A Happy Paypro Administrator
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November 19, 2019

A Happy Paypro Administrator

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Overall Satisfaction with Paypro Workforce Management

We use Paypro for many important functions in our organization. All employees use the system to enter time, request time off, request profile changes, view pay statements, view W2s, access company documents, and even for employees to self-enroll during open enrollment. On the HR side, we use Paypro for onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, and almost all important types of reporting and tracking.
  • All-in-one: I feel like Paypro is capable of doing almost anything you'd like.
  • Customer Service: They ease you into using the product in digestible phases, and are such a helpful team every time I call.
  • Customizable Reports: For me, I use it often because I can quickly manipulate employee lists, add or narrow down data, and get a list that helps me with whatever project I'm working on.
  • EDI feeds for benefits: It's wonderful that just by adding a benefit to an employee's profile in Paypro, the insurance company then adds the employee. It's a great time saver.
  • EE0-1 Reporting: Though useful, there were a lot of glitches that forced me to do a lot of arduous manual work.
  • Requesting time off for the following year, at least for our company, is not possible.
  • If you have different kinds of rules for how PTO is accrued, it's not always possible to make it work. You may have to really keep auditing how much time off an employee had in Paypro versus what they ought to have.
  • Employee engagement and understanding has greatly improved over our last system. It's much easier to understand, so we don't waste a lot of time learning the product and then training.
  • Having customer service always there to quickly help on the rare occasions of being stuck has been ideal.
  • Payroll is much more clear on this than our last system, so there have been far fewer mistakes.
Customer service is number one with Paypro. There are different teams to help with HR, TLM, Payroll, and each person assigned to us had been a gift. They go way above and beyond when helping out. It's like they stop everything and focus all their attention on making sure they help. This level is very rare.
When we decided to move forward with letting employees self-enroll during open enrollment, and we were going with a new Medical Provider, Ann in the HR department took the time to train, send emails with screenshots, make time for meetings with the HR manager, and even provide training documents to the employees. They are always offering to get on the phone to train us on anything we may need a refresher on.
It was a wonderful step by step process. At the right pace, we would go from one phase/of facet of implementation at a time, be given a packet explaining what was covered, and those can always be referred back to. You decide which of the many aspects of Paypro your company will have use for, and they make sure you learn how to use it. I do think that once implementation is done, they're really done. You feel a bit lost for a bit because the person who set up your system to be very tailored to your company, is now gone, and there's some worry you'll need to go over everything again with a new team. Usually that isn't the case, but there are some things you need to repeat.
We are customized to feed all benefit information over to our carriers, making benefit enrollment a breeze.
Paypro is a million times better in every way than Paychex. I think ADP is more widely used. I had only ever used it for payroll and timesheets, so I think Paypro is equal to ADP in regards to those components. The positive of using Paypro over ADP, I think, would be the ability for customization and the dedication of the customer service.
Paypro is well-suited for employee self-enrollment of benefits, online onboarding, and timekeeping. Employees can go in and request changes, such as to their address, and it will alert the proper person. It's very helpful for reporting. It's great for making sure benefits are properly added. Even tracking employee credentials and assets is a wonderful feature.
Paypro is not as useful for EEO reporting or state-specific reporting if you have a company that has unusual rules when it comes to how PTO is accrued or other functions that are out of the norm.