Labtech Our impression
January 11, 2016

Labtech Our impression

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Overall Satisfaction with LabTech for IT Service Providers

The product is designed to be used as an advanced monitoring and remote support tool. We use it to manage and monitor all our customers' servers, desktops and provide remote support. It addresses the need to monitor multiple servers, provide Microsoft patching, remote support and some basic reporting.
  • Remote access. Now it uses screen connect to remotely access computers- it is much faster.
  • Monitoring of servers for uptime and errors - this is ok could be a lot better.
  • Labtech has lots of features unfortunatly a lot feel incomplete or don't work as well as you would expect. It has a tool to pull license keys of machines that doesn't work well. The reporting is very inflexible and slow. The monitoring of uptime can be a little flakey and the lowest threshold is 5 min. We would prefer to know immediately if something is down.
  • It's very expensive especially considering we host it ourselves on our own servers.
  • It's powerful but requires a lot of effort to make it work for you. At a conference a question was asked "Who feels they are not utilizing LabTech to its full potential" nearly everyone put their hands up. It requires a lot of work.
  • Microsoft patching requires a bit of effort to keep on track and is a bit manual accepting patches etc.
  • It has reliably detected when servers or internet links go down.
  • It reliably tells us when servers are running out of space.
  • Negative- it's expensive and only does the main points mentioned above well for us.
  • It doesn't do a great job of reliably monitoring backups, especially when you have multiple products for different reasons. We use Alert Centric for backup monitoring.
I have used Kesyea however not for over 3 years. Kesaya is the best in class however even more expensive, or it was haven't checked for a while. Keseya is a better product, the last time I checked it worked better and required less time investment to keep it working well. Plus you were notified of downtime immediately. Patching was really easy to manage and remote support used to be better. Labtech is good now.
Kesaya was outrageously expense when I last checked and I didn't like their pricing structure of selling bundles that you aren't using.
Its remote access is really good now. It is improving all the time. Its quite good for monitoring the basics on servers like disk space, uptime, and patching (with a little work). A lot of MSPs use it because it's one of the best of the bunch. It used to be a lot cheeper now it is not. Best thing is get a demo and really try it out (if you have time) don't accept the sales pitch of it will all work once it's set up. You need to see it all working for what you want before you buy.