Pivotal Tracker works for all development projects!
January 09, 2016

Pivotal Tracker works for all development projects!

Lindsey Salls | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is being used by our web development department, QA department, product department, and software engineering team. Our account managers and data entry experts are also in the system so that they can assign stories and/or complete stories that involve CMS updates vs. development work. Pivotal Tracker helps our QA and web development teams keep track of bugs when working on new website projects. Our engineering team uses the system to prioritize feature requests for our products. The company is able to stay very organized and prioritize bugs and feature requests with Pivotal Tracker.
  • Pivotal Tracker makes it very easy to prioritize feature requests. It uses a drag and drop interface so you can easily reorder stories.
  • You can easily give each story a number of points. By doing this, Pivotal Tracker automatically calculates your project's velocity and determines how many stories you can complete each week.
  • One thing that I really love about Pivotal Tracker is that it integrates with several other softwares. We have an integration built out to Zendesk, which is used by clients to submit requests to our team. It was very simple to set up an integration between Pivotal Tracker and Zendesk. The integration eliminates several steps when having to send a ticket to Pivotal and saves our company time.
  • If all of your projects are similar, you can create project templates. After creating a new project, you just have to upload the template CSV file.
  • There isn't a simple way to view all of your assigned stories across all projects. You can set up a multi-project dashboard, but you have to add each project to the dashboard. If you have a lot of projects, it can take some time and you have to remember to add new projects when they are created.
  • There should be an easy way to move stories from one project to another.
  • There are some instances where it would be nice to have more than one story owner. It would be great to have that feature.
  • Pivotal Tracker has increased our website development efficiency. We are able to create websites more quickly because it is so easy to see what bugs need to be fixed.
  • Since we're able to produce websites in a shorter amount of time, we've increased our ROI.
  • Our products and the websites we produce are more thoroughly QA'd since we started using Pivotal Tracker, since it's easy for our QA team to quickly add bugs. This results in creating better products for our clients.
Pivotal Tracker is a great tool for companies who do software or web development work. Even if your company uses another project management methodology, like waterfall, Pivotal Tracker is still a great tool to use. You can easily add stories (tasks), assign them out to the appropriate party, and keep track of the project's status.

I would not recommend using Pivotal for any projects unrelated to development or software work. For example, it's way too complex for agencies who only do design work.