Comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring
April 15, 2019

Comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring

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New Relic for Web Apps

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The engineering team at my company uses New Relic to monitor our application's performance. We use it to trace errors and track the latency of our back-end services. New Relic helps us to detect defects and performance problems before our customers do. We also use New Relic to prioritize improvements to the performance of our services and databases.


  • New Relic's PagerDuty integration is essential. It helps the right people know when there are problems.
  • Error monitoring is great. Traces help us understand defects quickly.
  • New Relic is great for measuring the throughput and latency of different transactions. It helps us understand what proportion of the time is spent in different layers of the application.


  • New Relic can instrument many web frameworks out-of-the-box, but some of the less-popular frameworks require development.
  • It can be hard to express that some 400-series responses are acceptable and expected, but that an unusual volume of them could be a defect.
  • New Relic is very expensive, particularly if you have many QA environments.
  • New Relic helps us detect defects before our customers do.
  • New Relic helps us prioritize performance improvements. Engineers don't need to spend time measuring the latency of transactions themselves.
  • New Relic helps us notify the appropriate people rapidly when there are problems.
We use New Relic primarily to measure the performance of our application back-end. Tracking the frequencies of different types of errors allows us to detect problems before they affect our customers. Tracking the latency of transactions helps us to understand how to prioritize improvements. It also helps us understand how to scale our back-end infrastructure as we grow.
My company did not migrate to a cloud platform; we built on Amazon Web Services from the beginning. I don't have experience migrating an on-premises application to the cloud with New Relic.
Alerts and error monitoring have been extremely valuable to our dev-ops engineers and our product engineers. Alerting the appropriate people when there are problems is critical responding rapidly to incidents. Dashboards for monitoring the latency of key transactions are important for prioritizing work and understanding how to scale our infrastructure.
I have not tried any alternatives to New Relic.
New Relic is a great choice for monitoring the performance of your back-end. New Relic integrates with PagerDuty and supports many common web frameworks out-of-the-box. Error traces and transaction monitoring are valuable tools for detecting problems and prioritizing improvements. The thread profiler has helped us to understand some defects that were tricky to reproduce. The service maps it generates are useful.

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