Excellent product with exorbitant pricing
May 30, 2019

Excellent product with exorbitant pricing

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Overall Satisfaction with LogMeIn Central

I am the primary user, accessing multiple PCs daily across our 8 locations to help troubleshoot or resolve an issue. I also frequently use it from home when I am working at night so I can have access to the machines without interfering with the branch operations. I have granted user access to approx 8-10 employees who access their own machine when off site, plus another 2 people who have access to all PCs for assistance when I am not available.
  • LogMeIn excels at the remote desktop portion, especially when using LogMeIn Client for immediate access without a browser.
  • File transfer has been an incredible time saver, which is something I thought I would never even use.
  • The primary web interface has a ton of ways to view the status of any of my machines, although that can get complicated.
  • It should be easier to initiate a remote reboot. It can't be done from LogMeIn Client, you have to open the website, login to the selected PC and go through a menu tree to get to advanced options and reboot preferences. Often it has been easier to just reboot the thing when I am logged in remotely and let the remote session lock up than to go through the rest of it.
  • Antivirus should be more automated. I have installed to machines multiple times only to log in later and learn that the product wouldn't update without local (or remote) interaction, could not just be deployed, installed, updated and run all from the home screen.
  • Should simplify the wake on lan functionality to interface with Windows without booting to BIOS locally.
  • There is no way to do my job without a remote access software. We have 8 locations in 2 states so this is a critical piece of my daily routine.
  • I think the pricing increases LogMeIn has implemented in the last 2-3 yrs are outrageously high. If I didn't already have so many PCs and users set up on it I would find switching more palatable, but I just haven't made that jump yet. It's always on my mind though.
I said earlier that this is one set of polished, professional tools. They are not the huge company they have become without making a great product. I truly feel that if the price were more competitive with any competitor it would be a no-brainer. However given the cost it is NOT a no-brainer, so make sure you're prepared, and that you do your own comparison shopping first.
This has never been an issue. If I have internet working at the local and remote locations, I have LogMeIn. I have never experienced it having an outage or anything similar.
LogMeIn works very well in my daily operation. I don't know any specifics but they are obviously one of the oldest and best recognized players in this market. Part of the reason for that is simply because it works exceptionally well, and it works consistently. If I was not a long term user I would have to start by determining how often I was going to use it. This product is EXPENSIVE. It's a great product, but make sure you're going to use it enough to justify the cost.

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