I've yet to have a scenario come to my mind that I wasn't able to execute on in KnowBe4. It is unusual, but I really can't think of anything that I would call difficult or cumbersome. They've done a very nice job of making it easy and powerful.
As I've stated in response to other questions, I've been seriously impressed with how straightforward and yet powerful KnowBe4 is to configure and administer. The phish email templates are superb and the training content is very good. We've been subscribed for over a year now and really are just super happy with it. I'd recommend it to anyone that is seeking a way to test, train and monitor user behavior as it relates to email.