Piwik is awesome and Everyone should use it!
May 10, 2014

Piwik is awesome and Everyone should use it!

Maison Tan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Piwik

We use Piwik for the marketing, sales and IT department. It assists the users in making and planning decisions that have an impact on the website such as finding out where the point of entry to the website is from, what type of browsers are visiting the website, what time visitors are visiting
the site, what keywords are being used to search for the site. With these extra info, we can better plan and forecast future developments.
  • Where the point of entry to the website is from. This allows us to redirect advertising funds to increase clicks.
  • What type of browsers are visiting the website. This assist in better allocating resources for future web development. If there are more mobile users, we might implement a better looking responsive site, or if more of our users that visit the site uses IE, we will need to make sure the site looks good in IE.
  • What time visitors are visiting the site. With this info, we can time competitions or schedule maintenance during the down time.
  • What keywords are being used to search for the site. This assists us in purchasing Google Adwords.
  • Instructions on how to better use the ecommerce functionality would be awesome.
  • how to better use the funnelling options and get more data out of it.
  • By using Piwik, we can better identify keywords used to search for the website and by targeting those keywords on search engine advertising (Google, Bing, Yahoo), it helps with conversion and also saves us money by cutting down guess work.
  • By using Piwik graphs, it helps to save our employees time in creating pie charts and bar charts to present to upper management.
  • Since Piwik is free to use, there is no reason not to implement it. Most likely, with your website, you will already have access to SQL and hosting package. There is minimal cost to implementing Piwik.
I've used both Piwik and Google Analytic. I still prefer Piwik for it's more user friendly interface compared to Google Analytic. For most users, Piwik would be sufficient to provide the statistics required for planning. Google Analytics has more functions that complicates matter and makes things more confusing. Most users would find a cheap, easy to implement option and more importantly, easier to manage option to be a better solution.
It's free, community supported with constant upgrades. It is compatible with most websites and provides awesome statistics.
I always recommend using Piwik as a secondary option to Google Analytics, especially since Piwik comes built in with graphs. For someone who needs to present weekly or daily numbers of website statistics to upper management, Piwik provides an easier solution compared to Google Analytics. The home page also provides an overview of data which the user can easily identify any needs or changes with one quick view.