Quality you can trust, performance beyond expectations
September 07, 2021

Quality you can trust, performance beyond expectations

Doug Thompson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Progress Telerik UI

Started using the Telerik rad ajax controls, because of the rapid app development impact. Whilst you could write all the controls by hand, this offered consistency and product support, unlike https://material-ui.com/ components that are partially documented and not fully tested. So if you are focused on delivering features then [Progress] TelerikUI is great, but it looks like Telerik /Office 365 controls, so very familiar to the user. If you want to be unique then less good. Of late I used it to generate many internal line of business applications, replacing Excel Spreadsheets and associated graphics. It's very speedy in doing that.
  • Support
  • Testing
  • Demos and examples
  • Framework support
  • Pricing
  • Rapid development with limited resources - ROI
  • However, you have to pay for it and you have your dev team in the office anyway, they might as well code from scratch, so for some free always wins, especially if you have many developers
Telerik Support (pre-progress) is awesome, way better than Infragistics or Syncfusion.
Syncfusion is a little cheaper.
They all have Grid components (like Excel) then there are a few edge cases of having different controls to another to show off. Once you know what UI tech you are going to use e.g. Blazor/UWP/React/JQuery then you need to check if the feature set is in the product list and is it fast enough for your needs.
Telerik UI support is what you are paying for.
If something does not work you ask them for an example of how to solve your use case.
The SEO on their sites is awesome and so well bedded into Google.
The videos are good, [they're] not used much but their examples and DoJo examples make all the difference.
The UX of their UI is very well thought out, the micro-interactions are intuitive - thus great for your end user as less training is needed.
Using the software, there [are] loads to get you going, you can download their whole demo site and see how each demo works. There is more now on github to get you started, also much on an awesome CDN that's well bedded in so your app is speedy and up to date.

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The key feature is Rapid Application Development with a focus on Internal Line of Business applications - Business digitization. Assume your company has less than 5 developers and you are either fire-fighting or quickly solving problems, where the solutions have to work on all browsers, meet all standards because you don't have the resources to do it. You are paying for their technical support, their extensive testing as you don't have the time, if you want it to follow conventions e.g. BootStrap or Material Design out of the box, then that is just a selection.
Less good at creating a UI that is very different [from] everybody else, e.g. must not look like BootStrap or Material or AppleUI.

Evaluating Progress Telerik UI and Competitors

Yes - Homegrown UI, every UX was different and no time to test.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Not the cheapest product out there, and now that Progress bought Telerik the price will be an issue.
More POC testing, and feature/price comparisons.
In the past, you could buy just the single controls from Telerik that you used, e.g. the Grid.
If your project just uses a grid then you could write your own, test it, do all the compliance work.
But when a breaking change comes out with a new update to Windows, to MS Internet Explorer/Edge or Chrome -[do you] have the resources to fix it or has Telerik done it already?
How much is that time worth to you?
If you are working in the health sector and the hospital is using really old PCs and have low budgets, how are you going to support all the different browsers, or do you want somebody else to do that for you?

Progress Telerik UI Implementation

The implementation went smoothly. However, many of the charting UI has been replaced with PowerBI.

Progress Telerik UI Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Telerik support is premium support. When you buy it you get the first year with it, it makes all the difference then after that it's just a case of renewals, and you get the latest upgrades as well. If you want confidence, then get support.
Yes - Yes, and I get a hotfix or a workaround, it's hard to find bugs these days.
Sometimes their support extends into chargeable application design, as long as you don't take the micky that's part of the support. This is a grey area, e.g. what [is] the best UI control to use in a given use case. They now offer Technical/Solutions consultancy service which is long overdue but is quite obvious having met many of their developers at trade shows (NDC/DevWeek etc).

Using Progress Telerik UI

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • KendoUI
  • Ajax controls (classic webforms)
  • Blazor
  • Creating a unique UI that looks different from everything else you have seen - but it's possible (barebones mode has no styling at all)
Yes - Mobile development in Telerik is very rad and very pleasing.