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Microsoft Dynamics GP


What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP software with accounting capabilities. It includes various packs for customizability and features tailored to specific industries’ needs. GP is offered as a perpetual license or subscription.
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  • Role-based user permissions (35)
  • Standard reports (34)
  • Bank reconciliation (36)
  • Accounts payable (40)

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What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP software with accounting capabilities. It includes various packs for customizability and features tailored to specific industries’ needs. GP is offered as a perpetual license or subscription.

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What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018
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Payroll Management

Provides for pay calculation and benefit plan administration, in addition to managing direct deposit, salary revisions and payroll tracking.

8.4Avg 7.6


This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.

8.5Avg 7.2


This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

10Avg 8.1

Reporting & Analytics

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

7.3Avg 7.5

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting

Financial management solution, including capabilities for general ledger and configurable accounting

7.6Avg 7.4

Inventory Management

The ability to track and manage the flow of goods or materials into and out of an inventory.

7.6Avg 7.1

Order Management

The ability to process orders, and track them from quote to cash.

6.8Avg 7.5
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Product Details

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an Enterprise Resource Planning and accounting software. It includes financial management and accounting, HR and payroll, business intelligence and analytics, and reporting capabilities. The Extended Pack also has inventory management and specific capabilities for certain industries, such as professional services and construction. The Customization pack includes built-in tools for integration with other products and applications, such as exporting to Excel. The Extended Human Resources and Payroll pack features greater flexibility for managing employees in the U.S. GP is offered as a perpetual license or subscription.

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What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP software with accounting capabilities. It includes various packs for customizability and features tailored to specific industries’ needs. GP is offered as a perpetual license or subscription.

Infor ERP, NetSuite ERP, and Sage 300cloud are common alternatives for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Reviewers rate Pay calculation and Single sign-on capability and Role-based user permissions highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Microsoft Dynamics GP are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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November 06, 2021

