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Payroll made easy

9 out of 10
May 04, 2022
Any business with more than 5 employees can take advantage of Paychex flex. Very easy to enroll new employees, assign them employee ID …
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Flex has been the best

10 out of 10
January 13, 2022
We use Paychex Flex to onboard, develop, and pay our employees. It houses all of the data and all of the policies and procedure …
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Paychex Flex User Review

6 out of 10
January 07, 2022
I am not sure how it is being used in it's entirety, but I do know that it is offered as an option for individuals to use. This is …
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Paychex [Flex]

8 out of 10
December 13, 2021
Paychex [Flex] is used for releasing weekly paychecks of W2 employees in my organization. The business problem that Paychex [Flex] …
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Product Details

What is Paychex Flex?

Paychex Flex is an all-in-one HR solution that users can build on as their businesses grow or change. It can be used to run payroll and integrate HR administration, retirement, and insurance management with service and expert knowledge of the regulations that could affect the business.

Paychex Flex enables users to:
  • Recruit and track candidates
  • Streamline hiring and onboarding
  • Deliver HR information through custom compliance documents, compensation summaries, performance reviews, and company training
  • Manage health insurance, including compliance support
  • Administer employee benefits
  • Track time and attendance data
  • Pay employees and file and pay taxes

Paychex Flex offers access to Paychex information on the go with mobile apps for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Includes 24/7 US-based live support for answers to payroll and HR data management questions right when needed.

Paychex Flex Features

Human Resource Management Features

  • Supported: Employee demographic data
  • Supported: Employment history
  • Supported: Job profiles and administration
  • Supported: Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc.
  • Supported: Benefits information
  • Supported: Organization and location management
  • Supported: Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)

Payroll Management Features

  • Supported: Pay calculation
  • Supported: Off-cycle/On-Demand payment
  • Supported: Payroll history for each employee
  • Supported: Benefit plan administration
  • Supported: Direct deposit files
  • Supported: Payroll tracking and auditing
  • Supported: Salary revision and increment management
  • Supported: Reimbursement management
  • Supported: Statutory form management

Leave and Attendance Management Features

  • Supported: Approval workflow
  • Supported: Email notifications
  • Supported: Balance details
  • Supported: Travel absence management
  • Supported: Annual carry-forward and encashment

Employee Self Service Features

  • Supported: Employee login
  • Supported: View and generate pay and benefit information
  • Supported: Update personal information
  • Supported: Request time off
  • Supported: View job history
  • Supported: View company policy documentation
  • Supported: View company news and information

Asset Management Features

  • Supported: Tracking of all physical assets

HR Reporting Features

  • Supported: Report builder
  • Supported: Pre-built reports
  • Supported: Ability to combine HR data with external data

Integration with other HR capabilities Features

  • Supported: Additional HR capabilities (talent management, LMS, etc.) supplied by same vendor

Onboarding Features

  • Supported: New hire portal
  • Supported: Manager tracking tools

Recruiting / ATS Features

  • Supported: Job Requisition Management
  • Supported: Company Website Posting
  • Supported: Publish to Social Media
  • Supported: Job Search Site Posting
  • Supported: Duplicate Candidate Prevention
  • Supported: Applicant Tracking
  • Supported: Notifications and Alerts

Additional Features

  • Supported: Retirement- Single Record
  • Supported: FSA
  • Supported: Health Insurance, COBRA
  • Supported: Mobile App

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Paychex Flex Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paychex Flex?

Paychex Flex, of Paychex' Online Payroll Services, is a cloud-based human resource management and payroll platform. Paychex offers core and specialized services, and scales to meet the needs of small businesses, SMBs, and large enterprises.

What is Paychex Flex's best feature?

Reviewers rate Direct deposit files highest, with a score of 8.8.

Who uses Paychex Flex?

The most common users of Paychex Flex are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Construction industry.


