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October 29, 2019


Alexa Siebert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Laserfiche is used throughout the entire city as a records management repository. I am currently responsible for ensuring proper records management for our specific department. In our department, employees are instructed to place any documents with a retention, as well as permanent documents within Laserfiche. We store those documents within a departmental folder, in addition to a shared area with the entire city. We place metadata on the documents so that they are easily searchable. We have also added a records code to the meta data in order to properly run reports on document retention.
  • Scanning
  • Uploading
  • Retaining Documents
  • Search Engine
  • Web Client and Desktop Client should match
  • OCR capability within web client
Laserfiche is a great software for uploading and retaining documents. Once the software has been utilized, it is easily able to upload documents and retrieve them. However, the software is not very user-friendly off the bat. If someone has no experience with the software, it can be very intimidating to use. There are a lot of hidden features that users may not know about unless they have utilized the online resources. The desktop and web clients are different and have different capabilities. Often times, you can be taught one thing in the desktop that cannot be done in the web client (for example, OCRing current documents within the repository).
I have never had to wait for help from Laserfiche. If I cannot find the answer online, I can easily send an email to a customer support representative. I have always been helped the same day and my questions have always been resolved. The Empower conference is always a great learning opportunity and the online resources and webinars are top-notch.
Shreshthi Mehta, PMP®, PHR® | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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Laserfiche is being used by many departments in the entire organization. It has been hugely helpful in reducing physical space. Just within the HR department we have eliminated cabinets and have uploaded all confidential documents in Laserfiche. It helps in storing all information in one place which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Good storage space to store a vast amount of paper information.
  • It is fairly easy to scan and upload documents in Laserfiche.
  • It is also easy to create folders and organize data appropriately.
  • As per law, we are required to save HR documents for 7 years. It was a nightmare to manage the paperwork before Laserfiche.
  • Once I broke my nails while trying to pull a folder from a cabinet. The files were packed tightly. I am happy that does not happen with Laserfiche.
  • While the storage space in Laserfiche is in abundance, it is still difficult and time-consuming (though less) to find documents.
  • We store huge amounts of data in Laserfiche. We can run searches but it still takes time to find. Computer speed and internet connectivity also play a huge role here.
  • Laserfiche stores information well. But, many companies are moving to digital systems where documents can be signed online. In the future, Laserfiche may be useful only for accessing historical information.
With the onset of Dayforce, Workday, Bamboo HR, and other HRIS systems, document management is fairly simple. We have created digital forms for several HR operations and these are signed electronically. We are trying to reduce paper and the need for uploading documents in Laserfiche. Advanced HRIS systems also have the ability to store paper data in electronic format. These systems integrate a list of HR features. While Laserfiche is a good tool, its use is getting obsolete.
We are very happy with the product. We have no issues with it. We have never reached out to Laserfiche customer support. If at all we had any questions regarding product features, they were resolved by our internal IT department.

