Password management is the ONLY way to go!
Updated April 05, 2019

Password management is the ONLY way to go!

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Overall Satisfaction with LastPass

LastPass has helped solve a massive issue we had with the re-use of passwords and simple iterations of the same password constantly cropping up. It's being currently used by just key personnel (IT, Finance, HR) and recommended to all users for personal use to hopefully mitigate the risk of password reuse for personal and business accounts.
  • Automatically recommending new passwords and allowing you to tweak that recommendation for whatever the server decides it wants to ensure that it's permissible is amazingly simple.
  • The cross-platform app plugins make it seamless to work on a PC, Android or iPhone device.
  • The web application is great to show current vulnerable saved passwords and recommendations to improve your security through a simple wizard.
  • Automated password changes are a great feature too.
  • The generated passwords are total gibberish text (i.e. a mixture of letters, numbers, characters, etc.) which when managed by LastPass are fantastic. There are competitors that allow you to create long and technical passwords that are more readable for a human (strings of text with characters, etc.) that reportedly is better to do than random text.
  • If you lock yourself out of your account, which one director did and had deleted the extension on his PC. It totally locked him out of his password vault and it was lost.
  • There are different versions available, paid and free and its a little hard to fully appreciate what you are missing/gaining because the website doesn't totally make it clear.
  • It has improved our security greatly, and with regular alerts from for our domain showing users credentials are merrily spread across the internet, it's becoming essential that everyone moves away from traditional password solutions to better management.
  • The mobility of the solution has also assisted in uptake by the key members of the office, so again, much easier to implement.
  • The automated warnings when a hacked account is discovered is fantastic and helps remove a task from us to ensure that key personnel are updating their details regularly on external sites.
Its been a great solution and beats the freebies from Google or Apple with their additional tools (like previously described), such as the hacked account alerts or password recycling alerts in the security review sets it apart from its competitors. The fact it offers a free version to hook you in is a great selling point too. Then, you just improve on that with the paid for versions, once you are already using and loving the tool.
As covered before, I am not sure how it handles shared accounts/team situations so I'm not giving it a higher score at this stage. It seems to do a great job though and I would be surprised if this teams option wasn't available with a higher tier version of the product.
I can't imagine a scenario where this isn't appropriate. Its been great at getting users with multiple accounts scattered around lots of websites, to resolve their constant reuse of passwords and improve security. We still need to review if there is a teams option as the next issue to resolve is our shared accounts (where a team of users accesses the same site) and how LastPass manages that. We'd ideally want to share a few items between specific people and allow them to have their other passwords personally stored but I'm not sure this does that.

Using LastPass

8 - Directors and key users, but slowly recommending it for all users as its a great solution and helps ensure people follow good practices.
1 - Minimal, its a cloud based solution and simply requires encouraging users to start using it.
  • Password management
  • awareness of breaches
  • Security
  • The password generator is very useful
  • it has 2 factor integration, so can be used with cloud services that support it
Its now a key tool in the business.

Evaluating LastPass and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
We wanted a solution that would make password management easy.
As it has a free version, its great to start with that first to get started.

LastPass Implementation

Educating users on password management and the basics of the solution is key to then have them successfully start using it themselves. Many have taken it further and now use it for personal passwords as well.
  • Installation is hard to automate
  • Users need a little hand-holding to get started and understand the basics, but then can run with it
  • Its key that the users dont forget their master password

LastPass Support

When we have had issues, their team has been very helpful indeed.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response

Using LastPass

Its a great solution and easy to get started with. Even users that arent that technical have found the solution simple to get started with and migrate all their passwords onto.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • Password management
  • Warning over hacked accounts
  • Apps for all platforms make it easy to use anywhere
  • Sometimes the 2 factor authentication doesn't work well
  • Occasionally with fingerprint recognition on the android, it doesn't work properly
Yes - Very well and easy to get installed and start using.