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May 04, 2022

Payroll made easy

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Any business with more than 5 employees can take advantage of Paychex flex. Very easy to enroll new employees, assign them employee ID numbers, set up their direct deposit with bank routing numbers and account numbers, and fill up or modify their W4 forms. Calculate payroll hours and submit them for processing to the payroll specialist. Assign and monitor vacation time, Manage 401K portal. Assign permission roles to a user. Set up/remove users. Submit by weekly payroll to Paychex. Submit reports 5500 to IRS when needed. Paycheck stubs are posted to the employee portal which saves lots of papers to print. Quarterly payroll filing reports are available when needed. They even have documents for your PPP loan forgiveness, and CARESS monies received.
  • Direct deposit of pay check.
  • Fill up employees W4 forms.
  • Submit time card to payroll for processing.
  • Assigning badge numbers and employee ID.
  • Submitting 5500 forms to IRS.
  • Manage and monitor 401K enrolled employees and 401K performance.
  • Access quarterly employment filing reports when needed.
  • Each employee is assigned a portal to access their payroll stubs and W2 forms when needed.
  • Free HR tools
  • Add on's are little pricey make them affordable. Small businesses cannot afford the fees associated with it.
  • It is hard to get tech support for Paychex Flex. Their 800 numbers are only helpful with Payroll, tax filing, time and attendance, and time clock Trueshift, but you do not have a prompt for Flex. Email to your account managers never gets answered back.
Processing payroll biweekly to the payroll specialist, handling and enrolling new employee paperwork, If you have 401k benefits at your workplace it is easy to monitor 401K performance, print out their required paperwork every quarter or yearly as required by the Financial institutions to meet legal requirements. Filing and submitting 5500 to IRS is helpful.
Had no issues getting support during the initial setup. But after that their 800 number is not easy to find help since all their prompts have to do with payroll, tax filings, time and attendance, true shift time clock but not prompts to get help with Flex portal. Your only option is to get in touch with your Accounts/Sales manager which is impossible to locate them nowadays since you don't know who they are.
Easy to use
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Paychex Flex for payroll, tracking PTO, 401k administration, and most recently for onboarding new hires. We have used Paychex for payroll for more than 10 years and in the last 5 have used the direct payroll entry feature. This feature is easy to use and greatly reduces the time spent on calling in payroll. I'd recommend setting up a custom template to only include the fields you regularly use to avoid having to search for fields. More recently, we implemented using Paychex Flex to onboard new hires. This has significantly reduced onboarding time by essentially the employee creating their own record, tax withholding documents, and direct debit information. This also allows for a more accurate entry than having to do data entry from manual forms. Overall, we are pleased with Paychex Flex's products and service.
  • Payroll
  • HR Generalist consulting
  • PTO tracking
  • The collaboration between departments. For example, the onboarding section is very separate from the other sections, like 401k. There should be an expert who knows how it all works together.
  • Their sales team can sometimes be not as fluent in their product features and more just about selling.
Paychex Flex is a tool that is very easy to use and is scalable to a business as they grow. Their Tax Pay service helps to pay the relevant state taxes and obligations and they resolve issues when needed. Overall, the experience with the platform and service have met and in many instances exceeded expectations.
The representatives are responsive and carry issues through resolution. There are a few instances with the sales team that was not as desirable, but eventually, we worked through those issues to ensure we knew what we were purchasing.
