Laserfiche: Business Automation Magic
August 01, 2014

Laserfiche: Business Automation Magic

Santosh Mathew, PMP, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Laserfiche Rio

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  • Quickfields

Overall Satisfaction with Laserfiche

Laserfiche was initially used as simply a way to scan and organize paper files, prior to my arrival. After I took hold of the product, I saw that there were many features that weren't implemented, and began several projects to utilize Laserfiche to add efficiency to the business. From automating the AP approval process, through capturing digital signatures for Account approvals, to creating a site for clients to access and download their product drawings, there were so many features that the product provided that we were still tapping into.
  • Quickfields is an add-on that provides zones that can be set up for repeatable processes. So if you have a PO, or Invoice, the zones allow you to identify, OCR, and quickly index, so you can process thousands of documents, automatically, without manual input or intervention.
  • Lots of add-on products to extend the functionality of your MFP's or scanners for digitizing paper.
  • If your documents have sensitive information, there are many adjustable controls to help with those industry or company specific needs.
  • While it is a great product, integration with some databases, if they are not standard MS SQL, can provide challenges. This can be frustrating as we were trying to input data from a Progress database, and it was difficult. Once it was done, it enhanced what we were able to auto fill within Laserfiche significantly.
  • Laserfiche is a large platform. Lots of options. So it can get pricy depending on implementation. There are multiple licensing options, and they range from affordable to very expensive, so you have to be diligent in understanding what your business needs. Don't overbuy, you can always add on. And know your limits, as implementing the various pieces are more difficult at the user level, changing behaviors. The software works fine, but those that have to use it, don't always comply.
  • Positive: We were able to automate digital signatures of Journal Entries. This helped in our Sarbanes Oxley audits for completeness, and speed of which we passed audits.
  • Positive: By automating the Accounts Payable process, we reduced manual work by 30%, automated the transfer of documents between offices, saving on postage costs, and reduced manual entry mistakes by nearly 100%
  • Neutral: We bought a lot of the software early on that we weren't able to implement, so we were paying for maintenance for those products, though not using it. Their licensing model has changed a little to alleviate this.
Laserfiche was already selected, but had other companies that used Documentum or other 3rd party scanning solutions. Laserfiche was usually more cost effective than the other document management systems, and much easier to use.
The only factor is that Laserfiche is another cost when you look at annual maintenance. Some of the larger Enterprise Resource Systems (ERPs) have some of the similar document management and workflow features built-in, so there would need to be that cost benefit analysis done if a larger ERP was implemented.
If you are a one person business, this may be overkill. Other than that, if you have 2 or more and have to process, file, and keep any sort of business documents that you need to be able to get to quickly, this is a great product for you.

Using Laserfiche

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Project Manager who took some of the training from the 3rd party Laserfiche Reseller

Outsourced additional items to 3rd party reseller

  • AP Automation
  • Journal Entry Approvals
  • Quality Cards Scanning for customers
  • Journal Entry approval helped us automate and simplify accounting SOX audits.
  • Continued digital workflow and digital signature implementation will help reduce wasted time waiting for approvals and reduce use of paper/printing and scanning.