GP good for big company

Lacey Davidson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a local restaurant chain. We used GP for everything except food cost. It was just too big a program for what we needed. It covered billing, payroll, and end of year processes. We had to buy the extra package for W2s every year.
  • Account capacity
  • Reports and Smart Lists
  • Lots of add-ons products
  • Licenses are strict
  • Can't just delete transactions, must reverse journals too (not automated)
  • Updates are not coming, becoming stagnant
  • Some features require in depth training or outside contractors
Probably best for a large business where each department deals with each account. Too big for a small office where one person bills everything.
I had 2 GP manual that were no help, and online searches were impossible to find how to's or help with certain things.
Anna Morgan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dynamics GP in our accounting/finance department. It is used for processing payroll, payables, invoicing/receivables, and reconciling our bank statements. It is convenient to have the software all in one application, and to not have recurring subscription charges.
  • The W2 printing at the end of the year is very easy. I love that it also prints out all those pesky health insurance tax forms!
  • Employee management is made very simple with all the information you can store in GP.
  • Processing payables is very easy with GP. It's perfect for multi-person processes, too. The AP clerk can input the invoices into the systems, and then the comptroller can approve & print the checks.
  • There's so many options and buttons that sometimes a simple task can seem very complicated.
  • It is not very intuitive at first. It takes some digging and messing around with before you know what you're doing.
  • You can have so many modules (HR, payroll, etc), and while they should talk to each other, sometimes the data gets out of sync.
Very well suited for a small company that needs all in one software -- we're able to use it for payroll, HR, benefits tracking, payables, receivables, etc. Once you figure it out it is a very powerful tool.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Dynamics GP for accounts payable/receivable, accounting. Reporting is difficult.
Microsoft Dynamics GP works well if you have been using it for a long time; however, even though I have been using it for nearly four years, I still find it difficult to create reports.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used by the Finance Department. It is especially integral with having P&L's ready for the district managers of our company every period. We also tie in payroll with GP.
  • It accurately shows all business transactions for a store.
  • It is easy to search through journal entries.
  • Maybe they could have job aids that are easily accessible.
Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty user-friendly. I do like how it keeps an accurate record of your accounts all in one place. Reporting is very detailed but easily accessible.
Michael Bartlett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dynamics GP is the ERP/MRP solution for a client with over 100 employees and 25 GP users. We use the Manufacturing module in addition to the Sales, Inventory, and back office functions. It is the accounting program for the whole company, and as a manufacturer it is responsible for bills of materials, logistics, planning, ordering, and general ledger.
  • Great Plains started as back office/accounting, and that is still it's strong suit.
  • SQL and the GP programming language, Dexterity, provide a robust, scalable, and stable platform with well documented maintenance and repair procedures. Relatively easy to manage, tune, and support.
  • Microsoft support for GP verges on "particularly well". Doesn't quite get there but good enough once you know what you're doing
  • Strong partner network, including the GP User Group (GPUG)
  • Number of windows required for some functions- lots of clicking
  • Complex interface for users who work in different modules
  • Communication from Microsoft about future of GP as they continue to promote Business Central and Dynamics 365- confusion and concern among users and partners about how long GP will get first-level support and development.
  • The web client flat-out sucks, you will need RDS or Citrix to support remote users. If you stick with desktop clients it enormously increases your workload as every update requires you update every client. RDS is the way to go just to simplify the update procedure, but RDS is an additional licensing and support cost. Still more cost effective to not use the desktop client.
  • Reporting- you will almost certainly have to get a third-party reporting program- Management Reporter is complex and squirrely, the built-in Report Writer is a nightmare to work with. Word Templates work well but aren't user-friendly and because they get all their data from Report Writer sometimes just doing a simple change requires a lot of skill and time.
A large company where users have one function- for instance, where someone only receives or works in payables. That minimizes the number of windows they need. A smaller company where one user does multiple functions will require a lot more training and user knowledge to navigate, and it makes it harder to secure users. You also have to understand that GP started life as Great Plains, designed for accountants. The other modules were added on after Microsoft bought Great Plains, which means that modules like Manufacturing are red-headed step children with much smaller support ecosystems. So, if you're starting fresh, you may want to look at something built for the mobile world. D365 and Business Central are a lot more money, buggy, and hard to customize and essentially still vaporware. Microsoft is heavily investing there, leading to the previously mentioned question about the future of GP. If I was starting today I would be hard pressed to justify jumping into GP in a world where Salesforce ties in with so many programs. GP has MRP but it is limited so it's hard to justify a manufacturer starting with GP today.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft GP is used for all accounting and finance bookkeeping and processing. Only finance uses GP but the other departments use another medical billing software that gets imported into GP. GP access is limited because it is not necessary for nurses and staff to use outside of Finance. The problem it addresses is consolidating our financial records for reporting and audit purposes. GP is the foundation of financial record keeping and works well. My team would keep GP if we could but Microsoft is no longer supporting so we are switching in 2020.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Recording transactions is clear.
  • Smart list feature is perfect for reporting.
  • Easy to switch to other entities.
  • Does not always communicate with other valuable programs.