They have added many features over the years to centralize data, like employee communications and conversations, keeping files like state and federal posters in a repository and we recently added, the health benefit administration recently. Having open enrollment and premium deductions happen automatically made a significant improvement to our process and accuracy. This also made our organization look more professional versus the prior method of paper enrollment.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We primarily use Paychex Flex for payroll processing and reporting and insurance enrollment. We originally purchased Paychex to use in other areas such as time-tracking and expenses, however, the implementation did not work out for those areas.
  • Payroll processing
  • Enrollment reminders
  • Digital check stubs and W2s
  • Implementation in general
  • Time tracking
  • Expense management
Paychex Flex isn't as flexible as we had hoped in some areas. We have been operating for 35 years so we have systems in place that work for us. Unfortunately, Paychex wasn't able to make changes to match these systems, especially in the area of time tracking.
It can be very difficult to get the help I need at times- it takes multiple phone calls, emails, etc. Additionally, our specialists are constantly being reassigned so there is no continuity of support.
Implementation is difficult but once you figure out how to use it, it can save a lot of time.
Heather Bala | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We previously used Paychex Flex. We switched over to another carrier, and I wish we could go back! Processing the payroll was so easy with Paychex. Our employees also had less difficulty accessing their ap to review their paystubs. I also found the reports system was a little easier to follow than current carrier. Finally, the support we received when calling in was local, and not those in another Country. They were easier to understand, more helpful. Paychex also did behind the scenes portions more than current carrier, whereas I have to manually do processes in a complicated step by step layout.
  • Their ap worked well on phones
  • Simplified easy to teach yourself system
  • Customer Service support
  • We wanted online onboarding capability
  • Electronic I-9 verification linked to the onboarding
Paychex works well for large payroll. Ours was manual. I am not sure if they have the ability to process payroll linked to another system like we currently use. This system allows us to seperate our payroll more for project cost tracking. I believe they had an option to add locations, but they did not give the ability to the HR Payroll person. They had strict rules for who could do what, and who could call in. Paychex worked well for years with us, until we grew larger and needed more cost tracking. Entering payroll itself was a quick process though. Their system also allowed for multiple checks for an employee, such as with bonus checks. That isn't available to us now.
I can compare the support to another company, which does not stack up to Paychex's support. They are local and understand our employment area and also speak English clearly.
Paychex Flex has possibly added electronic onboarding since we stopped using the system. This option would bring my rating up to a 8 or 9 for Paychex Flex. The ability to have employees enter their info, read and ackowledge company policies versus hand writing paper applications that are often times not legible, has been more effecient for us with the hiring process.
Lonnie deMarco | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I administer Paychex Flex for payroll on behalf of one of my non-profit clients. This client had implemented Paychex Flex in 2019 to enhance their payroll administration to include both Full-time and part-time employees, as well as 1099 contract workers. Paychex flex offered my client an opportunity to reduce their overall business cost by switching payroll providers while providing a more user-friendly web portal and increased helpdesk support.
  • Ease of admin interface and use for non-HR professionals.
  • Accurate calculation of appropriate payroll taxes.
  • Ability for payroll admin to make changes/corrections to standard payroll run.
  • Accurate setup of pre-tax deductions.
  • Long hold time for helpdesk (may be covid-related - this has been much better in the past).
  • Requiring signature for W2/paper paystub delivery.
Paychex Flex is a good software choice for small companies (11-50 people) with basic payroll needs. There is enough flexibility in the interface for the administrator to manually maneuver when adjustments need to be made, while also providing some "set it and forget it" features (ex. annual set per-pay-period deductions) and automatic payroll tax calculations.