The beauty of the product is its simplicity. But, the needs of our department are changing and we are unsure if Laserfiche will be able to sustain the changes.
Angela Jordan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our County as a whole uses Laserfiche in most departments. Many departments use Laserfiche as a repository, but our County has purchased Laserfiche Forms in the last few years which has opened up new opportunities for digitalizing our offices. We have several departments using Laserfiche Forms to help internal and external processes become streamlined, user friendly, and easier to store. We have created an on-boarding form for departments to use when hiring a new employee, promoting within, terminating, etc. We have a travel and training request form so employees can request training and have all their information in one spot for managers and travel coordinators. We are currently working on changing our Building & Planning Department's permitting system over to entirely run on Laserfiche. We just recently upgraded our Board of Equalization process to an online process so appellants can appeal online, check their status, and use their online dashboard for all their needs.
  • Laserfiche is easy to learn. Anyone, whether they have experience with IT or not, can learn how to use Laserfiche.
  • Laserfiche Forms allows people to use the form without having each person needing to be fully licensed which saves money.
  • Laserfiche Workflow and Forms can make processes quick, easy, and efficient, freeing up time so staff can get more work done.
  • Some functions in Laserfiche Forms makes it hard for the average user to use such as formatting how you want a telephone number or horizontal fields.
  • CSS and Java Script make it harder for the average person to be able to make the forms the way they want. Laserfiche Answers helps but is time consuming.
Laserfiche is perfect for businesses that need a place to appropriately store their documents digitally and want an environment to grow from. Adding Laserfiche Forms helps grow a business' ability to process their work and reach their customers easier. Laserfiche could be used for all sizes of businesses but may not be as worth it for very small businesses.
Laserfiche offers an online forum called Laserfiche Answers. This is a great place to go to look up answers to questions you may have. Other power users as well as Laserfiche staff and resellers can also answers your questions. You can call your reseller or Laserfiche as well and get an question you have answered quickly. Everyone is so willing to help and so great to work with.
Heather MacLean | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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The whole department is using the Laserfiche, and I love it! Like any software sometimes there are glitches but nothing major. It makes scanning invoices and any documentation we have sooo easy. I wish I had it at my new job, I even suggested they look into it.
  • Scans all of our documents very quickly.
  • Cuts processing time in half.
  • Quality of the scanned documents is very good.
  • If the code is not scanned properly then documents get sent to a sort of misc. junk file and you have to figure out which one is yours.
We had tons of invoices and documents scanned on a daily basis and it made the effort easy and easily searchable for document storage.
Anytime we had a problem there was usually a quick answer back.
Jamie Scott | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our campus uses Laserfiche to electronically store paper documents. We securely store everything including financial aid documents, documents for international students, admissions documents, employment documents, etc. As is feasible, we are converting from paper documents to online forms using Laserfiche Forms. Some of our online forms are public-facing so that prospective students can complete them. And some of our documents are internally facing so that only students or employees can complete them.
We have been able to dramatically reduce the number of paper forms we use. We have also been able to make those electronic forms more readily available by offices across campus. With the proper access to the Laserfiche Repository, multiple offices across campus search for or navigate to documents either scanned in or created electronically. When documents are stored in the Laserfiche Repository a template of searchable metadata can be attached to it. When we assign student or employee ID numbers to the document, we use processes in Laserfiche and that ID number to retrieve the rest of the desired data from our database. This has shortened the processing time on documents and takes out a great deal of the error opportunities.
  • It allows us to store multiple types of document formats to the repository. Nearly any type of document can be stored.
  • Allows us to print using a Laserfiche print driver and it stores what we print to the repository. Think emails, copies of letters, copies of contracts, etc.
  • We use Laserfiche Forms to create online forms that we can route from office to office for multiple approvals before it's final acceptance.
  • We use Laserfiche QuickFields to scan in documents and process them as a batch. We have processes now that take single page documents, OCR's them for a student ID, and stores the ID with the document so that the next process can use it for a lookup. We also have QuickFields processes that take a single file of, sometimes, hundreds of multi-page documents that were printed into Laserfiche and splits into individual multi-page documents, OCR's the ID from the page, and stores it in the student's online file. All this without intervention from the end-user.
  • They really don't have any formal training that I'm aware of. From an end-user, it can be learned fairly quickly. But as a creator of forms and workflows, there isn't much training documentation available.
If you find yourself with dozens of file cabinets of the same documents, Laserfiche can certainly help you with storage and processing. If you have documents that have to get approved by multiple people you can do that very easily with Laserfiche. If you need some good business process rules on how documents should be stored and filed consistently, Laserfiche Workflow is excellent. We have many workflows that watch folders for different departments on campus. Some of the workflows act on documents as they arrive and some act on documents as they have changes made to them. Typically, we verify that all the required data is completed on the form, and then rename it appropriately and file it where it is supposed to go. Accept for an employee possibly entering the student's ID on a scanned document or marking the document as completed, all of this is done without intervention.
Laserfiche has a great online community that tends to be the frontline support. You rarely interact directly with a Laserfiche employee. If you have an issue that the community can't solve, then you turn to your VAR. They are usually very knowledgeable. The VAR also acts as an intermediary between the customer and Laserfiche.
Dean Vasquez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We scan and have accessible completed applications and files. These files go back 15 years, so we have archived information at our fingertips. In our industry, it is very valuable to find details from former files and the OCR makes this process valuable and quick. We are able to keep our database current with regular additions of completed projects and the entire staff has access to valuable information.
  • OCR reading for obscure content in archived files.
  • Allows custom labeling and tagging for our internal unique use.
  • Allos multiple users at once.
  • It does not have a secure remote login features (or we don't have it).
  • Finding the specific term of the search can be difficult in multi hundred page documents.
  • A web app would be amazing, but hugely complex.
I needed a specific detail on an old client for their legal needs. I was able to search and find the information quickly and then transmit it to them digitally. The client was surprised and excited by the quality of work we could provide for them. Since it is a desktop usage, we are able to run quickly and efficiently.
When I have had issues, customer support has been quick and efficient to assist. No unmet needs in our organization so we are quite pleased.
Glen Murie | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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My employer, Gordon Flesch, is a VAR for Laserfiche. I am the primary point of contact for all of our customers after implementation, and am responsible for implementation and maintenance of Laserfiche hosted on cloud servers for a few dozen of our clients. We also use it internally, and I consult with an assist our in house team when they need help with the product.

Laserfiche replaces the printing and storage of paper, and can replace any process that has people shuffling paper. For example, a process of taking orders from customers, picking products from a pick list, invoicing a customer, and keeping information about products in inventory that exists mostly or entirely in paper can be replaced and automated with Laserfiche. We work with hundreds of clients in many different sectors from small firms of a dozen people to worldwide corporations with tens of thousands of staff members.
  • It's very good at giving a wide range of options for importing and exporting data, the Windows Client software alone can pull files from a windows folder, has a software printer to print documents into Laserfiche instead of to paper, has Office integration, the ability to pull photos from cameras, and has a scanner component.
  • Laserfiche Workflow is an automation tool that is very flexible and powerful, and allows a wide range of options for automating document flows and procedures.
  • Laserfiche is very good at communicating with other systems, though some systems, like big iron minicomputers, take some extra work and effort. Setting up integrations with SQL server databases are as simple as any complex IT procedure can get.
  • Quick Fields, the tool for automatically importing and processing scans by Zone OCR, is primitive and out of date. The user interface is terrible, and the program can behave in unexpected ways. The OCR module from Nuance has a high error rate.
  • Security and access rights are finely grained, and quite powerful, but there isn't a way to get a report of access rights and where they've been set. If a document repository is very large, and was not properly planned out and documented, untangling user rights issues can be a real mess.
  • Most of the modules are intuitive and easy to use. This is a double-edged sword. Forms and workflows are quick and easy to create, but it's possible for a non-programmer to create a workflow or forms process with hundreds of copy-pastes of the same activities where someone with some practical programming experience will create a loop of a dozen activities.
At its core, Laserfiche replaces paper, and any process where paper documents are printed, filled in, passed around, and stored is perfect for Laserfiche. While expensive, Laserfiche can provide a cost savings by replacing printers, copiers, scanners, paper, ink, and tasks that involve repetitious paper shuffling. It also does a good job of integrating with other systems through the workflow tool.