  • The program can glitch and will sometimes freeze from time to time.
  • Is not supported in the future, so long term use is not an option.
Microsoft GP has done a great job helping us organize our finances and create useful reports for other departments to understand their budgets. On the other hand, GP can feel a little dated and doesn't use as many features as we would like.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dynamics GP is being used across our organization. We are using the system for accounting and inventory.
  • Track and manage inventory.
  • Transactions management (quotes, orders, invoices).
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Not user-friendly enough.
  • Requires a lot of training.
  • Not cloud based, on premise only.
  • UI is not intuitive. New users usually need extended training to understand and use Dynamics GP. The interface is very old unlike other software in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Also, the navigation is not that user-friendly.
  • It is very limited with services such as rental management. We are unable to track rental inventory and create rental contracts.
Jason Conner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use the platform to manage our sales production, profit and loss and accounting statements, and for inventory control of signs and other needed materials. It is used across the whole organization, but the uses are managed by individual departments.
  • Inventory and supply chain management.
  • Project analytics.
  • Sales management.
  • The user interface is clunky.
  • There's a lack of bolt-on technology options.
It's well suited for small to medium-sized sales and supply forces. I couldn't see larger companies being able to use this, but perhaps I am mistaken.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company started to use Dynamics GP as a supplemental General Ledger software to coincide with our POS software Horizon Retail Solutions. We had a nightly feed sent from Horizion into Dynamics GP to track our accounting in our general ledger. Unfortunately, Horizon did not have a complete set of journal entries, so we have moved on from Horizon and Dynamics GP. Currently we are still paying license fees to have access to historical GL detail, but we will probably not continue that indefinitely.
  • As it's a Microsoft product, it's integrated closely with Excel. Every report can be easily exported to Excel.
  • Dynamics GP has a broad suite of options. You can use it as a complete ERP system if desired.
  • Lots of programs have native integration with Dynamics GP.
  • There's initially a high learning curve for the software. The user interface is not very intuitive.
  • I recommend hiring a consultant to help with integration and ongoing services. It's not a stand-alone product.
I really liked the modern, clean interface that Dynamics GP has. I would recommend GP to any business that needs to produce comprehensive financial statements that can be easily distributed. I also recommend being selective when choosing a consulting firm to assist you with supporting Dynamics GP. The firm we selected had some employees who were very knowledgeable, and others who weren't as helpful, and it made all the difference in understanding how to use the software. One thing I did really like was that if I had a question I usually could find a YouTube video with someone walking through any process step by step.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It was used by my department as a way to track invoices and get rid of paper approvals, saving us time, money, and making the office more efficient. This is great because it used to slow things down a lot having to print off forms and track signers down, or possibly have the papers get lost in the shuffle.
  • It keeps invoice tracking in one place.
  • It allows you to get signatures and track who needs to sign next.
  • There is a lot of clicking around and it's not super intuitive at first.
This is a great tool if your department is spread out or has people that travel a lot for work. It's great, especially for when you have signing approvers that travel a lot for work. Also good for departments that split invoices and are spread around campus or your company.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dynamics was used as a CRM tool at my previous company. The Sales, Sales Development and Sales Ops Department were using it. IT was great to organize leads, campaign, and stay on top of opportunity. Working as a team, we were able to see what other team member were doing with each lead, account, and add notes to what has been done.
  • Lead organization
  • Flexibility
  • User-friendly
  • Functions
  • Interface aging
  • More pop-ups
It is well suited for bigger organizations that need to strive for collaboration between employees and stay organized. Sales development teams can easily organize campaigns and input any updates to each lead or account. It is less appropriate if you are looking for an aesthetically designed product that is intuitive. This definitely needs to be improved.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft Dynamics GP is currently being used as the main inventory control, as well as A/P, A/R and all financial records for two of our sister companies in two different countries. The software may have a few shortcomings, but so far it has been able to keep up with most of our needs on the areas described above, until now.
  • Flexible reporting of all departments with Smartlist.
  • Good A/R interface.
  • Good A/P interface.
  • Intuitive and very user friendly, for the most part.
  • Inventory control and storage.
  • Lot tracking of previous sales.
  • Better integration with other software.
Microsoft Dynamics GP is great for small to medium size companies with basic to moderate needs for AP, AR, financials and overall inventory controls. If you have a medium to large company with more advanced needs and more technological integrations such as bar-coding system or payroll, Dynamics GP may not be the right tool for you, as it may be a little lacking on those areas.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used across the whole organization—HR module, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting/Finance, Management Reporter, etc.
  • It integrates really well with other software products such as CRM, Qlik Views, etc.
  • It has the ability to process a high volume of data, which can then be pulled up in useful reports through Smartlist or Management Reporter.
  • It makes processing a high volume of data easier through import templates and API/integration connectors to other programs.
  • From an audit perspective, it would be useful to be able to drill down from batches to individual transactions on all levels—especially sales postings. This is a large limitation with GP.
GP is well suited for large businesses with 200-500 employees + and/or business with over $100+ million in revenue in which there is a need for inventory, HR, AR, AP, and finance/accounting.
March 01, 2019