Paychex Flex has been having longer than normal wait times, but I do think that it is a covid-related/staffing issue as it's only been happening in the past 2 months (November, December, January 2022). Once I do have a representative on the line, they are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. The support level is fairly basic at the representative level. For anything more complex, an HR specialist would need to be brought in.
Paychex Flex is very user-friendly. It is easy to run payroll and make manual adjustments where needed. It is simple to onboard new employees and off-board departing ones. It is also easy to make changes to current employee information in regards to leave, direct deposit info, deductions, tax status, etc.
Justin Gipp | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The firm I work for uses Paychex Flex for all the payroll needs of the employees. It is our primary software we use to run payroll for the firm. This software is one of the larger companies in its industry, and they do a great job at handling the day-to-day payroll needs.
  • Timely deposits
  • Great reports
  • Organized
  • 401k updates
  • PTO balance updates
Paychex Flex is a great software that can handle most general payroll needs. They are one of the larger companies in their field and with that comes more resources and better customer service. They are a great all-around general payroll processing company. The only reason I would see not using them is if you are in a niche industry that needs specific payroll needs like a restaurant with tip tracking or construction business and need job tracking.
Paychex Flex does everything my company needs it to do, and the employees love how visually pleasing it is. It is easy to see your last pay stubs, how much paid time off they have, and other frequently used items. Payroll can be a confusing part of your company to understand, but Paychex Flex seems to make it easier to follow.
The Paychex Flex software is very easy to use. They have a tile format dashboard that allows you to get into every aspect of payroll with ease. Employees can easily enter their time each day with both standard and military time. Time entry can also be put on the employees to enter and have manager approval.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Paychex Flex for our 401k management. We were able to see our investments and our balance easily.
  • It allowed you to see a breakdown of the 401k funds
  • provided a pie chart for your investments
  • Easy and friendly customer support
  • User interface
  • Very busy home screen, could simplify this.
  • Difficult to find certain things
I think it is well suited for investment information but could use some work on the user interface. If you are not used to platforms like this, then it can be difficult to navigate.
One of the best things about Paychex was their customer support. Always helpful and friendly.
It is a complicated home page. The menu options are not named clearly and it is difficult to find what you are looking for.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Paychex Flex is currently used for employee hours
  • Automatically enters times into and out of Departments, production & break
  • I cannot think of one thing that is not easily available, if there were, the great support team can get you an answer in moments, walking you through every step.
This system is so easy to use, you can pull your own reports when you need them, or the team is very happy to assist you. if you need to make any additions or deletions or changes, everything is just a click away. This is a streamlined operation.
I have never had a bad experience with any of the support team members. Anyone I have spoken to has helped me complete my goal with kindness!
I rate it a 10 because I have never had any question, subject, or topic that the support team couldn't help me through.
Gaurav Kukreja | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use it for payroll and HR administrative purposes. It’s very easy to use and ideal for a small business. It’s easy to add employees, edit pay, add benefits and run HR-related reports. It also automated all filings for the company.
  • HR and benefits administration
  • Ease of use
  • live support
  • Scalable
  • Mobile app
In our consultancy where I have to alter employees and their pay and adjust benefits I find this easy to use.
Excellent support via a dedicated account manager and web chat.
Easy to use, versatile and easy to change employee comp and benefits.
January 13, 2022

