A happy PI user for 35 years -
September 13, 2017

A happy PI user for 35 years -

Kirsten Marie Jensen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PI Behavioral Assessment

We use PI across the global organization for all job types except blue collar workers in our warehouses. We use it in recruitment, in promotion/transfer discussions and as part of our leadership development program. At the time of introduction we had more than 60 managers certified in the tool, so that we could quickly get a common understanding and common language about the PI tool, and how to use it ethically and effectively.
  • Many similar tools are long-winded at the assessee level, and PI is outstanding in that the assessee feels it is easy to participate, and it feels less like a "test" than many others. That is a significant benefit at the recruiting end.
  • The PI Tool allows the assessee and the assessor to have a productive discussion about personality traits - and the added benefit of handing over a description afterwards, which helps the assessee take on board all that was talked about - also, where their personality might not be the perfect fit for the organization or the job.
  • From an organizational perspective, the tool helps the organization discuss diversity and build a team that is complementary - and avoid the "hiring in your own image" [pitfall]. Managers are able to understand the implications of having a team with high A's or low A's - and is much more willing to discuss team constellations with the insights from PI.
  • I find it particularly complex to find the set of clicks that leads to job profile comparison. Considering the importance of the tool, it should have a more prominent position on the tabs.
  • I would really like to see the PI and LI be better Integrated - example: you should have a choice of displaying the LI score with the personality report.
  • For organizational use - it would be extremely helpful if there was a method by which you could display a miniature picture of the pattern, which could be downloaded somehow. The reporting ability could be further build out.
  • Allow data from the system to be extracted to Excel.
  • We have increased our ability to hire employees with a better ability to perform the jobs for which they are hired.
  • It has helped us develop a better methodology to discuss talent and succession planning.
  • At times we get into negatively loaded discussions, when managers see a different pattern than they wanted. It takes effort to align expectations.
PI is exceptionally suited to discuss teams, for use in recruitment situations and to guide team interactions. I would not use it in any shape or form to guide young people's careers.

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