Sturdy General Ledger

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft Dynamics GP is used SOLELY by my company's accounting department. We primarily utilize the software's general ledger function/capabilities. Additionally, we utilize the purchasing/AP, fixed assets, bank reconciliation, and other modules. We leverage the solution in populating/maintaining our books (accounting) for our entire company. Similar to other general ledgers, MS Dynamics GP allows us to customize our chart of accounts to fit our business needs. Note, the software offers many modules that were are not currently using.
  • The solution we use is housed on our internal servers. As a result, we are capable of accessing the underlying tables via MS SQL Server. This allows us increased visibility to the data we have populated over the years.
  • I doubt this sets MS Dynamics GP apart from competitors, but the ability to "batch" journal entries for approval is very easy and straight forward.
  • Our independent consultants were able to build a "paste from MS Excel" integration, which we use to easily populate journal entries.
  • If there are ever any network "hang ups" during the posting of batches/journal entries, the system has safeguards in place to ensure that your books aren't sacrificed.
  • The Smartlist function is an easy way to build ad hoc reports.
  • The fact that the software is housed on internal servers could be seen as a "con". These days, moving to cloud-based solutions feels like the right move.
  • The reporting feature could use some updating.
  • Not sure if this is due to outside influences (our network), but the solution can run rather slow at times. It feels like it is slowed down the most when all users are currently active. Once again, this may be of no fault to MS Dynamics GP.
  • The ability to troubleshoot issues usually requires help from COSTLY independent consultants.
The solution is probably not the best choice for smaller companies. I would imagine that smaller companies would be better suited with a less robust tool like QuickBooks. The costs associated with licensing for both MS Dynamics GP AND MS SQL Server may "weed out" most smaller companies before they make the mistake of engaging with a tool that is over-kill. As previously noted, this tool is not the best for any entity that is searching for a cloud-based solution. Finally, a company will want to make sure that most users are familiar with basic accounting functions. The tool offers no "hand holding" if you don't understand a process (hand holding: think of the way TurboTax walks users through their processes).

MS Dynamics GP is a solid tool for any company (equipped with experienced accountants) looking for an on-premise solution.
Alan Tillman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dynamics GP is currently being used by a few people in our organization to track the accounting for our business. It does a great job of recording leasing, repossession, and sales, along with our payroll and organizational expenses. Through the use of third-party software, we are able to integrate it into our leasing software and it does most of the accounting work for us.
  • Integration with other products.
  • Recording of leasing, repossession, and sales transactions.
  • I have not used a lot of accounting software in the past, just QuickBooks years ago, so as far as my knowledge goes is it easy enough to use and does the job it is intended to do.
Dynamics GP works great for our type of business, which requires up to date information and recording of leasing, repossessions, and sales transactions. I don't know of any areas where the program falls short to pinpoint inappropriate uses.
February 02, 2019