Flex has been the best

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Paychex Flex to onboard, develop, and pay our employees. It houses all of the data and all of the policies and procedure information for all of our staff. Our staff can read and sign acknowledgments electronically. That makes it very user-friendly for everyone. We really like that it is easy to use.
  • Payroll
  • Compensation
  • Policy Management
  • Processes and procedures
  • Performance Management
  • Forms Management
This platform is well suited for small to mid-size businesses. We use Paychex Flex to onboard, develop, and pay our employees. It houses all of the data and all of the policies and procedure information for all of our staff. Our staff can read and sign acknowledgments electronically. That makes it very user-friendly for everyone. We really like that it is easy to use.
I have always received great help and support when I have called or emailed my contact person. It gives you a good feeling when you can talk with the same person and get all of your questions answered and all of your issues resolved in a timely manner. I appreciate the support I have received.
January 07, 2022

Paychex Flex User Review

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am not sure how it is being used in it's entirety, but I do know that it is offered as an option for individuals to use. This is especially a useful tool for Americans working at the organization. I'm not sure how much use it gets from our international staff.
  • Keeps documents like W-2s accessible
  • Clear documentation of retirement account balances and contributions
  • Excellent record of paychecks and tax deduction details
  • We are an international organization with staff all over the world. Allowing non-US based phone numbers would be useful for us
  • Offering even more services related to finances would be useful
  • Allowing linking with other financial services would be useful
Paychex Flex is great for Americans working in companies. It is limited in its ability to reach internationally at the moment. However, it is a great service for keeping everything financial in one area, especially historic data. Companies with large employee numbers would benefit from Paychex Flex as well as it makes everything uniform.
I haven't interacted with the support much but when I have faced issues I haven't reached out to support.
It is a pretty intuitive product. Overall, it is easy to use and gives me all of the information I need. Sometimes it is a little bit slow to load certain pages and modules and could be a bit smoother in transitions. However, it is user friendly for people at all levels of tech familiarity.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to access our bi-monthly paycheck information. All paycheck and overall salary information including tax documents are saved on the platform. In addition, it tracks our Sick and Paid Vacation hours.
  • Shows all the details of my current paycheck
  • Shows previous pay rates and the dates each were changed
  • Shows breakdown of taxes that are coming out of my paycheck
  • Stores tax documents
  • Shows paycheck information from previous jobs
  • The login process can get tedious. It asks for a phone text confirmation code every time.
  • Doesn't show vacation days as days but hours.
  • The user interface could be a little more intuitive.
Tracking payment history including from previous jobs. Showing month-to-month income amounts. It's most appropriate for setting up direct deposit, tracking current pay and [payment] history as well as seeing tax documents.
The login process can get frustrating at times. Overall though the platform is easy and efficient to use and look over my paycheck information. I've been able to use "forget my password" and could navigate any other issues that came up.
It is easy to use and figure out what features are available for me to explore. There's the Dashboard with current time off and pay schedule information. There's also previous pay information, profile, and 401K information all easily accessible.
Loren Piel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My firm currently only uses Paychex Flex for Payroll operations. In the past, we used Paychex [Flex] to create and offer a cafeteria plan for our employees and to offer a 401(k) plan to our employees. The Paychex Flex system is very user friendly and simple to complete payroll. The biggest convenience has been the included tax reporting and tax deposits that are made automatically.
  • Easy addition of new employees
  • Simple process to update employee information
  • Direct Deposit of Payroll for employees
  • Detailed reports for each payroll
  • Quarterly reports
  • Preparation and delivery of W-2s
  • Minimum monthly charges continue even when there is no payroll activity.
  • Unable to stop W-2 processing and fees when no payroll was paid for an extended period without the assistance of a payroll specialist.
  • No option to suspend service for a period when no payroll is anticipated or paid due to downturn in business. The only viable option to avoid having to close the account and reopen a new account was to continue to pay monthly fees to keep account open.
Paychex [Flex] offers a lot of flexibility for small employers. It makes it easy to offer employee perks like cafeteria plans and 401(k) plans that might otherwise be out of reach for a small business. Paychex [Flex] can be as comprehensive as you desire or can provide very efficient basic payroll services. Paychex [Flex] makes it simple and affordable for a small business owner to process payroll and to automatically complete all required tax filings without the business owner having to develop payroll expertise. Using Paychex has taken away the burden of becoming a payroll expert thereby allowing me to focus on growing and operating the business.
On rare occasions when questions arose or assistance was required with using Paychex Flex, the Payroll Specialist assigned to the account was very responsive. Issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. The system is so user friendly and intuitive that often times, no additional assistance was required to complete "new" tasks.
The user interface is very intuitive. It was simple to learn how to run routine payrolls. The program is very efficient and does not take an undue amount of time or effort to complete payroll functions. Reporting is easy to access and provides all the information needed to complete bookkeeping in our separate accounting program.
December 13, 2021

Paychex [Flex]