It's not meant to replace purpose built software. You can't replace an accounting system or EMR with Laserfiche, though you can use laserfiche to store long term records from those systems, and automate paper based processes coming from those systems.
December 02, 2016

Laserfiche for the win

Score 10 out of 10
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We are using it in several departments (ITS, admissions, HR, business office), with several other departments waiting in line for their turn. It is being used to manage both employee and student documents from both paper and digital sources. Data is captured with online forms, and work flows are created to automate routing, naming, and other processes.
  • Workflow is amazing. Automating routing of files to appropriate folders to file naming based on metadata field values makes the scanning process a breeze.
  • Online forms allow students to easily submit pictures of their insurance card from their mobile phones, which then get inserted into Laserfiche with the appropriate metadata based on their authenticating credentials. No data entry on their part.
  • Laserfiche Connector allows us to capture data from any software app, such as our Student Information System, and then use that information to view the associated document. For example, we can look up a student's previous colleges in our SIS, select the desired college and then click on the Connector icon to view the transcript for that college.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve with Workflow and Online Forms, and taking the online courses or using a third party service provider for training costs money. We already pay quite a bit for the product. The online training should be free.
Any paper document or online form that needs to be easily retrieved needs to be put into Laserfiche. If you can describe how you manage documents, then you can build a workflow around that logic. Sometimes if a document is already easily retrievable from another system, such as a report, then it may not be appropriate to put into Laserfiche.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use it throughout the organization. We were able to improve our customer service process and management of electronic documents.
  • It is very easy to implement
  • It integrates easily with other applications
  • It is a solution that despite being very simple and friendly is very robust and powerful
  • Having a concurrent licensing for low-level users without having to buy an additional module
  • Allow Cross-Reference
  • Integrate more Forms and Workflow modules
Laserfiche is great for document management, workflows, and electronic forms; but the main reason for buying Laserfiche is the interface. It’s easy, and appealing but at the same time full of functionality and is a really strong solution.
Joy Beddingfield | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Laserfiche is being used by the City of Roanoke, Virginia as a technology solution in many departments. Some departments use it solely as a document management storage solution and other departments use it with workflow routing, forms, and approvals that allow the department(s) to go paperless and improve business processes. The biggest business problem we found was the acceptance of using Laserfiche workflow routing as a new business process over paper pushing documents.
  • Laserfiche does document imaging, storage, and image compression extremely well.
  • Laserfiche user administration is very easy, ties in with back-end systems using LDAP, SSO, and network security.
  • Laserfiche forms are easy to design, use, and configure quickly on the web.
  • Laserfiche workflow is extremely powerful, but is not easy to configure, set-up, and maintain especially if the workflow steps change. Transferring knowledge to another workflow developer was challenging, and once a workflow was configured it was not changed unless the person who wrote the workflow was available.
  • Laserfiche workflow has a Windows Explorer look and feel which is intimidating to everyday users who were not computer savvy. The process needed to be explained several times to users before it was understood how the workflow moved items from one folder to another. I have seen other workflow packages that were easier to use and grouped documents/approvals in a dashboard which would be a nice feature for Laserfiche to add.
  • Laserfiche Rio licenses are expensive and it is difficult to bring up an entire department and have them use Laserfiche correctly without having a full license. A read only license didn’t always give the access needed for users who only wanted to approve workflow documents and view activity.
Laserfiche is well suited for departments who have a lot of paper processes and who want to automate steps electronically and save on offsite document storage. I highly recommend Laserfiche for government agencies and paper heavy departments.
Score 10 out of 10
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Laserfiche is HCC's new EDMS. I love it because everything is quickly found and also indexed perfectly. One of the great features is if you are attempting to capture a document into the system it will not allow the document to be imported into the system if it has missing or incorrect information. The feature I love best is the searching methods. You are able to input so much information that you find exactly what you are looking for without taking too much time. The only thing I dislike is that you can only preview pdfs and images.
  • Searching
  • Indexing
  • Importing
  • The only thing I dislike is that you can only preview pdfs and images.
We receive public information requests frequently. Before we implemented Laserfiche we would have to literally chase individuals down to obtain the information we need. Now that all this information is stored in one place it is very easy to find what we need. I honestly have no scenario where Laserfiche was not well suited or needed.
Laserfiche has so many options and features. They can really taylor make it to precisely what your specific needs are.
October 14, 2019

Best DMS ever

Score 9 out of 10
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Laserfiche is used in the schools where I managed the IT Department. We used it in archiving the student files, as well as each department's document archiving.
We didn't have a business problem, but technically we looked to solve "volume-based storage" which is not allowed to make a regular backup. If any disaster happened to the server the restore process is very complicated. The only way to back it up is to create it on the virtual machine then back up the whole VM.
  • User-friendly interface, which allows any user to deal with it easily.
  • Workflow configuration and usage are very easy.
  • Quickly search for any document and find it with less effort.
  • Backup and restore procedures.
  • Cost of license.
Excellent document management system as well as archiving. On the enterprise level, it's very stable and the web version is working very well. Integration using the workflow with other systems is easy to configure and I'm able to work with a wide range of scanners is a plus which was not available in earlier versions.
Professionalism of the support team, gave support in adequate time.
Score 10 out of 10
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Laserfiche is being used to steadily transform our organization from paper-based with manual processes into a digitized, automated and streamlined insurance company. Laserfiche is being utilized by our entire organization to varying degrees.

