Pure is fantastic enterprise storage.
Cory Salvesen | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 07, 2018

Pure is fantastic enterprise storage.

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We use Pure FlashArray to run the majority of our VMWare environment. Pure has been an enormous performance upgrade. The web interface is lightning fast and fantastic. The UI is minimal, logical, and easy to figure out. Incidents caused by storage performance/reliability have entirely stopped. One I put a VM on pure, I never hear about it again.
  • Great web interface.
  • Extremely fast performance
  • Excellent vmware documentation and support.
  • Pure has trouble with delivering hardware fast.
  • Our first one had a DOA slot and the entire m20 had to be replaced which took longer than it should have
  • Not particularly compelling as a NAS. Excels mainly at block storage.
  • Our business can very easily estimate how much money we lose for every minute of downtime. Pure helps us eliminate storage as a cause of this.
  • Fast throughput gives us the ability to move workloads around quickly to adapt to business needs.
Don't try to compare iops specs. No reviewer can afford to buy a bunch of expensive enterprise storage systems to do any kind of comparison. I can tell you that my pure m20 is totally limited by the 2x 10gbps fcoe interfaces on the blades we run our VMs on. It totally maxes the capabilities of this interface easily hitting 20gbps. If you want to compare vendors, try to analyse the path forward and what happens when your device is EOL.
I've worked with a number of storage systems and nothing works as well.
We compared to Nimble and 3par. 3par required a lot more management and is complex to deploy storage. Nimble was similar to pure, however at the time we purchased, it could not run fiber channel and iscsi at the same time on the same controller. We had a specific need for this so that made the decision.
  • We've recently looked into vvols on Pure which will further simplify our environment. Storage native snapshots would be huge.
  • End users experience more consistent performance on any software running on our Pure storage.
Pure is best suited to being the storage for virtual machines. It's probably worst suited as a NAS. It's overkill performance wise, and doesn't have an exotic filesystem to handle large complex file sets. This isn't a complaint, just that NAS is not the focus of Pure. Block storage and running VMs is.


It helps us having all our storage in one large pool w/o having to manage groups of disks which is the case in the netapp/3par world. Pure requires no extra management. You only carve out your luns and connect them. You don't worry about the disks or the raid levels or anything.