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Paychex [Flex] is used for releasing weekly paychecks of W2 employees in my organization. The business problem that Paychex [Flex] addresses are the off-track salary release of employees. Paychex [Flex] also provides the privilege to cancel any overpaid checks.
  • Weekly payments
  • Overpaid check cancellation
  • Easy to setup profiles of employees
  • User friendly Reports
  • Paychex [Flex] sets a limit of the weekly amount to be released by an organization which leads to wire transfer. In my organization, I had to bother the CEO to do the wire transfer always.
  • Paychex [Flex] should by default manage all types of taxes to be paid by an organization. I had to register each time for a new state.
Paychex [Flex] customer support is very good. They ensure your queries are replied to. I haven't faced any major issues with Paychex [Flex].
Good features Improve HR Efficiency Time saving
Easy to use features with less complexity
December 09, 2021

Paychex Flex All the Way

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company payroll is being done by our Human Resources using Paychex Flex, so as employees we can look at our paystubs, etc. We have an Accountant login for our firm so we can access payroll reports for our clients on this platform. I use this to help a client of ours submit their payroll bi-weekly.
  • Payroll Reports
  • Dedicated specialists for each client on Paychex Flex
  • Response time is usually great
  • Easier way to add Shareholder Health Ins and Personal Use of Auto to payroll for clients
  • Amended returns don't always get done timely and not accessible very easy on the website - usually have to contact the rep to get copies of those
Paychex Flex is great for larger companies with local tax filings, etc. Some of the clients with just 1 employee find it cheaper and easier to run on a smaller payroll platform or just run by the client themselves.
Time response is usually great and it helps to have a dedicated specialist for each client with their contact information right on the main page of their Paychex Flex account.
There are always things to improve, but overall very easy to move around in the platform.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Switched from a smaller Payroll company to Paychex to handle our Payroll. Initially, they made a lot of claims from ease use, easy importing, and exporting, but after 1 minute of logging in, I noticed whoever inputted my employees' info made a few errors and I had to fix it. Also, I've been getting a lot of sales calls from Paychex. [I believe the] Rep was using scare tactics about new CA laws to get me to upgrade and buy new services.
  • Calculate Taxes
  • The user interface is buggy and lags, when entering hours, there is a huge lag between forms.
  • Printing manual checks is very complicated. [I feel that] even their reps don't know how to do it.
  • [In my experience] they don't sync with Homebase despite what their sales rep claims.
  • To many drop-down boxes, and lag. To enter credit tips you need to click a drop-down box for each employee. This takes up so much time.
After switching to Paychex from a previous smaller company with the goal of reducing the amount of time I have to work on Payroll, I have come to the conclusion that [for me] it was a bad move. Paychex overall takes me about 30% longer due to how their website performs how each section has a lag after entering data. And to add insult to injury, I keep getting [...] calls from them. I am now planning to switch back to my old company but also looking into Homebase Payroll. Both my previous company and Homebase allow Holiday Pay which is time and a half. [I believe] Paychex isn't capable of doing that!
Web interface [can be] buggy and lags after inputting data. Takes up more time than it should. Overly complicated user interface. Printing manual checks is an overly complicated process. I even called several reps, all of whom [I believe] did not know how to do it. Only 1 rep was finally able to walk me through it after hours wasted. Some reps even claimed it cannot be done.
[In my opinion] the website is horribly designed and overly complicated. [... I believe] that even their reps don't know how to manually print checks. When entering payroll info, there is a slight delay before you can go to the next field. If you go too fast, the delay will cause you to enter the wrong amount. For example, if employee A has 45.89 hours. If you type too fast, due to the lag, it will type 4.58 hours 9 out of 10 times. [In my experience] you have to slow down so that that their poorly designed tab can recognize your input.
November 30, 2021