In its most basic form, it is an electronic repository with document management, so that all users can access the same documents (policies for example), regardless of which applications they use, or which departments they reside in.

Various workflow automation and processes have been progressively built around the documents. A simple example is a new hire process, which orchestrates responsibilities across HR, Information Technology, and business departments, creating a smooth, seamless process.

Additionally, external applications can be seamlessly integrated with Laserfiche, accessing documents, updating metadata and triggering workflows.
  • Electronic content management- it provides backup, versioning, access controls, retention policies, powerful search, metadata, and routing. It provides several facilities for importing scanning documents including OCR.
  • Business Process Automation via workflow. Built on Microsoft WWF technology, Laserfiche provides a developer studio (designer) for rapid, visual development. It contains dozens of pre-built objects to accomplish numerous tasks, including document routing, rules, and web API integrations.
  • Electronic Forms- an easy to use interface for creating input forms which can be routed, saved to the repository, and integrated into a workflow.
  • Robotic Process Automation- Laserfiche has put an emphasis on developing their RPA solution to be a serious player in this space. Their RPA bots can be easily integrated into business process automation (BPAs).
  • While Laserfiche has some powerful development tools, it is difficult to manage configurations while promoting code across environments. For example, SQL connections and other environment specific resources have to be manually configured in each environment.
  • Laserfiche forms are a newer addition to the product family and could use some product maturity. While easy to use for simple forms, once your forms become more complex, you need to accomplish tasks by heavy JavaScript coding.
Laserfiche is ideal for digitizing and streamlining the workplace. Business processes can be automated very quickly with the robust tools provided. The limitations will be about understanding the processes enough to automate them properly, which requires a collaboration of information technology with the business.

Laserfiche is an enterprise-class solution requiring a robust infrastructure to support it including a scalable RDBMS back end like SQL-Server or Oracle, so smaller organizations might want to consider a cloud-hosted solution, rather than hosting it in-house. Additionally, best practices need to be put in place quickly or else the repository can easily become a mess. I would recommend professional services to help get started on the right footing.

One item that Laserfiche could do better is providing a corporate portal solution. As the central repository, it is the de facto backend to a portal and would make sense to provide a UI. They do have a product called Discussions which provides a collaboration site, so they are on the right track.

Finally, while they do offer an entry point into RPA, there are products that focus solely on that space and are far more sophisticated for managing bots.
September 30, 2015

VT's Hokies use Laserfiche

Sheree Montgomery | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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VT uses Laserfiche for document management of it's record construction documents of all it's structures both on and off campus. It is also used as an FTP site to share data too large to email. Laserfiche is used by our University Planning and Design [UDC] department whenever an upcoming project is put out for bid, or for review during the design process. When used for the bidding process, the advertisement with the Invitation for Bid [IFB] is published using various media. Within the IFB is a link, a user name and a password that interested bidders may use to view the bid docs [i.e., bid drawings, bid specs]. There is no longer the need to produce 35+ sets of paper drawings [blue prints] or specs, nor the expense of shipping them back and forth during the review process -- that is all done online. Also, by being able to view the data prior to the pre-bid meetings, only truly interested bidders will attend the meeting, which streamlines that process.Professors on campus have used it as an FTP site for engineering students that need access to structural data on various assignments. The professors no longer have to produce pages and pages of drawings for the students -- now all they do is email their students a link, user name and password to access the data. The students appreciate Laserfiche because they no longer have to carry around a huge, rolled up set of drawings to complete their projects -- they just log in through the web portal and have all the data needed to complete their assignments; and they can do so 24/7. Contractors appreciate Laserfiche for the same reason the students do -- the 24/7 access allows them to access the data at the office, at home, or while in the field [on site]. The VT Athletic department also uses it in the same manner as UDC and whenever planning upcoming events.My department, Facilities Records, administers and maintains the tech support for all of these users of Laserfiche with a staff of one -- me. That speaks volumes of the application's efficiency. Several of my fellow Records Managers at other Universities have a staff of at least 4 to 6 people to provide similar services as VT does with one person.
  • VT uses Laserfiche for document management of it's record construction documents of all it's structures both on and off campus. It is also used as an ftp site to share data too large to email.
  • Laserfiche is used by our University Planning and Design [UDC] department whenever an upcoming project is put out for bid, or for review during the design process. When used for the bidding process, the advertisement with the Invitation for Bid [IFB] is published using various media. Within the IFB is a link, a user name and a password with which interested bidders may use to view the bid docs [i.e., bid drawings, bid specs]. There is no longer the need to produce 35+ sets of paper drawings [blue prints] or specs, nor the expense of shipping them back and forth during the review process -- that is all done online. Because of this process, UDC has been able to meet the sustainability incentive programs [requirements] set forth by the Commonwealth of VA.
  • Professors on campus have used it as an FTP site for engineering students that need access to structural data on various assignments. The professors no longer have to produce pages and pages of drawings for the students -- now all they do is email their students a link, user name and password to access the data. The students appreciate Laserfiche because they no longer have to carry around a huge, rolled up set of drawings to complete their projects -- they just log in through the web portal and have all the data needed to complete their assignments; and they can do so 24/7.
  • Improve search functions.
  • Provide Intro/How to PowerPoint for one-time or infrequent users when they are accessing Laserfiche through a web portal.
  • More drop-down menus or tabs on the web version.
"User friendly" should be one of the main concerns if the data being managed by Laserfiche will be accessible to the public. Several of my users have only used a computer a handful of times to access digital data. With only a minimum amount of training [5 to 30 minutes, depending on their level of computer skills], they are able to navigate through Laserfiche to find the data they need. It always gives me a huge sense of satisfaction when they triumphantly exclaim, "I found it! That wasn't hard at all."
September 14, 2015

