May be better suited for other companies, we had many complications.
July 27, 2016

May be better suited for other companies, we had many complications.

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Overall Satisfaction with Kronos Workforce Ready

Our initial team at Kronos was extremely disorganized and did not communicate well among one-another. We also did not feel confident that they were confident in preparing the customization of our system. I believe we had more assistance and program competency with the help of two higher-level contacts, Zack and Ken, at Kronos than we did in the five months leading up to our go-live date. It seemed as though during crunch time, the time after our system went live and we realized it was not operating correctly, our two new contacts were able to do more to help us in the last almost three months that we have been using the system, than anything prior.
We recently upgraded our Kronos system from TKC to Workforce Ready. At this time we only use the system as a time keeper, our payroll is done through a separate program. It is used to keep time for employees throughout the entire organization. It addresses our need for timekeeping. We also use the Kronos Workforce Ready system for CMS payroll-based journal data submission.


  • Has the capability to collect and store a lot of information.
  • Customizable.
  • Keeps time decently.


  • Can be overly complex for our current needs.
  • At times will not correctly keep time within pay periods. Not sure why this happens but an employee's Sunday shift will roll back and tie in with his/her Saturday shift. Our pay periods end on Saturday, however in a couple of cases the employee has been paid for Sunday in that same pay period - the next pay period will not include the Sunday. The system still documents correct hours but has at times appropriated the hours into an incorrect pay period.
  • We have had MANY issues implementing our pay rules in terms of shift differentials, into our time clock so that it translates correctly to our payroll program.
  • Does not translate well into secondary payroll system.
  • Spent a countless number of hours before AND after our go-live date working with multiple Kronos employees - over the phone - to make sure that our employees hours were being properly allotted to match up with our pay code system. These problems caused many, many issues with our payroll since we have gone live with Workforce Ready.
  • Overall, felt that our initial Kronos "team" did a poor job working on our company's system in order to assure that no major payroll issues would occur. Seeing as the system took over 4 months to prepare, and another almost three months after implementation until we now feel somewhat comfortable that most issues are resolved, in hindsight it seems like we should have looked into other time keeping options since we ultimately rebuilt our timekeeping system from scratch even though we previously had a Kronos system as our time clock program.
  • Increased payroll errors.
  • Gave us the ability to disperse the responsibility to department managers to monitor their own department's time sheets.
  • Excessive overtime hours spent on system implementation.
We previously used Kronos TKC. Because the program was so much more simplistic, we have also integrated other systems (e.g our third party payroll system) to fill in the holes that Workforce Ready now seems to encompass. TKC met our company needs and was consistent. We thought the transition from one Kronos system to another would be more of an upgrade, but ultimately it became like installing an entirely new program from an entirely different company.
  • Price
  • Product Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
I personally was not involved with the decision to move forward with Workforce Ready.
May be well-suited for a company with less complex pay-coding. Also may be better suited for a company looking for the entire package, including payroll, time off tracking, etc... It almost seems like it is more difficult to use the minimal capabilities of the program as it does not seem to translate as well as TKC had into a secondary program.

UKG Ready Feature Ratings

Employee demographic data
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)
Pay calculation
Support for external payroll vendors
Report builder
Pre-built reports
Notifications and Alerts


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