Paychex flex for school

Janna Jackson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Paychex Flex for payroll purposes. It's very helpful for reporting and employee punches.
  • Payroll reports.
  • Employee punches.
  • Flexible pay periods.
  • n/a
Paychex Flex has been very helpful to us as an organization. I'm sure that we are not utilizing all aspects of the program. We are a small company, but it may not be as useful if you are a company of just 1-2 people.
Customer service is great. Whenever I have a question, it gets answered pretty quickly. Even if the person I contact first isn't the one that answers my question.
With training, it is very easy to use.
Robert White | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
PF is a great tool for us. We manage all of our timekeeping (punch via kiosk, timecards) and payroll functions through them. the Data transition from our old Paychex system to Flex was fairly straightforward. The platform is simple to use and intuitive in most areas. The support from Paychex is remarkable in that there is always someone to answer your questions even if your primary contact is unavailable. The reporting tools made available via templated reports and custom report builder tools are fantastic.
  • Templated Reports
  • The Payroll process
  • Fixing punch errors (frequent)
  • Being an 'All-in-one' HR platform
  • Customized reports could be more object based vs. column definition
  • System could be designed to better control punch errors
  • The payroll process can be a bit glitchy to import data into the current run
Paychex Flex is a great tool for a small to mid-sized company looking for a complete HR, Payroll, and timekeeping solution. As a small business, PF is an optimal system for keeping all of our HR records together and allowing for a single focal point to control all aspects fairly well. I would be wary, and utilize resources carefully, for a large business due to the time-consuming nature of some tasks. The timekeeping kiosk is simple and strong in getting data into the system. The reporting and processing engines are top-notch.
Paychex [Flex] assigns a Support Specialist to you when you sign up. The specialist can be contacted directly (their phone tree is excellent as you are automatically connected based on the phone number you call from) and is well versed in all aspects of the program. Typically very responsive and helpful, and not shy about deferring to an expert when needed. Any encounter that we've initiated for billing purposes has been resolved, on the spot, vs. waiting for managerial approval or completing a tedious requisition process.
Every feature that we use in Paychex Flex is very intuitive. The kiosk is simple, albeit a bit unstructured. Running payroll, onboarding employees, and maintaining a personnel 'file' for each employee is easy and very flexible. the one area for development would be simplifying the construction and execution of custom reports.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We currently use Paychex Flex to track our hours spent on different projects for billing. It is easy to record and edit time. There are 2 apps available in the app store one is the simplified version where you can clock in and clock out the other is the full version where you can check your benefits almost like the website.
  • time tracking
  • payroll tracking
  • health and benefits enrollment
  • It is a little laggy at times after you switch from one project to the other. The system won't show your total time today right away.
  • since Paychex chose health insurance provider for us, and we don't have a say in it.
I think it is a useful tool for a small to medium-sized company that needs to track time for different clients or projects. You can set different levels for employees to keep track of their time and run reports that will be automatically sent to your inbox for your billing. It is easy to use and pretty straightforward.
I don't [directly] deal with Paychex Flex support but I have heard unpleasant experiences from HR where the customer support doesn't seem to know what he's doing and when the designated representative is on vacation we have nobody else to go to.
We can have access to everything everywhere and the ease of navigation is what makes Paychex Flex stand out. The ability to build payroll reports, track employees' accrued time, and perform almost all payroll duties on one website is a great time saver.
Score 10 out of 10
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Paychex Flex makes it super easy for employees to keep track of their accruals, view paycheck stubs, and all of their benefits. They are able to connect with human resources directly through the website with any questions and track the conversation. This avoids countless phone calls with questions regarding accruals or copies of things needed and explaining what things mean on their paycheck stub. It even lets them view their 401K and request loans or increase or decrease contributions right from the site. Very very convenient.
  • Very well organized home page or "dashboard"
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Keeps employees updated if things are needed or missing
  • Very convenient for employees who are not at the office every day and do not have access to speak to HR
  • I don't have anything that I see that needs improvement
With Paychex Flex, you can add more services and features or upgrade as your business grows, which has been really helpful. With the higher-priced package, you have more reporting capabilities and HR services; however, the basic package offers a more limited selection. If your company has many employees who work offsite, this is the program for you. The only drawback I did not like was it did not offer pricing online and does not offer a free trial period; however, that could be seen as positive as it gives you a custom quote based on your business.
I have not needed support often; however, every time I've needed support for this program, it was always prompt and helpful.
For the simple reason of simplicity. Very easy to navigate and use for administrators and end-users.
Ryan Chies | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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The organization I work for utilizes Paychex Flex for all employees. The main functions are employees punching in and out on their smartphones to reduce cross-contact with the main time clock. Employees also have the ability to view their PTO and retirement contributions via Paychex Flex.
  • Ability to punch in and out via personal cell phone.
  • Ability for employees to request PTO via the app.
  • Communicating to workforce open shifts.
From my experience with Paychex Flex, I feel it accomplishes some of the basics related to an HRM system but doesn't have the robust features to mass communicate with employee-related to open shifts. Also, the report functions are not user-friendly, and hard to pull custom reports.
I have not utilized this function.
The custom report function isn't very user-friendly.
September 02, 2021