Laserfiche ECM Review

Mark Ellickson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Laserfiche is being used in multiple departments across our organization. The first process we set up was to automate the sales order process. When a sales person closes a deal they will scan the complete order in at a MFP by simply pressing the Laserfiche button. After it is scanned in the order will electronically flow through the organization to all of the departments that need to take action, leasing, warehouse, delivery, commissions etc. The entire process offers transparency to know exactly where the order is at any time of the process.
We also use Laserfiche to automate our AP and AR processes. Overall Laserfiche has streamlined many processes that were cumbersome before.
  • I feel the biggest strength of the product is the end user usability. The Laserfiche product is very familiar to what people are used to when opening documents, and also very simple to learn how to search and use other functions.
  • Laserfiche is very easy to implement. There can be more technical things done with coding and scripting, but for the most part of all of the basics are simple and wizard driven.
  • The cost of the product. Laserfiche is scalable and affordable for any company size. We have 5 employee offices and up to 500 employee offices as customers.
  • The could have better options for read only users, the minimum option for read only users is 200.
  • More competitive material of why Laserfiche is better than the other products out there.
  • They could use a more robust capture engine that could be used for unstructured documents.
There are many vertical markets that Laserfiche exceeds in. The top industries we see it working the best with is K-12 schools, higher education, city and state government, financial industry, and large non-for-profits. There are also key business process that we have had the best luck with streamlining, such as AP, AR, HR onboarding, and contract management.
Ramsey Oklah | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Within our own organization, Laserfiche is used primarily in our accounting and HR departments.

While accounts receivable uses the system primarily as a storage repository, accounts payable employs the use of Quick Fields Agent to automate the metadata identification of common invoices received by our primary vendors. Also through use of ODBC lookup into our accounting ERP, they are able to key in ledger numbers as they code the invoices in order to populate all searchable data and allow for automated routing of incoming documents as needed through successful payment.

In HR, we use the software to automate the collection and routing of incoming applications for employment, this allows for easy distribution of applications to the pertinent department and location managers, and to move them through the application process as well as to facilitate the automated online onboarding of new hire paperwork once a manager has selected an applicant for hire.

  • Workflow is the primary strength of the Laserfiche Suite. It offers an extremely intuitive interface that can be used creatively to address any myriad of issues encountered enterprise wide.
  • User Management - While this is being addressed in current updates that are coming out for the RIO environment, overall it can be difficult when many departments are involved to maintain user licensing in an organized manner in terms of budgeting and restricting the addition of users by department managers.
The key is to use this product as intended. It is designed to allow for the collection, identification, and dissemination of unstructured documents and document metadata. It's not intended to act as a primary line of business application that would provide reporting, asset management, or any other formal structured type of data engagement. Let Laserfiche compliment and unite the different applications that services the departments in your organization, do NOT think to replace them.
Tim Nolan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Collin County uses Laserfiche as our enterprise content management system. We use Laserfiche for the scanning/retrieval of documents, automation of our physical document inventory and records retention. Most of our County departments are using Laserfiche. Most of our users are amazed on how quickly their documents are retrieved. It takes five minutes to file or scan a document - it take Laserfiche five seconds to retrieve that document versus ten minutes to an hour the old way.
  • As a local government, Collin County selected Laserfiche because it was the best product to meet our State's retention requirements for government records.
  • Laserfiche has rich variety of template structures that index records in a convenient and efficient manner. Many of our users are pleased that they can search for documents with special index items or simple work searches.
  • Laserfiche has a wonderful SDK (Software Development Kit). Our application developers can manipulate Laserfiche to our liking via the SDK. We have been able to share historic documents online with our citizens via the SDK. Genealogist are delighted.
  • Laserfiche replaced IBM FileNet Content Manager in Collin County, TX.
  • Laserfiche could revisit their licensing model. Our agency enjoys delivering our government documents to our citizens. We've had to reorganize our repository structure to take advantage of Laserfiche Portal. We'd like to have an internal and external portal. However, this solution is not cost effective.
If document retention is important then Laserfiche is an ideal product. We also like that our developers can write/call components of Laserfiche via the SDK. We are also building thoughtful workflows for our customers. We hope to use Laserfiche Forms to build a robust Building Permitting system online for the convenience to our citizenry.
September 11, 2015