New Hope GP Review

Mike Bisceglia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A single group of 6 financial staff uses GP 2016 on a daily basis for GL data entry and processing. Paycor payroll data is integrated into GP every pay period through an import function. GP addresses the business challenges associated with organizing company specific financials and producing reports such as income statements along with quarter and year-end requirements.
  • Reporting
  • Accounts Payable batch entry
  • Microsoft support
  • Annual licensing retainer stipulations
  • Extremely complex table structures
  • Version upgrade complexity
Cannot find where it is well suited. Perhaps, for a very large company or organization with a large IT Microsoft SQL database support presence.
Guillermo Villamizar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Dynamics GP for our complete logistics / supply and chain process for one of the group's companies. It is fully connected with the financial module and it automatically creates a journal entry for every transaction that affects the general ledger. With the help of the Management Reporting, you can also create your own reports in a very simple way.
  • All the modules are connected. A document you post on the sales or purchase modules gets an immediate journal entry on the finance module.
  • The system is very adaptable, it can be integrated with other systems.
  • The reporting is user friendly. With Management Reporting you can customize your own reports.
  • Some functionalities of the system could be improved on a better time frame.
  • Getting support for the system can be expensive sometimes.
  • The cost of each user license is not the cheapest on the market.
The license cost per user is not the cheapest on the market today. In your contract you'll know what percentage you will pay of the total cost of your licenses for the support from Microsoft annually, but you'll get good support. You get a great ERP for your company and the support is fairly good. The main benefit of the system is that you have all the departments in your company connected in real time.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dynamics GP across our organization for finance and payroll. We have multiple entities (separate tax IDs) and users throughout the U.S. and Canada. It handles multi-company transactions, payrolls, and multiple currencies with ease. It is very flexible and has a robust library of third-party add-ons that can extend functionality. It also integrates well with outside systems, such as CRM or HRIS.
  • Multiple currencies
  • Flexible account structure
  • Multiple users
  • This is an on-premise application that requires enterprise database (SQL Server).
  • Client-server model can make it challenging to deploy across networks or geographies without additional technologies.
  • User interface is very functional but can appear dated at times.
Dynamics GP is well suited to medium sized companies where a flexible accounting solution is required, with lots of flexibility and customization. However it can be used very effectively out of the box with no customization. There is a very robust user community and very capable support vendors. It would be less suited to very small organizations without a dedicated IT infrastructure team who can maintain servers and related infrastructure. It also would probably not work well for very large enterprises who need an enterprise-level ERP.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Microsoft Dynamics GP (MDGP) is being directly used by our accounting department for all our financial reporting. MDGP is being indirectly used by our Parts Department, Sales Department, and HR Department by having the information flow through exports into GP for all costing and customer billing purposes. I use it to input journal entries for payroll and journal entries for project costing twice weekly.
  • It doesn't allow for easy access as it has restrictions placed on users. This allows for inputted information to retain it's integrity.
  • It can be scheduled to import or export information from other systems cutting down on time spent configuring data.
  • It is not very user-friendly.
  • Very costly especially for customer support.
  • Processes are complex with too many steps for completion.
MDGP is well suited for accounting purposes. It is not suitable for payroll.
Travis Campbell, CPA, CA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use GP to manage our GL, AR and AP. We don't use it to its full potential as we use a home-brewed system to do our invoicing, which integrates to GP. We are currently looking to use it more fully to solve some problems (spreadsheets!) that we are facing.
  • Generally things flow pretty logically - if you don't have previous experience with GP you can figure it out.
  • Rock solid - we rarely have errors or unexplained weirdness pop up.
  • Handles our multicurrency environment just fine.
  • Might be a limitation of our older version, but it only allows us to run and have open one report at a time. Seems like a pointless limitation.
  • The documentation in some areas is less than clear. Thankfully, answers can usually be found with enough Googling.
The product has enough modules and third-party add-ons that you can pretty much fit it to fit any use case. However, having used cloud-based Xero accounting for another task, I have come to appreciate the functionality and convenience of a well-executed cloud solution. My understanding is that GP's cloud solution is to have your instance hosted by someone else, which strikes me as a bit pointless.
January 29, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We primarily use the Financial, Sales, Purchasing modules. We easily integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP with our in-house equipment rental and event reservation system to speed up sales invoicing and PO processing to ensure accuracy. We rely on GP for all of our financial reporting, fixed asset management, and project job costing. We've been using GP since 2014.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel for reporting and analysis
  • Easy to navigate
  • Great tools to pull and review financial information
  • I love that they're starting to listen to the users more and incorporate changes based on what we ask for.
  • There are a few quirky things but nothing that stands in the way of getting the job done.
  • I would love to be able to control the size of the text within the entry windows.
It is the right accounting system for our small to mid-sized company and can handle all of the functions and integrations with other systems that I require to do my job efficiently. There is a large GP User Group for support, ideas, training, etc. that help users get the most out of the product.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Dynamics GP mostly as an accounting software to count for our raw materials and finished good products that are made and sold. We capture the cost of goods, customers, goods sold, etc. We utilize the system for manufacturing orders as a way to capture the cost of goods. Our customer service team places orders in GP through customer accounts. We also use a lot of custom reports to get additional information about goods and materials we have on hand and for planning for manufacturing and material ordering.
  • Supply chain management - keeps track of materials and goods on hand and the demand planner is simple and easy to use.
  • Manufacturing - material requirements planning is always keeping tabs on the inventory and what may be needed; bill of materials is easy to use; manufacturing order processing gives us an easy way to track materials consumed.
  • Certain areas can only be accessed by one individual at a time (Material Requirements Planning) which can cause some issues when an individual leaves the screen open and then another person is unable to work on something if needed.
  • Reporting is not intuitive. It can be difficult to find what you are looking for in a report.
  • When updating items (ex: if you discontinue an item) you have to go through several different screens to actually have the item discontinued and removed from planning.
As an accounting software, GP does a decent job. I personally do not use the accounting functions (strictly working with the manufacturing and supply chain side of things). I think there are other programs where ERP is better suited than GP. If you know the ins and outs of how to use GP, you can get a lot accomplished, however there is a very large learning curve and it is not an intuitive system at all.
Catherine Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage all finances, payables and receivables, for every department and company. It helps us maintain a clear and concise location for all accounting information, as well as enables us to research financial items and examine our spending trends and anomalies.
  • A really nice user interface that allows individuals who may not be familiar with financial platforms to easily learn processes.
  • Catches mistakes made in payables and receivables uploads so you can correct them before they become a problem.
  • Quick access to uploaded journal entries so you can look into problems quickly.
  • At times, GP slows down because of a large upload that is occurring. It would be nice if there could be a way to fix this.
  • A way to void payments and transaction entries at the same time so there are less steps.
  • A clear way to see who entered what in transaction entries and JE's so we don't have to run an IDS every time.
In a company with a large AP and AR need, it's very helpful to streamline the processes and have the flexibility to meet the needs of each.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

