MindManager 2018 for Windows - Lots of Features
Jack Rosenfield | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 18, 2017

MindManager 2018 for Windows - Lots of Features

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Overall Satisfaction with MindManager

I purchased my own copy of Mindjet for my personal and work use. At work, since I don't have others at work using the product, I cannot use the project management features. I use it as an amazing knowledge/documentation store.

We recently lost our accounting employee so I built a map itemizing all the responsibilities (day to day, monthly, special) with appropriate sub-topics with appropriate notes and attachment documents and videos explaining how to do each task.

For certain periodic tasks, I create a map showing the high-level workflow with notes and attached sample reports. The consumer gets the high-level view plus the details required to accomplish the task are just a click away. I export the map with HTML5, store the links in SharePoint so that the user always has access to the latest documentation (i.e. Sharepoint documents can change and the map reflects the latest changes).

This documentation helps the individuals understand their roles and gives them an aid in executing their responsibilities. Training a new Accounting staff member becomes much easier as their role is all laid out for them.

  • It's a great place to hide details but have them accessible with a click.
  • There is so much visual feedback possible with the use of intelligent icons (can click on icons to show project on a task), conditional formatting, image insertion, relationship lines, tags
  • The use of filters permits seeing various aspects of your map (e.g. show only the portion of a map for a particular resource, or a particular ranking, or conditional color).
  • Ability to add properties to the map topics, adds to the calculating ability.
  • Automatic task rollup means that progress at lower levels in tasks can roll up to higher level progress icons. Same with calculations rolling up to higher levels.
  • Full project development capabilities, with task defined, resources and appropirate visual feedback. Gantt chart etc.
  • The flowchart capabilities are good but rather basic in terms of availability of flowchart shapes. Swim Lane Diagrams are available but adjusting the number of lanes takes more work than it should.
  • There's a program language available (looks kind of like VBA) but there isn't a getting started manual to describe it. There is a user who is thinking of developing a course and and some pre-course download material but at this point nothing formal for explaining the capabilities of the integrated scripting language.
  • Can't say anything else negative because I'd need to play more with the features I haven't yet used to comment.
  • Return is peace of mind that I've found a great way to document processes at work that will help those with responsibilities for the processes to learn and properly execute those responsilities. It also permits
  • Over time, when I've learned additional features, I can envision this to be a great tool to use in consulting for reviewing processes in an organization and help them improve processses as well as document them.
  • Eventually I may use this product for project management and development.
I tried some freeware products, don't remember the names. MindManager has significantly more features.
Well suited
  1. Knowledge base
  2. Documentation base
  3. Project Management
  4. Project Development (including Agile)
Less appropriate
  1. More sophisticated flowcharts

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