Laserfiche for Govt. use

Mike McCauley, MCP, A+, CDRE | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I installed Laserfiche for a government department for the state of Illinois. The department was looking for a way to digitally organize several shelves worth of paperwork that caused the department to become backlogged for several months with the tedious process of manually processing forms. Laserfiche was installed to take an entire stack of forms in the packet, recognize the type of form, look to specific areas for verification and instructions to which folder to forward next for review and approval. A process that normally took several days to do by hand took just a few hours and the department was able to catch up on their backlog because of Laserfiche's efficient process. The implementation only took a couple of days of tweaking and after that, everything ran smoothly. I would recommend Laserfiche for fast, secure and efficient electronic filing.
  • Recognizing certain areas of forms via OCR.
  • Filing forms in their proper locations upon recognition.
  • Keeping security on specific documents.
  • The only criticism I have its that you must have a very high powered PC to process events. The packages that we processed sometimes took several minutes to run through all the procedures.
Laserfiche is well suited for work flow that requires approvals to move to a final published destination.
September 04, 2015

Used to resell Laserfiche

Alan Preston | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We used Laserfiche and support close to 50 companies who used Laserfiche. We had users who were computer smart and a few who were very computer dumb. Everyone liked using Laserfiche. It is very intuitive to use and extremely powerful. Before we decided to be a VAR we looked at a lot of products and were extremely pleased with how well it was used. After being a VAR (no longer one) never regretted Laserfiche. Do not know of anyone who stopped using it ether. You can store and find anything. With WorkFlow you can make documents do just about anything to make the office run. It is a great easy to use yet super powerful. You can do it yourself or hire a good experienced Laserfiche expert to get you going before the other competitive products are even started.
  • You can search all the documents for a specific search.
  • You can limit who can see what and who can edit what. You can markup documents and always see the original.
  • WorkFlow is the electronic version of the document processing system for all paperwork and progress.
  • Would still be a VAR if they would be less stiff about understanding how a VAR lives and dies.
  • They need to make it more like the trend in the industry of cloud. That is what killed us.
  • I hope that changes since the CEO passed away will start to make Laserfiche a great leading company again.
We had one user companies but Laserfiche is best with many users. We had a huge firm with an HR department that had over 400 people using it for all HR related functions. It works great!
Sheila Cruz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Laserfiche is being used across the organization because we have offices and facilities at several locations. There are limited users at the Administration Center who have scanning authorization, but due to our decentralized environment, several staff can view information and print documents (paper or to a file) as necessary. Each department (Executive Office/HR/Finance/Parks & Rec) has designated a control person who has been trained on Laserfiche and has set up the 'filing system' so other staff can find documents that have been scanned. Large CAD files of construction projects have been imported from Adobe format and can be viewed or printed to a file and sent to an outside source via email. This is great for immediate sharing of information!
  • Scans documents in color, pictures, maps- whatever. I can import a large construction drawing and later export it to email and send it across the world! Or, staff in another building can consult the drawings simply by accessing the database. The drawings are clear, legible and you can use the ZOOM feature to make it easier to read! Some of my drawings were done using CAD then saved to a pdf. I have not encountered file size problems and I have a lot of drawings!
  • You can SEARCH for a document by typing in key words. You can limit that SEARCH too by focusing in on a specific directory that you think a document may be archived in. For example, if I was looking to see when a project was approved for a grant, I could look in the GRANT folder and then search key words to find the document. Instead of SEARCHING the entire database. Makes finding a needle in the haystack a lot easier! And when you find your document, you can see which department archived it so if you have questions or need to consult the original file, you know who in your organization to ask.
  • Printing from Laserfiche is very easy and your document looks great! It doesn't have that 2nd/3rd generation look.
  • When importing a color pdf I have to change a setting so the pictures import in color. Otherwise, the pictures import in black and white. It would be nice if it automatically recognized color and adjusted as necessary.
  • The casual user of Laserfiche gets confused when Searching and often ends up with a lot of documents that match a key word. If the left rail of the Search engine was more user friendly I think the casual/infrequent users would feel better about using this database.
Laserfiche is well suited for a decentralized environment. Having multiple offices means information must be easily accessible, available 24/7 and legible. In some cases, Laserfiche has taken the place of faxes and you can actually conduct business paperless if need be. Importing pdfs, word documents etc. and being able to export documents is time saving and environmentally friendly!
February 04, 2015