It is used across the entire organization. One of the problems that I have experienced is that it does not allow for users to delete previous entries into cards in direct deposit, and other areas like deductions. The accounts or information just shows as "inactive".

Also, it does not allow users to delete previous supervisor names and we are left with a list of names of managers that have been promoted, moved to a different department or are no longer with the company.

  • I like that I can switch between employees when there are different windows open.
  • I like that I can run various reports and save them for future viewing.
  • I like the customization of GP and how it fits our organizations needs.
  • The tax data entry is unnecessarily difficult.
  • Having to click save and enter hire date and reason for change after each entry is very time consuming.
If you are looking for an easy to use, and very user-friendly program, Microsoft Dynamics GP would be a good fit. Data fields can be customized to fit your needs and it can easily be utilized throughout your organization. It's not glitchy, and very rarely has any crash issues.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
MS Dynamics is primarily used by the accounting department. It is a huge upgrade from our previous Green Screen DOS based software. Smartlist and the Excel button are some of our favorite features.
  • Get information out though Smart List -- super easy.
  • Import large data such as purchase card detail.
  • Copy and paste short journal entries.
  • Sometimes system gets hung up and takes a while to troubleshoot.
Microsoft Dynamics GP is well suited for a medium sized company. It can handle multiple companies and large amounts of journal entries and reporting. It is easy to export information and send to a requestor.
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