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Optimizely Review: "Great Tool for CRO Programs"
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Updated January 10, 2019

Optimizely Review: "Great Tool for CRO Programs"

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Overall Satisfaction with Optimizely

When we first implemented Optimizely, I was the only one using it to run tests. As I gained momentum and other members of the marketing team, management and customer service became familiar with the platform and possibilities, they began contributing to the testing backlog and even running tests themselves.
  • It's simple to integrate with any website, one tag in the header and you're good to go in a few minutes!
  • The interface to set up experiments is easy to use for simple experiments, just about anyone who can use a computer can set up an experiment in the Optimizely editor.
  • Their new Stats Engine they realeased a few years back allows marketers to declare a winner sooner (with a smaller required sample size) than traditional statistics would allow.
  • While it's great they offer a free version, technical support for more difficult experiment set up is unavailable unless you are an enterprise level member.
  • Optimizely has a synchronous tag, which means it cannot be added to a website using Google Tag Manager (>90% of all sites using a TMS use GTM so this affects most users.)
  • I'm sure most of us mathletes would appreciate a more in depth explanation of the statistics used in their new Stats Engine. I did a lot of digging when it was first released and wasn't able to get answers from their support team. It's great to be able to test more rapidly but understanding the maths behind the decision engine is paramount - or your essentially flying blind.
  • ROI is always positive - because it's free! I've run some experiments with estimated uplift in annual revenue of over $0.5MM (or an additional 2.2% revenue).
  • It's a great tool to use for team-building. Everyone can have input to a CRO program - I prefer to send out a Google form to an entire company to allow anyone to submit ideas to the backlog.
Optimizely is great for testing on sites with moderate to heavy traffic. It doesn't seem to be as effective with lower trafficked sites because the sample sizes just aren't there. I'd recommend going with a User Testing-type platform to perform CRO on lower trafficked sites.

Using Optimizely

2 - Marketing, we used it both for CRO (conversion rate optimization) and in concurrence with email marketing (landing pages etc.)
7 - Anyone can use Optimizely with minimal html skills though we have a full engineering department available for more complicated experiments.
  • CRO
  • Quick fixes for website bugs or errors, last minute updates etc.
  • Marketing
  • One year we ran a countdown timer on the site navigation, it really boosted conversions
  • One time we tested adding an additional checkout button on the shopping cart and saw a rediculous increase in conversion rate
  • It ended up beating a great training tool for new employees learning about statistics and the science behind CRO
  • I would really use it for anything that comes up, it’s a great training tool for those starting out and in a pinch when a developer’s not around for emergency updates.
I hate to say I’m bias but I love optimizely for almost every reason, from ease of use to in-depth knowledge base in their help section.