Laserfiche Review

Kaci Duke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Laserfiche within our company was first utlized to make our Accounts Payable department paperless with incoming invoices and the internal approval process between managers. We replicated our paper process into Laserfiche and it saved time and money. From there Laserfiche spun off into paperless documentation for some medical records utlizing QuickFields with a bar code process to automate the sorting. It also began to house secure documents for managers and human resources. Our next step was to invest and implement the Workflow Management module with Laserfiche to bring Laserfiche to its full potential since we now had employees on board using the software and being excited to use the product. We chose Laserfiche over other document management solutions because it is timeless with archiving documents and editing documents right out of Laserfiche. For example, a TIFF file would be created from a PDF file and could always be referenced; where if there was a PDF version 4 archived and the company was at PDF version 8, it would be highly possible the document would not be able to read because it was too old of an PDF version. However, as TIFF is an image and can be OCR'd, it could be read.
  • Streamline accounts payable to a paperless process to increase efficiency and productivity of manager approvals and paying creditors
  • Universal access of documents between office locations decreasing/eliminating inter office mail as files/folders have security access setup between departments and employees
  • Backup and version control of documents with the ability to read any old/out dated document
  • Automated process to sort, tag, and file documents
  • Quickfields sometimes became difficult when the OCR had difficulty reading the barcodes even after intense manipulations and changes to make the index sheet work; though when it worked which was most of the time, it was seamless
  • As I work in IT, it was easy for me to learn the product, however more simple documentation for end users without IT backgrounds.
Laserfiche is to be used as a paperless documentation repository with automated options and version control. As a company, I would take the lead and be confident in what your desires are and implement from the top down to have employees engage in the process. Inquire what modules are included in the current Laserfiche versions and what the costs are involved. Ask if your company needs all the modules or will only utilize some of them. Ask what improvements they have made from different versions and what they see in the future upgrades.
Good overall. Some inquires could not be resolved or they were pushed to the next release which made it difficult at times to figure out a work around, but it was great to know that they listen to their clients and are willing to enhance the product as requested.
Judy Nie | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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I use Laserfiche to scan everything that goes through the Finance Department for the City including: Accounts Payable invoices, mail, check stubs, deposits, receipts and reports; Accounts Receivable invoices, letters and reports; Purchase Orders and Requisitions; and the Finance Directors' financial reports and miscellaneous correspondence. It is being used by Department Heads and assistants to locate invoices or mail, and print or archive them. It solves an age-old problem with invoices or mail being lost or misplaced before payment to the vendor, when I scan them as mail, I can easily locate an invoice when a vendor calls asking why something has not been paid and forward it to the Department Head as a PDF or hardcopy. Our goal is to acquire the workflow module and have a paperless approval process throughout the City.

The scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) functions are accurate. I used to review every single scan to make sure that invoice and check numbers were captured accurately so they can be located when needed, but I no longer do that because I have confidence that Laserfiche has captured it correctly. We have stopped storing the actual paper check stubs and invoices in my office. They are immediately boxed and stored for a couple years because anything that the auditors require, I have been able to locate in Laserfiche and supply them in PDF format. My only complaint is that deskewing documents is not as good as Adobe Acrobat and needs improvement.
  • Clean scanning at any resolution your scanner supports
  • Accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for locating scanned documents
  • Supports storing and searching .PDF, .DOC or .XLSX documents
  • Deskewing documents when they go through the scanner slightly crooked is not done or is so minimal you can't tell. So most of my scans are slightly crooked.
  • The program is extremely sluggish if I add all the processes I want to occur during scanning -- like OCR. I have to do it as a separate process at the end of the day.
  • It does not take advantage of dual (or more) processors and all the RAM I have. Memory runs out too quickly and slows scanning to a crawl when scanning very long double-sided documents.
Does the current version support many processors in the computer and will it take advantage of lots of RAM? What is the cost of more than one license and how many people can use that license? Is a run-time version available for just the purpose of locating and printing documents available?
Santosh Mathew, PMP, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Laserfiche was initially used as simply a way to scan and organize paper files, prior to my arrival. After I took hold of the product, I saw that there were many features that weren't implemented, and began several projects to utilize Laserfiche to add efficiency to the business. From automating the AP approval process, through capturing digital signatures for Account approvals, to creating a site for clients to access and download their product drawings, there were so many features that the product provided that we were still tapping into.
  • Quickfields is an add-on that provides zones that can be set up for repeatable processes. So if you have a PO, or Invoice, the zones allow you to identify, OCR, and quickly index, so you can process thousands of documents, automatically, without manual input or intervention.
  • Lots of add-on products to extend the functionality of your MFP's or scanners for digitizing paper.
  • If your documents have sensitive information, there are many adjustable controls to help with those industry or company specific needs.
  • While it is a great product, integration with some databases, if they are not standard MS SQL, can provide challenges. This can be frustrating as we were trying to input data from a Progress database, and it was difficult. Once it was done, it enhanced what we were able to auto fill within Laserfiche significantly.
  • Laserfiche is a large platform. Lots of options. So it can get pricy depending on implementation. There are multiple licensing options, and they range from affordable to very expensive, so you have to be diligent in understanding what your business needs. Don't overbuy, you can always add on. And know your limits, as implementing the various pieces are more difficult at the user level, changing behaviors. The software works fine, but those that have to use it, don't always comply.
If you are a one person business, this may be overkill. Other than that, if you have 2 or more and have to process, file, and keep any sort of business documents that you need to be able to get to quickly, this is a great product for you.
Chris Edwards | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Laserfiche was being used in our City Government to comply with state public records laws. While the heavy users was the City Clerks department, all departments in our city used the system to store their records. The building department used it to store large building plans while the HR used it to securely store HR documents. We also had the WebLink piece and allowed our residents to view select documents via the web from home. This greatly reduced the number of public records requests for things like meeting agenda and meeting minutes. This allowed us to clean out over 4 rooms that were being used as storage and turn them into new office space. This also greatly reduced the time to locate documents since everything could be indexed and searched for. A large public records request went from taking weeks to only a few days to complete.
  • Document Security
  • Organization Wide Access
  • Redactions
  • Search Indexing
  • Document Scanning / Clean Up of Scanned Documents
  • Connection with Scanner (Often would loose connection to the scanner)
  • Weblink Sessions (Often would open multiple sessions for each AOL user)
  • Better Whitelabeling / More Customizations
Laserfiche is a great system for organizing a large amount of documents. The ideal organization that would use Laserfiche would be someone who has many documents that they want to be searchable and stored digitally. Laserfiche is amazing when it comes to governments and complying with public record retention schedules. This software is easy to manage, however, you will need a tech team to help set it up and support it. Laserfiche is not a great system for "working" documents. It is better suited for record keeping of documents that have been finalized. If you have a large amount of paper documents, Laserfiche is very easy to scan in all your documents and store them. There are also many services that will do the scanning for you and can easily be uploaded into Laserfiche.
Stephen Govoni | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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Laserfiche was useful in document retention and access across our broker/dealer platform. By using Laserfiche, we were able to connect the back office with our reps in the field as well as their assistants. This allowed us to more efficiently distribute and share information, while meeting our industry requirements for document retention. In addition to efficiency, Laserfiche also allowed our firm to use hierarchy to restrict access on certain documentation and provide global access for compliance supervision.
  • The software is very easy to use, it feels very familiar to the way users typically use Windows and other OS's.
  • Sharing access across the organization while limiting access to key individuals is extremely easy to setup.
  • The software is very expensive to implement.
  • Time and resources required to roll out the service are also very extensive
  • The version we implemented relied on servers and equipment within the home office, it would be a more effective tool if it was built as a cloud SAS offering, with backup on our local servers.
If you are considering implementing the service, you will want to strongly consider the value of the benefits versus cost. Laserfiche is likely most effective in larger organizations where document storage and retention is cluttered and difficult to manage. If you have a larger number of users and you want to restrict access levels to certain individuals, you will most likely see value. Consider if your organization has staff available to manage the process and software, as it is not a set it and forget it service and takes considerable time to implement.

