Paypro Workforce Management will definitely help you improve your business.
December 31, 2019

Paypro Workforce Management will definitely help you improve your business.

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Overall Satisfaction with Paypro Workforce Management

Our entire company uses Workforce One to manage our payroll and HR. We track incidents and accidents with it, including OSHA recordables, and we use it for OSHA 300 and 300A documents. We track employee credentials, such as driver licenses and professional certifications, and we also track company assets, such as cell phones, tablets, and EZPasses. Workforce One is our resource for all employee information, including a reference for various labor reports when we need to report labor-related information to other parties.
  • Setting up new employees is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.
  • We have union and non-union employees, and we have both salaried and hourly employees. Workforce One lets us set up rules based on the union CBA, our office holiday schedule, etc., so we don't have to make many adjustments to timesheets when we have situations that deviate from the norm. The rules kick in and handle the situation for us.
  • Given that Workforce One is a very complicated system, I believe that Paypro did a very good job making it customizable, where possible, and with simplifying each process. The on-boarding was very thorough and we were even provided with step-by-step direction, complete with screenshots. I can't think of anything specific where I am unhappy with the functionality.
  • Prior to implementing Workforce and a time clock, our payroll was handled using paper time sheets completed by crew foremen on a daily basis. We would have 2-5 employees EVERY Friday afternoon, approaching us to point out that they felt they were missing time. We would have situations where a guy would come in at 7AM and be moved to a 730AM crew, but would spend that half hour loading a truck or otherwise working. His foreman wouldn't always remember this, so he would put down the same time as the rest of the crew, forgetting that crew member's extra 30 minutes. On the other hand, there were many instances where a crew would complete their work, park their truck and have their tools put away by around five or ten after. They would then sometimes mill about, walking back and forth across the yard, doing whatever they could to waste time to get the clock closer to half-past so they could put in for the extra 30 minutes. The boss was always keen to spot this kind of behavior and would stand outside trying to hustle everyone up to finish their work so he could note when the last tool or piece of equipment was put away. There were plenty of other situations, but the bottom line was that once the time clock process was fully implemented, the Friday afternoon "missing time" complaints dropped to almost zero. Everyone became responsible for their own time by punching in and punching out, and we no longer had to spend our time investigating and addressing every time complaint, every single week.
  • Along these same lines, being able to set up work schedules for each operation and for specific crews has helped us to save a ton of time dealing with crew issues, and also to improve productivity by being able to better communicate start times with our crews.
We went through a very thorough on-boarding process, and received very thorough and specific instruction on the pre-determined packages that we had discussed with the implementation team. Since then, we have reached out to support many times via phone and email, and we've had our issue resolved every time. Whether it's adjusting permissions for various users, helping us create custom reports, or working with us to come up with a creative solution, the customer service has always been very responsive and very efficient.
Workforce has helped us to better track injuries (including OSHA data and Workers Comp situations), motor vehicle accidents, and other disciplinary incidents. For us, keeping track of these situations pre-Workforce was done using paper/folders, and sometimes creating individual folders to store documents on someone's computer. This system has helped us take better control of several HR-related issues that used to be very cumbersome to handle.

Using Paypro Workforce Management

10 - Our sales staff, management personnel, office staff, bookkeeper, select field personnel, and the business owners all use Workforce.
  • Payroll.
  • Hiring/on-boarding.
  • To track safety incentive bonus eligibility.
  • To keep track of clothing sizes for apparel ordering.
We are very happy with the product, our experiences using the product, and the continued support that we have received from the Paypro staff. We fully intend to keep our relationship with Paypro on solid ground. We are not considering replacing this product.

Evaluating Paypro Workforce Management and Competitors

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Adding Workforce One represented a significant increase in our payroll expenses, so we wanted to make sure we felt we would be getting more bang for our buck. In utilizing the HR module, we added several other aspects of our business's operations into the Workforce umbrella that were previously done manually. We felt that the centralization of these functions, plus the increased utilization of this product, made the expenditure worthwhile for us.

Paypro Workforce Management Support

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When we needed to find a way to segment hours worked by project, Paypro was able to create a way to allow us to input projects and then track the hours worked on those projects via the timesheet. This led to greatly improved efficiency and accuracy when it came to the required hour reporting.

Using Paypro Workforce Management

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  • When viewing data and narrowing by filters/columns, it is very easy to save that view for quick access again later.
  • Processing the payroll is a pretty straight-forward process, powered by specific numbered steps.
  • Hiring a new employee is a process that requires a lot of steps. However, it is not always a simple process in general. Since there are several tabs in the employee profile, the information must be saved in each tab before the user can view the information in another tab. This can sometimes lead to some back-and-forth clicking.
Yes - The current mobile app has a bit of an irritating design. It doesn't have a face/thumbprint recognition interface with iPhones (yet), so each time a user opens it, they must enter their password. This seems pretty simple, however, if the intention is to punch in or punch out, the user is supposed to enter their password, but not click "enter" or the "Login" button. They must type the password, then click "done" at the top of the keyboard to hide the keyboard, revealing the "Quick Punch" buttons in which the user can select "In" or "Out." If the user types their password and clicks enter or login, they are not able to punch and must sign out and start over. Also, we have some supervisors who do not punch every day, but use the app to request time off. If the user goes for a certain amount of time without logging in, they must change their password before being able to log in. We have had several instances where the user just simply isn't able to update their password with the app. It keeps telling them that their password is incorrect, and the support advice is to change the password from a web browser on a computer. Hopefully, a new app or an overhaul will be forthcoming.
The system is very thorough, has an efficient layout, and is very user-friendly. It can handle massive amounts of data and spit it out in manageable and useful chunks. We obtain tons of workable data from the various reports that the system can provide us. When it comes to payroll and HR, it can handle everything that you need.