OneSignal a potent and affordable push notification solution
November 03, 2020

OneSignal a potent and affordable push notification solution

Ramón Carmona Medina | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Bussi is a "Mobility as a service" app where you can book and pay for seats in Public Transportation, specifically in Mexico City. We deliver our app in Android and IOS and of course we have to be in touch with our customers through push notifications. Here enters OneSignal. We decided to use OneSignal for push notifications for price and easiness that it represented at the beginning. With time, we were glad that OneSignal has been evolving with us by offering new features like in-app messages, segmentations and many more that are implementing like SMS. At the same time, [we've grown] until the point of having hundreds of thousands of users. OneSignal was free until we reach[ed] the 130,000 users and even [then] the amount charged is really low.
  • Push notifications: they deliver in the moment and give you metrics, push [notifications] are highly configured and you doesn't need to configure extra steps.
  • Segmentation: the way they divide segments is very efficient - you can do it by geographical area, engagement, and transactions that you have defined.
  • In-App Messaging: this new feature is to show a full screen message when users open the app with images and call to action buttons.
  • Is still in development: we know OneSignal is still in development and sometimes it takes longer to create or fulfill certain features.
  • Payment: payment menu is not at the glance, [and] is just difficult sometimes to find -it is a minor issue.
  • Send to certain custom segments through specific OneSignal IDs; you can do it though API doing a GET call with tools like Postman. If this can be done from OneSignal it would be great.
  • Push notification to segmented users: we send discounts to different segments of users, like 20% to inactive users, 10% to active users and 5% to engagement users. This actions makes to recover and improve the use of our app.
  • You can schedule all messages for 1 or 2 weeks, this saves a lot of time and money since you can have only one person in charge of scheduling messeges.
  • With in-App message[s], you can have ROI since it helps you to make up-sales for limited time. In general the combination of [these] 3 examples can be a good strategy for improving retention and ROI.
Look Firebase is a complete platform that includes a Push notification/InApp space. We had a lot of troubles while implementing Firebase: sometimes we thought it was ready until we tried to attach an image for Push notifications. This being said, the developers had to review the integration several times until we decided to change to OneSignal. Also while using Firebase I was not convinced with the look and feel of the Notifications. My vote here is OneSignal.
I give an 8 in this question mainly for 2 reasons: the products even if they look like complete and are highly customizable and usable, they are still missing some logical features. For example, send messages to a list of users - now days you can do it with postman and get calls. A second example is App messaging that is still in development and has many opportunities.
Look we haven't need the support or technical support from the side of OneSignal that's why I'm giving a 7 and not a 10. But my experience with some topics like payment, upgrading the account or having conversation with staff for new products I could say the treatment received so far has been really friendly.

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OneSignal is perfect [for] Push Notification[s], In-App messaging, [and] general communication with your users into your app. If you have a developer team they will need to implement once and after that you get all [that] the platform offers. And its free until you reach a big amount of users.

OneSignal is not suitable if you [don't] have a technology team that can implement it into your app.