Laserfiche Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Enterprise Content Management (12)
Content capture & imaging (17)
File sync, storage & archiving (17)
Document management (17)
Records management (16)
Content search & retrieval (17)
Enterprise content collaboration (13)
Content publishing & creation (9)
Security, risk management & information governance (16)
Contract lifecycle management (12)
Automated workflows (9)
Mobile support (4)
Integration (9)

What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche is an enterprise content management solution that automates processes, manages documents, and integrates applications across the organization. It works within the user's existing infrastructure by bringing their applications together, with the goal of simplifying how work gets done.

With Laserfiche’s code-free process designer, users can keep things moving quickly between departments without programming experience. Document management features digitize and organize business-critical information while keeping team members on the same page every step of the way.

Since 1987, Laserfiche has developed compliance and business process solutions for multiple industries, including:

•Local, State and Federal Government
•Higher Education and K-12
•Wealth Management

The vendor promises to help organizations achieve rapid ROI with Laserfiche’s robust, out-of-the-box features or leverage powerful customization tools to develop solutions that meet their needs.

Laserfiche aims to streamline business operations so users can focus on the people and ideas that drive their businesses forward.

Laserfiche Features

Enterprise Content Management Features

  • Supported: Content capture & imaging
  • Supported: File sync, storage & archiving
  • Supported: Document management
  • Supported: Records management
  • Supported: Content search & retrieval
  • Supported: Enterprise content collaboration
  • Supported: Content publishing & creation
  • Supported: Security, risk management & information governance
  • Supported: Contract lifecycle management
  • Supported: Automated workflows
  • Supported: Mobile support
  • Supported: Integration

Laserfiche Screenshots

Laserfiche Records ManagementChange of Major/Minor Request created with Laserfiche FormsStudent Information Sheet created with Laserfiche FormsLaserfiche Quick Fields ScanningLaserfiche Quick Fields ScanningLaserfiche Mobile RepositoryThe Laserfiche home screen is an intuitive starting point where users can access their open tasks, starred documents, forms and more.Creating and automating forms is a breeze with our easy-to-use software.Access a centralized repository from any web browser using the Laserfiche web client.With Laserfiche, you can easily access business process metrics to identify bottlenecks and assess process health.

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Discover how Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software can benefit your organization. From securely storing your information to automating routine processes, Laserfiche will help ensure you never lose a document again.

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On-premise Editions Pricing
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Subscription$50.00per month

Laserfiche Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, SaaS
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesNorth America, South America, Europe, Eurasia, Africa, China, India, South Pacific, Middle East, Australia
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche has two main editions: Rio and Avante: Laserfiche Rio is designed to meet the needs of large organizations that have more than 100 users. It combines content management functionality with business process management (BPM), security and auditing, unlimited servers and a thin-client interface. Add-ons include records management functionality, public Web portals and production-level document capture and processing. Laserfiche Avante is an ECM suite for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users. It combines content management with workflow tools that automate business processes. Built on the Microsoft platform, Laserfiche Avante allows users to drag and drop e-mails from Outlook® into Laserfiche.

What is Laserfiche's best feature?

Reviewers rate Document management and Records management highest, with a score of 9.5.

Who uses Laserfiche?

The most common users of Laserfiche are from Mid-size Companies and the Government Administration industry.