One Stop Shop!

Emily Hammell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We used Paychex Flex across the organization to handle employee financials, tax documents, and PTO. It was a very convenient platform that included app access which was very helpful. It was very convenient to be able to direct employees to one website or app to find all of these documents and see their time off that had been accrued.
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Organized
  • Guided tutorials
  • Intro videos
  • Overall instruction
Paychex Flex is a great tool for those businesses that want to streamline their HR processes. Paychex Flex is also a big time-saver for all those unavailable calls about W-2s in late March. It's a very convenient hub that allows employees to be more self-sufficient and streamline HR responsibilities along the way. A win-win for everyone!
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Paychex Flex to keep track of employees, pay our employees, and do all payroll-related reports, taxes, etc. Human Resources uses it to enter payroll and store employee information. Our accounting department uses it to run reports, track hours paid, etc. We just switched from Paychex Preview last year, and it has been a good update. It is easier to use, and I always get my questions answered as they come up.
  • Ease of use.
  • Documents and articles to help answer any questions.
  • Keeping me organized with all the features available.
  • When adding an employee and address, it would be nice to type AZ, for example, instead of typing an A and only getting one option and having to scroll through the A's.
Easy to use; easy to understand. My rep is very helpful when I reach out with questions and things I don't understand. I actually use Paychex Flex for two different companies, and one uses the time and attendance feature, which makes doing their payroll so easy! The other company has a different way to track time, and it takes me a little longer to input the time, but it's still saving me hours from the way we used to do payroll.
My rep is very helpful whenever I call or email. He can send me tips to help any situation, and he has researched some problems for me and helped me find a solution. If he's not available, the others on his team have been very helpful as well.
I only did Paychex Preview for a few months before we switched to Paychex Flex, but Paychex Flex is so easy to use, understand, and find what I need. I have really been happy with our upgrade to Paychex Flex.
August 16, 2021

Very user friendly!

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Paychex Flex for our payroll services. It makes it easy to customize our payroll to our needs.
  • Ability to customize.
  • Great support from our representative.
  • Ease of use.
  • Pay rates in employee's profile do not always translate to the payroll.
  • Unable to link different rates of deductions to different pay items.
Paychex Flex is great for payroll.
Our account manager, Cheryl Branagan, is excellent. She is always ready to help with anything that we need. She is very responsive and knowledgeable. She has managed and solved any issues or complexities that we have had in a pleasant and cheerful manner.
Paychex Flex is very easy to use and very customizable to each unique situation.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Paychex Flex for our employee payroll and related tax filings.
  • easy to find the reports you need
  • well organized
  • there is a report that answers every question that I have had to date.
  • I would like to see a way to look for the report by date - so have two ways to drill down - one by report type and one by the time period in question.
We are a simple organization and make our quickbook entries using the info provided by Paychex Flex. I would like to see a summary page that breaks down the full cash requirement - including names and amounts and tax agencies and amounts - all on one page
Because I do not have any problems with Paychex Flex.
It has met ALL my needs and is very easy to use.